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prologicI want ports for quality software00:36
prologicleave the rubbish stuff to the DEB/RPM folk00:36
koriprologic: but apparently ag is better than grep00:39
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korioh nevermind it uses autohell00:40
prologicag is better than grep?00:40
prologicI find that hard to believe00:41
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prologicI use grin myself
prologicbut internally it wraps around grep00:41
prologicso grep wins :)00:41
koriI hate python ports so much00:43
korithey don't build without root00:43
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prologicf'n bs00:54
prologicyou are doing it wrong :)00:54
prologicshow me a Pkgfile for something you're porting that's a Python package00:54
prologicAlso FYI: I don't recommend porting Python packages00:55
koriprologic: I don't00:55
koriI only install them00:55
prologic*unless* (and only then) if something else depends on it being installed system-wide00:55
prologicwell they will build fine00:55
prologicunless there is something root-specific in the buidl() function00:55
prologicAnd you can: fakeroot pkgmk -d00:56
koriwell I don't use fakeroot anymore00:56
koriI should stop being lazy and set up a build jail00:56
prologicanyway I'd report a bug if the port doesn't build without root00:56
prologicI can't think of any port that needs to be root to build00:57
koriany python ports I've tried to install so far needed root00:57
prologicdocker run -i -t crux /bin/bash -c 'ports -u && cd $(prt-get path foo) && pkgmk -d'00:57
prologicthere's your build jail/container :)00:57
prologicthat's quite possibly my fault for chown -R root:root for several Python packages aI maintain00:58
prologicI'll fix them :)00:58
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korithat will probably fix it01:07
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: Drop chown root:root crap01:08
koriJSchilli1, kyubiko ^01:11
jaegerin all of opt? :D01:27
prologicjaeger: ?01:34
diverseprologic: he means, did you apply that as well to opt?01:35
jaegerno, I was just joking because there's no port listed01:35
greduankori: ag is not better than grep, it's different01:36
greduanit's tailored for programmers, which means it knows the folders to ignore, et.01:36
korioh okay01:36
greduanalso it's output is prettier :)01:36
diversejaeger: I assumed he didn't bother because it applied to +50 ports01:37
greduangrep -> ack -> ag, ack makes improvements to grep according to what a programmer probably needs and ag speeds the hell out of ack01:37
prologicthat's precisely what grin does too01:37
prologicjeager: I only touched my own ports that I mainta in contrib01:38
jaegerIt was a joke anyway, don't sweat it01:38
prologica lot of the chorn stuff is superflueous I think01:38
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diverseprologic: btw, have you checked if there was a new release?01:56
diverseprologic: btw, have you checked if there was a new release?01:57
prologicno not yet01:57
diverseah damn history01:57
prologicno not yet01:57
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koriwait, tor installs torify but not torsocks?03:07
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Worksterkori> any python ports I've tried to install so far needed root <- to install you need root, to build you do NOT need root04:51
koriWorkster: no04:51
koriI needed to BUILD them with root for it to work, else i'd get permission denied04:51
koriwith fakeroot04:51
korithat is04:51
koriwhen all other ports worked04:52
Worksterprologic, i did tell you a few times why the chown. i just get ignored.05:34
Worksterwell i should add to install on system needs root not to /home/05:35
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prologicWhat's a good tool I can install on two crux boxes to benchmark the local network and switching performance?08:21
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diversethat might come in handy08:48
diversethere is an iperf3 available:
diversealan's port uses iperf208:50
prologicso run iperf on both sides?09:08
frinnstyeah, one side acts as a server09:09
prologiccoll I'll try htat09:26
prologicwant to compare performance of my RB750 and new CRS125-24G-1S-RM: 24 port GbE smart rackmount switch with 1SFP09:28
prologic[  3] local port 57440 connected with port 500109:35
prologic[ ID] Interval       Transfer     Bandwidth09:35
prologic[  3]  0.0-10.0 sec   112 MBytes  94.3 Mbits/sec09:35
Romsteris that all09:41
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Romstershould get more speed unless that was bottle necking on disk09:43
Romstertest from to tmpfs09:43
frinnsttry udp, less overhead10:02
frinnstawesome. Customer complains their wifi goes out daily at 11:30 (lunchtime)10:35
frinnstturns out they fire up ~5 microwaves at that time10:35
frinnstlooooooooads of signal errors10:36
frinnstfuck wifi10:36
tired890does that affect 5ghz too ?10:47
frinnstdoubtful, but the APs dont support 5ghz and neither does a shitton of hardware10:49
frinnstisnt wifi some aussie invention? CRUSES!!10:49
Romstercan't be10:49
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Romsterwhos the dick that chose a microwave frequency next to the wi-fi frequency10:54
tired890tell them microwaves cause cancer10:54
tired890problem solved10:54
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: mpv: 0.7.3 -> 0.8.011:00
frinnstits because its a public band11:05
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Romster wtf did i just find.... not work safe angery man destroying stuff11:09
Romsternot what i was looking for.11:10
prologicRomster, frinnst what lol no11:11
prologicI only have a 100Mbps sw atm11:11
prologicmy new sw is GBps but I forgot to buy more cage nuts :)11:11
Romsterseriously not even gigabit11:11
prologicso I'll put it in later in the week11:11
prologicno :)11:11
prologicnever really owned a Gigabit sw till now11:12
Romsterno wonder it's slow11:12
prologicwell it's right on the money11:12
prologicclose enough to 100Mbps :)11:12
prologichopefully I see ~900+Mbps on the new sw11:13
Romsteryou never once mentiond you got a 100mbit switch on that gigabit lan connection11:15
prologicyeah I *thought* I had bought the RB750G(s)11:22
prologicbut I hdn't11:22
prologicrealized just the other week that they were only the RB750 (no G)11:22
Romsterthat sucks11:22
prologicoh well11:22
prologicnow I have a rack mounted 24-port Gbps sw11:22
prologicand a 14-bay NAS coming from the US11:23
tired890did you know they manufacture 100mbps devices as a marketing gimmic11:23
Romstergoing big at home11:23
prologicjust family data11:23
Romsteryeah why do they still make 100mbit crap11:23
tired890Romster, <tired890> did you know they manufacture 100mbps devices as a "marketing gimmic "11:23
prologicmost stuff still is11:23
prologicthink about your typical DSL model/router11:24
prologicit's port is typicalyl 100Mbps11:24
Romstermarketing gimmick, more like lets make more money from these poor suckers that now have to buy a gigabit switch11:24
tired8901Gbps devices are backward compatible.. there is absolutely no need to continue making them (unless its for marketing "tiers" of cos)11:25
prologicthis is what I just got today11:25
Romsterthose don't need gigabit to the wlan but the switch should be gigabit11:25
tired890ops, continue making 100mbps I mean11:25
tired890Romster, there is no cost effectiveness in terms of manufacturing expenses11:25
tired890I mean its not cheaper or whatnot to make 100mbps as opposed to 1gbps11:26
Romsteri could see them making 1gigbit and 10 gigabit as not everyone needs 10 gig11:26
tired890the chipset makers themselves (atheros, realtek etc) should drop 100mbps completely as obsolete11:26
Romsterbut 100mbit get with the times.11:26
prologicI want 10Gbps :)11:27
Romstercompanies suck for that.11:27
Romsterso do i11:27
prologicand Fibre all over the house :)11:27
Romsterbut it11:27
Romsterbut it's so expensive11:27
prologicanyway g'night11:27
tired890no company as dirty as intel though.. if amd goes down they will charge 1k for pentiums11:27
Romsterisn't it early11:27
Romstershudders intel chips are expensive as it is now11:28
tired890rape reports will skyrocket should amd go down11:28
Romsternext some robber will go and hyjack a shipment of intel cpus11:29
Romsterout of a truck11:29
tired890and sell them in north korea for 10k a peice11:29
tired890arm desktop cpus will be interesting11:32
tired890I hear apple is considering that11:32
tired890ie put their A<number> class chips found in ipads/iphones into desktop PCs11:32
tired890AMD is also making a desktop class CPU based on ARM:
Romstertoo slow too late11:33
tired8902016 should be very interesting CPU-wise11:33
tired890better than nothing11:33
Romsterthey screwd up with the APU11:33
tired890the 7850k (current flagship APU) shows dramatic performance improvements with higherspeed mem.. stuck at 2400Mhz memory tho due to DDR3... the next APU will feature DDR4 I think its a very promising technology11:34
Romsterfrinnst, this is the guy knocking out the wifi
frinnstwhen i was maybe 11 i tried to heat a chicken in the microwave - still in its wrapper. The wrapper was lined with foil.11:38
frinnstawesome lightnings & stuff :)11:38
Romsterdoor open that is scary.... i would not even do that.11:39
tired890scary stuff11:39
Romsterlets just pump out 900watts or so at 1250MHz11:40
Romsteryeah no thanks11:40
frinnsthehe yeah11:41
Romsterthere is stupid but that is asking for death11:47
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cruxbot[core.git/3.1]: libtool: update to 2.4.613:08
cruxbot[core.git/3.1]: [notify] start-stop-daemon: new core port13:08
cruxbot[core.git/3.1]: exim: new rc script using start-stop-daemon13:08
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frinnst "How to talk Australians"14:34
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thetornainbowis down?17:05
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thetornainbowand as well it appears17:07
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cezarhi. I still can't make run "localhost:621" neither ""  and I have checked this:
cezarsorry localhost:63117:24
jaegercheck your logs in /var/log, see if something shows when you try to access it17:24
cezarok Jaeger17:26
cezarjaeger: think this is the answer have to change these rulles maybe17:30
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jaegeryes, need to add the proper line to /etc/hosts.allow. I remember the syntax being somewhat odd for cups17:31
cezarjaeger: this is how the /etc/hosts.allow is # /etc/hosts.deny17:32
cezarALL: ALL: DENY17:32
cezar# End of file17:32
jaegerby default everything is denied as you can see17:32
cezarsorry hots.deny17:32
jaegeryou have to add to the allow file to enable specific services17:32
tilmantilman@brimstone [~] > grep cups /etc/hosts.allow17:33
tilmancupsd : ALL17:33
tilmantilman@brimstone [~] >17:33
cezarjaeger tilman: great! solved, completely solved localhost:631 is connected! tks enormously tks17:35
jaegerah, nice. guess they fixed it, I think the syntax was something odd and arcane in the past instead of just "cupsd: ALL"17:37
jaegerI don't remember, though, maybe I made that up17:37
cezarI tried ALL : ALL but it was useless :17:38
jaegerin my irc logs: 10:25 < jue> jaeger: I have 'cupsd: 127.0.0. localhost'17:40
jaegerthat's from 3 years ago, though17:41
jaegeranyway, it was something like "all" was ignored back then17:41
cezarjaeger I have now 3 months of crux :)17:44
jaegercongrats :)17:44
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koriRomster: why doesn't the tor port include torsocks?17:49
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greduanall right enough watching CSGO, now to figure out why this port won't build19:06
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diversetired890: that's the memory speed I'm running at ;)19:38
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: password-store: fixed man-page path21:02
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: password-store: updated to 1.6.521:02
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: gtk: updated to 2.24.2621:09
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greduananyone use dvtm or abduco?22:59
jaegernot I22:59
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greduanI can't seem to get the port to work...22:59
greduanI checked and I don't think the makefile actually removes the directory it's currently in23:00
greduanand in Arch Linux the equivalent PKGBUILD does work, even though it's the same...23:01
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thetornainbowgreduan: what's the Pkgfile?23:01
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thetornainbowlooks like an issue with the makefile from the project23:03
greduanbut it works in Arch :/23:03
thetornainbowyeah but in the build() function in PKGBUILD says23:05
thetornainbow> make all --directory="${srcdir}/${pkgname}-${pkgver}"23:05
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greduanthat's just cause he didn't cd into the dir23:05
thetornainboww/o being able to see the provided makefile with the src, i would think that "make" in your Pkgfile is also trying to run make clean23:05
thetornainbowyeah but i'm speaking of make all vs just make23:06
greduanthat works in Arch23:06
greduanthat's the one I use myself23:06
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thetornainbowhave you tried manually building it to see messages?23:07
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thetornainbowlike if you step through the process yourself23:08
greduanthat's the last thing that I can think of trying23:08
greduanyep it works that way23:08
greduanif I just do make23:08
greduanit compiles and cleans and stuff correctly23:08
greduanI just tried some stuff on the Pkgfile, and I can confirm it is in the right dir when it runs make (pwd and ls)23:11
thetornainbowdo you have pkgmk as its own user?23:11
greduan-rw-r--r--  1 greduan users  410 Feb 17 17:11 Pkgfile23:12
greduanit's the same for the other Pkgfiles I use though...23:12
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rmullI think I know what's happening23:20
rmullgreduan: The Makefile says SRC += adbuco.c23:20
rmullSRC is an environment varibale set during crux's build process23:21
rmullTherefore, SRC is probably getting the path of the source files with the abduco.c appended23:21
rmullOBJ inherits SRC, so when they try to remove OBJ, they also try to remove the crux build source files23:21
rmullWhich fails.23:21
rmullArch probably works because maybe they don't use $SRC?23:22
jaegeryeah, arch uses a different var23:22
rmullThen there you have it.23:22
rmullIf the Makefile does SRC = foo instead of SRC += foo, does it make a new $SRC with Makefile scope, or does it wipe the existing env variable and break the package?23:23
thetornainbowhaha nice find rmull i was going through the makefile functions while i'm in class lecture here23:24
thetornainbowwasn't quick enough on the draw23:24
greduanawesome! thanks rmull! :)23:25
greduanso should I just sed the SRC stuff in the Makefile/ file?23:25
greduanthat was a weird sentence23:25
rmullThat's what I would do, I think23:30
greduanthanks rmull :)23:30
rmullI am a little curious about whether this has happened before - surely there are many Makefiles that set $SRC23:30
jaegerI don't recall it coming up in here in the past23:32
greduanwell now you know Googlers23:35
greduan(if you ever come up again)23:35
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