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Roosevelthey anyone here use ati blobs? I notice there is no ati install pkgfile and even though opensource is on par with the blob I need it for gfx.00:37
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diversehmm, iirc, there was some ati firmware you can use in conjunction with the opensource driver?00:39
Workster recal fglrx that sepen had at one point. you probably need to make a port if you want the binary driver00:40
Worksterthere is the open source driver.00:41
RooseveltYeah probably just looking at arch pkgfile and go from there. I never tried the installer from the site though.00:44
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Rooseveltwell what you know the install works just as smooth as the nvidia installer.00:49
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diversehopefully the driver is just as stable too00:55
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Roosevelthey crux in the news last paragraph
koriRoosevelt: heh01:18
Roosevelthey kori :)01:18
Rooseveltshould have been first01:19
Rooseveltcrux does everything perfect that slackware fuc*ed up at01:20
koriI totally skipped over the satire tag01:20
koriand I kinda skimmed over the article01:20
koriI only realized it was satire when CRUX was mentioned01:20
diversequoting linus: "It’s a stupid idea to force your users to compile everything from scratch,” said Linus Torvalds at the event."01:20
diverse*wink wink* ;)01:21
koriI read the article a couple weeks ago01:21
SitriDuum"Editor’s Note: It’s spoof, satire, humor. It’s all made up stuff. It’s fake. If you liked the humor piece, send us more ideas for future stories. If you can write a humor piece, just send it across."01:21
Rooseveltyeah it is when binaries are package with old lib.so01:22
prologicthat's funny01:22
prologicand nice01:22
Rooseveltyeah I know01:22
prologicwonderful to see really01:22
diverseseriously, did you guys get my joke?01:22
prologicand surprising really01:22
prologicso CRUX would have gotten first place if we have binary packaging? :)01:23
prologicor a way to distirbute binary packages to user more easily? :)01:23
diverseso to Linus, we're stupid01:23
prologicoh well01:23
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RooseveltI'm going to email him and ask him to do a review on Crux.01:27
koriCRUX could get more exposure01:28
koriif it had only free software on the main repos01:28
koriand so you could ask the FSF to recommend it01:28
koriand so you all could put the non-free ports in an "user" repo ;)01:28
diverseRoosevelt: if you seen this video, you are going to know that he will not like CRUX,
koriI guess dragora fills the niche CRUX would01:36
diversegreduan: also, this related to what I was saying about GPL3 a week ago:
Roosevelt #!/bin/sh01:41
Roosevelt exec dhcpcd -a -d -D -H eth001:41
koriRoosevelt: runit, yeah?01:41
Rooseveltdon't get no easier than that01:41
koriyeah I loved runit services haha01:41
Rooseveltyeah I want to try it out on crux01:42
koriRoosevelt: same but I got lazy01:42
greduandiverse: yeah I saw that01:42
Rooseveltexec sshd -D -e and that's it :)01:44
Rooseveltmusl libc is real nice when ever flash works which will probably be never01:45
Romsterwho needs flash01:45
koriflash needs to die01:46
Romsterand you can compile just firefox or what have you with glibc01:46
Romsteralso there is docker and running the thing in a container01:46
Romsterprologic, need to figure out how to run X11 apps in docker on hosts xorg-server01:47
Rooseveltsome sites still need flash at least the one's I use.01:47
RooseveltX runs in docker>?01:47
prologicRomster: I'll figure it out again for Docker 1.5 and get back to you :)01:50
Roosevelti see uses xvfb01:51
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Romsterah crap01:52
Romsterusing the X11 socket01:53
Romsternot some VNC setup01:53
Romsterbut i've had no luck as of yet with it01:53
prologicyeah I've gotten the same technique working with Docker 1.501:53
prologicbut it seems to have broken in 1.501:53
prologicI'll figure it out01:53
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Romsterback to work i go01:55
greduanRomster: you do Docker?01:58
greduanoh and prologic does as well01:58
Roosevelttime to get back to studying later gents02:02
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Workstergreduan, yes i do all my package testing/building in docker now
greduanwho was it that was trying to setup  binaries for CRUX? prologic?02:35
greduanfound something nice02:35
greduanWorkster: cool02:35
greduanbuildbot is what Void Linux uses02:36
greduanautomatic compiling02:36
greduanyeah buildbot seems nice02:37
prologicI couldn't easily figure out how to automate pkgmk building of ports via buildbot02:37
prologicbut tbh I haven't really spent that much time on it02:37
greduanwhy not look at how Void Linux does it?02:38
prologicgood idea02:39
prologicI shall :)02:39
Worksteralready onto it02:41
prologiclemme know what you think :)02:41
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prologiclooks like it could be possible to borrow from Void Linux's buildbot config04:19
prologicto do CI building of CRUX ports/packages04:19
prologicand possibly even the ISO04:19
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prologicKernel just hit 4.0-rc105:10
nweprologic: wow06:17
nweI wondering if my touchpad will work with that kernel..06:17
tilmanit's just a random major version jump06:18
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nweright know Im stuck on kerne 3.14.8... because all kernels after this one using the new synaptic-driver and I havent get my touchpad to work with it..06:19
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diverseah, so linus did decide to bump to 4.0 instead of 3.2006:38
Romsterwhy are we at 4 already?07:22
Romsteris 2.6.x being depreciated?07:22
diverse...? 2.6.x is long deprecated. Also Linus doesn't like keeping up with big minor release numbers, so bumps a major release number afterwards.07:28
diversenothing special really07:29
joacimhe wants to catch up with firefox and chrome07:31
diversein another 4 years or so, we will be at version 507:32
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nweGood morning08:17
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namraanyone an idea why an iphone isnt recognized as a usb disk drive?10:14
diversebecause smartphones use a different protocol for communication, but I forget which tool/lib you need to install for that.10:16
namradiverse: maybe imobiledevice?10:19
diversewell, that looks like the right tool for iphones10:20
frinnstmany android phones dont show up as mass storage devices either10:22
frinnstmy nexus4 doesnt, for example10:22
frinnstprobably related to windows not being able to mount proper filesystems10:22
namrafir a nexus i just had tu provide the udev rules10:22
frinnstI have to mount it with mtp10:23
diverseah, libmtp was the lib I was thinking about10:23
frinnstwhat nexus model did you have?10:23
Romsteri was trying to remember that lib name.10:23
Romsterand i got it in romster/libmtp as well -_-10:24
namrathere's also libiphone and ifuse10:24
frinnstmy old ipod shuffle also required some fuse magic10:24
RomsterMTPfs maybe10:26
Romstercan't help it but i keep thinking of this.10:31
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frinnstdamn, linux 4.0-rc1 makes me want to get a new drive and run btrfs in raid511:07
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nwefrinnst: which raid levels does btrfs support right know?11:49
rmullIs btrfs raid5 merged for 4.0?11:56
rmullThat's a fun development, if so. Been in the works for a very long time11:56
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namrahm no success with libimobiledevice12:16
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frinnstbtrfs has "supported" raid56 for a year or so12:22
frinnstbut it has been very unstalbe/dangerous for a long while without much development going into it. Stuff started to change with 3.1912:23
nweurk.. feels like I got problem with one of my disks.. After I start rsync to transfer 450GB data my machine "crash" or something..12:35
z3braIs Romster here?12:38
Romsteryeah i'm here.12:38
z3braCool! I'm trying to use one of your ports: lives (the video editor)12:39
z3braBut I can't compile it12:39
Romsterprobably broken.12:39
z3braI noticed the version: 1.6.7 or something like that12:39
Romsteri need to go though them and bump and rebuild12:39
z3brathey're now at 2.2.8, so I was wondering how old your port is12:39
z3braOk I see ^^12:40
z3braI tried building the latest, without success...12:40
Romsteri've been negelecting most of them romster ports except a few.12:40
z3brano problem, I was just curious ;)12:40
Romster i asctaully not long ago pushed my git tree there too.12:41
Romsterit really does need a clean up12:41
Romsterports/ is the romster stuff.12:41
z3bralooks like a lot of work12:41
Romsteri could probably drop most of it.12:42
Romsteri'll try to get to lives and see how i go.12:43
Romsteri wouldn't mind that working myself.12:43
z3braThat would be really nice of you, thanks12:44
z3braI'll try to work on the port myself12:44
z3braI'll keep you updated if I manage to get it compiled12:44
Romsterif you get anywhere let me know a diff like diff -pruN old/ new/12:45
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Romsterz3bra, may need ffmpeg-compat and it'll need gtk312:52
Romsterand possibly fftw12:53
Romsteri'll fire up a docker container and see.12:54
z3brabtw, version 1.3.2 compiles fine :P12:57
Romstergentoo is on 1.4.6 -_-13:00
Romsterbit old13:00
Romsterarch AUR 2.2.813:00
z3braand svn version is in 2.0.713:00
z3bralives-stable (on AUR) is in 1.3.713:00
Romsterdon't look like much effort to fix13:00
Romsterwhat is going on.13:01
z3brait's the -svn package13:01
z3brabut there is a version13:01
z3braI'm a bit confused13:01
Romsternote to self i really do need to get rsync setup for ports.13:01
Romsterthey pull a tag13:01
Romsteror branch13:02
z3brafor svn you mean?13:02
z3braI never worked with svn before13:02
Romsteri used to before i went to hg then git13:02
Romsterhttpup is slow.13:03
Romsterit probably doesn't even use keep alive and pipelining in curl...13:04
z3brait's an rsync wrapper?13:05
Romsternah httpup uses libcurl over http13:05
Romsterby the REPO file for the sums of each file. if not match download.13:06
Romsterrather inefficient13:06
Romstercompared to rsync13:06
z3bralinux 4.0 rc1 is out :)13:08
Romsterold news13:08
z3braah, just learnt it13:08
Romster'tis ok13:09
z3braanyway, see ya later13:11
Romsterlater if this works i'll commit and push13:12
Romsterelse i'll look at it more tomorrow13:12
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: newsbeuter: update to 2.913:27
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: pure-ftpd: update to 1.0.3713:27
cruxbot[core.git/3.1]: nasm: update to 2.11.0813:28
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.1]: xorg-xf86-video-mga: update to 1.6.413:39
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.1]: xorg-libxp: update to 1.0.313:42
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juethe goal of httpup was never efficiency but very low requirements, it can be used on every server that can serve http14:00
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asielibGL error: DRI3 Fence object allocation failure Permission denied14:54
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: llvm: 3.4.2 -> 3.5.115:23
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: clang: 3.4.2 -> 3.5.115:23
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hnodeJust to say, one more time, thanks you cruxers !!!15:28
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frinnstasie: are you in the video group?15:43
korioh, clang update; cool15:45
asiefrinnst: yes15:48
asieturned out i had to chmod 777 either /dev/shm or /dev/dri15:48
asiei did both15:48
frinnstyou shouldnt need to do that15:49
frinnstfeel free to paste the permissions on /dev/dri/* after a reboot (since the permissions you set manually will revert)15:50
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greduan1"luckily uh... luckily it wasn't poi-"17:09
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rmullFucking windows, why can't it kill my process?18:01
korirmull: that's a question I haven't asked myself in a while18:01
rmullUgh, you're not missing out on anything worthwhile18:04
nwefrinnst: how stable is btrfs now?18:08
frinnstdepends on what features you use18:08
frinnstI run my desktop and backup server on it :)18:08
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nwefrinnst: as fileserver19:08
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rmullFlash crashes me every time I play a video on firefox. It's been that way through many different versions now. In the past it wasn't always like this. I'd like to try and fix it. How can I get more diagnostic output?22:25
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rmullIt's related to my sound somehow:
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jaegerrmull: is it audio or xcb causing the problem? hard to tell from that paste23:32
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