IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2015-02-25

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greduanrunit, busybox00:09
greduanI like busybox00:09
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greduanI tried it in Arch00:11
Worksteri've ran rusuint in curx n the past, it's low on documentation and many symlinks to run services, i plan to try out finit later00:16
cezarnwe: Hi, I have news about splix00:21
greduanwakarimasen lol00:22
greduanoh oops00:22
greduanwrong channel00:22
greduanignore that00:22
korigreduan: are you on rizon00:22
koriwhoops this is off topic00:22
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: [notify] firefox: updated to 36.0. Fixes several security issues.06:52
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: [notify] thunderbird: updated to 31.5. Fixes several security issues.06:52
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frinnstanybody with a lwn subscription that mind sharing the latest article regarding glibc?09:06
retardman,the universal standard for logins for featured content penis/penis isn't working09:19
retardi'm out of ideas09:19
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: [notify] samba: Updated to 4.1.17. Fixes CVE-2015-0240.10:22
rmullI have an account11:23
rmullOh, never mind11:23
rmullI apparently have an account but I can't see full articles11:23
rmullI was mooching off an old university group account but I graduated years ago11:24
Romster firefox and firefox-gst (romster/firefox-gst html5 video/audio tag support) is uploaded.11:27
Romsterfor those dareing romster/frefox-pgo is up be warned it will use tons of ram to compile test and compile again.11:28
Romsterbut should be faster and also has html5 support11:28
retardman yeah, i had several firefox build attempts fail due to lack of swap11:29
retardi really really REALLY miss hypertext :(11:29
retardit was such a great invention11:29
Romsterhypertext a anchors for href?11:32
Romsteryeah forefox PGO you need like 20GB or so to be safe.11:33
frinnstyou dont need firefox-gst for html5 video support btw11:33
frinnstopt/firefox handles all youtube videos without issue11:33
mikeldisappointing that firefox still doesn't handle MSE correctly11:35
Romsterfrinnst, without flash11:35
Romsterlat time i looked you disable gstreamer explicitly.11:36
frinnststill do11:36
frinnstyou dont need x264 for youtube11:36
Romster<video> tags11:36
frinnstjust toggle media.mediasource.enabled to true11:36
mikeldoes MSE w/o gstreamer work well?11:37
mikeli find that MSE causes audio to drop randomly but i've only tested using gstreamer11:38
retardhypertext as in what the web used to be before it became a "platform"11:39
Romsteri honestly don't fully understand browsers there too damn complex.11:39
Romsterretard, oh go oin prologic with gropher and run a daemon of your own as well. it's still alive.11:40
Romsterallowing javascript on streams isn't this dangerous?11:40
RomsterMSE extensions the mere fact ti's microsoft... makes me feel dirty if i were to use it.11:42
retardjavascript is the deadliest game11:42
retardwhat happened to that adobe drm vm bullshit11:42
mikelproject spartan looks pretty interesting honestly11:42
retarddidn't firefox embrace that11:42
retardalso has anyone given servo a try11:43
Romster so this is invalid now?11:44
RomsterThey decided the feature wasn't working well enough for everyone, so the pulled the plug on it for Firefox 36. Work continues in Firefox 37.11:46
Romsterso chrome now has this omnibox that is the address bar and search box in one right...11:49
Romsterwell i found spyware at omnibox.com11:49
Romsterfrinnst, i'll pass on that setting looks probomatic keeps using the gstreamer backend11:51
Romsterfor now at least.11:51
retardthe web is spyware11:53
retardi find it amusing that appification has made the "new" generation unable to understand the simple concept of files11:54
Romsterchrome is spyware they see all your searches!12:00
Romsterit sends everything12:00
Romsterseriously... a file12:01
retardit doesn't make sense when everything is an app12:01
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retardand "in the cloud"12:02
Romsterand how is it stored in the cloud? as files.12:02
Romsterbut then i get people calling a computer tower a hard drive still.12:04
Romsterand i go so wht size hard disk are yo after and internal or external? blank state from customer.12:04
Romstermajority of people just want to use stuff. and don't care what it's called or how it works or even how to backup there stuff.12:05
Romster30 years of family photos gone... well why didn't you back it up?12:06
Romsterhonestly i think technology is making people dumber.12:06
Romsterlets all give out all out information to spam us with marketing ads12:07
Romsteronly a small population that are actually smart anymore.12:07
Romsterweb browsers are to complex i agree with prologic12:08
retardthe brave new future was supposed to be built on comprehension of systems12:09
retardbut of course12:09
retardin order for technology to actually hit the masses it has to become a commodity, and a product12:09
Romsterhonestly the few that want to learn are like us.12:09
retardi have been trying to use android for the first time12:09
retardnever used android or ios12:09
Romsterthe rest just don't know any better.12:09
retardgot a tablet for free a month back12:10
retardit's a fucking piece of shit12:10
retardi thought it would be okay for browsing the web, but .. it's garbage :|12:10
Romsterandroid have to root the bugger and install adblock12:10
Romsteryeah majority of sties wont work on it.12:10
retardyeah, but still, usability wise12:10
retardit's just.. unfit12:10
Romsteryou'd do better running VNC to a real pc onto the tablet.12:11
retardi can't fucking hit the god damn links i am trying to click12:11
retardi am beginning to think tablets are a conspiracy to make people accidentally click on ads12:11
Romsterzoom in?12:11
Romstermight be onto something there.12:11
retardsure, but then i fumble or something12:11
Romsteroh i'm sorry you dind't want that how to lose weight ad redirect?12:12
retardlook, i am PERFECTLY happy with my 2 inches12:12
Romsterthat sir cracked me up12:12
Romsteryeah your right on the touch screens. so easy to hit the wrong thing.12:13
retardi sit there and long for an actual pointer12:13
retardand a touchpad or nub or SOMETHING12:14
Romsteri don't mind tappin on the screen but it gets dirty and have to zoom in to hit the right link12:15
retardwhen my fingernails grow a little i am all like "hey cool i can finally hit something"12:15
Romsterguess what you can plug a mouse into the on the go adapter.12:15
retardexcept it doesn't fucking work12:15
Romsterand blutooth mice/keyboards12:15
retardi am used to resisitve touch screens12:16
retardSO much better12:16
retardthey actually respond when you hit the god damn screen12:16
retardnot right before12:16
Romsterhehe yeh nails do not work.12:16
retardthis capacitive bullshit is just12:16
retardi can't work it12:16
Romstercapactive can be too sensitive12:16
retardthere is no connection between the tactical sense of touching the screen and whether the touch registers or not12:16
retardyou lift your finger12:17
retardand the screen still reacts12:17
retardfuck you, screen. fuck you.12:17
retardand it ruins interfaces12:17
retardlike traditional interfaces12:18
retardi had to fuck around with rhel7 the other day12:18
retardyou have to do shit like grab the locked screen with the mouse pointer and slide it up12:18
Romsterokay that's jsut weird12:20
retardi also don't comprehend the meaning of pictograms12:20
retardwhen people link me to some flickr image i just want to find the jpg in the highest resolution so i can view that12:20
retardand i can't fucking do it anymore12:20
retardbecause it's all ideograms12:20
retardwith dots and lines12:20
retardwhat the fuck12:20
retardthese three dots or this tilted V symbol with dots on the ends12:21
retardi don't understand12:21
prologicRomster, I never said that :)12:52
prologicI said the web is broken :)12:52
retardthey've turned it into tv12:55
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Guest83728hello jawbo14:14
Guest83728oh dang14:15
jawbooh dang?14:15
jawboyou must not have identified with Nickserv14:16
jawbohe's a touchy one14:16
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*** tvaalen_ has joined #crux14:19
eduanI always forget14:22
retardyou shut up, nickserv is my best friend14:23
eduanonly if you've got autologin setup14:24
retardyou might want to automate it, i appreciate the personal deep connection i get from the manual interaction14:25
jawbohaha, you and nickserv close?14:25
*** greduan_ has joined #crux14:26
greduan_ok I'm back14:26
retardi told you, nickserv is my best friend14:26
jawbosounds like you're a bit more than friends14:26
retardit's strictly platonic14:27
retardstop being so immature14:27
jawboi must have hit a sore spot14:29
greduan_tsundere alert!14:31
jaegerstepped in some anime14:31
retardwhy are you all harassing me :(((14:32
retardstop being so mean14:32
jaegerI was just joking about the tsundere comment, not harassing14:33
greduan_jaeger: so you know anime?14:35
retardif you give me a chance you will see that i am super insightful and a very sensitive and caring person14:37
jaegergreduan_: only a tiny bit14:38
greduan_well you seem to know what a tsundere is14:38
greduan_so cool14:38
greduan_so, cool*14:38
retardyou should appreciate me like nickserv-senpai does14:39
jawboyou mean nickserv-chan14:39
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leo-unglaubhey :)14:54
greduan_hey leo14:54
leo-unglauband i am back on Crux :)14:55
leo-unglaubi was giving openbsd a try for a few weeks ... but well ... even if they have interresting ideas ... crux is better :)14:56
retardjawbo: you take that back >:(14:59
retardso unrespectful15:00
jawboleo-unglaub: yeah, openbsd is fun for a bit. glad you're back15:06
jawboretard: i recant!15:06
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cruxbot[core.git/3.1]: unzip: build the generic target to get large file support16:42
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jaegerprologic: messed with rancher-os yet?
korijaeger: oh shit that looks interesting17:08
jawbothat's crazy, i was just talking to a guy in another channel who wanted something like this17:12
jawbofor some reason he was fixated on using alpine linux for it17:12
jaegerit seems at a glance similar to coreos but for docker since coreos went another way17:12
*** diverse has joined #crux17:14
jawbodidn't they fork docker/start writing their own container?17:14
*** diverse has quit IRC17:15
jaegerI didn't follow it, to be honest17:16
jaegerI just remember they didn't like docker as is17:16
jawboyeah, security issues i believe17:16
korithere was some drama17:26
jawboisn't there always?17:26
koriI guess17:27
leo-unglaubhmm, does anyone of you know a bootloader that can boot from an encrypted /boot partition?17:52
leo-unglaubi only know the openbsd bootloader who can do that17:53
leo-unglaubany ideas?17:53
greduan_I haven't played around with encrypted partitions, so no idea :/17:53
SitriDuumMaybe something in syslinux?18:07
*** arduo has joined #crux18:08
leo-unglaubhmm, good idea with syslinux?18:17
leo-unglaubi am going to have a look18:17
leo-unglaubhmm, nothing :(18:29
leo-unglaubi have a really bad feeling about leaving /boot unencrypted ... i mean it contains my kernel ... so what could possible go wrong?18:30
*** imapiekindaguy has joined #crux18:31
greduan_leo-unglaub: you recompile?18:35
leo-unglaubgreduan_, ?18:35
leo-unglaubrecompile what?18:35
greduan_the kernel18:35
greduan_if something goes wrong you can recompile no?18:36
SitriDuumI think the "wrong" he's worried about here is a malicious kernel18:37
SitriDuumEg: a kernel that otherwise works as expected by has a built-in rootkit.18:38
greduan_I never worry about that kinda stuff18:40
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SitriDuumNot everyone has that luxury18:48
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frinnstHGST ready to launch first helium-filled 10TB HDDs19:31
frinnstimagine the rebuild time of a raid5 array full of those :D19:32
*** lmarie has joined #crux19:34
jawbowow. that's really interesting19:41
lmarieHey folks, hello.  Can someone please share the file permissions for /etc/fstab  and whether or not it is ticked executable..19:48
frinnstyou can check the core/filesystem/.footprint file19:49
frinnst-rw-r--r--      root/root       etc/fstab19:49
lmarieMuch obliged, frinnst!19:49
greduanthat's a 311 permission no?19:49
SitriDuumDoes that matter?  chmod accepts stuff like u=rw,go=r19:50
*** lmarie has quit IRC19:53
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prologicjaeger, no I'll check it out thanks :)19:58
tilmangreduan: 1 is executable. rtfm ;)20:02
*** diverse has joined #crux20:04
tilmangreduan: also, "rwx", ordered from most-significant to least-significant bit -> 42120:05
prologicjaeger, RancherOS is actually really coool :) Thanks for the link. I had the same idea but these guys had more time/energy to see it through! Worth trying out I think for the hilarity facter :)20:05
diversealso: 110100100!20:07
diverseprologic: that would be your ideal distro, huh?20:09
prologicdiverse, heh20:10
prologicI'm sure it has it's pitfalls :)20:10
prologicmight be a good alternative to b2d (boot2docker) though20:10
*** dougl has quit IRC20:11
*** BitPuffin has quit IRC20:12
prologicdocker run --privileged -it debian mkfs.ext4 -L RANCHER_STATE /dev/sda20:13
prologicit really is completely Dockerized20:13
diverseprologic: I wasn't trying to make a joke out of it, it really does seem like what you want, a distro that manages with "perfect" isolation20:13
prologicIsn't that Solaris?20:14
diverse*a linux distro*20:14
prologicyeah okay20:14
prologicbut I'm not sure I ever said that haha20:14
prologicanyway gotta get to work!20:14
prologicalso I'm not sure it would work as a general desktop os very well20:15
prologicI still can't get X apps working in Docker 1.5 yet with system Xorg20:15
diverseget back to work! :)20:16
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*** hhhhhhhh has joined #crux20:46
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prologicI'm at work :)21:33
*** leo-unglaub has joined #crux21:35
leo-unglaubgood evening21:37
diversesup leo21:37
prologichmm just watched the video on rancheros21:38
prologicreally cool actually21:39
diversebecause software containment is the future, we know21:40
diversesayonara package managers!21:40
leo-unglaubdiverse: did i miss something?21:41
diverseleo-unglaub: no, I was just saying hi21:42
leo-unglaubdiverse: i mean the thing about package managers21:42
diverseleo-unglaub: oh, someone posted a link about a linux distro that uses docker to manager packages called RancherOS21:43
prologicI wouldn't quite put it that way21:43
prologicit doesn't manage packages as such21:43
prologicit just boots directly to docker21:43
prologicso kernel -> system docker21:43
prologicsystem docker starts udev, syslogd and user docker as docker containers themselves21:44
prologicoh and sshd21:44
prologicthen when you ssh in you basically do everything inside user docker21:44
prologicso right now this means stuff like: ssh in; docker run -i -t crux /bin/bash21:44
diverseoh I see, a predefined container OS21:44
prologicfor examples21:44
prologicunfortunately the whole concept of Docker and it's image format and build process doesn't really fit well with packaging up individual software as such (yet)21:45
prologicfor that IHMO we need to get to a point where the build and runtime are able to be separated out21:45
prologicso you end up with a 20MB Python image rather than 500MG image (because it's Ubuntu + Python or whatever)21:45
jaegerthey should have called it dockerception21:54
diversewell, it's a pretty cool idea for businesses that need to run multiple isolated servers on-the-fly21:57
diverseis that correct, prologic?21:58
prologicservers has nothing to do with it :)22:00
prologicbut sure22:00
prologicyou can think of containers as lightweight serers22:00
diverseyou know what I mean22:00
prologicif you run multiple processes in them22:00
prologici.e: full distros22:00
diversethat's what I meant22:00
prologicbut that's not generally the use case22:00
diversewhat other use-cases are out there?22:01
diversewell I guess for testing software on multiple system, but do you have more ideas?22:11
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jaegersafety is for sissies!22:48
jaegerunrelated, I enabled the mediasource stuff in firefox and it's giving me the html5 player for a youtube video but only allowing 240 and 360 resolutions. Any idea on that? I know the video has up to 1080p versions22:51
*** crash_ has quit IRC22:51
jaegerwhich work in chrome using the html5 viewer22:51
diversejaeger: did you install gstreamer-compat?22:56
diversealso, did you enable gstreamer in the firefox port or use Romster's firefox-gst port?22:56
jaegerI have mediasource enabled, gstreamer-compat was already installed for something else22:57
diversewhich firefox port did you use?22:57
jaegerfrinnst said earlier that opt/firefox did the job so I'm trying that22:57
diversedid you change the build flags to enable gstreamer?22:57
jaegerin retrospect, though, it seems to be this specific video22:58
jaegerbecause others are working fine at 720p/1080p in firefox with html522:58
diverseoh, that's new22:58
diversedo you also have regular gstreamer installed?23:00
jaegergstreamer-compat and gst-plugins-base-compat only23:01
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frinnstyeah flash plays that link for me jaeger23:02
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jaegerwhat about the html5 player?23:05
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prologicWhy do folk care about ZFS and not being natively available in the Linux Ker?nel23:42
prologicAlso why would you use btrfs over zfs anyway? I think both provide software raid and volume management right? But doesn't ZFS provide more than what btrfs offers?23:42
leo-unglaub1prologic: mostly becuase people want to be cool23:45
leo-unglaub199.9% of all people who use zfs dont need it at all23:45
prologicyeah I think it's silly though23:46
prologicit's like saying "I won't use the nvidia GPU" for the same sets of reasons23:46
prologicexplain? :)23:46
jaegerI use lots of ZFS. ~260TB of it :D23:48
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leo-unglaubjaeger: 260Tb??23:49
leo-unglaubhow much of it is porn???23:49
jaegerIt better be none or someone will end up fired23:50
leo-unglaubhehe, damn ... thought you could scp some to me *g*23:50
jaegertwo NAS deviecs for work, ~130TB each23:50
jaegerMy home NAS is ZFS also but it's much smaller, heh23:50
leo-unglaubjaeger: do you really need zfs or just because it was there?23:51
jaegerI don't really NEED it but I do like and use some of its features. compression and snapshots mostly but also send/recv23:51
diverseleo-unglaub: would you even have the capacity to store that porn in your personal machines?23:51
jaegerthere are others that can do these things too but since we use ZFS at work and it was kinda the first of its kind I stick with it23:51
leo-unglaubdiverse: not all of it ... but hopefully the blond, teen and amateur section of it *g*23:52
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prologicyeah see that's the thing23:53
prologicjust bcause you don't NEED it23:53
prologicdoesn't mean you can't USE it23:53
prologicI'll probably end up chewing up 4TB easily on my new system23:53
prologichopefully it arrives soon23:53
leo-unglaubis someone here using grub2 on crux?23:54
diversejaeger is23:54
jaegerI do23:54
jaegerI use and have many things I don't NEED, they're for fun23:54
leo-unglaubjaeger: where do you store your config? there is no /etc/default/grub23:54
jaeger /boot/grub/grub.cfg23:55
jaeger /etc/default/grub is used by grub-mkconfig if it exists but not required23:55
jaegerI usually write my own configs rather than using grub-mkconfig, though I do try to make sure grub-mkconfig actually works23:55
leo-unglaub/boot/grub/grub.cfg empty by default?23:55
jaegerIt doesn't exist by default23:55
diverseit's not provided23:55
jaegercreate your own, either manually or with grub-mkconfig > /boot/grub/grub.cfg23:56
diverseprologic: I think the gimmick with btrfs is that it is faster than zfs and takes on different approaches23:57
diversethat's what is attracting people23:57
prologicI don't think it's necessarily faster23:58
prologicthere is one thing I think tha attracks folk to btrsf (other than the native kernel support)23:58
prologicthe ability to grow/srhink your storage pool23:58
prologicyou can't as easily do that with zfs23:59
prologicyou can grow but it's not terribly efficient unless you expand raid10 vdevs23:59
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prologicand you definately can't shrink23:59
jaegeryou can with ZFS, just has certain constraints23:59
jaegergrow it, I mean23:59
prologicbut if you dont' design your vdevs well23:59
prologicyou can end up with a lot of redundent parity for example23:59
prologicor waste space23:59

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