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prologicso careful design00:00
jaegercareful design is needed for any filesystem when you're talking about high end enterprise setups, though. For home use it's mostly not as important00:00
jaegerIt'll make some difference but not usually a showstopper00:01
prologicbut still good to design it properly00:01
prologicno probably not00:02
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leo-unglaub1Path `/boot/grub' is not readable by GRUB on boot. Installation is impossible. Aborting00:04
leo-unglaub1hmm, strange00:04
diverseare you on a livecd?00:05
jaegerwhat filesystem are you using for /boot? did you already run grub-install /dev/whatever ?00:06
diverseleo-unglaub1: so where is the BOOT partition mounted?00:06
leo-unglaub1jaeger: i use btrfs00:06
leo-unglaub1on a luks container00:06
leo-unglaub1and i want grub2 to use luks.mod to decrypt it on boot00:06
leo-unglaub1i added GRUB_ENABLE_CRYPTODISK=y to the grub config00:07
leo-unglaub1but grub still comtplains00:07
jaegerno idea there, more complicated than my setups00:07
diverseI assume you want to create the config in /mnt/boot/grub00:09
leo-unglaub1diverse: no, the config there is fone00:09
leo-unglaub1i want grub to write itself to sda00:09
diverseweird then, it's acting like it's read-only00:10
diverseif it's not able to write to it00:10
leo-unglaub1diverse: no00:11
leo-unglaub1grub things that because it's on a luks container it cannot read it after rebooting00:11
leo-unglaub1with is correct, but i want grub to use luks.module do decrypt it and then read it00:12
leo-unglaub1but i ask in #grub00:12
leo-unglaub1hopefully they know the problem00:12
diversemore likely they will00:12
leo-unglaub1i hope so, it would be sad if i am the first person to actually use this00:12
diversedoubt that00:13
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diversejaeger: so I find it interesting that you didn't need to enable gstreamer in order to get at least 720p videos on html500:18
leo-unglaub1diverse: why would he do that?00:18
leo-unglaub1even youtube now supports html5 videos if you use an uptodate firefox00:18
leo-unglaub1the video scales dynamicly then00:19
diversebefore without gstreamer at best you only get 360p videos00:19
diversedidn't matter which video00:19
leo-unglaub1diverse: thats long gone00:19
leo-unglaub1go to and enable it00:19
diversewell that's how it was for me in firefox 35, perhaps that was changed in 36 recently00:20
SitriDuumYou missed his first comment on the matter leo.00:20
leo-unglaub1diverse: it's a few weeks old that it works for all videos00:20
diversethat's pretty recent to me00:21
leo-unglaub1before that it did not work if the user clicked "make money" with the video. In this case youtbe forced the fash version00:21
leo-unglaub1for momey free videos it works for 5 month00:21
diverseoh, so theres a catch...00:23
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diversejaeger: were you logged into your youtube account while watching?00:27
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Worksteri odn't know what the hype is over all these other file systems lvm does raid, and snapshots and thin-provisioning and use what ever filesystem you like on that. in my case ext4.00:28
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leo-unglaubdamn ... no one online in #grub ...00:33
leo-unglaubjaeger: could you please pastebin your grub.cfg?00:39
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jaegerUEFI or BIOS?00:54
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leo-unglaubthe entire grub2 config is more complicated then building your own kernel *g*00:56
jaeger <-- a super simple one00:57
jaegeryou can even specify root in the menuentry instead of using search if you like00:57
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diversegrub2 is over engineered00:59
diversebut it works00:59
leo-unglaubjaeger: hmm, still the same problem00:59
greduanleo-unglaub: what's *g*?00:59
diversegreduan: it means he is ready to prey on you01:00
leo-unglaubpath '/boot/grub' is not readable by grub on boot. installation is impossible. aboring01:00
leo-unglaubevne with --force grub is not installing itself01:00
diverseleo-unglaub: care to explain the meaning of your famous emoji?01:01
leo-unglaublater, i am currently fighting with the grub2 source code ...01:01
leo-unglaubhmm, no wonder it's not working ... there is a bug in there ..01:03
diversethat was fast01:03
leo-unglaubit's a simple one ... there is no codepath into that function ... i can never work that way01:04
leo-unglaubhmm, maybe thats on purpose ..01:05
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diversejaeger: were you in-session on youtube while watching those youtube videos without gstreamer?01:05
greduandiverse: you mean logged on, right?01:09
diverseI rephrased the question, so I don't sound redundant, since it seems he is either ignoring me or that particular question01:12
greduanI see01:12
diversewhich is fine, I was just querying about what was going on at the time to see if I'm correct or not, so I'm just go with assuming what I know is correct.01:14
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jaegerdiverse: I was gone, not ignoring you. I was most likely logged in, usually have gmail open as well01:28
jaegerleo-unglaub: I haven't used grub2 with btrfs or luks. Theoretically it can support both but at the same time? No idea01:29
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diversejaeger: good to know02:01
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: nvidia: updated to version 346.4705:26
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.1]: nvidia-32: updated to version 346.4705:26
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nwepush the keyboard button of misstake :)07:09
retardpres butan07:10
frinnstnon-intrusive ads or what they are called10:13
frinnstits been around for ages10:13
frinnstprotip: dont use adblock plus :)10:13
frinnst�block seems nice10:13
frinnsthaving to pay to get whitelisted seems like an illegal business practice actually10:17
frinnstits like blackmail10:17
Romsterjust looking at ublock10:23
Romsteri thought it was more whitelisting adds so sites can get income. for those that have ads that are actually ok and relevant.10:24
Romsternot pay me a license fee i'll unblock your ads thing.10:24
retardads are never ok or relevant, stop stockholm syndroming10:26
Romstersure ads to comic sites on a web based game10:27
Romsteror other games10:27
Romsteri have 2 weeks holidays off work i'll do some stuff then.10:32
Romsterafter work tomorrow i'm off for 2 weels10:32
Romsterah wrong channel of course.10:33
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rmullublock was getting rave reviews on reddit12:11
rmullarrrghhh NO. My root HDD failed.12:22
rmullI bet it's because I didn't have right-angle SATA connector so I had to squash the connector on with a sharp bend12:23
rmullWould be nice if it's just a cable, but ain't nobody got time for this shit12:23
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frinnstcompletely dead?12:32
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rmullI don't even remember what it is. I'll have to open it up and see12:46
rmullIt was a 2.5" drive though12:46
rmullThose are probably more failure prone12:46
rmullI had gotten some (ext4) fs warnings a day or two ago, which I fscked12:47
rmullBut I see it was more serious that that, haha12:47
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: firefox: new tarball, updated md5sum13:57
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greduanmorning :)14:09
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greduananyone wanna pair program this shell script?14:24
greduanwith me14:24
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JSchilli1hey, why was the firefox md5sum updated? i'd been having issues updating it due to a "no space left on device" error, and went to update it today and now i just get a mismatch14:26
JSchilli1should i just delete the local tar.gz?14:27
greduanthe md5sum probably changed cause there was an update recently14:27
JSchilli1.bz2, i mean14:27
JSchilli1shouldn't there have been a release bump, though?14:28
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leo-unglaubhi @ all btw :)14:42
greduanJSchilli1: did you run ports -u recently?14:46
greduanlike today or yesterday?14:46
greduansomething like that?14:46
JSchilli1greduan: yeah, i run it about once a day.14:48
greduanyeah Firefox 36 was released yesterday or the day before, iirc14:48
greduanthe port got updated as well14:48
JSchilli1it came out yesterday, and there was an md5sum update today from ports -u, i guess mozilla has a new release already, 36.0-114:48
greduanI guess14:49
JSchilli1which is why i think the Pkgfile should have said there was a new version14:49
frinnstyes the tarball was re-released14:49
frinnstthe first tarball contained the entire gcc source tree \o/14:49
JSchilli1could that be why it was running out of space when updating yesterday?14:49
frinnstperhaps, how much space do you have?14:50
frinnstfirefox *does* require a shitload of space to compile and it keeps growing with every release14:50
JSchilli1well, my work directory is on tmpfs with 4G14:50
frinnstyeah thats not enough14:50
JSchilli1i'd unmounted it though and still got the error14:50
frinnstdont think 8gb is enough either14:50
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museurHello there, new to crux. Just installed a few days ago and do have a couple of problems i cannot solve. Is this the place to get help?15:22
greduanmuseur: yes15:22
museurWell then. Thanks. Now i've got everthing up except language support for non en characters. Only the login prompt is able to parse for example ı or ğ. Not vte. Certainly not xorg. All i get is a beep.15:24
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greduanso you're having trouble witht he encoding stuff?15:28
museurBut, not sure if it is just that.15:32
museurI mean, its not that input is processed but not displayed..15:33
museurIt's not even accepted.15:33
greduandid you generate the correct locales?15:33
JSchilli1you could try exporting the correct $LANG in ~/.profile15:34
museurYeah, tr and us. Both utf and others with correct numbers.15:34
greduanyeah you gotta export the correct locale15:34
greduannot in .profile though, that's read way too late15:34
greduangotta do it in the /etc/rc.conf file15:34
JSchilli1ah, good point, I'll fix mine15:35
museurI've put en us into rc.conf since i maily use english.15:35
museurLemme look into lang.15:35
greduanI've the following:15:35
JSchilli1how can one reload their rc.conf without rebooting?15:38
greduanyou can't. lol15:38
greduanwell probably by sourcing it? I duno15:38
museurIt seems like the LOCALE=en_US.UTF-8 in rc.conf doesnt seem to work. Locale outputs only posix and i dont have a charset anywhere at all.15:39
greduanLOCALE is a variable?15:39
greduanI didn't know15:39
jaegerI use LANG=en_US.UTF-8 in /etc/profile. Seems to work fine15:40
museurShall i add charset lc and lang to the end of etc/profile?15:42
museurThere is also inputrc file15:43
jaegerI don't use LC_ALL or CHARSET for what that's worth15:44
greduanI just use those for safety15:44
greduanI've no idea what could be the problem you're experiencing museur15:44
museurLet me try them in rc.conf then.15:45
museurMay tux be help15:45
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museurI've put what greduan said to have in rc.conf. locale still returned posix and empty fields and problem remains.15:49
museurNo luck.15:49
museurTo be precise, ive generated locales and can confirm by locale -a.15:51
jaegerif you set LANG right now does locale still report POSIX?15:51
museurI'll report it once reboot loads up.15:53
greduandid you configure the font for your tty?15:54
greduanjust curious15:54
museurYeah, it is ter-v16b but default used to do the same.15:55
museurCan' seem to pass $lang to anything i could think of. Can you give me the precise input to error check?15:57
museurI've used en en_US and with utf...15:59
jaegerNot sure what you mean by pass $lang16:01
museurOh damn. Ok i got it.16:02
EmoSpicemuseur: what was the problem?16:02
EmoSpicewell, what was the solution to the problem you described16:03
frinnstif you dont respond with the solution some poor soul will one day search for the same error, find this irc-log and ask WHAT THE FUCK WAS THE SOLUTION?!16:03
museurDude calm down.16:03
frinnstits destiny :)16:03
museurIm still checking out it i did it.16:04
EmoSpiceMy question is more concrete: I'm having weird problems with powerline characters that I can't track down :P16:04
frinnstmuseur: im just kidding :)16:05
leo-unglaubwhat do you guys thing about going to the next gcc version?16:06
leo-unglaubi would be very interrested in it because it would allow the use of the strong stack protector16:06
frinnstleo-unglaub: not with crux 3.1 - next release absolutely16:07
leo-unglaubfrinnst, yeah, that was a given16:07
leo-unglaubbut i am talking about 3.216:07
frinnstcrux releases are pretty much governed by gcc/glibc releases16:07
frinnstbtw I run 4.9 at home without problems16:08
leo-unglaubyeah me to. i tryed to build everythign in core and opt and it worked very well16:08
museurOK.I couldn't use foreign characters because i wasn't able to configure to use locales. Turns out i could but still cannot solve how to get rc.conf to load locales.16:09
leo-unglaubonly firefox had an issue .. but that one has been fixed now16:09
frinnstcontrib/thunderbird wont build16:09
frinnstyeah there is a patch available16:09
frinnstmuseur: youre not supposed to set $locale in rc.conf - use your shell config16:09
frinnst~/.bash_profile, /etc/profile or whatever16:10
museurWell then, that settles it. Thank you frinnst.16:10
museurAnd all of you.16:12
retardyou're welcome16:13
leo-unglaubfrinnst, i am going to add the new gcc version to the 3.2 todo page16:14
leo-unglaubso we can track the status16:14
greduanfrinnst: so lang variables in /etc/rc.conf is a nono?16:14
greduanworks for me16:14
frinnstsure, but its not really the right place for it16:15
greduanI see16:16
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: sqlite3: update to
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: samhain: update to 3.1.416:32
cruxbot[core.git/3.1]: ca-certificates: update to 2015022516:33
cruxbot[core.git/3.1]: curl: update to 7.41.016:33
cruxbot[core.git/3.1]: start-stop-daemon: don't require dpkg download, provide source, new version scheme16:43
frinnsttilman: every swede speaks kvikkalkul by default16:46
frinnstits in our genes16:46
frinnstcool find, never heard of it16:47
frinnstalso thanks: Possession of this information in Sweden can (and will in most cases) lead to Capital Punishment. DO NOT DISTRIBUTE THIS INFORMATION TO SWEDEN!!!16:47
cruxbot[core.git/3.1]: start-stop-daemon: add the new files actually16:53
tilmanfrinnst: yeah, it gets better16:57
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.1]: xorg-libxxf86vm: update to 1.1.417:02
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hhhhhhhhgoing back acouple of hours18:18
hhhhhhhhis there any chance of crux enabling PIE/strong stack protector by default?18:18
museurHow do we get xulrunner?18:53
EmoSpicemuseur: huh?18:59
greduanlooks like there isn't a port for it18:59
greduanyou can be the first to make a port for it :)19:00
museurIts part of firefox, there are bug reports from years back in website..19:00
museurPretty sure it is somewhere here.19:00
greduanoh if it's part of firefox then it's installed with firefox :)19:01
greduanlet me check something19:01
museurYeah i should install it i guess.19:01
greduan"XULRunner is a "technology experiment", not a shipped product,[8] meaning there are no "official" XULRunner releases, only stable builds based on the same code as a corresponding Firefox release."19:01
greduanaccording to the wiki19:01
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museurI was hoping i wouldnt have to compile firefox.19:02
greduanwhat browser do you prefer?19:02
museurConkeror and chromium19:03
greduanI see19:03
greduanso what do you need XULRunner for?19:03
museurChromium is a must for addons. Conkeror runs on xulrunner.19:03
greduanI see19:04
museurDo you guys compile chromium?19:04
greduanlike, offer a binary?19:04
greduana pre-compiled binary19:05
greduanwe do have a port for Chromium19:05
museurNope, do you personally prefer to compile it?19:05
museurThere is no way i will, thanks for time i was using gentoo.19:06
greduanUsually we gotta compile it ourselves, I don't remember if it was Romster or Workster, but one of them had pre-compiled binaries in their website19:07
greduanbut with that you lose out on the benefits of compiling it yourself :)19:07
museurYeah, waiting for three hours evert week. Lol. Thanks. I found something like ready to run, updated everyweek.19:08
greduanyou can always just compile overnight :)19:09
greduanalthough if you don't have time to compile or don't like compiling maybe CRUX isn't for you19:11
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museur2Sorry didnt see the battery drained.19:13
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greduannp :)19:16
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nwegood evening20:55
greduanhey nwe20:55
nwehow are you greduan  ?20:56
greduangood, and you?21:03
nweIm fine thanks, a little bit tired.. so what are you doing?21:05
greduanATM I'm reading manga, today I've been working on a script for wmutils21:06
greduanMaking big data manipulation in a shell script is tricky >_<21:07
nwehehe yeah21:08
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: glib: updated to 2.42.222:49
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: gtk3: updated to 3.14.922:49
JSchilli1hi, i think there might be something wrong with the mutt package:

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