IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2015-02-28

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leo-unglaubgood evening00:09
greduanhello leo-unglaub00:09
korihello leo-unglaub00:09
greduandon't copy me00:09
leo-unglaubRomster: did i miss somehing or why are all your ports gone?00:10
korigreduan: I pressed enter before you but the lag :<00:10
greduaneven if you did do it first00:11
greduandon't copy me00:11
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retarddon't copy that floppy00:20
retardred wine attracts flies00:20
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leo-unglaubfucking bastards ....00:36
leo-unglaubthey changed something in cryptsetup ...00:36
leo-unglaubnow my initramfs broke ..00:36
leo-unglaubtook me 5 hours to debug that shit ...00:36
leo-unglaubdont get me wrong i love breaking stuff if it gets improved .. but i put that in a fucking readme ...00:37
leo-unglaubnormally you see this error very easily .. but if you use that code in your initramfs ... you dont see the error, your kernel just panics ..00:42
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namrahm there's no 32-bit libpam port?01:28
namrabut util-linux-32 requires one01:28
frinnstprobably only because you have pam installed?01:28
namrahm that could also be the issu01:33
namrahave linux-pam installed01:33
namrabecause i require it for another package01:33
frinnstso util-linux-32 detects it and tries to link with it, but no 32bit libraries are available01:33
jaegerhrmm... 2bwm has an *extremely* irritating behavior of randomly minimizing windows01:50
jaegeror hiding if you prefer that terminology01:50
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namrafrinnst: that's right02:01
greduanjaeger: the correct terminology is mapping (showing) and unmapping (hiding) ;P02:10
greduanI believe02:10
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RomsterJSchilli1, missing is a special case it can be perfectly normal to be missing03:09
Romsterleo-unglaubm, the site was down yesterday it'll show up after the next portdb scan tonight.03:10
Romsternamra, easy fix make a libpam-32 port and be sure to touch .32bit in that directory.03:11
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namraRomster: thanks for the hint03:28
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Romsternamra, whows pam ports are you uing and are they on portspage and setup instructions?03:33
namrathe contrib/linux-pam port from alan mizrahi03:36
namrabut that's no big deal making a own port for that03:40
namrahm but now i'm wondering for what port i have installed linux-pam03:54
namracause prt-get dependent doesn't show any packages03:54
namramaybe a port i made myself03:54
namrana i will see when something doesnt work :D03:55
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Romsterprt-get info linux-pam04:33
Romsterif it's in prtdir of prt-get.conf04:34
Romsterhmm it's in contrib, so only the one port for pam?04:34
Romsterthought pam was  fuckton of ports. this is only 1.04:39
Romsterand it works with shadow. and i thought it replaced shadow.04:39
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: [notify] cups-filters: update to 1.0.6611:30
cruxbot[core.git/3.1]: xz: update to 5.2.111:31
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leo-unglaub1WTF happened to the xfce ports?13:35
leo-unglaub1they check no against 4.11???13:35
leo-unglaub1no = now13:36
Romsternot many changes recently.13:37
leo-unglaub1hmm, so why is it looking for 4.11?13:37
leo-unglaub1very strange13:38
jawboi thought xfce was going to 4.12 either today or tomorrow?13:38
leo-unglaub1jawbo: yes, they are working on it *g*13:38
Romsterwhich package i should fire up a docker container and build it again.13:38
jawboi think it looks really good according to that blog preview i saw13:39
Romster i made that awhile ago needs more updating. was gonna review them and leos ports.13:39
Romsterthough i don't know if i'd run xfce4 personally.13:39
Romsterhappy on pekwm13:39
jawbowhen i need a DE, xfce is great13:40
jawbobut spectrwm most of the time does it nicely13:40
Romsterpersonally i just like a WM13:42
Romsterand run what ever on it like tint2 and mixed programs.13:43
jawboyeah, i did openbox for a bit, but i just couldn't do the XML everywhere, fluxbox was nice13:43
Romsterxml is a ugly language13:43
jawbospectrwm is popular with a lot of *bsd friends, tried it and loved it13:44
Romsterhard to parse hard to read13:44
jawboincredibly hard to read13:44
RomsterMinimalistic tiling window manager, ah13:45
Romsteruse what works but ugh xml hate.13:45
jawbofor sure13:45
Romsteri don't dislike xfce either but i feel its too heavy for me... although i might use it on a laptop.13:46
Romsterif/when i get to doing crux on a laptop.13:46
jawbohaha, i use it at work actually13:46
Romsteror i might just use pekwm.13:46
Romsterah nice13:46
jawboxfce really shines in a work env, when you have to calendar/email notifications, snapping, etc.13:47
Romsterlots of new uses inhere or ones i've not seen before. this systemd is really bringing in more users.13:47
jawboah, jawbo == thetornainbow13:47
jawboi changed nicks - kept getting hate for the long nick in other channels, so i just changed it13:48
Romstereh i've seen longer nicks.13:48
retardeh i've seen longer ?icks.13:49
jawboyeah, oh well. i don't mind systemd at all, but i love the simplicity and sanity in Crux13:49
Romstersystemd may work well but how it's forced onto everyone and not the unix way. one program one job.13:50
Romsterbut i'll leave it that. other than use many binaries but there all in the same systemd umbrella13:51
jawboit is a touchy subject. but i do think that the sysvinit system needed a reboot. i don't understand why everyone gets up in arms - if you need to use it, learn it and use it, if you don't then don't13:52
retardnot an option13:52
jawboand if systemd doesn't end up fulfilling expectations over the next years, or it does, the world keeps spinning13:52
jawboretard: haha, why not?13:53
retardbecause everything is switching to systemd13:53
jawboCrux isn't :)13:53
jawbolast i checked, you could do everything on Crux you can do elsewhere13:54
Romsteryeah evey program starts to use systemd and eventually diversity is wiped out of all other init systems.13:54
retardthen you didn't check very thoroughly13:54
retardwhat makes systemd pernicious is how it supplants every tool under the unix sky13:54
jawboi think that's a gross overstatement13:55
Romsteri dind't like thaty systemd was optional nd it was bundled with udev and that udev will be available to build as a separate part...13:55
Romsterand then they go fuck you can't build systemd on it's own anymore!13:56
Romstererr s/systemd/udev/13:56
Romsterand linus rants on systemd...13:56
jawbohaha, he rants on one developer that broke some shit13:57
Romsterhonestly over it and don't care what others do. but i'm staying clear of it13:57
jawboit is a shame when devs drop support for alternatives13:57
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greduangood morning13:57
jawboRomster: agreed13:57
Romsterhi greduan13:58
greduanhey :)13:58
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prologicanyone know what the cdrkit equivalent of mkisofs is?14:15
diverseleo-unglaub1: oh, xfce is finally going to release the next version?14:16
jawboxfce 4.1214:16
jawbothree years ago i think? 4.1014:16
diverseI see, it's been forever14:16
prologicthat's a good thing :)14:16
prologicit's rock solid and doesn't change like an annoying gnat :)14:16
prologic*cough* iOS/Android/Windows/Gnome14:17
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diverseWell, I feel happy for you guys14:18
diverseI'm glad to see they are still sticking to gtk214:19
prologicnot really sure gtk3 buys anyone all that much?14:19
prologicwhat issues/problems were they trying to solve?14:19
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diverseprologic: nothing really, just a reinvent the wheel to act more like Windows, where it used more in a marketing scheme.14:22
diverseeverything has to look the same with no freedom14:22
prologicjust what I thought :)14:23
diverseand also, to dumb it down more by removing very useful features14:23
joacimhow does it act more like windows?14:24
leo-unglaub1yeah, gtk2 FTW14:25
Romstergtk3 buys css styling.14:27
Romstergtk4 apparantly is when thy are done changing the API of gtk3 ten million times.14:27
leo-unglaub1Romster: hehehe, yes .. they break the api sooo often, that is not normal14:28
diversethe idea of gtk3 is to control how it looks everywhere and discourage theme designers from making them by breaking and changing the api every release.14:28
diverseleo-unglaub1: thank you14:28
diversewhat leo said in a nut-shell14:28
leo-unglaub1i would not be surprised if the gtk3 devs would be payed by apple to ruin the project on purpose ... i mean how often does the api if a simple button widget have to chage?14:29
leo-unglaub1i am pretty sure they screw the project on porpose ..14:29
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Romsterif you do read though gtk3 is testing grounds for gtk414:29
Romstergtk3 will always in influx of changing.14:29
Romsterbe in*14:29
diverseI hope that's the case, but I have my doubts14:30
leo-unglaub1there is a difference between testing and breaking stuf that makes no sence ...14:30
Romstergtk3 was never meant to be stable from the word go14:30
Romsterit is meant ot redo the theaming completely. and what ever else code that's messy. and the api14:31
Romsterfrom what i read.14:31
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diverseI do really hope it's just a stupid "game" they are playing with gtk3 (because the '3' being an odd number for unstable, I dunno)14:35
diversebut actions do speak louder than words14:36
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diversedid the xfce team put any thoughts into qt for the future, assuming gtk2 becomes no longer an option?14:45
leo-unglaub1dont even start with qt ...14:45
leo-unglaub1that is no option at all14:45
diverseeither that or gtk3?14:45
leo-unglaub1it's c++ ...14:45
leo-unglaub1you dont want that14:45
leo-unglaub1they would propobly start maintaining gtk2 themself ...14:46
diverseactually that would be cool14:46
diversean xftk14:46
SitriDuumIt'd be nice to have more than just the two main toolkits.14:47
SitriDuumDiversity and all.14:47
diversethey have enough knowledge of gtk2, they could go ahead and fork it if they wanted too14:48
Romsterdiversity tell that to systemd *runs and hides*14:49
leo-unglaub1yeah ... if you remove all that crap from gtk2 ... it's actually not that large anymore14:49
leo-unglaub1i mean that do you need? some containers, input, select, button, scrollbar, ...14:50
Romstertk doesn't seem to get much use14:50
SitriDuumTk isn't portable to that one system AFAIK.14:51
diversesystemd doesn't accept diversity, so it can shove its head up even further than it already has, but I don't doubt it will continue that path anyway, so what I said is redundant :P14:51
diverseleo-unglaub1: yeah, they can just cut the crap and improve it some areas, like speeds up and bug fixes, and there you have it: xftk14:54
leo-unglaub1diverse: the funny thing is ... gtk2 is much faster than gtk3 ... and uses less memory14:55
leo-unglaub1so just fixing some bugs in gtk2 is enought *g*14:55
diverseI'm not surprised14:55
diversebut they could make it even better ;)14:55
tilmanSitriDuum: you mean windows?14:58
tilmanSitriDuum: pretty sure that should work. and modern tk doesn't even look that bad anymore (they have AA'd fonts since a few years or so) ;]15:00
diverseleo-unglaub1 and jawbo: what is the one feature you are looking forward to in xfce 4.12?15:06
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leo-unglaub1diverse: there are a lot, but the multi-monitor support is awesome15:11
diverseyou mean with xrandr?15:12
leo-unglaub1in 4.10 you cannot specify the position of a secound monitor without going into the config and reloading X15:13
leo-unglaub1in 4.12 you can specify if you want something to be left or right of another thing15:13
diverseah gotcha15:13
diversethat's great15:13
leo-unglaub1yeah, i mean the config way works to but if you have to quickly connect to a beamer during a conference the gui is much easier15:16
diversesome ways are more efficient than others15:42
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: mpv: 0.8.0 -> 0.8.218:10
leo-unglaubwhere is the best place to store system wide locales?18:36
greduanI put them in /etc/rc.conf18:40
leo-unglaubhmmm, that does not seam like the idea place18:41
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museurIs it possible to move ports directory to somewhere in home folder or do i have to make some var partition and move them there?19:03
museurI detected that i probably have to edit prtgetconf and every httpup and rsync files.19:04
museurHow you normally do this?19:04
frinnstim not sure I understand the question19:09
frinnstyou mean where ports are stored?19:09
frinnstyou can modify /etc/ports/core.rsync as to where to store the port tree19:09
frinnstif you just want to store the built packages and source tarballs you can modify that in pkgmk.conf19:10
museurFirst one was what i asked. Thank you.19:10
museurThere is also this problem probably caused by an error from my kernel config manifested as my i5-3210M cpu under load tends to use only one core at a time and it is almost always the 4th one.19:14
frinnstif you change where core/opt/xorg etc are stored, dont forget to change prt-get.conf to point to the new location19:15
frinnstsounds strange that the cpu would only use one core under load19:16
museurYeah, i thought about that too and was wondering if was there anything else to modify or will it ever work. Thanks.19:16
frinnstis it perhaps only when you build ports? not sure what the default setting is, these days19:16
frinnstbut you probably need to change MAKEFLAGS in pkgmk.conf to use more than one core19:17
frinnstexport MAKEFLAGS="-j 7" <- that uses 7 build jobs when compiling19:17
museurOh, that's it!19:17
museurCan i also ad sse et alii?19:17
frinnstspecific cpu instructions?19:18
frinnstsure. try something like: export CFLAGS="-march=native -O2 -pipe"19:18
frinnstand same for CXXFLAGS19:18
museurThank you frinnst.19:19
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museurAre ports connections using somekind of security like ssl?21:06
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koriI just rubber ducked again21:18
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frinnstmuseur: no, plain old rsync or http21:19
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museurStill, better than arch. Lol.21:40
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cruxbot[core.git/3.1]: wget: updated to 1.16.222:50
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Romsterhi museur and yeah set MAKEFLAGS to the number of cores you have. or with HT set it to that.23:26
Romsterkori, meaning you got a duck t review your code23:26
korinot really23:26
koriI was having a problem with ssl certs on rizon and so I joined #ssl for help and tried some stuff meanwhile, fixed the problem23:27
korino one in #ssl ever responded23:27
Romsterah that sort of rubber ducked23:28
Romsterguess they are all busy procrastinating23:28
koritbh it only had 8 users so shrug23:30
Romstermight of got more action in ##crypto or what ever it's called23:34
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koriRomster: oh #ssl is the official help channel for rizon's ssl certs23:42
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