IRC Logs for #crux Sunday, 2015-03-01

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museurThere doesn' seem to be a port for file manager ranger. I would like to maintain one as a token of my gratitude but firstly, i do not have a domain, don't know if i have to check it everyday and update it accordingly or other requirements i don't know.00:06
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korimuseur: there is a port00:10
koriI was wrong00:11
korimuseur: either way, you could set up a github repo.00:11
museurMaybe abandoned?00:11
korithis is an example00:11
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museurYeah, i'llget to it when i'm done setting up my system. I'm still using my old distro as a production sys. Is there anything i should know besides technicals?00:12
korikeep it simple00:13
korixfce 4.12 is out, finally00:18
koriafter a billion years00:18
greduanholy shit really!?00:21
korisome AWESOME features00:21
greduanthat did take a long long while00:21
greduanI'm no longer using a DE so I don't much care but it's awesome for people that use it, and distros that depend on XFCE00:22
koriI do use thunar00:23
cezarhy guys: sorry for the question but after ports -u and a huge prt-get sysup I cannot start the x anymore. this the xorg.0.log pastebin. I have removed and reinstalled nvidia (no nouveau). I have a 10_device.conf file on xorg.conf.d with only "device section-nvidia". I have also tryied prt-get update -fr $(prt-get listinst | egrep 'xorg-xf86-(input|video)') but it did not help00:24
museurSince a pretty while xorg doesnt need a gpu conf as i know.00:26
museurTo choose which driver to load and bind.00:27
Romstermuseur, you can use github or i can set up a ports repo you can git push too.00:28
koriwho maintains xfce?00:28
museurI do have a git that have some dotfiles. It do be nice to add some useful things to it. Thanks.00:29
Romstercezar, did you do the gl-select step?00:29
greduancezar: you gotta recompile all the xorg-xf86 stuff, specifically the input stuff and graphics stuff00:30
frinnst[   330.152] (EE) NVIDIA: Failed to initialize the NVIDIA kernel module. Please see the00:30
frinnst[   330.152] (EE) NVIDIA:     system's kernel log for additional error messages and00:30
Romsterand have you rebooted since or done the rmmod nvidia ; depmod -a00:30
frinnst[   330.152] (EE) NVIDIA:     consult the NVIDIA README for details.00:30
frinnsthow is this not obviuous?00:30
Romsterwhat video card are you using?00:30
greduanpretty sure he just didn't recompile all that needs to be recompiled00:30
RomsterFailed to initialize the NVIDIA kernel module00:30
frinnstim pretty sure he rebuilt the kernel as usual and never reinstalled the nvidia kernel module00:31
museurIt may be some kernel module getting deprecated.00:31
Romstergreduan, do this ; sudo /sbin/rmmod nvidia ; sudo /sbin/depmod -a00:31
Romstererr i meant museur00:31
Romsterthen startx00:31
greduanI was about to say. lol00:31
museurMe? I use an amd lol. 7670m to be specific.00:32
frinnstyeah, nevermind romster. he cant read :)00:32
greduanso with the new start-stop-daemon thing, does anyone have example init config files?00:32
museurDo sysup update kernel too?00:32
frinnstmuseur: no00:33
greduanmuseur: I think not00:33
greduanyou gotta compile that yourself00:33
museurThats good.00:33
frinnstcrux only ships a kernel on the iso to get you started. you are expected to keep that up to date  yourself00:33
frinnstgreduan: check out opt/dovecot00:33
frinnstrpcbind too iirc00:34
Romstermuseur, prt-get readme xorg-server00:34
Romstersee the nvidia bit.00:34
Romsteri created that README for this very reason.00:34
greduanfrinnst: opt/dovecot tells me something about start-stop-daemon?00:36
frinnstyou have an example there for instance00:36
museurI have this problem to jump into things i have no idea off, sometimes. :/00:36
cezarRomster: I did the gl-select step. I did not change the kernel configuration. that happened after the last prt-get sysup00:36
frinnstcezar: well try to load the nvidia module manually then and see what error you get00:37
Romsterif it worked before on the kernel it should still work on that kernel00:37
Romstersudo /sbin/modprobe nvidia00:37
frinnstlook, the error is obvious if you actually *read* the log00:37
cezarafter many tries I changed the nouveau (nvidia) to m and now I get this:
Romsteri've hit this issue a number of times, easy to fix.00:38
greduanfrinnst: I thought I needed to change stuff in /etc/rc ?00:38
Romstergreduan, no...00:38
frinnstwtf cezar? are you using nouveau or nvidia?00:38
greduanRomster: Oh...00:38
greduanwell then. lol00:38
cezarI just made a change I am not using both I know it is not possible00:38
Romstergreduan, unless you need to write your own service file?00:38
cezarI am using nvidia00:39
frinnstthen dont load the nouveau driver00:39
greduanRomster: no, but I thought it had to do with changing /etc/rc to start things differently or something00:39
cezarthe option I have is "nouveau (nvidia)" this the one I set as m00:40
frinnstbut if you want to use the nvidia driver - DONT USE NOUVEAU00:40
frinnstpick one or the other, dont try to use two different drivers on the same hardware00:41
Romstercat /etc/modprobe.d/no-nouveau.conf00:41
Romsterblacklist nouveau00:41
Romsterif you got it as a Module00:41
Romsterreboot log in startx00:42
cezarI will make the changes again. this is the 3.12.24 kernel00:42
Romsterpersonally i'd disable nouveau.00:42
Romsterit doesn't' have 3D support yet.00:42
Romsterand not usable for my needs.00:43
Romsterkernel should be fine if configured correctly.00:43
Romstercezar, do not forget to rm -r /lib/modules/3.12.24 ; make modules_install00:44
Romsterif you disable modules.00:44
cezarromster: I will do it00:45
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museurI was wondering how to replace udev before sysup for the first time and i only found mdev in the wiki and so not to meddle with evdev and other shorts i looked for a port realizing its in the core. Not to sound like a lickspittle but..00:52
museurIts almost the perfect distro there is.00:52
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.1]: xorg-server: correct nvidia to mesa3d in README00:52
frinnsteudev - evdev is something else00:53
Romsterthat is evdev00:54
Romstereudev is the fork of udev before systemd wreaked it.00:54
Romsterthanks to the kind gentoo people for making eudev.00:54
museurRomster it says mdev doesnt support evdev so you are to use manual confs to get mouse and keyboard on xorg00:55
Romstermdev is a tiny udev00:55
Romsterwell then you can probably fall back to xorg-xf86-input-keyboard xorg-xf86-input-mouse in xorg then.00:56
frinnstI ran mdev for a while. it was like going back in time00:56
Romsterbut we use eudev not mdev in crux.00:56
frinnstnot really something i'd recommend00:56
Romsterunless you change that.00:56
Romsterin which case your on your own.00:57
Romsteryou want to hack away at your system and possibly break it and learn from it, be my guest.00:57
museurRomster Thanks, stability is why im here for the most part.00:59
Romsteronly use mdev has is small scale micros and initramfs use.01:00
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leo-unglaubgood evening01:39
greduanhey leo-unglaub01:42
greduanAny recommended way in which I can delete the contents of a folder at shutdown?01:42
greduanI want to have a ~/tmp01:42
leo-unglaubgreduan: thats simple01:43
greduanafaik the contents of that folder aren't deleted on shutdown, or are they?01:43
leo-unglaubcreate a script in /etc/rc.d/mzcomputer01:43
leo-unglauband then create the switch stop method01:43
leo-unglauband register the script in /etc/rc.conf01:43
SitriDuumFor this specific problem I recomend making ~/tmp a mount for a ramdisk instead.01:44
SitriDuumI don't understand why you'd need a per-user tmp folder though.01:44
greduanSitriDuum: that's also a good idea01:44
greduanit's just more convenient to access than /tmp :)01:44
leo-unglaubgreduan: ln -s /tmp /home/foo/tmp01:45
greduanthat too I guess01:45
greduanthat works actually01:45
SitriDuumThat does yeah01:46
SitriDuum+1 for the symlink01:46
greduanSince the symlink is the simplest I'll just use that01:46
greduanThanks though SitriDuum01:46
greduanI hadn't thought of mounting a ramfs01:46
leo-unglaubis anyone of you using crux with a keyboard layout other than en01:49
greduanno but I've used Linux with la-latin101:49
greduanat some point CRUX as well iirc01:49
leo-unglaubmy problem is that on tty1 my keyboard is german ... and when i start X its en again01:50
joacimi use a norwegian layout01:50
greduanthat's actually an animation01:50
greduanleo-unglaub: you gotta set it in the xinitrc01:50
greduanI've had the same problem01:50
greduanthis is my Arch xinitrc where I sest to latam layout
joacimor you can do it globally01:51
greduanthat too01:51
leo-unglaubjoacim: global sounds great01:52
leo-unglaubbut where01:52
joacimin /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d01:52
leo-unglaubi will give it a try ... relogging01:53
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leo-unglaubjoacim: thanks :)01:57
leo-unglaubthats much better :)01:57
leo-unglaubdo to some wired reason i always thing that X will use the normal locale to set it correctly01:57
leo-unglaubno idea why it does not01:57
leo-unglaubah yeah ... a german keyboard layout ... that even makes typing my passphrase much more easy *g*01:58
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Romstergreduan, why not make a tmpfs at ~/tmp or symlink it with /tmp02:09
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greduanRomster: yeah I symlinked it, like leo-unglaub suggested02:09
korisorry, I was doing some configuration!02:09
greduanThanks :)02:09
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leo-unglaubgreduan: just keep in mind that /tmp is not wiped during shutdown, just durin boot02:10
Romsterleo-unglaub, xorg-setxkbmap02:10
leo-unglaubso is you have sensitive data there thats needs to be destroyed on shutdown a ram disc would be better02:11
Romsteryou need to set the language for console and xorg independently.02:11
greduanleo-unglaub: good to know02:11
koriusing tmpfs on /tmp is nice02:11
Romsteri was afk read some of the backlog typed then scrolled down some more.02:11
leo-unglaubgreduan: so if you store porn on /tmp it' still there if you shutdown the computer *g*02:11
Romsteruntil it's off.02:11
greduanleo-unglaub: huehuehue02:11
leo-unglaubif your girlfirend knows how to use an live iso you are in truble *g*02:11
Romsterram is lost on power off.02:12
greduanno gf yet, also I keep that shit encrypted. :P02:12
leo-unglaubhehe, yeah ..02:12
Romstersmartctl -t long 12 hours later... waiting for the final hour so i can shutdown pc and move more disks around02:13
Romsterthen i can finally get this disk off my bench... i should of got a case with more hdd bays to begin with.02:13
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rmullI am about to replace my root HDD with a new SSD myself03:23
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diversermull: I've been doing that for 2 years, now I'm fully SSD03:34
greduansleepy time, good night :)03:35
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rmulldiverse: I am SSD on my mobile devices, not yet on workstation. Looking forward to making the transition though.03:36
diverseit's worth your time03:36
koriI'd like a SSD03:40
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koriwhat if ports were built using a chroot all the time so you wouldn't have to use $PKG04:06
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diverseahem, for anyone that hates macs, watch that youtube video04:49
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Romsterdiverse that is brilliant07:10
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diverseRomster: I got some other funny ones too, that are hilarious and true10:05
diversefor you steam lovers:
diverseand no, HL3 not confirmed :P10:08
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diversealso, why games journalism is bullshit:
Romstergamespot are evil10:27
diverseyeah, game reviews are always bullshit, just buy games you want to buy10:28
retardhe's moiring pretty bad10:59
Romsteroh this
RomsterMoiré pattern11:04
Romsteranalog tv crts where bad for this.11:06
Romsteruntil they separated luminance and chrominance on super video.11:08
retardstill happened, was often in-camera11:08
retardsame for this video probably11:10
retardor maybe the green screen.. dunno11:10
retardalpha channel's a bitch11:10
Romstercodecs can be really blocky like too much compression on xvid11:10
retardbut then i really liked skyward sword11:16
retardit wasn't twilight princess or anything, but i enjoyed it11:19
retardRomster, please man11:22
Romsterwhere did i even say 'should anything'?11:31
retard03:13 < Romster> then i can finally get this disk off my bench... i should of got a case with more hdd bays to begin with.11:36
retard"should have"11:36
retardspelling mistakes i can handle, but syntactical errors like that should be classified as a form of mental abuse11:37
joacimI never really cared about games journalism. let them wallow in their own shit. =)11:38
retardyou mean wallow in their piles and piles of cash11:39
joacimused to read some 10 years ago. they talked about video games and didn't trash odd games for not paying them enough11:39
joacimso it was ok11:39
joacimfilthy shitstained dollar bills11:40
joacimsingles ofc11:40
retardi prefer my currency fully committed to a stable relationship11:41
diverseyeah I stopped reading that shit a long time ago too, I just wanted to show a funny and truthful video11:41
diverseI don't care if a game gets a 10/10, if it not interesting, why should I give a damn? Don't get me wrong, I do want to get information about new games, I just don't want to hear the author's opinions.11:44
Romstercoming from someone called retard on irc.11:45
Romsterthat is amusing.11:45
Romsteryeah i abused the wrong word in that grammar but that was many hours ago. i had no idea wtf you were referring to.11:45
retardglad to be "have" service11:45
Romstermy grammar isn't that great, my typing mistakes are plentiful11:46
Romsteri'm also australian our stuff is different.11:47
tilmanuh, you are doing it _all_ _the_ _time_11:47
Romsterso some of my shit may seem wrong.11:47
tilman"should of" instead of the correct "should have"11:47
tilmansame for would and could i guess11:47
tilmanand no, this isn't because you're an aussie i'm fairly sure11:47
Romsterjsut as much as i get your and you're always wrong11:47
tilmanjust get an autocorrect going for your irc client11:48
tilmanyour/you're is retarded, "should of" is next level11:48
joacimapple haters dont get it right. seems like a knee-jerk reaction, not something they say out of experience.11:48
Romsterlazyness and if i were to correct my english i'd have to use more mental energy there than all the other shit i do...11:48
joacimmost of them are parroting the same damn crap their friends told them 5 years ago too.11:48
Romsteryou really know how man thing's i do and have autism on top of that.11:49
joacimsure their shit sucks, but at least get it right when you complain about them =)11:49
Romstergoes to cook chicken schnitzel.11:49
Romsterhome made..11:50
tilmangreat, now i don't get to call you out anymore11:50
Romsteri don't care you can call me out... i can try to correct but i find it very difficult.11:50
retardsure you do, just because he has autism doesn't mean he has to infect us with it11:50
Romstermaybe you can change a hbbit instantly but i can not. and i'm still trying to get you and you're correct.11:50
Romsteri started getting a lot right and it11:51
Romsterexcept hitting enter on ' grr11:51
Romsterfuck me your a wanker retard11:51
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retardmy a wanker?11:52
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greduangood morning :)13:47
greduanwhat does that mean?13:49
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retardturn that grin outside-in14:02
EmoSpice_HomeGood morning, all.14:02
greduanmorning EmoSpice14:02
EmoSpice_Homegreduan: Your dotfiles are proving quite useful in replacing a vim plugin I'm finding problematic :P14:02
EmoSpice_Homec0x: Assuming you're pasting a timestamp: Get on the right side of the world, I guess? :P14:03
greduanEmoSpice_Home: glad they were of help. :)14:03
greduanwhich one?14:03
EmoSpice_HomeYour statusline coloring bit.14:04
EmoSpice_Homeand vim-airline14:04
EmoSpice_HomeI stumbled upon a stackoverflow question you asked (and subsequently answered) which linked back to your github14:04
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greduanI see14:05
greduanGood luck :)14:05
c0xEmoSpice_Home, Russia. How do I fix the clock to be in your Orion's belt?14:06
retardjust use epoch14:08
EmoSpice_HomeTIL that Orion's belt == eastern US14:10
EmoSpice_Homegreduan: Have you tested out prtsearch at all yet?14:11
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greduanEmoSpice_Home: I haven't, I've been busy playing around with wmutils, which BTW is awesome14:13
EmoSpice_Homeheh. I tried to like it. It's just too...different from what I'm using now.14:14
EmoSpice_Homegreduan: I was referring to wmutils14:15
greduanThat's what I've been doing yo, been implementing scripts to make it nice14:15
EmoSpice_HomeIt's a great idea. I just don't have the bandwidth right now to make it nice14:16
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greduanoh ic14:16
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EmoSpice_HomeI'm going to be pushing code for dependency parsing in prtsearch soon. It's slow as hell so far, but it'll be useful14:18
greduanwhat's it coded in, again?14:19
EmoSpice_Home+ click and requests because I'm a lazy shit.14:20
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museurI made a sysup from 3.1 and it looks like there is a problem with eudev. Xorg doesnt work as expected. Many modules are not loaded.14:27
EmoSpice_Homemuseur: Have you rebuilt your xorg input and video drivers?14:28
museurXorg updated with others in sysup?14:29
museurI guess not.14:29
greduanas a good guideline just always rebuild them if anything Xorg got updated14:29
EmoSpice_HomeA common problem is to rebuild Xorg without rebuilding xorg-(video|input)-* (or whatver their called)14:30
museurForgive my ignorance but how do i do that? Whats the prt-get option?14:30
greduanto rebuild?14:31
greduanman prt-get :)14:32
EmoSpice_Homethere's a relatively common way to do that. Give me a sec.14:32
greduansomebody gave me a oneliner but I don't remember the command14:32
EmoSpice_Homesomething like: `prt-get listinst | ag "xorg-xf86-(video|input)" | xargs prt-get update`14:35
EmoSpice_Homes/ag/grep/ if you're not using it14:35
EmoSpice_HomeI really need to save that off as an alias or something - I make something similar up every time I need to do that.14:37
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greduanI'll bbl, gonna convert my /boot frome ext2 to ext414:50
*** greduan has quit IRC14:50
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greduanactually guys14:52
greduanreal question14:53
Romstermuseur prt-get readme xorg-server14:53
greduancan I unmount /boot after I've booted?14:53
EmoSpice_HomeCouldn't be too bad to try.14:53
Romsteri keep /boot in my root partition as a directory.14:53
Romsterit does not need to be on it's own partition unless your using initramfs.14:54
greduanI DIDN'T KNOW D:14:54
Romsternow you do <<14:55
greduanbut I always did a separate partition cause that's what grub educted me to do14:55
greduanfuck grub14:55
greduanmight as well try14:55
greduanit works14:55
EmoSpice_HomeRomster: and only then if your kernel can't mount your root partition directly, right?14:55
EmoSpice_HomeI've never liked the idea of initramfs, so I avoid them14:55
Romstermight need access to if you depmod -a or rmmod/modprobe....14:55
museurRomster I used xorg for grep just in case and beholding before the screen of torture now.14:55
RomsterEmoSpice, pretty much if you use Luks or root on a logical volume14:56
Romsteror some network share.14:56
frinnstgreduan: yes you can omit it from fstab. just dont forget to mount it if you want to install a new kernel :)14:56
greduanall right changed it14:56
greduanfrinnst: that's good to know :)14:57
greduanfrinnst: does it have any difference in boot performance?14:58
greduanit's just a 512MiB /boot14:58
frinnstno you dont gain anything from not mounting it14:58
Romsterthat would of been fine if it was the case i just told EmoSpice about. initramfs use.15:01
Romsternot all the guides can be trusted for all use cases.15:01
museurXorg again did not load evdev and i cannot switch to tty. If i hard halt log doesnt get saved, what can i do?15:01
Romstermuseur, did xorg-server finish compiling?15:02
museurYeah. Everthin that has xorg in it15:02
museurStill same15:02
Romsteri'm assuming you installed xorg-xcb-util-keysyms libepoxy15:02
EmoSpice_Homeeverything that has xorg-xf86-(input|video) in it, if you followed my oneliner above.15:03
museurShall i delete it? I used only update15:03
Romsterprt-get deptree xprg-server15:03
EmoSpice_Home(and it may not have rebuilt everyting - you may have to force the update if the package itself didn't rebuild)15:03
Romstersee if anything is missing a i in [ ]15:03
museurRomster: kysym xorg util is installed15:06
Romsterjust now or was before?15:07
Romsterand libepoxy?15:07
museurThat too15:07
museurI was using what install iso had.15:07
Romsterso just put them in now?15:07
museurWere they in installation image?15:08
Romsterno new deps after15:08
Romsterright now prt-get update -fr xorg-server $(prt-get listinst | egrep '^xorg-xf86-(input|video)') $(prt-get listinst | egrep '^mesa3d')15:09
Romsterand what video driver are you using?15:09
Romsterif it's part of xorg-xf86-video-* that command will build it.15:09
Romsterok just that command ^15:10
museurIt looks like those packages were depa of xorgserver15:10
Romsterand startx after should do it.15:10
Romsterthey are.15:10
museurLemme try.15:10
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Romsterlibeproxy got added then later xorg-xcb-util-keysyms after the last xorg-server update.15:10
Romsterdon't forget to prt-get install start-stop-daemon15:11
Romsterwhile your at it.15:11
Romsternew core port.15:11
EmoSpice_HomeRomster: thanks for the reminder. Read the ML posts, but hadn't done that yet.15:12
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greduank gonna reboot, brb15:12
*** greduan has quit IRC15:13
RomsterEmoSpice_Home, i'm just glad sshd service script got reverted some nearly got locked out.15:14
EmoSpice_Homeheh. Yeah.15:14
Romsterand not everyone has there crux box next to them.15:14
EmoSpice_HomeI've been considering switching back to minirc15:15
*** greduan has joined #crux15:15
greduanboots fine :)15:15
Romsterdatacenter etc. headless in a rack15:15
EmoSpice_HomeI wouldn't use Crux in those circumstances (at least not in a CoLo or similar)15:15
EmoSpice_HomeI'd probably use debian or such just to save me the headache of stuff like what's goin on with start-stop-daemon15:16
Romsteri just had some serious freenode lag.15:16
Romstergreduan, desktop now?15:16
EmoSpice_HomeI get that occasionally15:16
greduanRomster: yep15:16
*** cezar has joined #crux15:16
Romstercool glad to help.15:17
greduanthx :)15:17
Romsteranother 2 things too.15:17
Romsterafter sysup/update there is rejmerge. for merging in changes to configuration files.15:17
Romsterand there is revdep in prt-utils for finding broken library links.15:18
Romsterwe know what breaks in xorg so i added that README to xorg-server15:18
Romsterprt-get update -fr `revdep`15:19
Romsteror what i like doing RD_VERBOSE=2 revdep |tee ~/revdep15:19
Romsterand then manually rebuild what is broken.15:19
greduanso what's the difference between > and tee?15:20
Romstersome binary things like java libreoffice will always say broken that is fine.15:20
Romstertee will also print to the console15:20
Romsterand to a a file.15:20
Romster> redirects and wont see it on the screen.15:20
Romsterpersonal preference.15:20
Romsterfor that command.15:21
EmoSpice_Homeunless you need super user rights to write to the file ;)15:21
greduanRomster: oh ok15:21
greduanthx :)15:21
Romsteruse either that suits your needs.15:21
cezarHi guys as I posted yesterday after a long sysup I cannot start the x anymore and the error message is a nvidia kernel module problem. I cannot understand it because before sysup all was perfect with no nvidia kernel module problem. after sysup I cannot load the module anymore this the pastebin but its outputs does not help much as it shows a problem did not exist before sysup [    45.182]15:21
cezarX.Org X Server 1.17.115:21
cezarRelease Date: 2015-02-1015:21
cezar[    45.182] X Protocol Version 11, Revision 015:21
greduanI wanted to check if it was similar to sponge15:21
cezar[    45.182] Build Operating System: Linux 3.12.24 x86_6415:21
cezar[    45.183] Current Operating System: Linux host 3.12.24 #1 SMP Wed Jul 16 11:47:15 CDT 2014 x86_6415:21
cezar[    45.183] Kernel command line: initrd=/boot/initramfs console=ttyS0,38400 console=tty0 BOOT_IMAGE=/boot/vmlinuz root=/dev/sde115:21
cezar[    45.183] Build Date: 18 February 2015  07:24:20PM15:21
cezar[    45.183]15:21
cezar[    45.183] Current version of pixman: 0.32.615:21
cezar[    45.184] Before reporting problems, check http://wiki.x.org15:21
cezarto make sure that you have the latest version.15:21
cezar[    45.184] Markers: (--) probed, (**) from config file, (==) default setting,15:21
EmoSpice_Homecezar: Damn. Use a pastebin!15:21
cezar(++) from command line, (!!) notice, (II) informational,15:21
cezar(WW) warning, (EE) error, (NI) not implemented, (??) unknown.15:21
cezar[    45.185] (==) Log file: "/var/log/Xorg.0.log", Time: Sun Mar  1 08:01:50 201515:21
cezar[    45.426] (==) Using config directory: "/etc/X11/xorg.conf.d"15:22
cezar[    45.426] (==) Using system config directory "/usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d"15:22
greduanpastebin yo!15:22
cezar[    45.661] (==) No Layout section.  Using the first Screen section.15:22
cezar[    45.661] (==) No screen section available. Using defaults.15:22
cezar[    45.661] (**) |-->Screen "Default Screen Section" (0)15:22
cezar[    45.661] (**) |   |-->Monitor "<default monitor>"15:22
cezar[    45.661] (==) No device specified for screen "Default Screen Section".15:22
museurLol cezar15:22
cezarUsing the first device section listed.15:22
cezar[    45.661] (**) |   |-->Device "Device0"15:22
cezar[    45.661] (==) No monitor specified for screen "Default Screen Section".15:22
cezarUsing a default monitor configuration.15:22
Romstercezar, use a pastebin for hevens sake15:22
cezar[    45.661] (==) Automatically adding devices15:22
cezar[    45.661] (==) Automatically enabling devices15:22
cezarsorry for that15:22
cezarwrong post! I am sorry please delete the post if possible15:22
cezarthat was a mistake sorry15:22
SitriDuumroot=/dev/sde1 <-- why is your root disk the 5th bootable?15:24
SitriDuumErr, 5th in boot-order15:24
EmoSpice_Homecezar: Did you read the kernel log like it says?15:24
Romstercezar, run this: sudo gl-select use xorg ; sudo prt-get update -fr nvidia ; sudo gl-select use nvidia ; sudo /sbin/rmmod nvidia ; sudo /sbin/depmod -a15:25
Romsterthen startx15:25
frinnsti bet he still has the nouveau dri driver loaded..15:25
Romsterpastebin new log if it fails.15:25
museurRomster this update command is updating things like automake alsa atk bc bash. Dammit doesnt evet output what is going on. ill be here for a good time.15:26
Romstermuseur, on revdep?15:26
cezarSitriDuum: because it was the last disk installed there are 4 other15:26
Romstermuseur, prt-get diff15:26
Romsterif there is stuff not updated still.15:26
museurRomster system was up to date15:27
frinnstRomster: i dont think gl-select has anything to do with the kernel module15:27
frinnstcezars problem is that he doesnt read his own error logs15:27
Romsteronly reason prt-get update -fr `revdep` would run anything is if there broken links.15:27
frinnst[    50.411] (EE) NVIDIA: Failed to initialize the NVIDIA kernel module. <- quite obvious15:27
Romsterfrinnst, for good measure else 3d acceleration wont work.15:28
frinnstsure but thats not his major problem and it seems like he's confused15:28
Romsterhappens when you install nvidia before changing the symlink15:28
Romsterthat whole command fixes nvidia on kernel updates/xorg-server updates15:29
frinnstnot if he still insists on building his kernel with nouveau15:29
Romsterif that does not fix it. then nouevu or something else with the kernel is wrong.15:29
museurRomster shall i let it continue then?15:30
RomsterFailed to initialize seems to indicate he is missing something important in his kernel .config to be honest.15:30
Romstermuseur, if you want stuff fixed yes15:30
cezarfrinnst: I thank you for your help but I do not agree. I read the logs. the problem is that I have tried everything usually tried and nothing makes nvidia kernel module initialyze n-o-t-h-i-n-g that is why I looked for help also everything was perfect but after the sysup that happened15:30
*** Romster has quit IRC15:31
*** Romster has joined #crux15:31
greduandoing sysup, looks like the only thing that needs a lot of time to compile is gtk15:33
retardcezar: nvidia might have dropped support for your card, that was my issue15:34
retardappears quite plainly in the xorg log file in that case15:35
museurgreduan You should migrate to ranger instead of thunar when i make the port :p15:35
greduanmuseur: I actually use noice :)15:35
greduanI don't use thunar15:35
greduanand I think z3bra has a ranger port which is what I used, I think15:36
cezarretard:tks. that would explain the log saying the module cannot be initialized and nothing being able to to it15:36
retardbut as i said it appears pretty plainly in the xorg log15:37
retardreverted to 240.something15:37
retardand it was fine15:37
museurcezar maybe you should rebulit your kernel using old config with just make and look whats new about gpu drivers?15:39
greduanit may be just incorrect support in the kernel. I dunno15:39
*** EmoSpice_Home has quit IRC15:40
greduanthere's a reason I only use Intel stuff :315:40
cezarmuseur: will try it too.15:41
*** cezar has quit IRC15:46
jaegerRomster: using an initramfs doesn't require /boot to be on a separate partition16:00
*** leo-unglaub has joined #crux16:00
retardif you want to use an initramfs it needs to be on a partition that the kernel can access directly16:01
jaegerwhich does not translate 100% to "needs a separate partition"16:01
jaegerThere are certainly circumstances that need it but it's not every one16:02
retardthere is a movement to remove initialization code for stuff like lvm from the kernel afaik16:03
*** museur has quit IRC16:12
*** museur has joined #crux16:24
*** dougl has quit IRC16:31
*** leo-unglaub has quit IRC16:33
*** lnds has joined #crux16:34
frinnstmanually loading the kernel module might say something in dmesg too16:51
*** doomicide has quit IRC17:01
*** Fonzie has joined #crux17:02
greduan$ prt-get listinst | grep "xorg-xf86-(video|input)" | xargs prt-get update17:20
greduanprt-get update takes at least 1 argument17:20
*** kori1 has quit IRC17:21
*** kori has joined #crux17:21
greduanhad to add -E to the grep command17:26
greduanand -fr to the prt-get update17:26
museurThis eudev might have been better integrated with a new release i guess.17:29
museurJust saying17:29
*** BitPuffin has quit IRC17:43
juebtw, listinst has a --regex option, so it's possible to say:18:16
jueprt-get listinst --regex '^xorg-xf86-(input|video)'18:17
juemuseur: what do you mean? we switched from udev to eudev as of CRUX 3.118:17
*** BitPuffin has joined #crux18:26
*** leo-unglaub has joined #crux18:35
*** dougl has joined #crux18:45
greduanjue oh that's awesome! Thanks man! :)18:48
*** Fonzie has quit IRC18:59
museurWhatever has broken my system is fixed now. Thanks to Romster and all.19:17
museurThere this tiny problem, altho everthing is fine init drops me to sys maintenance before starting services19:18
museurAny ideas?19:19
*** doomicide has joined #crux19:19
greduancan you paste the boot stuff?19:20
greduannot /etc/rc and stuff I mean the messages during boot.19:20
museurNothing shows up?19:20
greduanso after your bootloader loads the kernel nothing appears on screen? are you asked to login as a user?19:21
*** Pingax has joined #crux19:22
museurWell it is all normal and before services after keyboard come sys maint. I ctrl+d and all fine19:22
greduanif it's sys maintenance you are probably supposed to leave it alone lol19:23
greduanit's supposed to be doing something, even if it's silent, I imagine19:23
museurIt says to do maintenance give root password or ctrl d to continue.19:24
museurEither works fine.19:24
greduanCould you paste the whole thing please?19:24
greduanin pastebin of course19:24
greduanalthough it's hard to paste that stuff...19:24
greduanwhat I did to paste it was write it manually letter by letter. lol19:25
greduanwhich is tedious, but works19:25
*** crash_ has quit IRC19:26
*** kori has quit IRC19:29
frinnstmuseur: something invalid in fstab?19:30
frinnstoh, that late19:30
frinnstnevermind re fstab19:30
frinnstyou could add some echoes in /etc/rc, that might tell you better whats wrong19:31
*** kori has joined #crux19:31
frinnstsomething broken in rc.modules perhaps? /usr/bin/setterm exists/works?19:32
*** Feksclaus has joined #crux19:32
museurIll check as much i can19:33
museurOnly thing modules have is depmod -a and it executes just fine as i reproduced.19:34
frinnstyour screen suggests the error is just after setting the keyboard19:36
museurI'll check rc. There is only setterm modules which is fine and dmesg that seems fine too19:37
frinnstthat is /usr/bin/setterm -blank 1519:37
museurSetterm -blank 1519:37
museurDmesg > var log boot19:37
greduantyping from a phone?19:37
museurOh, i do not use lvm. I also deinstalled it may it be this? But it is almost at he beginning. Yeah im on my phone.19:38
museurIn dmesg, alsa doesnt find sna_hda card, right before it gets loaded.19:41
museurIm not much of a programmer. So, telmm me if this is correct: if usr bin setterm blabla then echo fine fi ?19:44
museurI guess not. Lol19:45
museurI can reproduce setterm too.19:46
*** cinolt has joined #crux19:57
museurHow can i get intel sound driver get loaded earlier? Tho I didnt even built it as a module.19:58
museurAlsa is starting before it is initialized.19:58
museurOr i am way wrong lol.19:59
cinoltIt appears that core/gcc/Pkgfile does not list binutils as a dependency -- I think this is a slight overlook.19:59
tilmancinolt: see the handbook for the explanation for that20:01
greduanyeah that's intended20:01
greduananything in core is not to be listed as a dependency20:01
leo-unglaubgood evening20:01
museurGood evening20:03
cinolttilman: I don't see anything in regarding this.20:04
cinoltgreduan: What do you mean? zlib is listed as a dependency for gcc yet it is in core.20:05
cinoltIt just seems kind of strange to me -- you can not build any C program without binutils.20:06
greduanI dunno about that one, I didn't make that Pkgfile20:08
greduanI remember reading that though, but now I can't find it20:08
leo-unglaubteK_, ping20:14
greduanlol IRC20:21
greduanwrong channel20:21
*** leo-unglaub has quit IRC20:36
museurHow can i enhance xft font rendering?20:49
museurUrxvt is all but a mumbo jumbo20:50
greduanmuseur: I've got the perfect blog post. :)20:50
*** doomicide has quit IRC20:51
greduanI can confirm it works in CRUX as well :)20:51
retardwho was the dude in here talking about making a bootloader because he was unhappy with having an unencrypted /boot20:51
greduanleo-unglaub iirc20:52
retardhe needs to have a chat with FRIGN over at #2f3020:53
retardwho apparently has written such a beast20:53
museurgreduan you are not jason wranyan or something from arch are you?20:54
greduanmuseur: wazzat?20:59
greduanWho's JAson Wranyan20:59
museurgreduan: nevermind. You fixed my terminal20:59
museurThank you20:59
greduanNo problem20:59
retardyes right also thank you greduan for remembering it was leo-unglaub21:01
retardwho just helpfully quit irc 15 minutes before i wanted to talk to him21:01
greduanretard: I know your feel exactly21:01
greduanoh Jason Wranyan... is he like a dev or a super person inside the community?21:01
retardlook, i haven't had a feel since 199421:03
greduanyou just had a feel21:03
greduancause I just told you you did21:03
retardYES SIR21:03
greduanI notice z3bra is on in #nixers 15 minutes or half an hour after he left and I'm like "ffffuuuuuuuuu"21:04
retardhow much is that in libaries of congress21:04
korimuseur: Infinality21:05
koriI maintain freetype-infinality-ultimate21:06
greduanInfinality is cool but goddamn it eats up your bandwidth with all the font updates21:06
greduanat least in Arch21:06
retardoh hey a 6c37 dude21:06
koriretard: huh? I didn't realize it was already a thing21:06
greduanwhy did I think of c41821:06
korigreduan: are you talking about infinality-bundle-fonts or whatever it's called?21:06
retardbecause oyu like shitty music21:07
retardmade by a shitty guy21:07
greduankori: yeah21:07
retardwho is my irc enemy21:07
greduanoh I remembered, c418 is the dud that did the music for Minecraft21:07
retardor was back before tigirc banned me21:07
greduanwow my memory is werid sometimes21:07
korigreduan: yeah I didn't use those, too many fonts21:07
greduankori: Indeed21:07
koriI only use a few anyway21:07
museurI was going for been on jmk collection insted of terminus but it seems offline.21:19
museurSo im waiting til it gets online again.21:19
museurFonts are fine for the moment.21:19
museurThanks to greduan.21:19
korifine is not good enough when it comes to fonts imo21:19
museurAgain lol21:19
greduangood :)21:22
koriand I noticed we don't have fontconfig-infinality-ultimate, thanks rubber duck21:22
*** lnds has quit IRC21:23
*** doomicide has joined #crux21:36
*** cinolt has quit IRC21:41
greduanso does anyone have Tox setup?22:06
greduanI know z3bra does, but he's not available, and I need it for tomorrow most probably :)22:06
retardwhat do you mean22:21
retardi've wanted to package libtox, ratox and utox, but no actual releases make it kinda hard22:21
greduanI'm surprised they haven't finished developing it22:22
retardi'm just mainly waiting for the fucking apps22:22
*** arduo has joined #crux22:34
*** pejman_ has quit IRC22:40
*** pejman has joined #crux22:47
*** pejman has quit IRC22:57
*** pejman has joined #crux23:05
*** pejman has quit IRC23:05
*** pejman has joined #crux23:05
*** arduo has quit IRC23:24
*** LMNOP has joined #crux23:25
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