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greduanso a window ID (WID) in X is always unique, right?01:12
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cruxbot[xfce.git/3.1]: xfce4: fixed version in README file01:58
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cruxbot[xfce.git/3.1]: Updated Maintainer to xfce-ports02:03
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: dia: 0.97.2 -> 0.97.302:57
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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.1]: mesa3d-32: added patch for llvm 3.605:02
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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.1]: xz-32: 5.2.0 -> 5.2.106:26
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.1]: glib-32: 2.42.0 -> 2.42.206:26
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.1]: sqlite3-32: ->
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.1]: xorg-libxxf86vm-32: 1.1.3 -> 1.1.406:26
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.1]: mpg123-32: 1.21.0 -> 1.22.006:26
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: clang: fix file conflicts with llvm, update footprint06:33
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nilpdoes anybody else have problems compiling icu? as in it gives an error about __float128 being undeclared.08:50
Romsternilp, i have noticed this pkgrm clang update icu then install clang after08:53
Romsteri haven't really bothered to find a fix yet08:53
Romsteras its compiled once and its usually done when clang isn't present.08:54
Romsternilp, alternatively i can upload a built package of icu08:55
frinnstpro tip: dont use clang :)08:55
Romsteri might have to force icu to use gcc08:56
Romsterweird it defaults to clang if its present.08:56
Romsterclang is more strict.08:58
Romsternot a bad thing either.08:58
Romsterwonder how much hurt bumping icu really is.08:59
Romstertest that in docker.08:59
nilpokay, trying without clang now. why does it default to it?08:59
Romsteri have no idea.08:59
Romsterhow it's configure script is set09:00
nilpworked. thanks.09:00
Romsterdon't forget to put clang back on09:00
Romsterif you need it09:00
nilpi'm sure i will. it's only chromium which i don't really use.09:02
Romsteryou wont miss it until the next chromium update then.09:03
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rmullHi all.13:04
pitilloyo rmull13:05
rmullHow's the crux-arm life these days?13:08
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pitilloalive :P13:17
pitillothis week 3.1 will be released (at last)13:17
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greduananyone has PHP+Apache+MySQL(of some sort) setup here?13:45
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SitriDuumI've got a node-php+PHP+MySQL setup...13:49
greduanSitriDuum: cause I'm gonna set it up myself now13:49
greduanfirst time compiling all this stuff so I wanted to see if there's somebody with experience :)13:49
SitriDuumAh, have fun.13:50
pitillogreduan: building isn't the problem... may be setting up all the stuff13:58
greduanhate PHP mostly for the setup. lol13:59
crash_the updated crux iso is awesome that someone linked yesterday, saves a lot of time :)14:15
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EmoSpicegreduan: python + gunicorn ;)14:38
hnode:) hello, greduan sonner or latter I will do the same, I will try a diff setup: nginx, postgresql and php14:46
frinnstnginx + hhvm = wroom14:48
EmoSpiceYou still have to write stuff in php tho...14:49
frinnstnah, codemonkeys do that14:51
EmoSpiceIt's almost like I enjoy writing code or something. Whoulda thunk it!?!14:51
museurDo i need dbus for chromium?14:54
Romsterprobably needs the kitchen sink14:57
Romsterdunno i use dbus14:58
hnodeHi Ramster, I end up using alot of your ports :)14:59
Romsterthat is no surprise i have so many.14:59
Romsters/alot/a lot/15:00
hnodeI have to change some, last I remember was related with ffmpeg,15:00
hnodeI define TMPDIR as $SRC15:01
hnodeno execute permission in /tmp/15:01
Romsterwhynot set a new tmpfs at /usr/ports/work15:01
hnodeI have it15:02
Romsternoting todo with ffmpeg15:02
hnodeonly 3 g15:02
Romsterthats fine i only have 8GB ram15:03
Romsterand swap15:03
Romsterlike 4 disks with 16GB swap each set as defaults,pri=015:03
Romsterswap acts like raid0 as it's already using pagefile size it can spread the i/o load out.15:04
Romsterso instead of 100mb/s i can do 400mb/s of swap speed15:05
hnodeso I can mount a tmpfs bigger than Ram if I have swap15:05
Romstermay not needed it as big as 32GB15:05
Romsteri have it that big because firefox PGO builds compile it twice.15:06
Romsterand i failed with 16GB so i went to 32 to be safe.15:06
hnodeI think the biggest thing I tave is firefox-gst (your port)15:06
Romsterprobably needs 18GB space for that.15:07
Romsterunless it's got better.15:07
Romsteryou'll know out of space errors.15:07
Romsteralso if you got hdd space to burn like 10GB or so use ccache.15:07
Romstermuch faster15:08
Romsterbut not required15:08
museurDoes chromium ned gtk or something? It crashes saying s3tc force disabled by environment.15:09
Romsteralso i do package firefox-gst15:09
museurAnd some other things.15:09
Romsterand i do package chromium too15:09
museurLol dam yo romster15:09
museurSeriously, you must be the guy to ask.15:10
Romsteri do lots of stuff15:10
Romsters3tc never seen that sorry15:10
Romsteri do know chromium needs shm enabled in fstab15:11
Romsteralso if you just did a prt-get sysup for llvm and clang mesa3d will need a rebuild.15:11
museurI installed clang15:12
museurCause recent version was faulty15:12
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museurBut only clang.15:12
museurAnd it rebuilted. Ill try shm15:12
Romsterthat'll be for running after it's built15:15
Romsterclang was only fixed not long ago15:15
museurFsat did the trick.15:17
Romsteri'm not just a pretty face :D15:17
museurChrome apis are problem now. Cannot sync bookmarks etc.15:23
museurDo we have unofficial way to acquire them or i follow the chromium how to?15:23
Romsterwell we are at 40.0.2214.111 now and there is a later version of 40.0.2214.11515:25
Romsterdon't know if that'll make much difference?15:25
museurMaybe i should just skip it.15:28
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Romsterup to you15:28
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tilmanmuseur: what makes you think s3tc refers to gtk? that should be s3 texture compression; a feature of your opengl driver15:57
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museurtilman nothing.. i didnt explicitly installed gtk so it came to mind first.15:59
museurIt wasnt even opening.15:59
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crash_weird thing when i'm compiling kernel it's filling my 8gb ram + all 9gb swap.16:39
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greduancrash_: what commands are you using?16:58
greduanwhat version of the kernel are you compiling?16:58
greduanand are you installing from the ISO or just upgrading your kernel?16:59
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leo-unglaubhey :)17:14
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nwehey leo-unglaub17:18
leo-unglaubjust a short notification for all xfce users in here17:28
leo-unglaubthe xfce ports are now maintained by a team, this team includes sepen and me17:28
leo-unglaubi am currently working on the xfce4.12 updates and it already works very well17:29
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leo-unglaubbut i am still waiting with pushing them because i want to finish all 4.12 updates and push them at once so no one ends up with a broken state17:29
leo-unglaubjust so you guys know whats going on17:30
jaegersounds good17:30
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leo-unglaubbut i can say this, xfce 4.12 is awesome!17:35
leo-unglaubfast, stable and sooo much new cool features17:35
jaegerI plan to try it sometime soon, haven't looked at XFCE recently17:35
leo-unglaubi really mean it, i get horney just working with it :)17:35
leo-unglaubafter they destroyed Gnome2 ... this is finally a linux desktop that makes me proud to say: Yes i use linux on my desktop!17:37
jaegerI'm still using MATE and pretty happy with it... but it's nice to check others out now and then17:37
leo-unglaubjaeger, yeah, mate has really done a fantastic job!17:38
leo-unglaubi love the mate pdf reader and the mate archiver ...17:38
leo-unglaubabsolutley awesome stuff17:38
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jaegerI only really have one complaint with MATE. Sometimes it moves windows between my monitors on its own. I cannot find the cause but it's aggravating when it happens17:40
jaegerIt only happens with full- or half-maximized windows and it's rare17:40
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greduanleo-unglaub: somebody wanted to talk to you the other day, I think it was retard17:41
leo-unglaubyeah, there seams to be a bug there ... my friend has the problem that if he moves windows to a differnet monitor, sometimes it crashes X17:41
greduanjaeger: weird, I never had those issues17:41
greduanMATE is awesome though17:41
jaegerIt might be caused by the compositor in marco, haven't tested without yet17:41
jaegerI also want to test with compton but haven't had time yet17:42
jaegerleo-unglaub: haven't seen that particular problem, I think that would be more annoying than mine17:42
leo-unglaubhe says that the problem is every couple of days and it's random17:43
leo-unglaubso you cannot avoid the behavour17:43
leo-unglaubah ... i am so happy with 4.12 ... now i can apply different wallpapers to every workspace :)17:44
leo-unglaubi know .... gui stuff ... but i love it *g*17:44
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leo-unglaubit's one of those things where wenn you are in a meeting you do that while beeing connected to a beamer and everybody goes: "wow"17:45
leo-unglaubthe same as back in the days the 3d workspace cube *g*17:45
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leo-unglaubmaybe it's called projector17:46
leo-unglaubin germany be call it a "beamer"17:46
jaegerah, ok17:46
rmullbeamer was the name of a latex slideshow generator17:46
rmullinteresting correlation17:47
jaegersome people in the US also refer to BMW cars as "beamers" or "bimmers"17:47
rmullafaik one is the car and the other is the motorcycle, lol17:48
leo-unglaubi have to go17:50
leo-unglaubsee you later :)17:50
jaegertake care17:50
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leo-unglaubi really should configure my pkgmk tools to store the download and the build package in /tmp ... it always messes up my home directly18:22
greduanI set it up under /home/pkgmk18:22
greduangave it its own user18:22
leo-unglaubi build as root and my /tmp is mounted as memfs18:24
leo-unglaubthat way my ssd stays alive if i build a lot of packages18:24
leo-unglaubalso, it's faster :)18:24
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cruxbot[core.git/3.1]: man-pages: update to 3.8118:35
cruxbot[core.git/3.1]: kmod: update to 2018:35
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: whois: update to 5.2.518:35
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crash_greduan, sorry for the late answer, i'm trying to upgrade a kernel from 3.12 to 3.14, and the command i used was make -j3 all.21:16
teK_how can a BMW be a 'beamer'?21:18
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jaegerteK_: just a phonetic thing, I assume21:22
jaegerbased on the sound of the acronym being spoken out21:22
teK_there's no 'u' in BMW, BTW21:22
teK_had to get that off my chest :P21:22
teK_but i get the phonetic thingy21:23
jaegerI don't get it21:23
jaeger(the no 'u' comment)21:23
teK_in germany, 'w' is pronounced very differently21:23
greduan<crash_> sorry for the late answer, i'm trying to upgrade a kernel from 3.12 to 3.14, and the command i used was make -j3 all.21:23
jaegerah, yes21:23
greduancrash_: do you have 3 cores? what's your processor?21:23
jaegerpeople have no idea what I'm talking about here when I say bayerische motoren werke :P21:24
greduandas Deuscht21:25
teK_alles korrekt21:25
jaegerhell, even 'Bavarian Motor Works' isn't said often. People just say BMW21:25
teK_couldnt find a quick mp3 with the german pron. of 'w'21:25
jaegerit's all good, I know how it's pronounced21:25
teK_great :}21:25
jaegerI agree the double-u is weird in English21:25
teK_double-u :D21:26
jaegerthen again I dislike many things about English21:26
teK_we have Umlauts, so we're even, I think21:26
greduanin Argentinian Spanish it's Double-v21:26
jaegerat least your umlauts are consistent21:26
greduanumlauts are the little line above the o making it more like a u, ja?21:26
teK_BUT the double s isnt21:27
jaegerü <-- the dots21:27
greduanwhat's so bad about them?21:27
greduanI like them21:27
greduanthen again, I don't speak German all day everyday21:27
teK_they screw the charset21:27
greduanoh yes21:27
jaegerI can't use "jäger" in IRC :P21:27
greduanwell you can21:27
jaegerTHANKS, UMLAUTS21:27
teK_IRC came from the US. So THANKS OBAMA21:28
greduanso for the umlaut-a you can do ae, what about umlaut u and o?21:28
jaegerue, oe also work21:28
greduanfuck the umlaut21:28
teK_do you know ß?21:28
greduanhard s no?21:29
greduanI just thought of that letter standing for BS. lol21:29
teK_but new rules in converted it into ss in a lot of places21:29
greduancrash_: BTW, while you're at it might as well upgrade your kernel to 3.19, no? :)21:29
greduanteK_: that's good right?21:29
teK_greduan: at least you can tell if someone more senior wrote something because they use the old writing21:30
jaegerwe used both back when I studied German in school years ago21:31
teK_I don't even remember like Fluß vs. Fluss etc.21:31
jaegerI suppose they wanted us to be well-rounded :D21:31
teK_there was the new style already? I cant remember when it was introduced21:31
teK_choice is always better?21:31
teK_so, are we pro-choice?21:31
greduanat least you guys don't use the old alphabet anymore21:31
greduanye olde chicken foot prints21:32
greduanI don't remember who called them chicken foot prints21:32
greduanit was an old person, old enough to learn them at school anyway, or attempt to21:32
crash_greduan, my cpu has only 2 cores amd e-350, but i always thought the core + 1 so 3 for my case?21:32
greduancrash_: does it work without -j3 and instead only using -j2?21:33
jaegerI remember a professor getting mad about mixing the umlauts and eszetts with non-umlaut and eszett letters21:33
teK_the old alphabet is used by some right-wingist demonstartors calling themselves PEGIDA, look them up. The talk about the Lügenpreffe (ff = ss)21:33
greduaneszett is ß ?21:33
jaegerGrüß Gott vs. Gruess Gott vs. Grüss Gott, etc21:33
teK_greduan: iti is21:34
greduannow I know21:34
teK_jaeger: I do that when I have the us keyboard layout21:34
greduanthat that has a name. lol21:34
crash_greduan, i will try that now with -j2 flags instead :) but i don't know why it would work beacuse i used -j3 when i installed the machine a while ago, with the kernel from the iso.21:34
jaegerteK_: I use a US keyboard with a compose key mapped so both are available21:34
teK_although I refrain from writing Mails wiht oe etc. nowadays.21:34
teK_compose key? I switch just for the single umlauts with Win+e/d21:35
jaegercompose key is just one way. To type ä for example, hit right alt, then ", then a21:35
jaegerNot the quickest thing but it's not hard to remember21:35
teK_hm, doesnt work for me21:36
jaegerprobably need to set a compose key :)21:36
teK_but there are trigraph, iirc21:36
teK_in vim for example21:36
greduanThe only real problem I have with a US keyboard and Spanish is the ~n, which I'm not sure if you guys have a letter to represent that sound.21:36
jaegerwe don't have a single sound for it in english aside from the name "enye"21:37
greduanyeah that's quite close to how it actually sounds21:37
greduannow you just have to combine the n and y into one letter instead of saying it as two different letters21:37
teK_i18n is a fun topic and I'm glad we're ignoring it entirely :P21:37
jaegerGerman and Spanish were the languages I studied back in school21:37
jaegerI barely use either of them now, though, have forgotten most21:38
jaegerteK_: :D21:38
greduanjaeger: you don't live in a German speaking country?21:38
jaegerI do not. I live in the midwest US21:38
teK_still calling him jaeger21:38
jaegerI never claimed to be German. :) Not once21:39
jaegerI've used this nick since 1995, though.21:39
greduanwell your name is German and you sometimes speak German so I assumed >_<21:39
jaegerfair enough21:39
greduanalso there are several German speaking people in the IRC channels I visit so21:39
teK_I am contemplating to apply for a job at BMW, they are said to be hiring 5000 folks esp. in the IT branch this year :)21:41
crash_5k people that is a lot of jobs21:42
teK_8k in total, 5k in Germany21:42
crash_you can always apply it does not cost anything :)21:43
greduanso what is "alles"?21:43
teK_hehe yeas21:43
greduanman when you know two languages it's so easy to correlate words. lol21:43
greduanSpanish+English is a good combo21:44
teK_I took latin so must understand all roman languages (not true at all, btw)!1121:44
jaegerespecially cognates21:44
greduanOh yeah, I was thinking, and you could potentially teach a kid 3 languages quite easily.21:44
greduanIt worked for me21:44
greduanSpanish, the language of the country I lived in. English, the language I needed at home and in the internet. Japanese, the language of the animes which I've been watching since I was a baby21:45
greduanyep pretty sure you can have a kid that knows 3 languages from the get go. lol21:45
teK_vertainly doesnt hurt21:46
jaegerWe can also speak typo fluently21:47
greduanI actually am pretty bad at it21:47
jaegerI also took one Japanese class but didn't pursue it, so not much of use there21:47
greduanIf only Japanese used the writing sysem I'm used to, I could also read and write it21:47
greduanalthough their writing system is hard to learn, I must say, it's fucking beautiful21:48
greduanand you can do so many play on words and stuff21:49
greduanand puns21:49
jaegeryou even get three choices for maximum written confusion21:49
greduanwell I mean21:49
jaegerand romaji if you really want to throw in the kitchen sink21:50
greduanbut it's only like 34 characters for hiragana, and then another 34 for katakana, which are the symbols that represent sound. And then kanji which represent concepts.21:50
greduanwell romaji is just a latin representation of hiragana/katakana21:50
greduanthis alphabet we speak. lol21:50
greduanand btw there are thousands of kanji, the average adult knowing around 1000 or something21:53
greduanat least it's not Chinese, where you've _only_ got kanji21:53
*** leo-unglaub has joined #crux21:55
leo-unglaubgood evening21:55
greduanhey leo21:55
greduanalthough kanji aren't _that_ hard to learn if you know you some tricks :)21:56
greduanI don't mean memorize21:56
greduanfor example, the kanji for cat are two kanjis put together, the kanji for animal and the kanji for rug21:56
koriyo diverse21:56
koriand jaeger21:56
koriwhat do you think?21:57
greduankori you Japanese?21:57
korigreduan: no21:57
greduanI feel like you drop too many hints. lol21:57
greduankori, Japanese sounding, and then Onodera in you GitHub21:57
koriwakarimasen lol21:57
kori┐('~'; )┌21:57
korigreduan: that's not me, that's another contributor21:57
greduanoh I see21:58
greduanis (s)he Japanese?21:58
greduanI hope so. :P21:58
korihe's not21:58
koriI don't really know any nihonjin21:58
greduanbut you know some of the Japon language21:59
*** onodera has joined #crux21:59
greduandamn Onodera21:59
greduantalk about timing :P21:59
greduanso this is Onodera from Nisekoi we're talking about, right?21:59
onoderano onodera from oyasumi punpun :322:00
greduanChitoge team anyway22:00
leo-unglaubi am so close to punching someone in the nuts ...22:00
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greduanleo-unglaub: why punch? why not a kick?22:01
leo-unglaubthere is a bug in xfce4-session i reported 3 years ago22:01
leo-unglauband someone reverted the fix22:01
korigreduan: but if it makes you feel nicer, kori is derived from kōri22:02
greduandunno what kōri is though D:22:02
koriwhich is 氷 in rōmaji22:02
greduanI was looking for a name22:02
onoderajust like his personality hehehe22:02
teK_<Superintendent Chalmers> LENAAAAART</Superintendent Chalmers>22:02
greduankouri in romaji yo :P22:03
greduanso you guys like anime?22:03
koriisn't this off topic22:04
koriI'm not sure how much off topic conversation you can have here22:04
greduanI was also wondering that22:05
greduanand also what about swearing?22:05
koriyou can swear here from what I've seen22:05
koriit's on-topic, not children safe :P22:06
prologicwhat kind uses IRC anway22:06
onoderaWhat about all the kids using CRUX!?22:06
prologicwhat child*22:06
prologicwhat kids?!22:06
prologicmy daughter sometimes bangs on my keybaord on my cCRUX desktop22:07
prologicfound my PC last night with lots of terminals open and all sorts of crap22:07
prologicdo you consider that a "kid using CRUX"? :)22:07
koriisn't using a computer banging your keyboard until something works22:08
koriwe just know what keys to bang and what that does22:08
koriso yes congratulations your daughter is a CRUX user22:11
korieven if not a good one22:11
prologicgive her time22:11
prologicshe's only 2 :)22:11
frinnstyou should log in as root22:21
frinnstyou know, for funsies and see what happens22:21
*** leo-unglaub has quit IRC22:22
prologicthat might not be as fun as you think :)22:22
prologicshe's quite clever22:22
frinnstnah :)22:22
*** leo-unglaub has joined #crux22:22
prologicgood thing she doesn't know what rm -rf / does yet22:22
prologicalthough I wouldn't be too upset haha22:23
frinnstdoes that actually work these days?22:23
frinnstiirc coreutils added some sanity checks. but im too chicken to try :p22:24
onoderanah you need to use the  --no-preserve-root flag I think22:24
frinnstmight give it a spin some day. I need to try my btrfs snapshot setup for real anyways22:25
greduanif you do rm -rf /* I think that does mess it up iirc22:26
greduanlook around for that problem with Steam and you'll get to see what works and what doesn't. lol22:27
onoderasteam actually deleted my home22:27
greduanthat's why you read the script first. lol22:27
onoderait's way too long22:29
*** dougiel has joined #crux22:29
onoderaI tried out
onoderaa tool that moves/linkes att dotfiles to a location of choice22:30
leo-unglaubRomster, ping22:30
prologichold on22:30
prologic$ dki crux /bin/bash22:30
prologicbash-4.3# rm -rf /22:31
prologicrm: it is dangerous to operate recursively on '/'22:31
prologicrm: use --no-preserve-root to override this failsafe22:31
onoderabut that caused steam to glitch out and it removed everything ;_;, this was before the bug got big on github22:31
prologicdoes that answer your question? :)22:31
*** nilp has quit IRC23:06
*** Hlt has joined #crux23:10
koriwhen committing changes, do you guys have any set standards?23:13
*** dougl has quit IRC23:14
Hlthello, i used to have crux 3.0 installed on my old amd machine, now i'm trying to put 3.1 on a new z97 intel board and i can't get it to boot from usb, can anyone help me a little?23:17
jawboperhaps you could tell us a bit more about your issue? :)23:17
jawboevening folks23:17
Hlti took a picture of the error23:17
greduankori: like commit message standards?23:17
greduanor how often?23:17
korigreduan: commit message standards23:18
greduanThere's a quick and easy one23:18
greduanlet me see if I can find it23:18
Hlti can't use mount command to mount the usb drive after that, it throws me an Invalid Argument error23:18
jawbowhy are you mounting the usb?23:18
greduankori: and
greduanthose are my standards23:19
Hltbecause the install media is in the usb drive /dev/sdd1 (used to boot)23:19
joacimdid you try different usb ports? maybe a usb 2.0 port?23:19
joacimi dont know anything about this, so i'll just suggest that.23:19
jawbobut you should be able to just boot the usb?23:19
jawboselection in BIOS?23:19
Hltyes, it boots til that message23:19
jawboah, okay23:20
*** onodera has quit IRC23:20
jawboi was confused. how did you make the usb?23:20
jawbounetbootin is notoriously unreliable (in my experience)23:20
jawboi would try again using the dd command23:20
korigreduan: I meant the official CRUX devs :DDDD23:20
greduankori: oh ok23:20
korifor the CRUX project23:20
korithat is23:21
jawbobecause it looks like the image was corrupted when transferring to the usb23:21
Hltbut it works fine in virtualbox23:21
Hlti wonder if i miss any module for intel z97 chipset to load23:21
jawbothe iso is good, but when unetbootin transfers to usb, it might be getting corrupted23:21
jawbothat's why i mentioned using dd to make an image23:22
joacimif h97 motherboards are anything like my h97 board, it should just work23:22
Hlti'll setup another linux on virtualbox to try dd23:22
jawboit's simple: # dd if=/path/to/iso of=/dev/sdX bs=1M23:22
Hltthanks guys, i'll give that a try23:23
greduanI can do bs=4M23:23
jawboHlt: like i said unetbootin might not be transferring correctly23:23
jawboHlt: but make absolutely certain you have the correct /dev/sdX23:23
jawbothe output of lsblk should show you the correct information23:24
*** fengshaun has joined #crux23:24
jawboif you have the incorrect /dev/sdX, you could overwrite the HDD23:24
jaegerHlt: is your disk controller in AHCI mode or IDE?23:24
Hltthanks jawbo, i'll try that now, brb23:24
jawboof course, in virtualbox i guess that wouldn't be too scary :)23:24
jaegerHlt: er, ignore that question, I misread the problem23:24
jaegerit's the USB device it isn't mounting, not a system disk23:25
jawboyeah, the boot stick isn't mounting23:25
jawbothe Crux iso uses initramfs correct? to poll for devices and such?23:25
Hltmaybe its the way unetbootin make the usb disk using grub, maybe it change something from default place23:25
jaegerfrankly, if it booted that far, unetbootin isn't the problem23:26
jaegerjawbo: yes, that failure is during the initramfs process23:26
jawbothat's why i'd assume a corrupt image on the usb, initramfs can't mount it with options supplied23:26
jaegerHlt: did you say sdd was the USB device?23:27
jaegerIf that's the case, jawbo is probably right and unetbootin did something weird23:29
jaegerI see in your image that sdd and sdd1 WERE parsed by the initramfs23:29
*** dougl has joined #crux23:29
jaegerso the devices were seen but not mountable for some reason23:29
Hltactually i couldn't mount anything at all, i tried all my hds23:30
Hltmount just give me Invalid Argument23:30
jawboleo-unglaub: nice work on the ports! can't wait :) you were saying the new features are nice?23:32
jawbomaking my way through scrollback23:32
jawboyou guys are too talktative23:32
Hltdd just finished, i'll reboot and try it23:32
Hltthanks all for the help23:32
jawbogood luck23:32
*** Hlt has quit IRC23:33
leo-unglaubjawbo, yeah i am working on the ports23:33
leo-unglaubi am hoping for lot ot feedback once i push them23:33
jawboi'm sure everyone will be overly critical and rude23:33
leo-unglaubi hope so *g*23:34
jawbothis is the year of Crux on the desktop, i just know it23:35
*** hlt has joined #crux23:36
leo-unglaubhaha, i am interrested if you still say that after you hit prt-get sysup *g*23:36
jawbohaha, the only thing i'm getting wary of seeing is yet another ff update23:37
hltoh well, now it won't boot at all, fall into a grub prompt, i guess its the grub unetbootin setup on usb drive23:37
jawbowhat was the dd command you ran?23:37
hltdd if=crux-3.1.iso of=/dev/sdd1 bs=1M23:38
jaegeruse of=/dev/sdd instead23:38
jaegeryou're writing to the partition with sdd1, not the entire device23:38
jawboboot needs to be on first sector23:38
hltmy fault, sorry23:38
jawboit's cool :)23:38
hlti'll try again23:38
jaegerhlt: also, if you want to save some sysup time there's an updated ISO23:39
hltwhere can i get it? i got 3.1 from official site23:40
*** arduo has quit IRC23:40
jawbohehe crux.ninja23:41
hltnice, thank you23:42
prologicwtf23:45 tld?23:45
prologicwho owns
jaegerI do23:45
prologicoh my23:46
prologicI was aware of many new TLDs23:46
prologicbut didn't see .ninja :)23:46
prologicnice one23:46
jaegerI considered .guru as well but decided it sounded too pretentious23:47
leo-unglaubjaeger, what about crux.porn23:47
jaegerno interest, feel free. :)23:47
leo-unglaubi would, but i am broke ...23:48
*** dougl has quit IRC23:48
teK_it's the 4th23:48
*** crash_ has quit IRC23:48
*** hlt has quit IRC23:48
leo-unglaubi had to pay back some people for last month23:48
teK_like my landlord had to23:49
teK_lendt 100 EUR from me on Saturday23:49
teK_in a shopping store in the city.. it was hilarious :D23:49
*** fengshaun has quit IRC23:50
teK_hello? There was a sale on winter clothing :D23:50
*** hlt has joined #crux23:50
*** fengshaun has joined #crux23:50
leo-unglaubwell, at least it was for a good cause ;)23:51
hltit works!23:51
teK_he had a coat and a scarf and was talking to some friend near the escalator when he spotted me and my family :D23:51
hltthanks guys23:51
jaegerhlt: good deal :)23:53
leo-unglaubteK_, thats why i aviod shopping citys23:53
*** hlt has quit IRC23:55

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