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haltectdoes anyone runs plex media server on crux?00:33
cruxbot[xfce.git/3.1]: xfce4-appfinder: Disable GTK300:40
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cruxbot[xfce.git/3.1]: xfce4-screenshooter: Cleanup the Pkgfile01:06
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prologicmy god, this nas I bought from the US02:31
prologicnot only did I have to apy more because of our crappy AUD currency02:32
prologicbut also a currency conversion fee02:32
prologicnow it's stuck in customs in Sydney because apparently tehre's a taxation law that forces consumers to pay a 10% GST tax on imported goods over $100002:32
prologicplus an extra customs processing fee on top of that02:32
prologicThis NAS is now not worth ti :(02:33
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Romsterprologic, wtf i'd be keen on this extra fee cost.03:05
Romsterand i've never got this imported fee cost but then everything i have got wasn't over $1000 and is this in aud or us currency for the $1000 price point?03:06
prologicnot sure03:08
prologicbut yeah it is a big WTF03:08
prologicsuch rip off merchants03:09
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Romsterseriously Australia is shit for stuff like that.03:09
Romstercharge too much in australia and when you get something cheaper over seas they aren't happy and slug you for it.03:10
prologicyeah you get slugged for import fees and taxes03:11
prologicit's crap03:11
prologicalready paid way too much because of the USD <-> AUD differences03:11
Romsterthats why you check the currency converter before you decide.03:12
Romsteralso conversion fees are like 5 bucks peanuts.03:12
Romsteri'd like to know this customs holding fee is though.03:13
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Romsterwell processing/holding fee03:14
Romsterprologic, why does -c not work on docker run?03:35
Romsterdocker run -i -t -v /var/cache/ccache:/var/cache/ccache -v $HOME/docker/crux/${PKG_PORT}/log:/var/log/pkgbuild -v $HOME/docker/crux/${PKG_PORT}/packages:/var/ports/packages -v $HOME/docker/crux/${PKG_PORT}/ports:/usr/ports --name="${PKG_PORT}" romster/crux-base -c "/usr/bin/ports -u ; /usr/bin/prt-get depinst sox"03:35
Romsterexec: "-c": executable file not found in $PATHFATA[0001] Error response from daemon: Cannot start container 1c12ed6e296ffd21fd67fc9919c362c550fd7aedf3a2f1aead787cd666a51298: exec: "-c": executable file not found in $PATH03:35
Romsterdo i need to set a ENTRYPOINT in my Dockerfile or something?03:36
prologicwtf is -c?03:38
prologicyeah set youe ENTRYPOINT to /bin/bash03:38
prologicso that commands passed are treated as bash arguments03:39
Romsterjsut trying ot automate this more and i see i can set CMD ports -u03:39
prologicif no entrypoint is defined it simply just runs whtaever command you eitehr specify in the image or on the cli03:39
Romsterso i am only left with installing command so i can then proceed to automate03:40
prologicif however there is an entrypoint deifned in the image (and you did not override it via cli) then that's the thing that gets runs and and command in the image or via the cli are passed as arguments to the entrypoint03:40
RomsterCMD . /etc/profile && /bin/sh03:41
Romsterthink i'm doing that wrong. i should be using03:41
RomsterENTRYPOINT /bin/bash03:41
RomsterCMD ports -u03:41
Romsterthat way i can do -c "prt-get depinst foo" right?03:42
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RomsterENTRYPOINT /bin/sh03:43
RomsterCMD . /etc/profile && ports -u03:43
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Romsterhmm -c isn't right..03:44
Romsterwhy is that page referring to that. that's for cpu shares.03:44
Romster/bin/bash: /usr/bin/ports -u ; /usr/bin/prt-get depinst sox: No such file or directory03:46
Romsterjust tried with --entrypoint="/bin/bash"03:46
Romsterok it doesn't like being quoted or ; at all04:01
Romstermaybe \; would work but i'll update the dockerfile so it does a ports -u on docker run04:01
prologicput your source /etc/profile in an entrypoint script04:05
prologicENTRYPOINT ["/"]04:05
prologicCOPY /04:05
prologicWhere is:04:05
prologicsource /etc/profile04:05
prologicexec $@04:05
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Romsteroh yeah why didn't i think of that -_- thanks prologic04:07
prologicthat's what entrypoint is for04:09
prologicit's so that you can for example04:09
prologicENTRYPOINT ["/usr/bin/httpd"]04:10
prologicfor example04:10
prologicthen any command you pass to the image is interpretered as an httpd cli parametetr04:10
Romsterah as soon as i do use a command it will overide entrypoint and it doen'st stay interactive after the command... this is fine for automation but if i specify -i i want to to remain attached and running after command04:10
Romsteralso never did get the meaning of [ ] brackets in the Dockerfile04:11
Romsteryeah to run a service, but i'm working on automation of compiling.04:12
Romstersome cases i want to run a bunch of commands and stay attached for further work.04:12
Romsterwhich is what i'm trying to do now than to run more commands after attaching.04:13
Romsterminimize what i run in the container.04:13
Romsterwhich i can do with RUN04:13
Romsterbut if i go like prt-get depinst foo it'll exit after....04:13
Romstereven when i asked for -i04:14
Romsterand i cna't group another commadn with ; didn't try && yet and \; still don't work on command line.04:14
Romster--entrypoint="/bin/bash" romster/crux-base ports -u && prt-get depinst sox && /bin/bash04:15
Romsterah this may work.04:15
Romsterupdates all the collections and then The package 'sox' could not be found04:17
Romsterah bugger this i'll just do it the way i am doing it and just add to the RUN command and add the entrypoint04:17
prologicask #docker :)04:18
prologicthey might be able to explain it a bit better tthan me04:18
Romsterthe other thing i'm not quite sure on is having to use VOLUME when i use -v04:19
Romsteri have a feeling VOLUMe just creates the directory and its there for inter process stuff between 2 docker containers.04:19
Romsterand isn't required (other than mkdir /path) for -v04:20
prologicVOLUME does two things04:20
prologica) creates that mount point 9directory) in the image04:20
prologicb) sets it to be outside of the union file system04:20
prologici.e: it's never part of the image or it's layers04:20
Romsteroh it is a union04:20
Romsteror in my case a LV snapshot thinp mount of it's own.04:21
Romsterhmm maybe that might mean that mount VOLUME can be another 10GB or what ever dm.basesize= is.04:22
Romsteri thik i need to compose a list of questions and go in #docker04:22
Romsteri mean it's great i'm using it but i'm unsure of a few features.04:23
prologicjust post them on stackoverflow04:23
prologicI might even try to answer a few myself04:23
Romstergood idea.04:23
prologicif you pint me to them04:24
Romsteri will when it's up04:24
prologichopefully I can construct betters answers witha bit more time04:24
Romsteri guess i should see if it's already answered first.04:25
Romsteri'm almost thinking of linking my crux-build with a ccache dockerfile for storage. but that'll remove it from my faster SSD ccache here. but it would make it so much more portable for others.04:26
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_root_hello @/05:26
_root_I am tweaking some Pkgfiles and I want to know what $PKG mean for example here "cp grub2-$ARCH.efi $PKG/usr/lib/grub/"05:27
_root_does it mean /usr/lib/grub?05:28
Romster$PKG is a path to work/pkg/05:29
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_root_Romster: ;)ello05:29
Romstereither in the ports directory or where ever you set PKGMK_WORK_DIR in pkgmk.conf05:29
_root_Romster: so that command doesn't copy anything to actual system05:30
Romsterthat $PKG gets tared and compressed up after.05:30
Romsterno it copies to a different prefixed directory.05:30
_root_../grub-mkimage -O $ARCH-efi -d . -o grub2-$ARCH.efi -p "" $MODLIST05:30
_root_        cp grub2-$ARCH.efi $PKG/usr/lib/grub/05:30
Romsterlater after the archive is made pkgadd installs it.05:30
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_root_so Romster; this two lines at the end of grub Pkgfile is for maintenance prepossess  or part of installing grub.05:31
Romsterwell i'd make sure ARCH= is also set in Pkgfile or hard code it.05:31
Romstersince it's always x86_6405:32
_root_Romster: I am building grub and installing it manually so i am issue the commands in pkgfile one by one. i don't know what to do whit these two05:32
Romsterwe have a grub and grub2 package already05:32
_root_Romster: yes it always is x86_6405:32
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Romsterprt-get cat grub05:33
Romsterprt-get cat grub205:33
_root_Romster: no different system. I am making a hybrid system ;long story. .... So what should i do with those line05:33
_root_grub-mkimage -O x86_64-efi -d . -o grub-x86_64.efi -p "" $MODLIST ?05:34
Romsternone of the grub Pkgiles call grub-mkimage05:35
Romsterwhat is MODLIST ?05:36
_root_Romster: you tell me that. it is here
Romsteroh contrib has a efi grub....05:36
Romsterwhy not use that Pkgfile as is?05:37
Romsterthought you were copying off archlinux seeing as the $ARCH05:37
_root_Romster: well you mean timcow. anyhow; those two lines "is installaing of grub ends with make install or we need some other steps too"? those two one that i mentioned.05:39
Romsterwell i don't know what your trying todo but you can pkgmk and the pkgadd the built archive or pkgmk -i which will call pkgadd or prt-get depinst gtub2-efi05:41
_root_Romster: I am on a linux system without any package manage. I am trying to install grub and I am looking at said Pkgfile to tell me what to do. I did ./configure; make make install. now I don't know if the job is finished or I need to go feather05:45
_root_I am building grub2-efi05:46
Romster_root_, can grab pkgutils libarchive and build with that.06:20
Romsteror just pull them lines out and make it manually... use say /tmp/foo for $PKG06:21
_root_Romster: nice idea; will do that06:31
_root_Romster:  will this grub.cfg boot the machine?06:34
Romsteri'm not a grub expert06:34
_root_Romster: do you use grub?06:35
Romstershould be a sample file somewhere with the port06:35
_root_Romster: wasn't06:39
Romsterthen i can't help you i use lilo06:39
_root_please paste only your menuentry section of your grub.cfg06:39
_root_Romster: ;)06:40
Romsteri do not use grub... i use lilo06:41
Romstertherefore i have no grub.cfg06:42
Romsterask someone else here or elsewhere that uses grub.06:42
nwe_root_: my grub-entry looks like this..06:44
_root_nwe: Hi;06:47
_root_nwe: was it generated or you did it yourself?06:48
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nweI did it.06:48
_root_nwe: 1280x12024 15bit color?06:52
nwe_root_: yupp thats correct07:02
_root_nwe: ia there anyway for me to list all the available modeset by vesa for my video card07:06
Romsterin lilo i can do VGA=ask07:09
Romstersee what grub uses07:09
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_root_nwe: what should i change your paste to if I have a septate / and /boot partition07:56
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: p5-text-csv-xs: 1.00 -> 1.1608:43
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rmullThe output of my 'mount' command for my root FS: 802 on / type ext4 (rw,noatime,discard,data=ordered)12:48
rmullAnybody know what the "802" is about?12:48
rmullI'm mounting by label FWIW12:48
rmullBut my other mounts by label look correct, they show the device+partition12:48
rmulland my system is working normally otherwise12:48
frinnstyeah, I dont remember what causes that12:50
frinnstbut everything should still work as expected12:50
frinnsti also see that btw on this system12:50
frinnsti guess / is your second partition ?12:51
rmulloh, really? That's pretty interesting12:51
frinnst801 on / type ext4 (rw,relatime,discard,data=ordered)12:51
rmullLast night I switched to a new root disk, so I thought maybe I did something wrong12:51
frinnston my server: /dev/sde2 on / type ext4 (rw,relatime,discard,errors=remount-ro,data=ordered)12:51
rmullWell, good to know, thanks12:51
rmullI'll do some casual googling12:51
rmullAre you using lilo on the machine that shows 802?12:52
rmullseems correlated12:53
frinnstyep, but dont see how it could be12:54
rmullWhen you run 'lilo' to install lilo, it puts a boot.0800 (in my case) file in the /boot12:55
rmullso I wonder what the number comes from12:55
frinnstyeah, thats a backup of the bootsector iirc (or something like that)12:56
rmullI've also seen 0801 on my old disk12:57
frinnstFor example, to restore the Master Boot Record saved in a file called boot.0800 (800 is the device number of a SCSI drive), issue the following command:12:57
frinnsti guess your / is sda2?12:58
rmullYes, it is12:58
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rmullMaybe I should send mail to the lilo mailing list?13:07
rmullThey don't have an IRC channel afaik13:07
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frinnstI dont think its really lilos fault13:12
frinnstiirc we had some output troubles from df and mount when we stopped using a mtab file13:12
frinnstits a symlink to /proc/mounts or whatever these days13:12
rmulloh, oops, sent the mail already13:13
rmullIn my /proc/mounts my device is called /dev/root13:14
rmullSame for you?13:14
frinnsthehe, well the reply might still be interesting.13:14
frinnstyeah, thats the same for all of us13:14
rmullI see, okay13:15
frinnstdf will show /dev/root for / for example13:15
rmullWhat was the discussion about mtab's removal about?13:15
frinnstI dont remember :)13:16
frinnstit was a few years ago13:16
frinnstwhen 3.0 was released? or perhaps even 2.813:16
rmullThe concept of mtab is a little weird I guess13:16
rmullIs it managed by the kernel?13:16
rmullIt does seem like it belongs in /proc13:17
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rmullThe other curious thing is that /dev/root doesn't exist in my dev fs13:18
rmull this seems to think that it should be a symlink13:20
rmullInstalling the symlink manually doesn't seem to fix any of the problem files13:22
rmullLooks like there should be a udev rule to create /dev/root13:24
rmullI do not use an initrd, which may be related as well13:26
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rmullHow come we symlink to /proc/self/mounts and not /proc/mounts?13:39
rmullOh, I see, /proc/mounts -> self/mounts13:43
rmullMan, linux is so silly sometimes13:43
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leo-unglaubcan you guys do ports -u currently?13:46
nwehmm looks like is down..13:46
nweleo-unglaub: nope13:46
leo-unglaubnwe, ah, so it's not just me13:46
leo-unglaubokay13:46 is up for me13:47
rmullthe homepage and bug tracker at least13:47
frinnstno dice for me13:47
frinnstheh, works from home13:48
rmullDNS outage?13:48
leo-unglaubfrinnst, seams like a dns problem13:48
rmullMaybe I have it cached and you guys don't13:48
leo-unglaubbecause i have no route to host13:48
frinnstnah, I can resolve it just fine13:48
leo-unglaubfrinnst, traceroute it13:49
frinnsthaha I just did13:49
frinnstfrom home:
leo-unglaubthe nsa proipobly just hijacked a router there ...13:50
leo-unglauband messed even that up13:50
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greduangood morning :)13:52
leo-unglaubaccording to snowden docs they did that once in syria or one of thise countries and after loosing control over it they just wiped it out and left it there broken so no on could see it was them13:53
leo-unglaubthe entire region was without inet for 24 hours13:53
nweleo-unglaub: you can change in core.rsync to I have a mirror for it..13:55
leo-unglaubteK_, ping13:57
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frinnstanyways, seems ip-only has fucked up its routing14:12
leo-unglaubteK_, as far as i know we are the only ones using crux with fully encrypted hard drives14:14
leo-unglaubi would like to extend that support in 3.214:14
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leo-unglaubmy idea would be to add cryptsetup support to the install iso and then provide a default initramfs script14:15
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nweleo-unglaub: I using cryptsetup too14:21
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_root_guys this is my grub.cfg and at the boot time grub export errors on screen and says it can't find vmlinuz. /===>sda2 /boot=====>sda314:21
leo-unglaubnwe, awesome!14:21
leo-unglaubnwe, can i see your initramfs script?14:22
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teK_leo-unglaub: tehere's a ticket oopen on that, discussion should move there; supporting the full thingy should be rather easy but wont happen (by me) until July.14:23
nweleo-unglaub: I dont using it on the whole disk :P14:23
leo-unglaubnwe, tzzz ... pussy ;)14:23
nwebut more to inform that I using cryptsetup :)14:23
nwebut it would be nice to have support on the install iso :)14:24
leo-unglaubteK_, i am currently building my own initramfs in c, i want to have a staticly linked executable that allows me to decrypt stuff in my own keyboard layout and so on14:24
leo-unglaubalso i want to get rid of busybox14:24
teK_I dont see the benefit14:25
leo-unglaubyou will be after you run my executable for the first time :)14:25
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nwehmm what do you think about this... I have an intel nuc, and wondering to have it as firewal but it has only 1 nic, so my idea is to use vlan and tagging it.. what do you guys think about that?14:27
nwehow much performance will I lost....14:27
leo-unglaubsry, wrong channel14:27
frinnstnwe: well tagging wont cost much. but I guess you need to imagine a gbit nic as 500mbit :)14:28
teK_nwe: who is tagging the packets?14:28
retardwhy would you have a person tagging packets14:28
diverseleo-unglaub: I'm surprised no one hasn't scratched that type of itch before with initramfs14:30
leo-unglaubdiverse, some people are plaing it *g* the openbsd people *g*14:30
diversewell I mean for linux in general14:31
leo-unglaubi just think it's easier ... i mean why build cryptsetup, busybox with all dependencies? if you could just build it into one executable14:31
teK_because it's easily adaptable14:31
teK_and because it requires only two binaries.. busybox and cryptsetup14:31
leo-unglaubcryptsetup itself has dependnecies again14:32
diverseleo-unglaub: so you are looking for minimal way to do it?14:33
teK_we have a static version of it14:33
leo-unglaubdiverse, yes14:33
leo-unglaubjust some diskinfo, and support for opening the drive14:33
leo-unglaubnot more14:33
leo-unglaubsould be easily be done in a few kb14:33
leo-unglaubno need to have all that busybox bload in there14:34
leo-unglaubor do you often need traceroute and ping during the encryption of your harddrive?14:34
leo-unglaubi dont :)14:34
teK_you do know that busybox can be configured to skip these features?14:35
leo-unglaubteK_, yes14:35
leo-unglaubthat busybox make menuconfig is almost as large as the kernel one +g*14:35
diverseteK_: he wants an all-in-one solution that's minimal14:35
leo-unglaubif we really slim it down .. maybe we could get it even into the bootloader :)14:36
leo-unglauband then we would not need an unencrypted /boot14:36
leo-unglaubthats btw very similar to how openbsd does it .. so it cannot be that far of :)14:38
teK_go crazy on it :-)14:38
leo-unglaubyeah :)14:39
diversego for it!14:39
leo-unglaubi have the feeling that going to be an interresting weekend :)14:39
diverseyou have surprisingly rapid programming skills14:40
leo-unglaubno, not at all ...14:40
leo-unglaubi am slow as hell14:40
leo-unglaubbut i get exited about stuff like that :)14:40
leo-unglaubbasicly crypto and boobs :)14:41
diversesometimes used together? :D14:42
leo-unglaubsometimes bruteforce helps to get one of those thinks *g*14:46
leo-unglaubi mean the encryption *g*14:46
diversenice pun14:47
leo-unglaubi really like libcryptsetup.h ... very clean and helpful14:49
leo-unglaubthe awesomething is if we just use the parts to open the container we dont even need al that rng stuf in there14:50
leo-unglaubso it sould be possible in a few kb14:50
diversethank goodness for the wide variety of C libs?14:54
_root_If sda2 is / partition and sda3 is /boot Does looks right to you people?15:08
frinnstisnt gpt3 counted from 0 ? then it should be gpt215:09
frinnstbut i dont know :)15:09
_root_frinnst: no mate. that was grub-legacy. now hdX,Y the X is started from 0 and Y from 115:10
_root_ANYONE else?15:10
_root_is my grub.cfg right?15:10
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rmull_root_: Have you tried it?15:11
rmullYou can try different options from the grub command line if it doesn't work.15:11
_root_mull; I will if one of you give me the ok !15:12
rmullworst case, it doesn't boot and you fix it from the grub command line15:12
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juermull: FYI, I've added a comment to your ticket16:01
leo-unglaubjust in case someone is woundering why i am so behind getting full disc encryption working very easy:
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rmulljue: Yeah, well done, thanks16:18
*** arduo has quit IRC16:20
rmullmy /proc/cmdline is "auto BOOT_IMAGE=CRUX-3.19 ro root=802"16:20
rmullSo... there's the 80216:20
rmullMy lilo.conf says "root=/dev/sda2" but that's not a kernel parameter there16:20
rmullthat's just a lilo directive afaik16:20
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cruxbot[xfce.git/3.1]: xfce4-clipman-plugin: Update to 1.2.618:20
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crash__hmm, how do you make the kernel look for radeon firmware in lib/firmware? i have under device drivers/generic in kernel and under blob external firmware directory choosed lib/firmware but still it says could't load the firmware on boot.22:08
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crash__i have installed linux-firmware wich should include radeon-ucode.22:08
greduando you need to tell it to find it there? I thought it was automatic...22:09
greduanI don't have an AMD card so I dunno22:09
crash__yeah i thought was automatic too, but no :( i have a laptop that does only have amd graphics, next laptop will be intel only :)22:12
crash__maybe i should try to build DRI as a module instead of built-in and see if that makes a difference22:13
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frinnstcrash__: one sec22:31
frinnstif you take a look in /lib/firmware you'll notice the radeon firmware is in the radeon/ subdirectory22:32
frinnstso unless you build radeon-dri as a module you'll need to include something like this:22:32
frinnstCONFIG_EXTRA_FIRMWARE="radeon/JUNIPER_me.bin radeon/verde_ce.bin radeon/verde_mc.bin radeon/verde_me.bin radeon/verde_pfp.bin radeon/verde_rlc.bin radeon/verde_smc.bin radeon/CYPRESS_uvd.bin radeon/JUNIPER_pfp.bin radeon/JUNIPER_rlc.bin radeon/JUNIPER_smc.bin radeon/TAHITI_uvd.bin"22:32
frinnstthats what I use for my hardware22:33
frinnstif you build it as a module, it will be autoloaded when the module gets loaded22:33
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crash__frinnst, Thank you, i think i will choose the easy way and build as a module instead of write all the .bin i need for the card. i thought the kernel would look for it auto in the lib/firmware/radeon and what card i have using lspci :)22:41
frinnstonly if the filesystem is available - unless you build it as a module the filesystem wont be mounted when the driver is loaded in the kernel22:42
crash__Juniper that is a 7770 card? i have KABINI on this laptop. btw not on the topic we are talking about, but you did a great interwiew on LAS a while ago :)22:45
frinnsti've added all the firmware the module tries to load.22:48
frinnstand thanks :-)22:48
crash__frinnst, Thanks it seems to be working now, i have built the radeon-dri as a module and tty is changed to, smaller text :) on boot22:49
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crash__frinnst, You did talk good english on the interview, i'm from sweden too.22:51
frinnstcheers. it felt *very* wierd :)22:52
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crash__[drm] radeon: dpm initialized that is what i wanted to see :)22:53
crash__frinnst, I can understand that, i write better english than i talk, but i think that is common for us swedes :)22:55
crash__i have used crux since 2.2 but never on a desktop/laptop before so i haven't needed to think about DRI until now.22:57
frinnstyeah "swenglish" is pretty painful to listen to :)22:59
crash__true :)23:09
koriheh, swenglish23:10
korithis is off topic, but you guys ever watch regular ordinary swedish meal time?, it's pretty good, has loads and loads of swenglish23:10
crash__i have never watched that :)23:11
museurWhats the way to hanlde mtp devices?23:38
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