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frinnstrmull: nice find00:00
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leo-unglaubgood evening00:02
rmullfrinnst: ^_^00:16
rmullhey leo-unglaub.00:16
leo-unglaubhey rmull00:17
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korirmull: I lead the group that's responsible for it, yes01:17
korirmull: where did you read "if cd"?01:23
koriwell, no matter where it is, it saves a command01:23
koriyou would cd into the dir anyways, might as well make that the test01:23
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rmullkori: I was curious about why using -d seems to be more often recommended than checking the cd return value. Is it more portable or something?04:40
korirmull: can you refer to the file you're talking to?04:41
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koriyou're talking about04:43
koribrain fart04:43
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korirmull: oh I didn't add that04:52
korihrmm, it should be if [ cd $PORTS_DIR/$NAME ]04:52
rmullThat's what it used to be until recently, but I see a lot of poeple suggesting using if [ -d dirname ]; then04:52
rmullAnd I was wondering if there was a reason for using one instead of the other04:53
korinot really, it shouldn't matter04:54
koriI guess you could argue there's easier error handling with [ -d ]04:54
koriif [ cd ] just makes things shorter, I guess04:54
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cruxbot[xfce.git/3.1]: xfce4-artwork: Cleanup the Pkgfile12:58
cruxbot[xfce.git/3.1]: gtk3-xfce-engine: Cleanup the Pkgfile13:02
cruxbot[xfce.git/3.1]: gtk3-xfce-engine: Change the order of configure arguments13:04
cruxbot[xfce.git/3.1]: gtk-xfce-engine: Update to 3.2.013:07
cruxbot[xfce.git/3.1]: Fix some typos13:08
teK_# go into the source directory13:10
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cruxbot[xfce.git/3.1]: garcon: Remove an old unused patch13:15
cruxbot[xfce.git/3.1]: garcon: Cleanup the Pkgfile13:15
leo-unglaubi like to be explicit *g*13:16
tilmani++; // Increment i by one.13:16
leo-unglaubtilman, i-- // substract one !13:16
leo-unglaubnah, the famous "go into the source directory" is somewhat an inside joke ... when i created my first ports i did had the work directory missconfigured and always ended up in the wrong directory13:18
leo-unglaubsince then i am explicitly writing it in there *g*13:18
leo-unglaubi am actually more pissed at polkit ...13:23
leo-unglaubwhy the hell would they need a javascript engine in there?13:23
leo-unglaubi mean polkit ... a tool that has root permissions ... why does it need spidermonkey?13:23
tilmani curse the week that brendan eich designed javascript13:23
tilmanhe doomed an entire industry :-)13:23
leo-unglaubi mean in a browser for some dom manipulations ... maybe okay ... but on a fucking desktop ... no way in hell i am goingto be happy with that13:24
cruxbot[xfce.git/3.1]: xfce4-power-manager: Cleanup the Pkgfile13:30
leo-unglaubare there any xfce4 users around?13:34
leo-unglaubif yes, could you please try to run xfce4-pm-helper --suspend and tell me if it works for you?13:35
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greduanmorning :)13:46
cruxbot[xfce.git/3.1]: elementary-xfce-icon-theme: Add a post-install script13:47
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greduan125th place in popularity according to DistroWatch
greduanin the last 12 months16:14
greduanWe're around the 150s in the rest of the places16:15
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thebilgerathey all!19:07
thebilgeratAnyone install steam on crux, or know of a how to?19:08
nwethebilgerat: looks like lennart have made a steam-port..19:10
thebilgeratnice - I'll go check that out19:12
thebilgerathow do I add lennarts ports tree?19:14
korithebilgerat: check out my port19:18
koriit's possibly the simplest19:18
nwedownload lennart.rsync/httpup and put it in /etc/ports/19:23
nweafter ports -u lennart19:23
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museurTwo questions fellas. How often it is suggested to do a sysup? Does kernel have to be changed to anyone my version is not listed in stable but neither newer or older than both stable releases?20:13
frinnstIf i didnt follow the crux releases/development i'd probably run a sysup daily20:16
frinnstyour kernel is up to you. But if you're connected to a network i'd suggest you run the latest stable20:16
frinnstyou wont be able to use a kernel older than 3.10 though. Due to this option in glibc: --enable-kernel=3.1020:17
museurI have 3.19.0 site has 19.1 or 18.9 as stable, does that mean mine is stable too?20:19
frinnstyou are on the stable branch, yes. 3.19.1 probably contains important(tm) bug/security fixes20:20
museurOk. Thanks frinnst.20:20
diverseI usually wait until the newer releases get around the 3rd bug release or higher20:21
diverseany of the security related fixes, I imagine it get down ported to the order versions as well20:22
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frinnstyeah, but its close to impossible to figure out if a linux kernel version has a security fix in it21:03
frinnstfucking stupid policy21:03
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