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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: xterm: updated to 31601:47
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saptechDoes Crux still support a Mac PPC version?04:59
saptechI have an '05 Mini Mac and looking to install Linux on it04:59
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ryuosaptech, there's crux ppc but that's been discontinued. only useful if you're happy with ancient software.05:13
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crash_ how to fix errors like this?06:14
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Romstersaptech, tehre is crux ppc and nogagplz has just set his up or is about too. and i'm actually upgrading the package versions for ppc unofficially of course.06:28
Romstercrash_, remove the source file and make sure you download it from that site and not a mirror?06:29
Romstertesting it here06:29
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Romstertilman, apparently you still maintain opt/libtxc_dxtn06:56
Romsterversion 1.0.1 is out and site says it's not maintained anymore.06:57
Romstercrash_, why do you need this library for?06:58
Romsteri feel it should be dropped from opt06:58
Romsterand if you really need it maintain it yourself.06:59
crash_Romster, well i solved it another way, it was for steam but i found a command to force st3 instead :)06:59
Romsteregrep -r 'Maintainer:.*Tilman' /usr/ports/07:01
Romster/usr/ports/opt/libtxc_dxtn/Pkgfile:# Maintainer: Tilman Sauerbeck, tilman at crux dot nu07:01
Romsteroh i doubt you even need this.07:01
Romsteri'm going to drop it i think tilman isn't even maintaining any ports anymore.07:02
crash_I think you are right, maybe it could be dropped.07:02
Romsteronly there for historical reasons and possible code licenses. it's merged into mesa3d.07:03
crash_oh i see07:03
crash_then there is no need for it anymore :)07:03
Romsternope and prt-get dependent --all shows noting using it.07:04
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: libtxc_dxtn: dropped07:05
Romsteralso been thinking of throwing steam in contrib too.07:06
crash_that would be great, instead of using lennars/prologic's ports of it07:06
Romsterkori, has one too i see
crash_looks like that one i using steam's own libraries.07:07
Romstersteam installer just bootstraps itself07:35
Romstersteam has most libraries of it's own07:35
crash_that's true just mesa3d-32 is required and maybe something more07:36
Romsterdesktop-file-utils i guess07:39
crash_Is libreoffice gonna be updated soon? seems 4.2.8 is not supported anymore on the homepage only 4.3.6./4.4.0/4.4.107:43
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tilmanlibtxc_dxtn is required for s3tc support08:00
tilmanyou shouldn't just drop it08:00
frinnstyeah thats a dumb idea08:07
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: Revert "libtxc_dxtn: dropped"08:08
mhewhere can I get base binaries for crux 3.1, lost some stuff and compiling takes too long08:14
tilmanmhe: the iso08:15
mheyeah that is an option :)08:16
mheI do not have the image or cdhere08:18
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mhegot the packages from the downloaded iso, tnx08:31
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tilmanRomster: if you are bored, you could see if s2tc (not a typo) can be used as a replacement for libtxc_dxtn10:24
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Romsterwhats using this?10:42
Romsterso mesa3d can link to it?10:43
Romsterah this depends on mesa3d. then game or what have you uses that.10:44
Romster3D acceleration in vmware?10:45
Romstertilman, i can build this but what use would it be for? package/port.10:46
tilmanyour test case would be to check if glxinfo claims to support the s3tc extension(s)10:46
Romsteri'll give it a go.10:46
Romsterdoes look interesting10:47
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: poppler: update to 0.32.011:07
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: poppler-glib: update to 0.32.011:07
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: poppler-qt4: update to 0.32.011:07
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: mksh: R50d -> R50e12:06
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jawboi already said it to you!13:42
greduanact as if you didn't13:43
greduanpeople don't know over here :P13:43
jawbooh, i mean, uh, YO GREDUAN!13:43
greduanYO JAWBO!13:44
cruxbot[core.git/3.1]: patch: update to 2.7.513:45
leo-unglaubteK_, have you seen the latest fefe systemd rant?13:55
leo-unglaubmaybe one day he will use crux +g*13:55
greduanI missed it13:59
greduanyeah to the fefe rant13:59
frinnstwhat is a fefe?14:01
tilmantek calls it "rainbow press for nerds"14:01
tilmanfrinnst: remember your german lessons first14:02
leo-unglaubit would love it to see fefe use crux *g*14:02
leo-unglauband then try to get gattling running on it14:02
tilmanthe "my logs are gone" thing seems like a weak argument against systemd though14:04
leo-unglaubtilman, yes and no14:04
leo-unglaubin his envitonment yes14:04
leo-unglaubif you have to debug the kernel bootstrap ... no14:04
leo-unglaubhis arch argument is bullshit14:04
leo-unglaubbecause arch is THE systemd distro14:05
leo-unglaubthey love it14:05
leo-unglaubso of course he will get systemd if he installs arch14:05
leo-unglaubbut i still love him :)14:06
leo-unglaubif he has a girlfriend there is still hope for me :)14:06
frinnsti took german for 3 years damnit!14:13
Feigrimich bin eine kartoffel14:13
leo-unglaubfrinnst, you cannot lern german ... beeing german is a feeling of life14:21
leo-unglaubyou must be always pissed, hate people form other countries and vote for merkl ...14:21
leo-unglaubgod ... we germans are a very fucked up folk ...14:21
jawbohehe, i've met a couple of germans, they've been very nice to me14:23
jawbomaybe they were thinking not nice things...14:23
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frinnstleo-unglaub: that explains the 1900's :)14:29
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leo-unglaubpropobly *g*14:31
jawboVolkswagen opened a plant here, several german restaurants have opened and they've increased the ABV limit of beer you can sell14:33
jawbocoincidence? i think not14:33
teK_we have a rather good producitivity rate, too. Coincidence? I think not.14:34
teK_Beer includes 37 vitamines. And I am very sure that all of these are important14:34
greduanbeer is healthy in moderation14:35
greduanas is any alcohol14:35
frinnstdont they call guinness "a meal"?14:36
jawboi learned a german phrase "don't put me up a palm tree"?14:36
frinnstliquid food. all is good14:36
jawboor that's not good cherry eating with me14:36
teK_why do are you talking about guiness when I spoke about beer?14:36
frinnststout & porter > *14:37
jawbostrongly disagree :)14:37
frinnstfeel free to disagree, just realise you are wrong :)14:37
jawbohaha, * > american miller,bud,etc. shitwater14:38
frinnstI bought a budweiser a few months ago. Drank maybe one sip before i threw it out14:39
frinnstmiller was ok'ish considering what it is14:39
frinnstpabst blue ribbon is pretty popular here14:40
frinnstFeigrim and other hipsters like it14:40
teK_which budweiser?14:40
Feigrimwhy you little14:40
frinnstteK_ there are different kinds of urine?14:40
jawbodoesn't matter14:40
jawboall have 51% corn in the mash != beer14:40
teK_  <14:41
teK_or  that american thingy14:41
frinnstyeah the american thing14:41
teK_never had that, only the czech 'original' and I like it pretty much14:42
teK_taste almost like a "Pilsener"14:42
teK_i.e. bitterish a little14:42
Feigrimthe czech one is fine14:42
frinnstdidnt know there was a czech brewery also named budwiser14:42
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frinnstmust hurt the sales :)14:43
teK_Budweis is a City in the Czech Republic14:43
teK_fucking Americans :D14:43
jawboand it's a cheap knock off of Vienna lager14:43
teK_My guess is one brewery bought/expanded the other one14:43
Feigrimamerican Budweiser is completely separate14:43
Feigrimthey just used the same name and got the rights to it even though they were not first14:44
teK_they should form a marketing agency, I like their commercials :P14:44
Feigrimbecause they had more money14:44
teK_15:43 < teK_> fucking Americans :D14:44
teK_just wait until TTIP arrives in Europe :)14:44
frinnstbought a brown stout a few weeks ago14:45
frinnsthavent tasted it yet14:46
teK_there's no thing such as fun or half assed tries in brewing beer14:46
leo-unglaubhas someone of you a thunderbird install package?14:50
leo-unglaubi cannot build it on my fucking slow office computer14:50
frinnstyep but built for ivy bridge14:50
saptechthanks guys for the information on PPC distro14:50
leo-unglaubfrinnst, intel i3 should be possible14:51
Romsteri can upload one leo-unglaub14:51
leo-unglaubRomster, that would be nice :)14:52
leo-unglaubi really have to work on my prebuild packages distribution system :)14:52
jawboi just use a VPS, works great14:53
jawborysnc to a machine at home, use that as NFS mountpoint and push packages to desk and laptop14:53
leo-unglaubjawbo, at home i have 30kb/s upload14:53
leo-unglaubso no way to load a 100mb thunderbird package from there :(14:54
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jawboah, i just like having the repo on my home network14:54
jawbo10Mb/s up so it's not an issue for me14:54
leo-unglaub10/s ....14:55
jawboi wanted Crux on the laptop, but i already had an x86_64 machine so it was a no-brainer14:55
jawboleo-unglaub: yeah, and we're about to get a fiber company14:56
jawbothey're building out the infrastructure now :)14:56
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leo-unglaubgo away *g*14:56
jawbo1 Gigabit speed package (1000 Mbps) for $69.99/mo.14:56
greduanholy fucking shit14:57
jawboi can't wait14:57
leo-unglaubi dont know you but i really start to hate you for that 1Gigabit comment ...14:57
Romsteris that unlimited? and is that 1000/1000 each way?14:57
greduanfor $70/m I can get 20Mib/s, i.e. 2MB/s14:58
jawbonot sure Romster, i don't know anyone on it14:58
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Romsterandi bet it's only 1000 in your country until you hit the tiny pipes to other countries14:58
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jawbothey just got their petition passed to expand outside their utilities zoning, so they're building out now14:58
jawbobut even 1/4 of that up would be more than i've ever had14:59
leo-unglaubjawbo, where do you life?14:59
leo-unglaubwhat country?14:59
jawbochattanooga, tn, usa14:59
leo-unglaubbecause i am mooving there14:59
leo-unglauboh USA?14:59
leo-unglaubokay, in this case not ..14:59
jawbohaha, we're apparently one of the fastest cities (internet-wise) in the nation14:59
jawbomy internet connection now is 60Mbps down 10Mbps up consistently15:00
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leo-unglaubwell, it shows ... you jsut have to drone strike children, force TTIP on us europeans, Spy on everyone, Turture people, have Guantanamo and there you go, you have a country with the fastest internet connectrion possible ...15:01
leo-unglaubsomeone should write merkl an email ...15:01
greduanI get 6Mbps up and down15:01
greduanwhat do they call it when it's the same speed both ways? parallel?15:01
jawboactually, i think hong kong has fastest average internet conn15:01
greduanyeah but their internet is fucked up15:02
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jawboand i'm not proud of a lot of my country's decisions, but let's not start the flaming :)15:06
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Romstergovernments there all bad15:07
Romsterleo-unglaub, uploading
Romsteri don't have great upload speed so like 16 minutes15:09
leo-unglaubRomster, you are an angel .. thank you15:09
Romsterno problem15:09
Romsteri probably should of had one there before.15:09
frinnsti can do it immediately15:09
jawboagreed. i grab your firefox builds -- many thanks15:10
frinnst100/100mbit ftw15:10
Romstergive me biatch15:10
Romsterhonestly NBN then i'll get 100/25 as good as i can get15:11
Romsteryes its a distfile frinnst15:12
frinnstgcc -march=native -E -v - </dev/null 2>&1 | grep cc115:13
frinnst /usr/lib/gcc/x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu/4.8.4/cc1 -E -quiet -v - -march=corei7-avx -mcx1 -msahf -mno-movbe -mno-aes -mpclmul -mpopcnt -mno-abm -mno-lwp -mno-fma -mno-fma4 -mno-xop -mno-bmi -mno-bmi2 -mno-tbm -mavx -mno-avx2 -msse4.2 -msse4.1 -mno-lzcnt -mno-rtm -mno-hle -mno-rdrnd -mno-f16c -mno-fsgsbase -mno-rdseed -mno-prfchw -mno-adx -mfxsr -mmxsave -mxsaveopt --param l1-cache-size=32 --param l1-cache-line15:13
frinnst-size=64 --param l2-cache-size=3072 -mtune=corei7-avx15:13
frinnstoops, bit long15:13
frinnstanways, thats what its built with15:13
Romsternot everyone wants to build large slow packages15:17
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diverse< teK_> fucking Americans :D16:03
diversegood to know we are so well thought of by Germans16:04
leo-unglaubdiverse, well you cannot say that your government is currently really pushing the limits ;)16:05
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diverseOh I know full well, but whenever I bitch about my government, there is always some foreigner telling me their government sucks more, sigh.16:06
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leo-unglaubdiverse, not any more ;)16:08
greduancan Switzerland be written as Suisse?16:08
diverseleo-unglaub: you live in Austria, so how is the government there?16:10
leo-unglaubdiverse, really bad ... but we dont drone strike children or torture people anymore16:10
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diversesigh and always "boots on the ground" and excessive military spending because we are trolled by middle eastern extremists16:13
leo-unglaubdiverse, can you blame them? you have raided there countries for the last 100 years ... i would be pissed to16:14
diverseno, that's different, and you can't associate a group of people to these assholes or else they win. The problem is we shouldn't have gone to war with them in the first place.16:15
leo-unglaubindeed, i fully agree with you. you should have never went to war with them16:16
diversethis is why it's more accurate to call them extremists, because not all middle easterners are like them.16:16
leo-unglaubonly the ones your government financed ;)16:18
leo-unglauband thanks to all the weapons your government has "forgotton" down there now IS has a lot of firepower16:18
leo-unglaubgood job obama ..16:18
diversebut our congress filled with really old white males who pretty much control the president are always trolled by these extremists groups and therefore their brain dead reaction is "Oh, lets go to war! Rawr rawr rawr! Boots on the ground! Bomb everything in site!"16:20
diverseinstead there isn't enough spending here, and therefore our education, medicare, infrustrature are slowly falling apart. This is how they win.16:22
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diverseleo-unglaub: also you can't pinpoint everything on obama, it's much more complicated than that.16:31
diverseanyway, while I do sound like I know a fair amount about US politics, I hate it with a passion.16:34
diverseI guess my talk has killed other discussions17:18
diverseleo-unglaub: how are the xfce ports doing?17:19
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koriyou guys ever feel that some program's makefile is so shitty you'd rather cc the program manually?17:34
leo-unglaubkori, every time i compile something :)17:39
leo-unglaubkori, have you ever seen a "good" makefile?17:42
diversebased on what I know about him, that would be a "no" and he hates autotools.17:44
leo-unglaubhehe, i fully understand him17:45
leo-unglaubautotools ..17:46
diverseI'm also starting to see more projects migrate away from make to something like cmake17:46
leo-unglaubi actually dont think cmake is better ...17:47
leo-unglaubit just "hides" a lot of the problems away17:47
diverseso, you have any build systems you prefer?17:51
leo-unglaubdiverse, sadly no :(17:51
leo-unglaubbut for my projects i just gcc it all together in a simple shell file17:52
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nwehas someone get rmi4 + dell xps to work?19:13
nwermi4 (new synaptic touchpad driver..)19:13
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koridiverse: you were almost right, haha19:46
korithe answer would be, "no, but I've seen a non-crap makefile"19:47
koriand yes, I still hate autotools19:47
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retardwho the fuck doesn't hate autotools20:12
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teK_I know it's redundant but I sometimes use this alias..20:20
teK_autofuck='aclocal && autoheader && libtoolize --copy --automake && automake --copy --add-missing  && autoconf'20:20
jawbothat _is_ an autofuck20:21
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teK_diverse: don't worry I am not generalizing :)20:24
tilmanteK_: uh, shouldn't "autoreconf -i" be equivalent to that?20:25
teK_I stole that from someone with a lot more autotools foo than I can claim to have20:26
teK_always worked for me, and yes I do believe it's redundant20:26
teK_I don't really care20:26
tilmanif you changed it to the simpler command you'd have nothing to bitch about anymore :)20:27
teK_coming from someone not maintaining ports anymore20:28
teK_I fiddled with already created configure scripts more than once20:29
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