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rx9pWhen I run "prt-get sysup", gobject-introspection fails to build00:43
rx9pJust a sec00:44
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rx9pNah, wait00:45
rx9pIt seems like it's xorg.00:46
rx9pkori: Haha00:46
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rx9p"Listed files already installed"00:47
rx9pHow can I override with -f?00:47
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rx9pThere is a footprint mismatch with gobject-introspection00:49
rx9pxorg updated with prt-get sysup -f00:51
rx9p(which it asked me to do)00:51
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leo-unglaubgood evening00:53
rx9pleo-unglaub: good evening00:54
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rx9pIf it's not too much trouble there is an error in the building of gobject-introspection00:54
leo-unglaubrx9p, in what package?00:55
leo-unglaubäh, i mean, what kind of error00:55
rx9pLet me see00:55
rx9pERROR: Footprint mismatch found:00:55
rx9pthe files it lists are00:55
leo-unglaubare files missing or new files added?00:56
rx9pAnd friends00:56
leo-unglaubrx9p, could you please pastbin the entire error?00:56
cruxbot[xfce.git/3.1]: xfce4-time-out-plugin: Update to 1.0.201:00
cruxbot[xfce.git/3.1]: xfce4-time-out-plugin: Fix the dependencies01:03
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rx9pAre these things logged somewhere?01:07
leo-unglaubrx9p, just in your terminal scrollback01:08
leo-unglaubbut you can remove the package and rebuild it01:08
rx9pI know01:08
cruxbot[xfce.git/3.1]: xfce4-smartbookmark-plugin: Update to 0.4.601:10
leo-unglaubrx9p, thanks, that "error" is actually okay01:19
leo-unglaubit means that there is stuff on your computer that does not exist or is necesarry on the maintainers version01:19
leo-unglaubas long as the footprint missmatch is adding stuff you can ignore it01:19
rx9pIt seemed so01:19
rx9pleo-unglaub: Thanks!01:20
leo-unglaubjust add -if to you prt-get sysup01:20
rx9pAlrighty, thanks!01:20
rx9pTime to fix Xorg01:20
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cruxbot[xfce.git/3.1]: xfce4-panel: Remove an old patch for #896001:22
leo-unglaubXorg would be Romster01:22
cruxbot[xfce.git/3.1]: xfce4-panel: Cleanup the Pkgfile01:32
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Romsterrx9p, PKGMK_IGNORE_NEW="yes" in /etc/pkgmk.conf01:50
cruxbot[xfce.git/3.1]: xarchiver: Cleanup the Pkgfile01:50
cruxbot[xfce.git/3.1]: xarchiver: Update to 0.5.401:50
Romsterodd though i got Python listed on gobject-introspection01:50
Romsterhas anyone noticed more and more ports are gaining more dependencies in the past year or few.01:52
leo-unglaubRomster, yeah :(01:54
leo-unglaubbecause most of those libs are affected by gnome developers :/01:54
leo-unglaubthey just mash all things together01:55
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greduandang gnome devs02:02
leo-unglaubgreduan, well, thats why there is xfce :)02:04
leo-unglaubnow we need only someone to work on gtk2 and we are fine :)02:04
greduanMATE is better than XFCE though02:05
leo-unglaubgreduan, some parts are, yes02:06
leo-unglaubsome are not02:06
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leo-unglaubMATE Pdf Viewer is awesome and also the archiver02:06
greduanit's faster02:06
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leo-unglaubgreduan, yes, xfce is faster02:07
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leo-unglaubthats why mate has more features02:07
greduannono, MATE is faster02:08
greduanpeople have done some tests and MATE runs faster on old computers than XFCE02:09
greduanor so I've heard02:09
greduanI don't have a computer old enough to notice a difference02:09
leo-unglaubno, that is wrong02:09
leo-unglaubxfce and xlde are the fastest ones02:09
leo-unglaubmate uses a lot more ram02:09
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greduanfrom when is that?02:10
leo-unglaubthe funny part there ist unity *g*02:10
leo-unglaubthe version numbers are listet02:11
leo-unglaubmiddle 201402:11
leo-unglaubi mean the entire "faster" competition is stupid02:11
leo-unglaubbut for low hardware xfce is always better02:11
leo-unglaubbecause it comes without all that bload in the libraries02:11
leo-unglaubyou see that very well when you compate the xfce settingsd compared to the mate settingsd02:12
greduanI heard the MATE being faster/lighter thing in a recent podcast, like from a couple weeks ago02:13
greduanCoer Radio to be specific, from the JB guys02:13
leo-unglaubagain, fast i relativ and i really love mate02:14
leo-unglaubbut when it comes to resources and old hardware you definitifly want xfce over mate02:14
leo-unglaubspecially compated thunar and caja02:14
leo-unglaubbut caja is also able to do soo much more02:14
leo-unglaubthunar has no window split, no recrusive permissions, ... notrhing02:15
leo-unglaubcaja can do all that and even more02:15
leo-unglaubthunar just got tab support one year ago *g*02:15
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deus_exif I understand man udev correctly, rules provided by eudev go to /lib/udev, and other, provided by port,  go to /etc/udev?06:46
deus_exsame for scripts?06:46
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Romsterasi see it to /etc/udev/rules.d/ unless they are installed by a package to /lib/udev/rules.d/07:52
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: ffmpeg-compat: 0.10.14 -> 0.10.1507:54
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: inkscape: fix for poppler-glib, thank you for reporting Daniel Kruszyna07:54
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cruxbot[core.git/3.1]: wget: update to 1.16.308:27
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rmullIs it possible to pass kernel module parameters to kernel modules that are built in?12:49
rmullI haven't googled. I should just google.12:49
rmullIs it normal if I ctrl-C in the middle of a sysup, I get the prompt back but right afterwards =======> ERROR: Interrupted gets printed to the console after my prompt?12:54
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greduangood morning13:11
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greduanmorning jawbo13:38
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: gobject-introspection: fix fooptrint14:40
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: wine: update mono and gecko versions14:52
Romsteruploading wine for those that don't want to rebuild
greduanwhat's the CRUX sysconfdir? as in the ./configure --sysconfdir=boop15:10
jawbousually /etc15:10
greduanso /etc is fine?15:10
jawboyeah? it's your system though, so do what you like :)15:11
jawbojust don't package that way hehe15:11
greduanyeah it's for a port. lol15:13
greduanthe example it gives is --sysconfdir=/etc/xdg15:13
greduanvte port won't compile15:16
greduanwhat terminal do you guys use?15:17
jawboi use rxvt-unicode15:17
jawboi also used termite for a bit, but urxvt is a bit more portable, extensible with perl, etc.15:18
greduanyeah I think I'll give in to the urxvt just cause it's all over the place15:18
greduanI wanted to compile lilyterm15:18
jawboit's really nice actually, and z3bra has the port for urxvt-perls (although it's not _really_ necessary) which give some nice copy/paste, url select keybinds15:19
greduanI'd stick with st but it givse me trouble with bitmap fonts and alsamixer15:20
jawboi liked termite for the font rendering, not having to deal with Xdefaults, and quick and easy config, but it's based on vte100 (patched version at that) and has some weird, inexplicable issues i didn't feel like getting into15:20
jawbolike if i had a full screen term with termite in one monitor, then scrolled with another monitor, termite would redraw itself over and over, then crash15:21
jawbobut termite has a great url select mode15:21
greduanI see15:22
greduanI can't compile vte so I can't use the vte terminals15:22
jawboRomster has vte ports (i believe, can't look at the moment) - they build fine for me15:24
frinnsty u no compile vte?15:24
frinnstwhats wrong?15:24
jawboin motherland, vte compiles you15:25
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: [notify] chromium: updated to 41.0.2272.7615:49
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frinnstyay, fuck clang \o/ :D15:55
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z3brahi all!16:40
rexichhello :316:51
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greduanhey guys17:17
greduanI'm having trouble connecting to wifi17:17
greduanI'm using Ethernet for this17:17
greduanas in, using ethernet to send these messages17:17
greduanrunning dhcpcd gives me the following:
greduan`dhcpcd wlan0` I mean17:21
greduanwpa_supplicant ran fine17:21
z3brais your driver loaded?17:23
greduanI just suspended and moved to a new location17:23
greduanto which I've never connected17:23
z3braso you need to add the network to your wpa conf17:24
z3bra(the ssid at least)17:24
greduanI did (in it's own file) and ran `wpa_supplicant -b -iwlan0 -c/etc/wpa_supplicant/pizza.conf` and it ran fine17:24
z3brado you have wifi-tools installed?17:26
jaegertry running dhcpcd with '-C wpa_supplicant', perhaps. Might be that dhcpcd's wpa_supplicant hook clobbers your pizza.conf17:26
jaegernot the file but the process17:26
jaegerdon't know what causes the "failed to parse id: 's'" messages or if it's related17:27
greduanjaeger: well this time it didn't give me the failed to parse id with the flag you told me17:27
greduanit still timed out though17:27
greduanI'm pretty sure the file should be OK17:27
greduanlet me see17:27
greduanwhat's the name of this kind of password? 1a06faf709, can I use psk="1a06faf709" or should I use something else?17:28
greduanwith something else I mean not psk17:29
jaegerdoes the wireless network use WEP instead of WPA?17:29
jaegerIf it does, wpa_supplicant shouldn't be used at all17:30
greduanwhat should be used?17:30
jaegerjust iwconfig and dhcpcd17:30
greduantime to learn iwconfig17:31
z3braiwlist scan17:32
z3braand see what pops out17:32
greduanlotsa stuff`17:32
z3bragrep the SSID you're targetting17:32
z3brato see if you can access it at least :)17:33
greduangrep gives me output but what I grepped or ain't anywhere in the output. lol17:33
greduanoh gotta make it case insensitive17:34
greduanyep the ESSID is there17:34
greduanjust a sec17:34
greduanthe SSID was not Infinitumetc it was INFINITUMetc17:36
greduanshould have known17:36
greduannow I know17:36
greduanthanks a bunch guys17:36
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juejaeger: the 'failed ..' error message is caused by a regression of util-linux' 2.26 logger ->
jaegergood to know, thanks17:46
juebut it's not the reason for the above problem17:46
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greduanback at home18:04
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pidsleygreduan: are you here?21:56
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greduanwhat did you want to say about my grammar the other day?21:57
pidsleynot much21:58
greduanoh ok21:58
pidsleyjust joking21:58
greduanwhat's up?21:58
pidsleybut diverse bitched about people whining about grammar and spelling, so i won't say much more about it21:58
greduanoh diverse21:59
greduangrammar and spelling are one thing21:59
greduanwhich words you use is another21:59
pidsleyfor some of these guys english is a second language, and they write better than many english speakers i know22:00
pidsleyso i can't really complain22:00
pidsleywell, i can, but i won't :)22:01
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greduanEnglish is my second language22:02
pidsleywhat is your first?22:03
greduanalthough at this point it's more of my first language cause I use it more than Spanish22:03
greduanSpanish is my first22:03
greduanJapanese is my third :P22:03
pidsleyi should learn spanish, being an american :)22:03
greduanI can teach you if you want, but don't worry about it :)22:04
pidsleyi can mostly read spanish, and any other romance language22:04
greduanIs Spanish romantic?22:04
pidsleybut can't speak it22:04
greduanI know Mexican Spanish22:05
pidsleythat is what is spoken here22:05
pidsleyi want to learn Latin22:05
pidsleyjust because22:05
retardlearn pig latin22:06
greduanyou live in a place where they speak Mexican Spanish?22:06
pidsleyi live on the west coast of the US, and there are a lot of mexican immigrants here22:07
pidsleymany asians as well22:07
greduanah ok22:07
pidsleybut i am also a medical professional, and the latin and greek roots of the words i use fascinate me22:08
pidsleyjapanese and chinese are difficult22:09
greduanJapanese spoken is very simple. It's much simpler than English IMO. But a lot of it does require you to have heard enough of it to know whtat the person meant22:09
greduanSome words may change meaning slightly depending on the context22:10
greduanOr change meaning very radically as well22:10
greduanWritten it's tricky though22:10
pidsleyand intonation, in chinese22:10
greduanIn any case Japanese is way easier than Chinese22:10
pidsleyrebuilding mesa-3d, again :(22:12
pidsleygood to know (about japanese)22:13
greduanI know enough Japanese to hold a conversation. And to watch anime without subs. That's about it.22:13
greduanI do know a lot about the culture though22:13
pidsleyand interesting that you care about english grammar when it is your second language :)22:13
pidsleyyou must really be irritated when people abuse spanish :)22:14
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pidsleyuh oh22:15
pidsleyan op22:15
pidsleyi wish i could find diverse bitching about grammar, but it is lost in the logs ;)22:15
pidsleyhe seems yo be an angry fellow (-:22:16
pidsley^to be22:16
pidsleyah found it22:18
pidsleydiverse: The whole obsession with grammar lately is getting on my nerves. For something as obscure and inconsistent as English grammer, it's pretty boring and non constructive.22:18
pidsleygreduan: did i ask you what machine you are using for crux (wait, i think i did -- an i7?)22:20
greduanIt is a Dell Vostro 1500, 2007 model. Which means it's got an Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0GHz22:24
pidsleyi love my core2duo22:25
greduansorry about the grammar stuff. It doesn't really bother me, I can't help but imagine the scenario where I tell them "it's pronounced ___ actually"22:25
greduanbut I don't do that cause that's douchey22:25
pidsleydon't apologize to me :)22:26
greduanwhen they pronounce incorrectly _other_ languages though, like Japanese. it pisses me off22:26
greduanwell I say sorry cause I left you talking alone22:26
greduanit also pisses me off how badly Japanese pronounce English22:26
pidsleyi personally think proper grammar and spelling are a sign of respect22:26
pidsleybut i understand people who think communication is a priority, and damn the grammar ;)22:28
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: monit: updated to 5.12.123:36
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