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greduanhow to fix?
greduanperhaps an unmet dependency01:09
greduantrying to build libuv btw01:10
greduanto build neovim01:10
pidsleywhere did you get the libuv port?01:15
greduanI'm making it :)01:15
pidsleyarchlinux says it needs pyhon-sphinx :
pidsleyyou might look at the arck Pkgbuild01:19
greduanI also gotta make a port for that01:20
greduanas they say, goddammit01:20
greduanthat's just for the docs01:21
pidsleydon't know then01:21
pidsleyi just use regular vim01:21
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greduanhad to apply a patch01:47
greduannow it works01:47
greduanon second though01:47
greduannever fucking mind D:01:48
greduanwhy you tease me?01:48
greduanRomster: you got any ideas?01:52
Romsternot sure what your stuck on?01:53
Romsterfor one with that much auto stuff just use autoreconf -fi01:54
greduanso which lines do I replace with that?01:55
Romstermake -V=101:55
Romstermake V=101:55
Romsterfor more verbose output01:55
Romsterall the hang on your using there autogen.sh01:56
Romsteryou didn't set the all libtoolize aclocal autoconf automake yourself?01:56
Romsteri'll try building it in a container/01:58
Romsteralso "" around url in source=() is unnecessary01:58
Romsterand you don't really need {} around version01:59
Romsteronly times you need {} on a variable if it's got a underscore after name or there are spaces in the string.01:59
greduanI know I don't need to but it's just safety01:59
Romstergithub has names now for there archives?02:00
Romsterah no there got there own server :(02:01
Romsterwant github to fix that badly02:01
Romsteri need that patch too?02:02
Romsterwhere was that from?02:02
Romstersphinx-build is needed for docs02:03
greduanthe patch is from...02:03
greduansphinx is necessary, sure, but first I wanna build the software. lol02:04
Romstercompiles without ok.02:04
Romsterrunning tests02:05
greduanwithout ok?02:05
Romsterwell we arn't on that glibc version yet02:05
Romsteri can try with the patch02:05
Romsteri'm guessing they should of added a ifdef for glibc version.02:06
Romsterso it is only works on glibc 2.20 and not earlier glibc versions02:06
Romsters/it is /it/02:06
Romster1 test failed.02:07
RomsterOutput from process `pipe_set_non_blocking`:02:07
RomsterAssertion failed in test/test-pipe-set-non-blocking.c on line 51: n == 002:07
greduanso I wonder what's wrong...02:07
greduanI guess I could try after I reboot tomorrow02:07
Romsterthere test could be wrong or it doesn't like being ran in docker. or there is a genuine error somewhere.02:09
greduanI can't even build though02:10
greduangonna compile with V=102:10
greduanand paste the sprunge02:10
Romsterpatch applied and compiled fine.02:10
Romsterrunning tests again02:10
Romsterno specal CFLAGS/CXXFLAGS/LDFLAGS in pkgmk.conf ?02:11
Romstersame test fails but probably can be ignored.02:12
Romster=======> Building '/var/ports/packages/libuv#1.4.2-1.pkg.tar.xz' succeeded.02:13
RomsterCFLAGS="-O2 -march=x86-64 -pipe" CXXFLAGS="${CFLAGS}"02:13
greduanno special flags02:15
greduanwith make V=102:16
greduanRomster: anything that stands out?02:19
greduanthat is without the patch02:19
Romsteri compiled with the patch fine too.02:20
Romsterhmm sure your tool chain isn't messed up? does other stuff compile? not using ccache/distcc ?02:21
Romstertry with -j1 or MAKEFLAGS='-j1' # although i did with -j4 just fine.02:21
greduanwill try with -j102:22
Romstersometimes a race happens if it's a poorly written Makefile02:22
greduanalso I probalby need a reboot02:22
greduanI couldn't compile another thing iirc02:23
greduanI think it was lilyterm or something I couldn't compile02:23
greduan-j1 doesn't work02:23
greduanI'll try again tomorrow after reboot02:23
Romsterk seems you got a broken system. i'd also check with revdep02:28
Romsterand if your system truely is broken mount the crux 3.1 iso and pkgadd gcc glibc binutils libmpfr libmpc libgmp02:29
Romsterthen restest02:29
Romsteryou'll want to reboot after that and sysup and revdep.02:30
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greduanrevdep was fine last time I ran it02:41
greduanI've been running it for the last 10 mins02:42
greduanI'm so tempted to switch to a binary-based distro. lol02:43
greduanVoid looks so good02:44
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diverse<pidsley> but i understand people who think communication is a priority, and damn the grammar ;)02:51
diversewell at least you understand why it's frustrating02:51
diversemy point, people are not perfect, so you can't expect perfection 100% of time.02:53
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diversethe reason I was upset about it was because I wanted it stop02:54
diversethere is nothing productive about harassing someone about how they spoke, if they are going to be a douche about it.02:56
Romsterirc isn't formal.02:56
diverseand that too02:56
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greduanRomster: revdep only returned syslinux03:25
jaegerthat's normal03:28
greduantime to sleep, see you guys :)03:29
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Romsteri got C revdep to return no errors but i had to fix thunderbird manually.03:52
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: cmake: updated to 3.2.014:43
Romstersepen virtualbox needs a bump to .2414:50
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greduanRomster: building libuv now works15:12
greduanexcept I need sphinx for the docs15:13
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greduanwhat would be the best way to have as a port dependency python-sphinx?15:17
greduanit's a build dependency to build the package's docs15:17
Romsterthat python- prefix is what arch does to all python stuff.15:20
Romstersee source is even sphinx15:21
Romsterif you really want docs15:22
crash_I have a alsa/sound problem. the module is loaded and alsamixer picks up the card and channels. i have unmuted them raised the volume did a alsactl store. But i don't get any sound when watching youtube or plays mp3 :(15:24
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greduando other applications produce noise correctly?15:24
greduanthanks Romster :)15:25
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Romsternp greduan15:25
crash_greduan, nope no application does produce sound15:25
Romstercrash_, flash/html5 ?15:26
Romstercrash_, you in the audio group?15:26
Romsteraudio video ...15:26
crash_i have only tried html5 on youtube, don't like flash :). Yes i did add my self to audio to see if that helped but no.15:26
Romsterok well i got html5 audio working are you using my firefox-gst ?15:27
Romsteror my firefox-pgo both have gstreamer enabled.15:27
crash_i'm using the firefox from opt, but maybe i should add your repo and try the gst and see if that helps.15:28
Romsteror even pkgrm firefox ; wget ; pkgadd firefox-gst#36.0-1.pkg.tar.xz15:28
jaegercrash_: I'd suggest starting at the lowest level; does aplay work?15:29
crash_jaeger, i did a aplay channel test but i heard nothing15:29
Romsteroh that isn't even working well then...15:30
Romsterthought it was jsut html5 no audio15:30
Romsterhow many sound cards do you have?15:30
Romsterlspci -k15:30
jaegercrash_: do "aplay -l" and "aplay -L" produce a proper list of devices and PCMs?15:31
Romstersee if the kernel module is loaded /sbin/lsmod15:31
crash_but it's weird if alsamixer can see the card, and i can raise/lower volume and so on. I did make .asoundrc to change the deafult order, beacuse it choosed spdif as default but now it choose the actually card.15:31
Romsteri'm gonna head to bed jaeger probably knows more.15:31
crash_sleep well :)15:32
Romsterta :)15:32
crash_jaeger, aplay -l list card 0 and card 1 and with .asoundrc i got card 1 to be default.15:33
jaegerwhat did you put into .asoundrc? Can you pastebin that?15:33
crash_jaeger, this is what i have in .asoundrc.
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jaegerdevice 1 in /proc/asound/cards matches the one you want?15:35
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crash_it seems so, beacuse before i saw spdif when i start alsamixer and now i see that other card, with Master,PCM,microphone and so on.15:36
jaegerdo you get any sound using aplay as root instead of a nonprivileged user? (keeping in mind that .asoundrc would need to be duplicated)15:38
crash_oh well now i have sound, that's weird.15:40
crash_with root15:40
greduanRomster: with the glibc patch did the tests fail for libuv??15:43
jaegercrash_: did you log out after adding your user to the audio group? also do the permissions on the sound devices look ok15:44
crash_jaeger, yes i added my self to the audio group yesterday so the computer have been restarted since then. but i will need to check the permissions.15:45
greduanhey jawbo15:46
jawbogreduan: whatup15:46
greduanjawbo: notin much15:46
jawbohow's your wednesday?15:48
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greduanjawbo: good15:49
greduanand yours?15:49
jawboeh, just pulling a massive spreadsheet together for my boss :/15:50
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crash_jaeger: now i got sound with speaker-test -c 2 with normal user, but still no sound in FF16:02
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crash_jaeger: and mpg123 gives sound when playing a .mp316:09
tilmanwhen you say "FF", you mean the flash plugin?16:10
crash_FireFox :)16:10
tilmanor are you talking about the "native" (gstreamer-based?) playback stuff?16:10
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tilmanduh ;p16:10
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tilmanwhat are you trying to play back?16:11
crash_i'm trying to get youtube HTML5 to get me sound when watching videos16:11
tilmanokay, that would be what i called "native" then16:11
crash_so i believe i need some gstreamer packages installed?16:13
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tilmancrash_: i think i have native media playback working in ff, and i don't have gstreamer packages installed o_O16:15
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crash_tilman: that's weird, it should work for me too then :)16:16
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nwecrash_: are your user added to audio group?16:46
greduannwe: IIRC he said he was and a reboot has happened since he addded himself16:46
crash_nwe: And mpg123 with the user gives sound16:48
crash_btw, errors like this is that beacuse it can't connect to the site?16:51
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nwefor me it?s working out of the box, with out any gstreamer or something too...16:53
rmullhuh, "illegal instruction" haven't seen that one before...16:54
ryuormull, is your cpu old?16:54
ryuoit could be you're trying to run something that requires a newer instruction set.16:55
crash_ryuo: maybe i should't use native in pkgmk?16:55
ryuocrash_, no idea.16:55
ryuocrash_, but that's one cause of illegal instruction.16:56
ryuoall i know is that it's generally a good idea to stick to general instructions that should be available to everything on the platform.16:57
ryuohost specific optimizations should probably be left to gentoo. :)16:58
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: alsa-lib: updated to version 1.0.2916:58
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: alsa-utils: updated to version 1.0.2916:58
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.1]: alsa-lib-32: updated to version 1.0.2916:58
crash_-march=x86_64 is the default?16:59
rmullcrash_: You'd probably be better off with -march=native17:04
crash_rmull: i have native in there now, but i thoght illegal instruction is beacuse i use native :P17:05
rmullIs it possible you have a CPU that doesn't have support for native?17:05
rmullI used to have a VIA processor that was unsupported by gcc17:05
crash_rmull: how can you check that?17:06
crash_some packages can build with native so far, just this one that's not17:06
greduancompiled neovim successfully :D17:07
greduanthe Pkgfile should work, anyone wanna try it?17:09
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rmullcrash_: Sorry, here's the most recent version:
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crash_rmull: Thanks i will look at that :)17:12
rmullWhat's your CPU?17:12
crash_it's a amd E2-xxx APU cpu in a notebook17:14
rmullcrash_: What do you get from "cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep family"17:15
rmullsorry useless use of cat, bite me17:16
crash_cpu family 22 it says17:16
rmullHm, it doesn't seem obvious that your CPU is handled properly by native17:18
rmullYou should try some more generic optimizations, rebuild the port that was giving illegal instruction, and try to rerun it17:19
rmullunless you find some discussion about it online17:19
rmullbut you can look through google for that17:19
crash_it seems my cpu is under the family Kabini and it should support SSE4 and so on17:19
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: spice-gtk: 0.27 -> 0.2822:26
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JSchilli1hey, anyone here an fgetty user? anything i should know before i replace agetty?22:46
jaegernot I22:51
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JSchilli1hmm, didn't work quite as planned :)23:02
JSchilli1fgetty started fine, but checkpassword said my passwords were incorrect. what gives?23:03
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