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pidsleyrmull: i had a similar problem when nfs-utils was upgraded to 1.3.200:05
pidsleyi had to roll it back to 1.3.1, because i was not able to upgrade the nfs-utils on my other machines (different distros)00:05
rmullpidsley: Ah okay, so it'll probably work fine once I upgrade nfs-utils on my server00:08
rmullI am in the process right now, so I'll find out soon00:08
pidsleyi think so00:08
pidsleythat's all i wanted to add; good luck00:08
rmullThanks :)00:08
pidsleylet us know what you find out00:08
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JSchilli1anyone got general/rough advice on how i should go about trying to fix the build error? i'm at a loss :(00:10
rmullThe footprint should ideally be created using a clean environment like a docker image or safecrux or something - it's possible that kori had something installed on his machine that you didn't have00:17
rmullAnd the build process detected its presence and created the extra file00:17
rmullYou should see if you can figure out what the requirements are for the build process to generate those files, and then confirm if kori meets those requirements on his build system00:18
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JSchilli1rmull: thank you. i've sent that to kori, we'll see if we can figure out what's going on00:20
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JSchilli1prologic: it seems that the file from docker has changed, i'm getting an md5 mismatch when trying to install and when i download the file from the url it matches the 'NEW' sum00:58
JSchilli1i hope i understand what i'm doing :)00:58
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korirmull: I don't think that's the case,01:12
koribut it may be01:12
prologicJSchilli1, nps I'll update it01:12
JSchilli1prologic: no, thank you01:22
koriwhat a lovely conversation01:23
JSchilli1kori: hm?01:23
rmullSuch polite young gentlemen01:23
Romstermhe, those are missing glyphs in the font01:37
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: docker: Updated md5sum for check-config.sh01:39
rmullIt's weird that umount suggests using lsof to figure out who is using a mounted filesystem, but lsof is installed by something else and is not installed by core01:40
prologicJSchilli1, done ^^^ :)01:43
JSchilli1prologic: thanks, but i'm getting another's a paste
JSchilli1ugh. i'm sorry01:48
JSchilli1i'm using btrfs right now, don't know if that's related.01:48
Romsteri'm using docker to build docker, win.01:50
Romsteri'll see if it compiles.01:50
prologicJSchilli1, do you have btrfs-progs installed?01:55
prologicI've not seen this error before01:55
korialso, have you guys heard about rancherOS01:55
JSchilli1prologic: yes01:55
koriit's a "distro" that uses docker for everything01:55
prologicyeah I know about RancherOS01:56
prologicit's quite cool really01:56
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: libass: 0.10.2 -> 0.12.101:59
koriI still laugh every time at libass' name02:00
JSchilli1kori: i don't believe you02:00
koriJSchilli1: about what02:00
JSchilli1do you really laugh every time02:01
koriI giggle every time I read "libass"02:01
Romster/usr/ports/contrib/docker/work/src/docker-1.5.0/daemon/graphdriver/btrfs/btrfs.go:8:25: fatal error: btrfs/ioctl.h: No such file or directory02:03
Romsteryeah its broken in another way02:04
koriyo prologic02:06
Romsteroops forgot docker hasn't got that installed02:06
Romstershould be listed on docker depends on.02:06
Romsteror not it doesn't actually link to it.02:07
Romster37: error: 'BTRFS_BUILD_VERSION' undeclared (first use in this function)02:08
JSchilli1is your container using btrfs?02:09
JSchilli1(right terminology?)02:09
Romsteris now that i installed it02:09
Romsterwget ; pkgadd docker#1.5.0-4.pkg.tar.gz02:11
Romsterthat should get you out of trouble.02:11
JSchilli1Romster: thank you, works02:13
prologicyou have to have btrfs-progs installed02:33
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JSchilli1prologic: I do!02:55
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nwegood morning07:06
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elderKHey guys, has anyone had any problems building talloc?08:17
elderKI keep getting weird recursion errors with DocBook.08:17
elderKI.e. Generating the man pages and suchlike08:17
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Romster=======> Building '/var/ports/packages/talloc#2.1.2-1.pkg.tar.xz' succeeded.09:05
Romsterprt-get: installing talloc 2.1.2-109:05
RomsterelderK, rejmerge after updating docbook-xml09:06
Romsterdocbook is going to drive me insane.09:06
frinnstyeah fuck docbook09:07
frinnstI package the btrfs-progs manpages in a debian vm these days09:07
Romster-_- so you never tested my changes?09:07
frinnstI did, didnt work09:07
Romstereven after the update?09:08
frinnsthave you tried building it?09:08
Romsterand rejmerge /etc/xml/09:08
frinnstim not certain but iirc09:08
Romstergtk-doc still bitches it's missing 4.3 dtd something though09:08
Romsterbefore i fixed docbook i was getting cyclic redundancy09:09
Romsterbut i never got that in the past and i had followed LFS for docbook-xml09:09
Romsterdocbook is such a royal pain why is it so complex and stupid?09:10
frinnstgo figure09:12
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rmullGood morning #crux13:44
rexichgood day, everyone :)13:58
rexichwhat's up?14:09
jaegerwork here14:10
rexichhere too. good luck at work. :)14:10
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mhewho has a link for a recent chroot install?17:19
mhelike so:17:20
mhe# mount -o loop crux-ppc-2.7.iso /mnt # cd /mnt/crux # tar xvf /mnt/crux/core/pkgutils#5.35.1-1.pkg.tar.xz usr/bin/pkgadd -O > /tmp/pkgadd # for p in core/* ; do /tmp/pkgadd -r $CHROOT $p; done17:20
mheI would like to use my i686 binaries and install those on an older i686 laptop17:22
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jaegermhe: you should be able to do the same with the i686 ISO. If you're not running setup but installing as in a chroot it's pretty much the same as what you've got there18:22
jaegermkdir -p chroot/var/lib/pkg; touch chroot/var/lib/pkg/db; for P in *.pkg.tar.xz; du pkgadd -r chroot ${P}; done - then configure/chroot into it18:22
jaegeri686 probably needs some updates, too, I should look into that18:52
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mheok thanks19:19
mheI have gcc 4.9.2 and glibc 2.2119:20
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nwegood evening21:09
onoderahi nwe21:11
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nwehow are you onodera ?21:12
onoderaokay, a bit bored21:13
nwesame as me then :p21:15
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pidsleyrmull: did you get nfs working?22:01
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.1]: libvdpau: updated to 1.123:18
rmullpidsley: I just kept using vers=4.023:40
rmullI proabbly have to upgrade my server's kernel NFS to get the newer version, right?23:41
rmullMy server is on 3.18, my client is 3.1923:42
rmullBoth machines are up to date with ports23:42
rmullI don't have v4.1 compiled into my client's kernel23:44
rmullI don't see any options for 4.223:44
pidsleyi have servers and clients still on much older versions of nfs-utils23:44
pidsleyit only broke when crux went to 1.3.223:44
pidsleyrolling it back to 1.3.1 fixed my problems23:45
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rmulloh, okay, so it's an nfs-utils issue then23:53
rmullboth my systems are 1.3.2 now23:53
pidsleyi am not sure -- i only know what worked for me23:56
pidsleycould be something else23:57
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pidsleymaybe if i used ver=4.0 i would solve my problem as well23:57
rmullThere is definitely a possibility23:59

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