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greduanthe description of this manga said something about stabbing in the back. I thought about it literally. turns out it was figuratively00:08
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Faymmhe_: I would actually recommend just installing CRUX seperately and binding it to LFS' /home; this doesn't work too well if /home is part of / though.12:27
frinnstI migrated from slackware to crux, way back when12:28
frinnstit was fun'ish12:28
frinnstyeah, adding ports, pkgutils etc. manually replacing everything with the crux ports12:29
frinnstexpect some breakage when replacing glibc :-)12:30
frinnstits probably easier to wipe all the system dirs from the filesystem and run the installer over it12:30
FaymAlso expect a bunch of cruft from the old distro to get called and break things horribly every so often.12:31
mhe_well, I have a LFS 7.5 install and I will use my own Pkgfiles for gcc, glibc and linux-headers12:33
jaegerIt's certainly doable, just be careful and back up your data first12:35
mhe_ok, that is good news12:36
mhe_I have something to try out then12:36
mhe_at the moment I am running lfs 7.5 on that machine and added pkgutils to rebuild old vulnerable software and then compiled a newer version12:37
mhe_always using instructions as in lfs book to create Pkgfiles12:37
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cruxbot[core.git/3.1]: btrfs-progs: updated to 3.19.118:32
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.1]: xorg-xcb-util-cursor: updated to 0.1.220:24
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