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cezarhi guys: - is there a way of solving the "partition does not start on physical sector boundary" error without data loss? the crux system on /dev/sdc is ok but the other disks after /dev/sdc are not recognized by crux system. I have googled and there are many topics about it but did not find a solution without data loss.02:14
jaegercezar: you could realign them with a gparted liveCD but it will take a long time to move the data around. It's just a warning, anyway, not an error02:26
jaegershould be fixed if your data is on an SSD, not as important for a spinner02:26
jaegerregarding the other disks not being accessible, are they on a separate physical controller? Might need to add support for that controller to your kernel02:29
cezarjaeger: tks jaeger and I agree when you say it is just a warning. the system is ok the only problem is that the disks after /dev/sdc are not recognized02:30
cezarmount /dev/sdd1 /mnt/sdd102:30
cezarmount: special device /dev/sdd1 does not exist02:30
cezarand /dev/sdd1 exists02:31
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jaegerwhat's the output from "lspci -k" ? pastebin that if you can02:31
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cezarno the disks are not on a separate physical controller02:37
jaegerany errors in "dmesg" about sdd? do the extra disks show in the bios?02:37
cezaryes all disks shown in the bios and sdd not mentioned by dmesg02:46
cezarsde is the last disk and it is not recognized either02:49
cezarmount /dev/sde1 /mnt/sde102:49
cezarmount: mount point /mnt/sde1 does not exist02:49
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jaegerweird, no idea there, sorry03:38
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frinnstcezar: what does fdisk -l /dev/sdd say ?09:04
cezar frinnst: tks and sorry delay. 00:09:51-root@crux:~$09:34
cezarfdisk -l /dev/sdd09:34
cezarfdisk: cannot open /dev/sdd: No such file or directory09:34
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frinnstso yeah, seems like you have some problems with the controller09:57
frinnsteither very buggy or something else is wrong09:57
cezaryeah frinnst I will experiment with the cables and so on this weekend. but by what I have read the solution may result in data loss10:12
cezarfrinnst: tks have a nice day if I manage to solve I will inform10:13
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pitillohey, which was the util to look for files not installed by ports?13:23
greduanI would tell you if I knew13:27
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joacimpitillo: prtorphan maybe.15:53
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pitillojoacim: prtorphan looks for ports (installed but not in ports tree). I don't remember who wrote a util which looked for files outside installed ports17:13
joacim-d option17:24
joacimyou can give it a directory and it'll list the files that are not a part of an installed port17:24
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elvenmanany tips when to install the crux of a gigabyte J1900N-D3V?18:11
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jaegerelvenman: unless it has some unusual hardware it's probably just going to work fine19:37
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