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pitillojoacim: thank you very much, that's what I missed00:00
koriso, what's cooking in the CRUX world?00:04
greduanlol pitillo00:10
greduanyour name00:10
greduanit _could_ translate to tiny penis in Mexican Spanish (not sure about Spainish)00:11
korithat's interesting00:12
pitilloin spanish is like cigarrette greduan :)00:12
greduanthat too00:12
greduanthough I haven't heard it here in Mexico00:12
greduankori: that's not actually word, I was just too lazy to type Spain Spanish00:13
Romsterpitillo, romster/pkg-not00:27
koriabout to finish packaging racket00:28
korithis is a first!!!!!00:28
korimore exclusive packages is always fun.00:28
Romsterpkg-not scans / or given directory for files not tracked by pkgutils00:29
Romsterkori, nice00:30
Romsteri'm keeping to docker but i've been reading that racket was what docker first set out to be00:30
koriRomster: are we confusing ourselves here?00:30
kori this is what I'm porting00:31
Romsterah crap rocket not racket sorry00:31
onoderasomeone made a crux docker repo on github00:32
Romsteryeah prologic00:32
onodera not exactly sure what it does but yeah00:33
Romsteri'm using crux/base as a starting point for mine00:33
Romsterhow many languages do we bloody need -_-00:39
koriat least a billion00:39
Romsterworst part is how to you interface each of them00:40
Romsterproject a uses foo project b uses bar... not compatible.00:41
koriwhen are you guys gonna let us edit the wiki00:42
Romsterit should be editable now.00:42
Romsterthe user side anyways there is two sides of the wiki00:42
korioppa it is00:42
Romsteryou can tell the difference between the background colour00:43
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koriI'll try tomorrow00:55
Romsterthe joys00:55
Romsteror it's a compiler fault.00:55
koripossibly a compiler fault00:55
korinot sure00:56
jawboi was reading on the arch ml there's a bug in the gcc version00:57
jawbo*one of many*00:58
Romsterwhat gcc verison and what bug?00:59
koriRomster: oh it was when I was compiling racket01:00
jawboone sec01:00
korishame it took so long01:00
korioh poop you were talking to jawbo01:00
korimy bad01:00
jawbolooks like gcc 4.9.201:02
jawbo4.9.2-3 i believe01:03
Romsterah wont affect us then01:03
Romsterthis is why we lag behind on gcc01:03
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jawboi like the rolling release model, except for the core libraries and utilities01:05
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jawborunning arch bugged me about that (pun intended)01:06
onoderaI never had any problems with arch01:06
onoderaneither will crux tho01:06
Romsterat least in gentoo you can hold back to a older gcc verison01:06
onoderaarch is a binary distro though01:07
Romsteryou can compile source on arch too.01:07
jawboyeah, it's just not quite as clean01:08
jawboand you end up with having to maintain your own ever-widening group of packages01:08
jawboalthough, adding unique "Group" to the PKGBUILD was a nice feature to their packaging01:08
Romsterwhich is they they come to crux01:08
jawbothat's why i came01:08
Romstercrux is a bit of effort though01:09
jawboeh, only if you don't enjoy the journey01:09
onoderaIt's a lot less effor once everything is set up imo01:09
onoderaand I actually like fixing issues and tinkering with my system01:09
onoderaso it doesn't matter either way01:09
jawboi think that's one thing that's difficult to get across, how easy it is once you have it running01:09
Romsterits only as much effort as you make it.01:10
jawboa friend of mine brought his laptop with Linux Mint, it was going haywire when he tried to share the screen on my television01:10
jawbothere's no real way to debug that01:10
jawboi started trying to troubleshoot, but when you only know 10% of what's on the system, you might as well wait for it to be fixed and handed to you01:11
Romsterrecompile with -g and oh wait it's binary01:11
Romstertheyusualyl have a foo-debug or somethng symbol add on package01:11
onoderawhat does -g do?01:11
Romstergcc -g01:11
Romsterdebug symbols01:11
Romsterman gcc01:12
jawbogcc --fix-this-now-thx01:12
onoderagcc: no problem01:12
onoderaRomster: doing that right now :p01:12
Romsterthen backtraces are more meanigning ful01:13
Romsteryou may want todo -O0 as well.01:13
Romster-ggdb is also handy at times01:15
Romsteroh and don't strip the binaries01:18
Romster.nostrip or the option in pkgmk.conf but only do that for debugging.01:19
frinnstor you could enable nostrip, forget about it for ~6 months and then rebuild all installed ports01:24
frinnstfirefox will take ~1.5gb diskspace :)01:24
Romsterhaha why is my files so big01:24
jawbofirefox must be bloat now....01:27
pitillothank you Romster01:27
Romsterpitillo, no problem01:28
Romsterpitillo, just be careful of config and cache files etc that are made from the programs01:29
Romsterif you go to feed pkg-not to rm01:29
pitilloonly to get info, no problem in that sense01:30
Romsterits good for seeing if you got left over junk though01:31
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.1]: xorg-xf86-input-evdev: 2.9.1 -> 2.9.205:08
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.1]: xorg-xf86-input-synaptics: 1.8.1 -> 1.8.205:08
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.1]: atk-32: 2.14.0 -> 2.16.005:12
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.1]: gnutls-32: 3.2.20 -> 3.3.1305:12
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: xterm: updated 31708:34
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greduanCrux is cool20:21
greduanthough it is sometimes a bit tedious to try out stuff, cause you gotta compile stuff20:21
greduanAlso, Tox is really cool20:21
onoderamost packages compile in seconds for me20:21
onoderabesides the really big ones20:22
greduanyou guys and your awesome multicore CPUs20:22
greduanjust a sec I gotta reboot20:22
onoderais tox still being developed?20:22
greduanTox is still alive for sure20:22
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onoderaI stopped following it when there was some dev drama a few months ago20:22
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onoderakonbanwa arian0n20:24
arian0nhi onodera20:25
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greduanIt's interesting to be at that point where graphical installers are more confusing than manual installs. lol20:26
greduanreally wanna try Void Linux20:26
FaymOoooh, looks interesting20:27
onoderaz3bra uses/used it20:27
greduanyeah I think he uses it in one of his many computers20:28
arian0nI'm having some issues setting up internet on my crux VM, see pic:
greduanarian0n: what's the problem?20:28
arian0nIt's likely qemu being weird20:28
arian0ndhcpcd gives me a strange IP that doesn't look valid, and I can't connect to the internet20:29
arian0nonodera, nothing happens when I start /etc/rc.d/lo20:30
greduanthat IP looks like a valid IPv4 IP?20:30
arian0noh but the IP that dhcpcd gives me here on Arch is in the 198.173.something.something20:31
arian0nit's likely to be an issue with qemu not being able to connect to the internet, I'll try with virtualbox20:31
greduanCMake Error: The following variables are used in this project, but they are set to NOTFOUND.20:41
greduanPlease set them or make sure they are set and tested correctly in the CMake files:20:41
greduanis that the p5-text-iconv port?20:42
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greduanman that package needs to be updated20:44
greduanshit I forgot the command to search the CRUX ports database20:52
onoderaports -l | grep blabla?20:58
onoderaor the actrual online portdb?20:59
greduangonna compile the kernel21:12
greduanafter a month I already forgot everything21:12
greduanmake mrproper21:13
greduancopy my config...21:13
greduanmake old config21:13
onoderawhat does mrproper do?21:15
onoderaI've seen it a few times when using gentoo21:15
hnodeI was reading that onodera21:15
onoderabut on grux I just make menuconfig, modules_install, all and install21:15
hnodemakes the same as make clean plus remove .config dependencys etc21:15
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greduanthen make menuconfig21:18
hnodeI'm not sure if my kernel config is correct, so much stuff :)21:18
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arian0nmrproper is usally a make directive that cleans up "harder" than make clean21:21
greduanand it seems to be recommended to run every time you compile the kernel21:26
greduanalso, where are the drivers for laptop speakers?21:27
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Rotwanghi guys21:30
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greduanhey Rotwang21:30
Rotwang#crux got bigger I see21:30
Rotwanggood good21:30
onoderawhat's the usual nick count?21:31
arian0nalright, it was indeed QEMU that refused to give me internets21:32
arian0nI guess I have no excuse now but to install crux tonight21:32
arian0nwell if it worked automagically on a virtual machine I guess it should work great on the bare metal :P21:35
greduancompilin 3.1921:39
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greduank kernel is compiled and installed, I'll get to test it when I boot tomorrow22:04
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