IRC Logs for #crux Sunday, 2015-03-29

koriRomster: can you make a clang package? I can't compile it and I reeally need clang right now00:29
Romsterk can't see why it's not compilable.00:29
koriRomster: my fan is broken so my CPU overheats on large compiles :<00:30
Romsterthat's nasty. building clang00:31
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Romsterhow can you work like that get a new fan00:48
koriRomster: wanna hear the funnies thing ever? I never realized my chassis doesn't actually have a fan00:49
koriand my CPU fan is working properly00:49
koriso yes, I have no idea what's wrong00:50
Romsterremove the cpu heatsink get new thermal paste00:50
koriohhh thermal paste00:50
korithat might be it00:50
Romsterclean it off then new paste00:50
korifor now, I just improved the airflow00:50
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Romsteri'm using artic silver00:50
korihaving a chassis fan could be cool tho00:51
Romsterits conductive so careful where it goes00:51
Romsterand yes get some case fans00:51
Romstershould at lest have 200:51
Romsterone in the front sucking in over the hard disks and one in the back blowing out00:51
greduanI have never replaced the termalpaste on this laptop. Actually last time I did it was like... 2-4 years ago when I applied for the warranty00:52
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Romstercan on some cases have one on the left side sucing in to blow over the cpu too00:52
greduanthis CPU stays really damn cool for some reason00:52
greduanthermal paste*00:52
Romsteralso you could get a bigger heat pipe cooled cooler00:52
joacimi just use the random paste that comes with my cooler00:53
Romsterwith a 120mm fan if you got the room00:53
Romstermost of it is pretty good00:53
joacimstill havent emptied the tube that came with my 212 evo00:53
joacimgreduan: laptop. might just be dust, or maybe the fan has stopped. does the fan run at all?00:54
joacim"fixed" a lot of seized laptop fans with a drop of sowing machine oil.00:55
greduanjoacim: it runs when I'm compiling for hours, but it's pretty cool overall. Actually I've been compiling for... like 2 hours and it's quite cool00:55
greduanI often open up this laptop and clean the hell out of it though...00:55
kori`sensors` reports the same temperature every time00:55
joacimoh you werent the one dealing with overheating00:55
greduanjoacim: no it was kori00:55
joacimyeah your nicks are so similar00:55
korijoacim: yeah ;)00:56
greduanyeah I know00:56
koriI almost confuse myself every time I read greduan's messages00:56
joacimcia playing tricks on you00:56
koriRomster: I'm going to try compiling clang00:56
korito see what happens00:56
koricompilation started a couple mins ago00:56
Romsterthe way clang and llvm is, ccache don't help that much00:58
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greduanall right sysup has finished01:39
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greduanoh yeah today I got something from fsck telling me that it's been like 30 boots since it checked it or something like that02:26
greduancan I fix that somehow?02:26
greduanor is it good if it stays like that?02:26
arian0nalright I'm kind of getting a hand of using ports and what not02:31
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arian0nthat's fucked, fsck should be ran on a filesystem during boot up02:32
greduanI'm not entirely sure of the message it gave me02:33
greduancause it was this morning and I forgot until now02:34
greduanI just wanted to check if you guys knew what I was talking about02:34
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: ipmiview (NEW): a management software program based on the IPMI specification03:32
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: zfs (NEW): Combined filesystem and logical volume manager from Sun Microsystems/Oracle03:32
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.1]: mesa3d: 10.5.1 -> 10.5.205:09
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.1]: mesa3d-32: 10.5.1 -> 10.5.205:30
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arian0naitey, time to burn a crux CD (living without a usb drive is a nightmare)12:50
tilmanare you from the past? ;)12:53
arian0nna, i'm poor ;_;13:07
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koriwoah wait what? zfs port?14:45
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onoderaif I have 4 cores should I use j4 or j5?16:44
FaymIt's CPU count + Core Count, so 5.16:45
greduanwow really?16:45
onoderathanks, that's what I have been doing for a while now16:45
onoderabut someone said this ona forum:16:45
greduanso an Intel Core 2 Duo should use 3 instead of 2?16:45
onodera>This has been shown several times to offer no increase in performance and occasionally a decrease. You should use as many threads as you have cores (including hyperthreaded cores). Not more.16:45
greduanI always did that, for safety16:46
greduanwhat onodera said16:46
jaegerIt makes very little practical difference, frankly16:46
jaeger4 makes a large difference from 1, 5 makes very little difference from 416:47
greduanwhat was the thing to add to pkgmk.conf so that it would change the priority of the compiling process?16:47
onoderadoes anyone here use any CFLAGS besides -02 (and -march=native & -pipe)?16:49
greduanI just use -march=core2 instead of native16:50
arian0nmore than that sounds is likely placebo or fucking up your packages16:50
arian0nhint hint, you don't want to use -ffast-math or -Ofast, ever16:50
arian0ngreduan, for your machine, -march=native is the same as -march=core216:51
greduanarian0n: I realize that, but I just feel cooler using core2. lol16:51
arian0nstronk placebo m816:51
arian0n-O3 master race for 0.04% speed improvement16:52
jaegerI use the default flags16:52
greduanonodera: so where did you get your name again?16:52
arian0ndamn the first time I read that site I didn't think much of it16:53
onoderaonodera: nickname? from the manga oyasumi punpun16:53
arian0nbut now that I'm re-reading it... jesus fucking christ16:53
onoderaeh I just replied to myself lol, @greduan16:53
greduanonodera: lol16:54
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lmarieHi hurry on this..exiftool footprint shows missing looking for perl 5.16
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lmarieperl 5.18 is installed.  Thanks!17:42
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arian0nthat was strange17:43
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pidsleyhey romster22:20
pidsleyyou working on sunday?22:20
Workstermonday now22:20
pidsleystill sunday here :)22:21
pidsleyhow is the future?22:21
pidsleysorry stupid joke i use with others on another channel22:23
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Worksterhehe same as what 2 hours ago22:32
Workstererr 12 or so22:32
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pidsleyWorkster: you are in australia?22:39
pidsleyon the leading edge of the dateline :)22:54
pidsleyi have a friend in china, he tells me about tomorrow, but you get it even before him :)22:54
Worksterfunny that i am in the leading edge group23:17
Worksterpty ltd23:17
pidsleyyou have to worry about falling off the bottom of the world though23:21
pidsleyand the kangaroos23:21
pidsleythey are mean23:21
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Worksteryeah also they are like a brick wall hit one of them in a car and it can total it23:42
Worksterdoesnot help they run out on the road when they would of been better off staying on the side of the road where they were23:43
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pidsleythat is like squirrels here, but they won't total your car when you hit them23:54
pidsleyi think the squirrels dare each other to run in front of cars23:55
pidsleymaybe the kangaroos do this too23:58

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