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pidsleywb tilman00:20
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woopHow would I go about updating a CRUX system?00:21
greduanGuest32391: ports -u00:21
greduanprt-get sysup00:21
greduanunless you also need to update the kernel in which case you gotta compile the new kernel00:22
jaegerhe's long gone, heh00:24
greduankeep finding reasons to use that now that I know about it. lol00:25
pidsleyi have a script for all of that, except for rejmerge and revdep00:28
greduanI do it manually00:29
pidsleythat works too :)00:29
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pidsleyports -u, prr-get sysup, prtwash -a00:32
pidsley^prt-get sysup00:32
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greduanwhat's prtwash for?00:40
korigreduan: it's for port laundering00:42
korito turn your dirty drug ports into taxable, clean ports00:43
kori       prtwash - a script to clean the port dirs in CRUX Linux.00:43
koriman 1 prtwash00:43
greduanwell yeah but what effect does it have?00:43
greduanlike does it cleanup the db or what?00:44
korigreduan: you should read the manpage :D00:44
greduanman some of that stuff can be radical00:46
greduanwhat'd be cool would be an interactive port cleanup00:48
pidsleykori :)00:48
greduanwhere it just skips everything in core00:48
pidsleywrite one!00:48
greduanand then for every port you have installed outside of core it tells you what it is, it's dependencies, what ports depend on it, and then asks you if you want to keep it or throw it away00:48
greduanand its size00:48
pidsleyscript that00:48
greduanmaybe someday00:49
greduanonce I'm bored enough. lol00:49
pidsleyman prtwash00:55
pidsleynot interactive, but useful00:56
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greduana lot of patches and diffs got deleted01:05
greduanwith -a01:05
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pidsleygreduan: yes, that is the point01:08
pidsleyminor cleaning, you can get more with some of the other options01:10
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jaegeroften patches get left in the ports tree after they're no longer needed01:11
greduanI see01:11
jaegerso prtwash removes them but they'll be redownloaded when ports are updated01:11
greduanso what's the point of cleaning them?01:11
jaegerno real point for those specifically but it also cleans unused source archives, packages, whatever else might be in there01:12
greduanI see01:12
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nilpRomster: does downloading utf8proc work for you? pretty sure the website's changed hands.05:53
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nilpteK_ your the maintainer of libreoffice right? it seems to have a new dependancy of krb507:12
Romsterhmm look into it after i eat07:13
Romsterif you revdep -vv libreoffice07:13
Romsterthen ldd on each of the libs with errors and then see prt-get fsearch foo07:14
Romsteryou'll find there is more than just krb507:14
nilpokay, revdep?07:19
Romsterprt-get fsearch revdep07:20
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nilpahh, never new about fsearch. that seems rather useful.07:22
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Romsternilp, utf8proc updated07:32
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frinnstwow, chromium is shiit12:34
frinnstone window open with one tab: 100% cpu12:34
frinnstand 1gig ram12:34
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onoderadoes anyone here use a browser that is not ff or chrome*12:50
frinnststill the same shit but in a different wrapper12:53
FaymThen have fun with Linx12:55
FaymOr w3c12:55
arian0nff and chrome are the same shit?13:05
arian0ntoppest kek13:05
onoderahe meant uzbl -> webkit prob13:06
arian0nI sure hope so13:07
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frinnstno but there are pretty much just two engines, gecko and webkit13:42
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frinnsthm, is still overloaded?13:52
arian0nloads for me13:55
frinnstah there we go13:56
frinnsttested last week from work and it was overloaded then13:56
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greduanmorning guys14:06
greduanjawbo says this channel is down?14:15
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: libreoffice: add krb5 dependency18:12
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