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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: zfswatcher: Added zfs as a dep00:40
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: zfs-git: Fixed dependency on spg-git00:40
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prologicSo I want to split a string on/ in bash03:36
prologicbut the usual ways of doing this fail for me for some reason or another03:36
prologice.g: foo="foo/bar"; tokens=(${foo//\// }) does not work for me03:37
prologicneither does using IFS and read03:37
prologicany thoughts/ideas?03:37
koriprologic: echo $foo | sed "s:/: :"03:39
prologichmm yeah ok03:40
prologicthen to process it as an array?03:41
prologic[01;djangoupgrade [ec2-user@application-application ~]$ ./ branch/django-upgrade03:43
prologicno workie workie03:43
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KittyKattHey there! screenfetch dev here. Wanted an opinion of the CRUX users I could find. How does this look?
KittyKattMy color scheme isn't that great on this machine, but that lighter blue is supposed to be white.04:49
jaegerheh, nice :)04:54
KittyKattGood representation of the original logo?04:54
jaegerseems pretty good for ascii, yeah04:59
KittyKattI make them all myself, so that's good.04:59
KittyKattI try to stay as close to the original image as possible, but ya know...can't always get it perfect.05:00
prologickInOzAwA, that's really nice05:15
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Romsterprologic, all i'd do in that is set two vars with '| cut -d/ -f1' and '| cut -d/ -f2' or you could of use tr06:57
Romstertr '/' ' '06:57
prologicactually I wokred it out06:58
prologicturns out I wasn't referencing the array properly06:58
prologic${foo[0]} vs $foo[0]06:58
prologicthe later is wrong06:58
Romsteryeah it should work in bash too06:58
prologicBash is just weird at the best of times06:58
Romsterah yeah need curly brackets06:59
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Romsteri have that handy06:59
prologicreckon 500GB for squid cache is plenty big enough?07:00
Romstermight even be overkill how many sites and images do you think your family would use?07:00
prologicoh we use heaps :)07:01
prologicmaybe I'll just make it 100GB07:01
prologicmatches our traffic limitations/quota then07:01
Romsterseems reasonable07:01
prologiceven 100G might be overkill really07:02
prologicjust had a look at the university student complex's network I manage07:02
Romsterif you ever use ccache i use about 16GiB tops07:02
prologic10G used in /mnt/cache07:02
prologicand that's ~300 users07:03
Romsternah not if they use comics etc07:03
Romstermaybe start off with 50GB?07:03
Romsterincrease it later if need be07:04
prologicjaeger, I assume zfs dataset quoats can be increased? :)07:04
prologicgonna use I think07:04
Romsterif it can't i have an advantage in lvm07:04
prologicpretty sure you can :)07:05
prologichow useless otherwise07:05
Romsterbigger question is can it be shrunk later on?07:05
prologicthing about raid+lvm+<some fd> is there are too many layers of complexity to manage07:05
Romsterand while online or it has to be taken offline/umount07:05
prologicnah it'd be no downtime07:06
prologicand shrinking the quote below it's used space would make little sense and would proably not work :)07:06
Romsteri don't know of any filesystem that allows online shrinking07:06
prologicit's just a quota07:07
prologiczvols have a size (block devices)07:07
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prologic$ zfs get all data07:10
prologicNAME  PROPERTY              VALUE                  SOURCE07:10
prologicdata  type                  filesystem             -07:10
prologicdata  creation              Tue Mar 31  7:21 2015  -07:10
prologicdata  used                  278G                   -07:10
prologicdata  available             20.2T                  -07:10
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: chromium: updated to 41.0.2272.10108:04
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: [notify] subversion: updated to 1.8.1308:04
frinnstwow, you built chromium in 2 minutes?08:16
Romsteri wish08:18
Romster2015-03-21 19:5108:18
Romsteri just did a local bump and build when i noticed it08:19
prologicanyone know much about Android TV Hubs/Boxes?08:42
prologicAnd sharing videos/music/media?08:42
prologicDo most such devices know how to speak DLNA?08:42
frinnstbtw prologic, having multiple ports with the same $name will cause problems with sysup08:59
Romsterwhat same name if some have -git08:59
frinnstbut the $name is the same08:59
Romsterugh prologic always have ports name= the same as the directory if the directory is foo-git then name must be name=foo-git09:01
Romsteri haven't been reviewing ports recently.09:01
Romsternot like i am the only one that does so.09:02
prologicfrinnst, good point09:04
prologicI'll update them tonight09:05
prologicjust means bit more fiddling with the buidl() :)09:05
prologicone in theory and practice should not sysup git HEAD ports :)09:05
prologicI might pin it to a specific revision?09:05
Romsteralso git clones and no git sspeficifed on depends on...09:06
Romsterand we tend to make tarballs and host them somewhere.09:06
Romsterand yeah git head all the time... we pick a working commit that we know will be reliable.09:06
Romsterusr/lib/systemd O_O09:07
prologicyeah yeah09:08
prologicok I'll do all that :)09:08
prologicand I agree09:08
Romsterwahts dracut used for again?09:08
Romsterthat's gona change depending on kernel version.09:10
Romsternot much you can do about that other than rm them few lines out of .footprint and rely on ignore new09:11
Romsterthen again how many will use this.09:11
Romsterpet hate that files in bin have .py extension09:12 .sh in (s)bin ugh.09:12
Romsterisn't pros fault but why do projects do this.09:12
Romsterah that initramfs stuff.09:14
Romsterzfs you do a mkdir -p ... best to use install -d09:15
Romsterdifferent umasks affect mkdir where install is consistent.09:15
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Romsterprologic, and spl uses usr/etc/zfs you may as well set that to /etc/09:17
Romsterto match up where the other port is putting files.09:17
Romsterbeing a file ystem i'd gather /etc is more approate than /usr/etc09:18
prologicRomster> isn't pros fault but why do projects do this. <-- because most high-level developers don't properly understand MISC binary support in Linux and the shebang :)09:19
prologicRomster> zfs you do a mkdir -p ... best to use install -d <-- sure nps09:19
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: zfs: Use install to create dirs10:01
Romsterwouldn't you think high level devs would know about shebangs and misc binary?10:07
prologicconsider a fresh IT gradudate10:08
prologicgets striaght into NodeJS or PHP or whatever10:09
prologicwhat does he/she know?10:09
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: {spl,zfs}-git: Fixed package names, pinned revisions and used archived tarballs10:12
retardor more likely, java10:15
prologicwell whatever :)10:20
prologicbut point is the same10:20
prologicRomster, you'd be surprised as to how much IT professions and Software Developers both fresh our of College/University and seasoned really know :)10:21
prologicbut then again the field(s) are vast and deep so it's impossible to know everything all the time :)10:21
prologicwho has nfs working in crux?10:26
prologicserver that is10:26
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Romsternever really bothered with NFS to be honest10:35
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: futures: initial import10:36
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: singledispatch: initial import10:36
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: livestreamer: 1.12.0 -> 1.12.1. new dependencies: futures, singledispatch, and six10:36
prologicI think I got it finally working10:37
prologicI think you have to start rpcbind10:37
Romsterremove a few ports make more ports. it never ends.10:37
prologicthen nfsserver10:37
prologicanyone else got experience with NFS?10:37
Romstershould all be handled with start-stop-daemon10:38
Romsteri'm sure someone has but there afk atm10:38
crash_rpcbind,nfsserver and then exports file edited should be enough?10:38
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onoderaHi, I installed libressl on crux :)10:40
Romsterhow painful?10:41
onoderanot painful at all10:41
Romsterprobably no where near as many ports as 800 installed though?10:41
onoderaI just removed openssl, and installed libressl10:41
Romsterpkginfo -i |wc -l10:41
onodera370 packages10:41
Romsterran revdep?10:41
Romsteri didn't think libressl was a drop in replacement.10:42
onoderaI did rebuild some stuff10:42
onoderaeverything compiled just fine except for curl10:42
Romsterhow did you fix that?10:43
onoderaas of yet :p10:43
Romsteryeah so some breakage expected10:44
prologicthanks crash_10:49
onoderathe gentoo april fools site is seriously good:
onoderait also looks really great on mobile10:50
onoderabtw curl just compiles fine now, not sure what fixed it10:50
RomsterCGA Webâ„¢ graphics standards haha10:51
Romsterthis brings back the 80's10:52
crash_prologic: Np :)10:55
Romsterhaha ghost busters on floppy drives10:55
frinnstyou need to start rpcbind, nfs and nfsserver11:23
frinnstor nfsclient :)11:23
frinnstnfs is a common rc for both server and client11:23
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RomsterImagine that Windows 8 was inspired by an old DOS version...12:00
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prologicfrinnst, nfs as well?12:47
prologicor just rpcbind and nfsserver12:47
prologicI don't care about the client on the server-side :)12:48
frinnstyeah, the nfs script starts some common things12:50
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frinnsthaha kernel.org13:27
frinnsttheir tux looks just as retarded as ours13:27
onoderathe CRUX tux is cute :313:29
frinnstbut a bit cross eyed13:29
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joacimonodera: is that rice available somewhere?13:37
joacimscreenfetch doesn't support crux fully13:38
KittyKattHow so?13:38
onoderaKittyKatt do you also use crux?13:38
KittyKattCOnsidering I just pushed a bunch of commits today.13:38
KittyKattNo, I'm here because I did a bunch of CRUX screenfetch work today.13:38
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joacimits an old version tho13:39
KittyKattThat's why.13:39
KittyKattI just did the commits today.13:39
onoderahow do you create these ascii arts KittyKatt?13:39
onoderaby hand?13:39
KittyKattBy hand.13:39
joacimtime to upgrade then13:40
KittyKattIt's way past time for a tag update, I just haven't done one because then I'll have to do CHANGELOG things...13:41
joacimthis looks ab it more retarded. so i guess it is perfect. =)13:42
KittyKattYour term colors a little monotone for my taste.13:44
KittyKattBut I guess whatever works for you. ;D13:44
KittyKattOne of my better ASCIIs I've made.13:46
joacimi think the light/bold colours are a little too light. sometimes hard to tell the difference between some light colours and plain white.13:47
joacimbeen meaning to fix it, but I've been too lazy13:47
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jschlibressl is working!16:13
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: [notify] thunderbird: updated to 31.6.17:48
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: ncdu: moved to opt17:48
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: ncdu: moved from contrib17:48
greduanjsch: :D17:50
greduanIf CRUX switches to LibreSSL that'd be great17:50
onoderaif anyone is interested:
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rmullHow is it being tested?18:57
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onoderarmull: libressl?19:01
rmullIs there any concern that various things won't work after a system replaces openssl with libressl?19:03
onoderawell by using it lol19:04
onoderayeah some programs don't work well with libressl19:04
onoderamainly because it removed some function that mimicked urandom (from what I understand)19:04
onoderaso far I've only needed to patch python19:04
rmullAre you guys maintaining a list of affected ports? Maybe pepole could help figure out what patches are needed upstream19:04
onoderaI've been following
rmulloh okay, cool19:05
onoderathw wiki is not 100% correct, for example I didn't need to patch openssh or wget19:06
rmullNot too much stuff in there, that's promising!19:06
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