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pidsleywb tilman00:09
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nwesweet =)
frinnsthaha wat05:16
nweI have gigabit @ home05:17
frinnstbut its just a green page05:17
nwewhat? :P05:17
frinnstjag ser bredbandskollen - men ist�llet f�r info s� �r det bara ett gr�nt f�lt05:18
frinnstf�r duga :)05:20
frinnstahha wtf, samma ju05:22
nwen�r jag surfar f� f�r jag ju bild..05:23
nwek�r bara scrot..05:23
frinnstflash problem?05:23
tilmanuse your phone/camera ;p05:24
nweaja det �r 551,50 Mbit/s   435,87 Mbit/s05:24
tilmannwe: are those numbers for real?05:24
tilmanwhat the fuck?05:24
tilmanthis is your private line?05:25
nweyeah our houseing association has upgrade to gigabit :)05:26
tilmandoes that mean you are sharing the gigabit line with your neighbours?05:26
tilmanie sharing the bandwidth?05:26
nweyeah but its only +70 here so :) they dont use it so I have it for my own :P05:27
frinnstelderly neighbours are awesome05:27
tilmannwe: whenever your bandwidth seems to drop, you can announce that you are willing to fix people's computers05:28
tilmannwe: then you can tweak their firewalls. or something :D05:28
korisup #crux05:28
nwetilman: haha :)05:29
koritoday's my birthday, I'm going to do some commemorative porting05:29
koriwhat do you guys want ported but are too lazy/too busy to do so?05:29
tilmanhappy birthday kori05:29
korithanks tilman05:30
nweIts my birthday to.. but I dont like to celebrate it :P05:30
korinwe: oh nice05:30
tilmangrattis, nwe05:30
tilmanhope i spelled that right ;d05:30
nwetilman: tackar :) yes you did :)05:31
nwetackar = thanks :D05:31
tilmani figured :]05:31
tilmanjag första bra svenska ;)05:32
nwe=) brb  should put on some coffee05:33
frinnstwhee, birthday bois05:47
prologicboth those screenshots just have a green page05:48
korilibressl is being surprisingly easier than I expected05:48
frinnstwell it is a fork after all. What have they changed? ripped out some obsolete stuff more or less?05:52
korifrinnst: yes and clean up the current codebase05:53
korithere's some presentations on LibreSSL05:53
koriby the OpenBSD team05:53
frinnstyeah i remember. never did watch through it tho05:53
korioh, you should05:54
korithere's very few projects that have adopted LibreSSL05:55
koriI think Void Linux is one of them. I think.05:55
frinnstyeah i honestly dont think many will switch05:55
frinnstswitching right now would just be a reaction to some bugs05:55
frinnstheartbleed was a wakeup call that secured some funding :)05:56
koribut as someone said a while ago, this can't be a kneejerk reaction05:56
koriwe are testing libressl05:56
frinnstbut who knows? maybe libressl will be superawesomebrilliantgreat05:57
korigotta test packages and such05:57
koriapparently x11vnc doesn't work with libressl05:57
koripython required patching05:57
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: subversion-python: updated to 1.8.1307:42
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: subversion-perl: updated to 1.8.1307:42
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onoderahi, some of the programs I compail fail at random times, a few examples are firefox, webkitgtk and blender, does anyone know why this happens?10:10
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onoderasmaller programs compile just fine though. my pkgmk work dir is a tmpfs, could this have something to do with it?10:11
FaymAre you using the -j option?10:22
onoderayes, -j510:26
onoderaI have a quadcore10:26
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FaymTry compiling without it10:36
rmullonodera: Do you have enough RAM? Do you have enough space in your PKGMK_WORK_DIR?10:53
rmullIf you're short on RAM you might see failures during linkage10:53
rmullMight want to post the error10:53
frinnstonodera: yes firefox will require more than 8gb of space to build11:04
joacimfrinnst: you mean GB11:18
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onoderarmull: I just made my pkgmk tmpfs and the crashing seems to have stopped12:40
onodera*made my pkgmk tmpfs a lot bigger12:40
frinnstunless you have a +10gb tmpfs builds *will* fail12:41
z3braI used to do that12:42
z3brathat was a wrong idea12:43
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onoderafrinnst: yeah I made it 12gb npw12:53
onoderait was 6gb before12:53
onoderaif I knew this before it would have saved me a lot of time almost-compiling firefox 20 times12:54
frinnstor you know, actually looking at the error message would have suggested you needed more space :)13:00
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greduanany plans on making /bin/sh -> mksh or something strictly POSIX? Just curious18:56
greduanI remember somebody said the init scripts require bashisms?18:56
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jschgreduan: i prefer dash as /bin/sh rather than mksh20:57
jschalthough i use mksh interactively20:57
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jschgreduan: seems like the init scripts are now sh-compatible also21:01
jschnevermind, although /etc/rc.d/{net,sshd} are21:03
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prologicAnyone else have problems using bintray URI(s) in source() ?21:24
prologicIt doesn't work for me - some fingerprint issues when it follows to cloudfront21:24
greduanbintray URIs?21:34
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