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rsrinivahi. thinking about coming back to CRUX after a long hiatus. Is there a GNOME 3 port available from someone? can't seem to locate one at
prologicI believe there are MATWE ports05:12
rsrinivathank you James! this is great05:14
rsrinivahow come this isn't listed in the ports page/.05:14
rsrinivai also don't see KDE ports for 3.1 - only alan's port for 3.0?05:18
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prologicmost likely because a) it's too much fork for the core team to maintain and/or b) no-one uses it? :)06:36
Romstercrux has mate but if you want gnome you will have to do that yourself.07:08
Romsteroh you listed mate already07:08
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teK_ wrt docker08:39
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tilmanteK_: "inside _and_ _outside_" what?09:55
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: ghostscript: update to 9.1610:07
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: mpg123: update to 1.22.110:07
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: samhain: update to 3.1.510:07
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: squid: update to 3.5.310:07
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: whois: update to 5.2.710:07
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: [notify] stunnel: update to 5.1410:07
cruxbot[core.git/3.1]: dhcpcd: update to 6.8.110:08
cruxbot[core.git/3.1]: man-pages: update to 3.8210:08
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: pmwiki: update to 2.2.7410:32
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xeirrrIs there a accurate date about the 3.2 release?11:50
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greduanmorning :)13:49
greduankori: why kiro and not kira?13:50
greduanyou man13:51
koribut it's kori, not kiro or kira13:52
greduanat least I hope you get what I meant. lol13:52
koriit's the ASCII'd version of kōri, which is the romaji version of 氷, which is japanese for ice13:53
greduanYou told me13:53
greduanthough ASCII tells me it'd be kouri13:53
greduanou is used for the elongated o13:53
koriyeah or koori13:53
koribut that's silly and looks dumb13:54
koriso I just cut the macron :D13:54
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rsrinivaHi. have a brand new CRUX 3.1 install. prt-get sysup is running18:21
rsrinivajust wanted to ask before diving into KDE4 install18:21
rsrinivahas anyone got the KDE4 ports on repo to install on 3.1?18:22
rsrinivanoticed that kde4 is part of the 3.0 collection18:22
greduanrsriniva: it seems that there is a kde4 repo, let me confirm18:23
rsrinivathanks greduan18:23
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rsrinivaI am looking at this page I see xfce4 and enlightenment are for 3.118:24
rsrinivabut for the kde4 port- i just see 3.018:25
rsrinivawas wondering if compile will fail due to some dep issue18:25
greduanConsidering that you'll have to compile it yourself, I wouldn't use KDE. Maybe it went out of commission cause it's a time-sink to maintain it?18:25
rsrinivahe he18:25
greduanKDE would easily take an entire day to compile for me. Day and night. Maybe more18:25
rsrinivaso which WM is most well maintained with regular updates etc?18:25
jaegeryou could email the maintainer and ask him what the status is18:26
rsrinivajust need a terminal, a browser and vim18:26
greduanxfce, dwm, i3, bspwm, nowm (wmutils), etc.18:26
greduanthere are many that are quick to compile18:26
rsrinivaeven xfce?18:26
greduanwell not xfce18:26
greduanbut certainly faster than kde18:26
greduangtk is faster to compile than qt18:27
greduanby several hours18:27
EmoSpice_xfce is relatively quick to compile. Compared to KDE is lightning fast ;)18:27
rsrinivacouple of hrs?18:27
greduandepends on your computer18:27
greduanI haven't compiled xfce but gtk takes... less than an hour IIRC18:27
rsrinivaCore i7, 4 cores, 12GB18:27
EmoSpiceno idea any more. I'm running dwm (and have been for...4 years? 5 years?)18:27
greduanyeah I use swm for my wm18:28
greduantakes seconds to compile18:28
rsrinivaso dwm is like openbox?18:28
EmoSpicersriniva: not quite. It's a tiling wm18:28
rsrinivai'll take anything where alt-tab works...18:28
EmoSpiceOpenbox is a good one18:28
EmoSpiceand it's quick to compile as well18:29
greduanmost tiling wm's don't have Alt-tab18:29
rsrinivathanks emospice.openbox it is then.18:29
EmoSpicedwm has something like it and by default it's bound to alt-tab ;)18:29
greduaninstead you get full keyboard support for practically anything though18:29
greduanyeah openbox is pretty light18:29
greduanEmoSpice: oh cool, I didn't know18:29
EmoSpiceby default it toggles between two "views"18:30
EmoSpice(r compositions of tags)18:30
greduanoh I see18:31
rsrinivadumb newbie question- does CRUX have a concept of binary ports? like gentoo has for the large pkgs18:32
rsrinivadon't want to compile firefox or god forbid - libreoffice18:32
EmoSpiceFF isn't THAT bad.18:32
rsriniva30 minutes?18:33
EmoSpiceI mean... it's bad. but I just leave it on overnight18:33
jaegertakes me 23 mins or so18:33
jaeger if you want to save some time18:33
EmoSpicejaeger to the rescue :P18:33
EmoSpiceI need to do a sysup this weekend...18:33 I can download a bunch of jaeger's files and do pkgadd?18:33
EmoSpicemaybe get my kernel back up to snuff too18:34
jaegerIf by "a bunch" you mean "firefox" yes :D18:34
rsrinivahe he..hey a man can wish18:34
jschprobably a retarded question. but where do such things as j2sdk: j2re and jdk: jre come from? there's not any kind of post-install for jdk18:35
jaegercheck the readme18:35
jsch^ i mean, in prt-get.aliases18:35
jaegerjre and jdk both have one18:35
jschwell yes, i know you have to get the package from online18:36
jaegerah, the aliases might be leftovers from previous names18:36
jaegersorry, misunderstood what you were asking18:36
jschokay, thanks18:36
jschjaeger: i guess it's part of the default prt-get.aliases file. safe to remove?18:38
jaegersafe to remove or leave there18:38
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korijaeger: been asking this for a while now, but what about the git driver?18:39
jaegerI have no particular opinion on it18:39
koribut is it getting added to CRUX? it could just be installed with the git package18:40
jaegercertainly something we can look into, don't think we've talked about it much yet aside from mentions in here18:44
korijaeger: that would be good. also, a way to put git repos in the portsdb18:44
koriour repo isn't set up for httpup (mostly a move to push the git driver)18:45
koribut we'd like it to be there18:45
rsrinivajaeger: just installed your FF binary pkg. Thanks!. any other such repos where ready made binaries are available?18:46
rsrinivanotice you have some libreoffice stuff on your server. working on a port?18:47
jaegerrsriniva: romster maintains some binary packages too. I don't except for the occasional one. the libreoffice stuff is just something I mess around with now and then, not official or useful18:48
jaegerkori: noted :)18:48
rsrinivaok thanks. i also downloaded your httpup and rsync files. are they pointing to the same port files?18:49
jaegerthey are, use one or the other; no need for both18:49
rsrinivagotcha. thanks!18:49
korijaeger: thanks!18:50
onoderarsriniva: romster had one, gimme a sec18:50
koriour repo is getting bigger as time marches on, so having it in the portsdb could be very nice18:50
rsrinivaonodera: wow! thanks!18:54
rsrinivaso many binaries! so much time saved:-)18:54
onoderarsriniva: why not use a binary distro? :p18:55
rsrinivammm.good question18:56
rsrinivai like the taste of CRUX:-)18:56
rsrinivabut, i need pkgs like firefox, libre and a bunch of others for work18:57
rsrinivawant to get productive as quickly as possible18:58
rsrinivathe thing is - once i get everything in place, there's very little breakage18:59
greduanwho was it that maintained that updated version of CRUX?18:59
rsrinivaunlike the ubuntu's, the gentoo's and the fedora's18:59
greduannext time you can avoid some compiling by using that, rsriniva :)18:59
greduanYeah it's surprising how little breakage there is after every sysup18:59
rsrinivaalso - imagine me asking such questions on #debian or #gentoo19:00
onoderagreduan: I haven't had any breakage19:00
onoderaand my crux has some pretty non-standard mods19:01
jaegergreduan: that would be me19:01
rmulldefine "breakage"19:01
rmullWhen I ran gentoo, the only breakage I experienced was blocked packages19:01
rmullwhich was a real pain, but it didn't mean my system was broken19:01
rsrinivawell - conceptually gentoo is much more complex19:02
onoderaI've never had any breakage when updating on any distro actually19:02
rsrinivai can digest CRUX in a few hrs. can't do that with portage and it's 50,00 knobs19:02
onoderabut like you said, gentoo had some annoying things19:02
onoderaportage is really slow too, calculating dependencies sometimes takes longer than the actual compiling19:04
onoderabtw, has anyone here got CDE to compile?19:06
onoderathe desktop envirment19:06
jaegerI haven't used CDE in over a decade, myself19:07
rsrinivanever heard of anyone using it on Linux19:07
rsrinivai know they open sourced it.19:08
onoderaI saw some screenshot of people using it on linux19:08
onoderaI really like the look19:08
rsrinivaTBH - CDE is a pretty decent WM19:08
jaegerIt's fine as a WM, very dated aesthetically now19:08
EmoSpiceIsn't CDE what XFCE was meant to emulate initially?19:08
rsrinivabrings back memories of all the old Sun Solaris gear19:08
onoderaEmoSpice: FVWM also looks a lot like CDE19:10
onoderabut doesn't have the cool dock thing CDE had19:10
EmoSpiceonodera: By default.19:10
onodera <- someone who made fvwm look like cde19:11
onoderaEmoSpice: heh I didn;t know that xfce looked like that by default19:11
EmoSpiceonodera: That's the like...1.0 release or something19:12
EmoSpiceSUPER old19:12
onoderait's actualy 2.58 or something19:12
onoderaOH you meant xfce19:13
rsrinivawhat's the fastest way to get Wifi working on CRUX 3.1? networkmanager or wicd?19:17
EmoSpiceI have a start up script using wpa_supplicant and the like19:18
jaegerIf you use dhcpcd it will automatically start wpa_supplicant if it can19:19
EmoSpiceDidn't know that.19:19
EmoSpiceI'll have to modify my startup script then :P19:19
greduanI just learnt that a couple days ago19:19
greduanthe /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf file needs the correct network to be configured though19:19
EmoSpiceI've already got that - at least at home.19:20
EmoSpiceand I don't mind running wpa_passphrase on other networks19:20
greduanis there anyway to stop my graphical performance from becoming worse when I suspend my laptop?19:29
EmoSpicegreduan: Huh?19:29
greduanyeah when I suspend my computer, all of a sudden X applications are slower19:30
greduannot the WM or compilers because those aren't particularly dependent on graphics19:30
greduanbut images, videos, etc.19:30
greduanthe performance degrades19:30
EmoSpiceThat's still not exactly clear. Are you using the computer DURING suspend?19:31
EmoSpiceOR is this after RESUME?19:31
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greduanafter resume19:35
greduanusually I turn off the computer instead of suspending and resuming, because of this, but sometimes it's nice to not lose all the windows and stuff. But then I get lowered graphical performance. :/19:44
EmoSpiceI'm honestly not sure. I've never had this sort of problem19:44
EmoSpiceWhat driver are you using>?19:44
greduanI'm using an Intel GPU19:49
greduanAnd an Intel CPU19:49
EmoSpicei915 driver?19:49
greduanI think so? let me check19:50
greduanIntel Core 2 Duo (2.0GHz) is the CPU19:50
greduandoes it come up in lspci?19:50
EmoSpicelsmod | grep i91519:51
korianother big name exclusive package19:51
greduanEmoSpice: that returned nothing19:51
EmoSpiceso you'19:51
EmoSpicere not using i91519:51
greduanI guess so19:51
EmoSpiceMaybe check out this?19:53
greduanlspci -v | sprunge >
EmoSpiceCan you also lsmod | sprunge?19:53
greduanlsmod | sprunge >
EmoSpiceIn lspci -v19:54
EmoSpice"Kernel driver in use: i915"19:54
EmoSpicei915 doesn't show up in lsmod19:55
greduanI'll check tomorrow to see if I can find it before suspending and resuming19:55
greduanlet's see if I can load it with modprobe though, I guess19:55
greduansudo modprobe i915 does not make i915 appear on lsmod19:56
jawboit might not show up if you didn't compile that module19:56
EmoSpiceYou mean if you didn't compile it as a module?>19:57
jawboand by might i mean if you didn't19:57
jawbohehe, yeah19:57
EmoSpicethat makes sense19:57
greduanso it may be builtin?19:57
greduanoh ok19:57
EmoSpicezcat /proc/config.gz | grep 91519:57
greduan# CONFIG_DRM_I915_PRELIMINARY_HW_SUPPORT is not set19:58
jawboyeah i915 is in your lspci -v19:58
jawboso it's loaded19:58
EmoSpicegive me -> Yeah19:58
EmoSpicewell, yes19:58
EmoSpiceyou have it compiled in19:58
EmoSpiceI hadn't considered that19:58
greduanI've learnt something new about modules19:58
jawbomodules are loaded on demand (or by initramfs)19:59
jawbounless you need it for some reason, i like to just compile in what i need and leave out what i don't19:59
EmoSpiceI've had a LOT of problems with compiling both network and graphics modules into the kernel, so I generally avoid it19:59
jawboi think thing i have compiled as a module is ntfs-3g for external drives19:59
jawboEmoSpice: oh really? i haven't had issues with that19:59
teK_EmoSpice: wat. What GPU/NIC?19:59
EmoSpicejawbo: These were...6 years ago?19:59
greduanI try to keep the stuff I builtin to a minimum19:59
EmoSpiceteK_: ^20:00
jawboEmoSpice: oh hehe20:00
teK_I try to keep modules to a minimum (i.e. none + nvidia)20:00
greduanI do have builtin the FS types and HDD stuff, and maybe other stuff that managed to slip in20:00
jawboyep. i just built a new PC, haven't migrated my Crux install over yet20:00
jawbolooking forward to finding all those drivers in make menuconfig20:00
EmoSpiceI really need to take a scalpel to my kernel config soon.20:00
greduanI also builtin in the GPU stuff in order for it to automatically detect the monitor's resolution and stuff20:01
jawboor really go wild and try make randconfig20:02
jawbosee what happens20:02
EmoSpiceCelery delaying tasks by like...4 minutes right now. Even with 80 workers >_<20:03
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jschhey, i reported a small fix on the bug tracker and it seems to have been deleted... wondering why (i'm sure there was a good reason, but i don't know it)21:35
jschit was about the openntpd initscript21:36
jschit used "function xxyy ()" instead of just "xxyy ()" which prevented it from being sh-compatible. using dash to run the initscripts is nice because it starts up very quickly21:37
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: [notify] firefox: updated to
frinnstfilter to see closed bugsa22:22
jschfrinnst: ah, when i went to my page to see my past reports it wasn't shown. thanks23:36
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