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arian0nI installed crux today, but have issues setting up GRUB19:15
arian0nwhen installing it it gave me a strange warning about "Sector 32" being taken by FlexNet, it was weird but it installed somewhat correctly19:16
arian0nexcept when I rebooted, I had no boot options at all19:16
arian0nso I installed GRUB+os-prober from my arch partition and it worked19:16
arian0nanyone had issues like this? or should I simply just use LILO?19:16
jaegeryou have flexlm installed somewhere?19:17
arian0nI don't remember installing it, or even being aware of its existence19:17
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jaegerflexnet publisher DRM is what you're seeing, I think. you can overwrite the first bit of the drive and reinstall grub (or lilo if you prefer) but whatever software is licensed via flexlm may stop working19:18
jaegeror maybe not, I know very little about flexlm or flexnet publisher, just that it puts something in the way of bootloaders19:19
arian0nthat's horrible! I'll see how I can get rid of it19:20
jaegerIt's easy to get rid of, you can even use dd to do it, just be careful of your partition table19:21
jaegerIf you want to try removing just that sector without breaking the partition, something like this should do it:19:22
jaegerdd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda bs=512 count=1 seek=3219:22
jaegerback up your mbr and partition table first if you're not absolutely sure about it19:23
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prologicjaeger: your country is making me sneeze19:42
prologicmy eyes hurt from the air19:42
jaegeryour country wants us all dead19:42
frinnstlol yes19:42
prologicmy country?19:42
frinnstfucking wildlife man19:42
jaegerok, your continent if you prefer19:42
prologicit was a joke as in haha I’m visiting San Franciso till tomororrow :)19:42
prologicI’m in Palo Alto19:43
prologicthe spring weather is driving mt nuts19:43
jaegerI was in SF about a year and a half ago for VMWorld, interesting place19:43
prologicI’m not normally allergic to anything19:43
prologicwhat state you in?19:43
prologicnot CA then?19:43
jaegerI live in Oklahoma in the midwest19:44
prologicand why’s AU trying to kill you all? :)19:44
prologicahh :)19:44
jaegerwe've been asking that for ages :D19:44
prologicoh come now19:44
prologicthe AU isn’t that bad19:44
prologicin places19:44
prologicat least we don’t carry guns :) haha19:45
frinnstAmazing Animal Fact: The venom of a stonefish can kill a human in two hours.19:46
frinnstYAY AMAZING!19:46
prologicis that all?19:46
prologicyou know of that list I’ve only seen 219:46
prologicRed Back Spiders and Red Bellly Black Snake19:46
frinnstAmazing Fact: The Irukandji jellyfish is only 2.5 centimetres in diameter, but can cause death to humans within days.19:46
prologicyou will never come across any of these so-called deadly animals normally19:46
prologicthey’re afraid of humans :)19:47
frinnsti sure wont. nothing is dangerous in sweden!19:47
prologicI’m sure that’s NOT true :)19:47
prologicAnd Salt Water Crocs are noly found in the Northen Terrioty really19:48
frinnstoh ok maybe the russians :)19:48
prologicyou’ll not found a single one on the East Cosat (where most of the country live)19:48
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frinnstthreatening to nuke everyone all the time19:48
prologicbah idle threats19:49
prologicthey just suffer from small manhood(s)19:49
frinnstanyways, zzz for me19:50
prologicnight :)19:51
prologicit’s 12:51pm here19:51
prologicnot used to this19:51
jschwill 3.2 have an efi installation section in the handbook?19:55
jschthat would be nice19:55
jschthe wiki article is a bit outdated19:55
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prologicHow does an EFI instal differe from any other?20:04
jaegerdifferent bootloaders, different partition table, kernel support and EFI tools needed to set boot options20:05
prologichmm really?20:05
prologicI swear my NAS uses EFI20:05
prologicbut it’s just lilo and normal kernel20:06
jaegerIt's not using EFI, then20:06
jaegerIt may support EFI but most that do can boot either EFI or legacy modes20:06
prologicahh ic20:20
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prologicso booting via EFI is a lot more complicated?20:20
prologicWhat is the point exactly then? I fail to see a major benfit here20:20
jaegerthat's a better question for google than for me20:21
onoderathe funtoo wiki has some info about gpt/uefi vs mbr/bios20:22
prologicI’ll have to do some reading then20:22
prologicit’s all a bit silly ihmo20:22
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onoderaRomster: hi, your pillow port has a footprint error21:24
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arian0nlooks like I can't install LILO, and when I try to boot crux from GRUB, I get a kernel panic22:33
onoderawhat do you mean can't install LILO?22:33
onoderaalso why would grub cause a kernel panic, isn't there something wrong with your kernel config?22:33
z3braor /sbin/init22:35
arian0nI'll start Paragon and look around22:35
jaegerif there's a panic, it's already past grub22:35
z3bramaybe grub doesn't point the the good kernel22:36
greduanLILO is included in every Linux isn't it?22:36
arian0nonodera, well Lilo succesfully says "Added CRUX *" and "Added Arch", it says that my drive doesn't have a boot sector22:37
greduanit's in core so you should be able to install it22:37
arian0nwell, something like that, didn't memorize the message22:37
z3bragreduan, how "included"?22:37
greduanz3bra: isn't it available in every distro? I thought it was something that's _always_ there22:37
arian0nanyways I'll check out the grub config, btw grub+os-prober auto detected it22:37
onoderaarian0n: post your lilo conf pls22:38
onoderagreduan: I had never heard of lilo before crux22:38
z3brait's being forgotten22:38
z3brathough it's a great bootloader22:39
z3brasimple and efficient22:39
arian0ngod DAMMIT22:39
arian0njust caught what was wrong with the conf22:39
arian0nbut that doesn't explain why I get a kernel panic when booting from grub22:40
z3brawhat's wrong with that?22:40
arian0ncrux's root is sda122:40
arian0nwinders' is sad222:40
arian0nfound the issue22:40
arian0nlinux /boot/vmlinuz root=/dev/#ROOT_DEVICE# ro quiet22:41
arian0nthanks os-prober22:41
arian0nalright, let's try again, brb22:42
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arian0nwell, all fixed!22:51
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arian0nback to good ol' slow ass sysvinit22:56
arian0nbut at least it's not a clusterfuck22:57
greduanyou on Debian?22:58
arian0nI'm on winders right now since I'm downloading stuff, will start tinkering with crux tomorrow22:59
arian0nand no, doesn't crux use sysvinit though?22:59
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z3brait does23:02
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greduanit does?23:03
greduandidn't know23:03
arian0nwhat did you think it used?23:03
arian0ndefinitely not upstart or systemd23:03
greduanjust some BSD-like init. lol23:03
arian0nI'll look into runit tomorrow then, can't live without muh ultrafast 5 second boots23:05
greduanI have a 5 second boot though23:05
greduanor less23:05
onoderaI boot in aroud 7 seconds, no ssd23:09
greduanno SSD23:09
greduanI don't startup the net though23:09
greduanI do that manually whenever I need it23:09
arian0nonodera, have you tried runit?23:10
greduanbut from the moment LILO makes a choice on the kernel, it's only like 5 secs23:10
greduanmore or less23:10
onoderaarian0n: nope23:10
arian0nlooks like a drop-in replacement for init, and it supports parallel initialization of services23:10
greduanI like parallel23:11
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jschdoes anyone know off the top of their head whether linux 3.19.3 will work with our nvidia package out of the box? tried installing 4.0-rc6 and it didn't work and the patch currently in the port says it's for 3.1823:13
greduanI use 3.19.3 but not nvidia23:14
onoderais use 3.19.1 and it works just fine23:17
onoderaI don't see why nvdia would not work23:17
jschonodera: you use nvidia?23:17
jschok cool thanks23:17
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prologicwtf requires Pillow in ports?23:48
prologicI keep telling you guys; “stop porting Python packages” :)23:49
prologicno really23:49
prologic$ prt-get dependent pillow | wc -l23:49
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z3braprologic, in favor to "pip install" ?23:56
prologicit both packages and handling installation and uninstallation of python packages perfectly23:57
prologicre-packaging in Pkgfile, PKGBuild, whatever is completely pointless **unless** some other non-Python piece of software requires it23:57
greduanpip install++23:58
prologicthere is just no benefit unless you want your pkginfo -i or prt-get listinst to show your python installed packages — which if you’re even half a python developer is of no use to you since you should and wlll be working in a virtual environment or pip install to $HOME23:58

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