IRC Logs for #crux Monday, 2015-04-06

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greduankori: ping?01:21
greduancould you tell me again, what is 6c37?01:22
greduanI know it's kouri01:22
greduanwhat is the org for?01:22
koriit was originally for collaborative projects for #rice, my channel01:22
koriit still kinda is01:22
koribut now I just want talented people from multiple places01:23
koriso we can make cool projects01:23
greduanI see01:23
koriI'm trying to remove references to a certain website you may know so it's very neutral01:24
greduanis it the website I'm thinking of right now?01:24
koriand so people from anywhere can join if they're talented enough, no requirements to knowing the latest greatest meme or whatever01:24
greduanI'm a webdev if you ever need one ;)01:25
korioh I'm actually looking for webdevs right now01:27
korito help revamp our most popular project01:27
greduanCSS eh?01:28
greduangood at it :)01:28
greduanwhatchall need help with?01:28
korireddit and youtube are still using the old style01:29
korigotta fix that01:29
koriand we need to add more websites01:29
greduanI see01:29
greduanI can help out with that :)01:31
koriyou have a gh acct?01:31
korisent ;)01:32
greduanthx :)01:32
korijoin the channel!01:32
rmullkori: Is 6c37 a group? What's it all about?01:39
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xeirrrHellow. Guys. When I tries to upgrade fcitx from to, I get something wierd: pkgadd: could not remove /usr/lib64/: Not a directory02:00
xeirrr  02:00
korixeirrr: /usr/lib64 is a symlink02:01
rmullkori: Is this fcitx from the alan repo?02:02
rmullerr sorry kori02:02
korirmull: wrong guy, guy02:02
rmullxeirrr: Is this fcitx from the alan repo?02:02
xeirrrrmull: no, I wrote it myself02:02
rmullWant to post the Pkgfile?02:03
xeirrrrmull: here it is:
rmullDoes the upstream code try to remove whatever gets set to DLIB_INSTALL_DIR? seems odd02:06
rmullI'd try keeping the work dir, and then grepping it for that variable to see how it handles it02:06
xeirrrI'm also hanging on #fcitx, waiting for answers from them02:07
xeirrrrmull && kori: Thanks02:10
xeirrrThis is the structions for packaging/compiling fcitx:
xeirrrAnd it says "If your distribution make use of /usr/lib64, you should add -DLIB_INSTALL_DIR=/usr/lib64(default "lib"). "02:14
xeirrrSo i did02:15
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Romsterprologic, romster/mcomix uses pillow02:46
Romstershit in footprints keeps changing with setuptools updates02:46
Romsteryes lets install mcomix as a Pkgfile without pillow in the ports tree -_-02:47
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Romsterxeirrr> Hellow. Guys. When I tries to upgrade fcitx from to, I get something wierd: pkgadd: could not remove /usr/lib64/: Not a directory02:50
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Romsterxeirrr, /usr/lib64 is a symlink to /usr/lib02:50
Romsterset --libdir=/usr/lib02:50
Romsterah its cmake then -DLIB_INSTALL_DIR=/usr/lib02:51
Romster# Depends on: pygtk pillow xdg-utils desktop-file-utils hicolor-icon-theme unrar02:52
Romsteryou want me to instead pip install that prologic -_-02:52
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prologicRomster: Is mcomix not written in Python?04:21
prologicIf something depends on Python libs it kind implies it’s written in Python :)04:22
Romsterso i'm expected to pip install mcomix and hope i got xdg-utils desktop-file-utils hicolor-icon-theme unrar on my system arleady huh?04:23
Romsteror if pip installs those for me as well.04:24
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prologicthen no :)04:27
prologicthis is one of those exceptions that I mentioend04:27
prologicyou’re fine there04:27
Romsterthis is why i have pillow04:27
prologic-but- you could package all the python deps in mcomix itself04:27
Romsterand mcomix packaged04:27
prologicas a virtuelvn04:27
prologicit’ll make managing them a *lot* easier ihmo04:27
Romsternever looked into that04:28
prologicso you’d create a virtualenv as part of the $PKG04:28
prologicand adjust wrapper scripts as appropriate04:28
Romsterpyopenssl with its many dependencies is that even possible as well?04:28
prologicthat way you don’t have this annoying mess of dealing with Pkgfile(s) for everything else and having to maintain Pkgfile(s) for python dependencies for which there is a perfectly good package manager for and way to “bundle” things up so to speak04:29
Romsteror i guess a set virtual Python env for that can be done too.04:29
prologicyeah I think so04:29
prologicso you’d maybe have /var/lib/mcomix/virtualenv04:29
prologicor something04:29
prologicgive it a try I’d be curious to see how it works out :)04:29
Romsteror can we get pip to install into $PKG04:29
prologicyes :)04:30
prologicvirtualenv $PKG/var/lig/virtualenv04:30
prologic$PKG/var/lib/virtualenv/bin/pip install ...04:30
prologicjust be sure that anu resulting scripts that rely on this be modified to do something liek04:30
prologicsource /var/lib/mcomix/virtualenv/bin/activate04:31
prologicor call the python binary at /var/lib/mcomix/virtualenv/bin/python directly04:31
Romsterso why did you package virtualenv then when you can pip install that? :P04:31
prologicI can and I do04:31
Romstervirtualenv 12.0.704:31
Romsterone in contrib is old04:31
prologicin fact it’s kind of pointless having virtualenv and friends really04:31
prologicI may remove them perhaps04:32
prologiconce you have pip you can do pretty much anything python related04:32
prologice.g: sudo pip install virtualenv04:32
prologicvirtualenv $HOME04:32
Romsterexcept virtualenvwrapper uses it hmm04:32
prologicyeah that’s fine04:32
prologicpip install virtualenvwrapper04:33
prologicI almost never have python packages instaleld system-wide or via pkgutils/prt-get04:33
Romsterstevedore uses pbr but there all pyhton why can't it all be in virtualenv04:34
Romsterman i date my kernel and now +1 isout04:34
Romsteri personally hate untracked by pkgutils stuff on my system04:35
Romsteri want everything in the one manager.04:35
prologicthat’s impossilbe :)04:38
prologicunless you use that distro whoose name I can’t remember04:38
Romsteroh not that where they prefix everything04:39
prologicwhere it’s package manager is more like configuration management for your system as a whole04:39
Romsterwith multiple versions04:39
prologicyou’re always hard to please ;)04:40
Romstertotally forget the name of it too.04:40
prologicme too04:40
Romsterrebooting to new kernel04:41
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korieh I'm still waiting for 4.004:42
korican you use unicode chars on your kernel name?04:45
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Romsteralso i broke docker trying ot use a real thinp device.04:46
Romster--storage-opt dm.thinpooldev=/dev/mapper/data-docker_thin_data04:47
Romster32ee321ee831: Error pulling image (latest) from romster/crux-base, Unknown filesystem type on /dev/mapper/docker-8:33-3858741-511136ea3c5a64f264b78b5433614aec563103b4d4702f3ba7d4d2698e22c15804:47
Romsterwhy would it do that04:47
Romster  LV               VG   Attr       LSize    Pool Origin Data%  Meta%  Move Log Cpy%Sync Convert04:48
Romster  docker_thin_data data twi-a-tz--  100.00g             0.00   0.0304:48
Romsteri even had it raw and tried it formated to ext404:48
Romsterworked before on --storage-opt dm.datadev=/dev/data/data --storage-opt dm.metadatadev=/dev/data/metadata04:48
Romsterbut then i wasn't using a real thinp LV then.04:49
Romsterhavea hunch this is in kernel 3.19 going by one of the comments
Romsterand guess what i jsut went to 3.18.11 -_-05:04
Romsterwhy can't this shit be more clear.05:04
Romsteri sure hope nvidia works on 3.19.305:05
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prologicI kinda of tend to prefer to stay a bit behind :)05:13
prologicthing most of my systems are on 3.12 or 13.1405:13
Romsterthey list it in a comment and not in the documentation05:13
Romsteri usually do too but this freezing up is shitting me off.05:13
Romsterany time i get high i/o workload my system freezes and i cna't use BFS because of shitten CFS needs to be used for cgroups05:14
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prologicI dn’t seem to get that here05:23
prologicanyway night05:23
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koriprologic: have a good one05:23
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Romsternow waits05:48
Romsterwell some good news nvidia binary works on 3.19.305:50
Romsterbas news docker still can't handle thinp volumes05:50
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: ncdu: updated to 1.1107:13
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jawbomorning greduan13:16
greduanmorning jawbo13:16
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Faymgreduan: netsplit14:29
rmullBad case of tha splitz14:32
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dxlr8rit's 2015 and we still have big netsplits regulary :)16:31
dxlr8rirc, the future of internet communication :P16:31
FaymThere was an experimental ircd that had netsplit resistance.  But that was it's only feature.16:42
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: chromium-pdf: adjust extracting command21:15
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: chromium-pepperflash: adjust extracting command21:15
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jaeger <-- from another channel, great tail -f rant22:19
frinnsthah goodie. something to watch at work tomorrow :p22:24
tvaalenHaha. Awesome rant.22:42
jaegeryeah :)22:43
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