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quivHi, I'm trying to install crux into virtualbox. I'm following along with the handbook but I can't seem to establish a dhcpcd connection.01:45
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greduanquiv: to eth0?01:52
quivgreduan, I think that may be part of the problem. If I look in dmesg it shows a few lines about eth0. But if I look at the output of ifconfig -a it shows my device is called enp0s3 not eth0.01:54
jaegerthat's normal, udev renames network devices to a persistent naming scheme01:55
jaegerif you run dhcpcd without specifying the interface does it work? such as 'dhcpcd -t 10'01:56
quivNo, I get a line saying: libudev: udev_has_tmpfps: name_to_handle_at on /dev: Function not implemented. Then dhcpcd says that it can't find any valid interfaces and that no interfaces have a carrier.01:57
jaegerwhat does "mount | grep devtmpfs" say?01:58
quivdev on /dev type devtmpfs (rw,nosuid,noatime,size=8192k,nr_inodes=16384,mode=755)01:58
quivIf it matters I haven't gotten to compiling the kernel yet, I'm assuming you should be able to get a connection just using the live media?02:00
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jaegeryou should, yes, before the chroot02:01
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jaegerif you're already in the chroot try running dhcpcd from another console02:01
quivOk I tried that. Now it looks like it finds enp0s302:03
quivbut then says that IPv6 kernel autoconf is disabled, and that if_addaddress6: Operation not supported02:03
quivthen gives them same no interfaces have a carrier message02:03
jaegerwait a few seconds and see if 'ip a' shows an ipv4 address02:03
jaegerdhcpcd doesn't wait for a successful connection by default02:04
quivI don't think it shows an ipv4 address, but now I seem to have a connection!02:05
jaegeryou can copy /etc/resolv.conf into your chroot to use the network connection there02:06
quivI switched back to the original terminal where I am chrooted, and the connection is now working there too. Do I need to copy /etc/resolv.conf if that's the case?02:07
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jaegernot sure exactly what state your VM is in but if it's working, might not be necessary02:11
quivIf I look at them the chrooted resolv.conf is still the default while the one from the other terminal has been generated by dhcpcd02:12
quivSo I should have started dhcpcd before I chrooted into my system then it probably would have worked without needing to start it from a different terminal?02:12
jaegeryeah, though at that point you'd need to copy resolv.conf into the chroot02:14
jaegerwell, if you want name resolution02:14
jaegeryou don't need it if you're just connecting directly to IPs02:15
quivAlright thanks, I copied it into the chroot. Time to compile the kernel.02:18
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greduangood night02:48
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nwehello, does someone know if I need samba to connect windows clients to openldap for (login)06:36
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teK_nwe: you are trying to use AD auth against your linux box for windows clients?08:54
teK_if so, I'd say you better use samba, yes..08:54
nweteK_: nope, I have a openldap-server and I want my windows client auth against it..09:01
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: mysql: update to 5.6.24, improved rc script10:44
cruxbot[core.git/3.1]: ed: update to 1.1110:45
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rmullwoo, ed update13:30
teK_nwe: that's how I understrood your question. Use samba.13:42
teK_there's more than an LDAP directory behind AD13:42
teK_i.e. DNS, Kerberos and (maybe more)13:43
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frinnstIf you just need to verify user credentials, ldap should be enough15:03
frinnsti *think*15:03
frinnstopenvpn etc, jira and all other non-windows stuff i've played with that authenticate against AD just use ldap more or less15:04
jaegerwindows auth needs the kerberos part, too15:05
frinnstyeah, true15:07
frinnstbut not samba afaik15:07
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: [notify] chrony: update to 1.31.1, improved rc script15:22
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teK_good luck glueing all that together without samba16:20
teK_I had a look at AD integration some months ago.. it was reeeallz easz compared to the state of the art five years ago16:21
jaegerI use it on quite a few ubuntu server machines at work, it's definitely much simpler now16:23
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: [notify] ntp: 4.2.8p1 -> 4.2.8p2 includes important security bugfixes.          Refer to for details21:25
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jawboany of you guys have experience with cgit? for some reason css is not being sourced in the repo indexes23:38
greduanno experience with cgit myself23:39
greduanbut z3bra does23:39
jawboyeah i thought about pinging him23:39
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nilpare there any pkg-get repositories?23:45
greduannilp: yup23:47
greduancore, opt, xorg and contrib can be managed with prt-get23:48
greduanoh pkg-get23:48
greduanhaven't looked into that23:48
greduanwhat do you need?23:48
nilpi was just wondering.23:48
nilpnothing really.23:48
nilpbut it would be kind of nice to not have to compile everything.23:48
greduanah bins23:49
greduanyou're gonna compile everything23:49
greduanthough I can understand your feelings when it comes to webkit23:49
nilpor firefox.23:49
greduanoh Firefox is so nice compared to webkit. lol23:49
nilpnot much else is much of a problem. ahh, i can't remember compiling webkit.23:49
greduanfor me Firefox takes a couple hours or less, something like that. Webkit takes more than half a day23:50
Worksteri host a few big packages thats about all23:50
nilpso nobody really uses it then?23:50
greduanuses what?23:51
greduanI don't think so23:51
Worksterprologic, myself or whoever have been talking about built package hosting23:51
Worksterbut not much progress yet23:51
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