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esmthhas someone here logged into an install through serial console? for me output to screen works, but no input01:26
greduanwouldn't that mean that the input stuff isn't configured correctly?01:27
greduanjust guessing here01:27
greduanI haven't done it myself01:27
esmthi've been messing with settings for like two hours now and everything except input from the console works01:28
greduanno idea :/01:29
greduanwhy are you logging through serial console though?01:29
esmthi got a vt220 + it's keyboard this morning01:30
greduandunno if CRUX is what you want though01:30
greduanI think you'd probably want some Linux from way back when no?01:31
esmthi mean there is support for terminals like these still01:31
esmththere's even a line just commented out in /etc/inittab01:31
esmthto enable serial console agetty01:32
esmthhere's where i'm at:
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greduanthat looks so cute01:34
greduannot to insult it01:34
greduanit just looks so round and shtuff01:34
jaegerdo you have another system you can try it on? To verify the hardware works01:34
esmthoh yeah, i can try it on my laptop if it'll allow a usb to serial adapter01:36
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quivHow do I find out what variables inside a makefile like $SRC expand to without trying to build it?01:57
quivsorry I mean inside a pkgfile01:58
jaegercheck pkgmk itself and /etc/pkgmk.conf02:03
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teK_he could have created a new Pkgfile with build() { env }  so he could see everything available in Pkgfiles (and more)11:13
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jcalvesorry to bother you with noob questions, I was trying crux in qemu and I don't have connection, I'm not sure if It's qemu's fault or I didn't configure networking properly, where should I look for mistakes?12:37
teK_iirc, the default for qemu was to use NATting which should work for simple scenarios. Did you enable DHCP in your virtual machine?12:38
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teK_i.e. qemu has a built-in DHCP server that will hand out a lease for for your client and do the NATting on the physical host12:38
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jcalveteK_: I see, dhcp is enabled12:40
teK_will the guest get an ip address?12:40
teK_for instance, yes12:41
jcalvethen yes12:41
teK_what is not working?12:41
jcalveI tried pinging and there's no response12:42
teK_you hit the one case that's not covered by NATTING :)12:42
teK_try something else, like resolving a host, that should work12:42
teK_ICMP requires increased privileges, your VM hopefully does not have12:42
teK_% ls -lh =ping12:43
teK_-rwsr-xr-x 1 root root 37K [2013/01/09] /bin/ping*12:43
teK_note the suid bit in the permission mask12:43
teK_i.e. ping requires root privileges12:43
jcalveI am root12:44
teK_no no12:44
teK_outside the VM12:44
teK_do you start qemu as root?12:44
teK_(you shouldnt)12:44
teK_so screw ICMP :)12:44
teK_try something like: host crux.nu12:44
teK_(in your VM)12:44
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jcalveyes that works thanks12:45
jcalveso if for example I install git and do git clone it should work right?12:45
teK_except you have a proxy at your site  :)12:45
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jcalveIf I wanted to install crux on my hard drive does it have os-prober for grub in the iso or I need to download it separately?13:03
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greduanso uh13:05
greduan_I'm cleaning up my mom's computer, and I noticed it only had one 1GB of RAM13:06
greduan_so I turned off my own laptop in order to swap out the 2GB stick it has for the 1GB one13:06
greduan_when I got both sticks I realized the DDRs and stuff didn't match up13:06
greduan_so I put the RAM back in both13:06
greduan_however now my computer doesn't boot >_<13:07
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greduan_the power comes on, and the light that tells me it's powered is on13:07
greduan_but it stays on a black screen, and the indicator light with an A, the caps lock light, flashes13:08
greduan_on and off13:08
greduan_until after a min or so the computer turns off13:08
greduan_anyone know what that means13:08
tilmanblame your mom and demand she buy you a new laptop?13:09
greduan_ain't gonna happen13:10
greduan_though I have had this one for 8 years so maybe I'm allowed to, but nah. lol13:10
teK_jcalve: no it doesnt13:13
greduan_looks like it may be something wrong with the cpu13:13
teK_you have to adjust your existing grub config yourself13:13
jcalveteK_: okay13:14
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tilmangreduan_: plug in the ram _again_? otherwise you should check the manual and see what your particular series of LEDs blinking means13:17
tilmantho chances are it means there's a memory problem ;)13:17
greduan_chances are13:18
greduan_it seems it's beeping sound besides just the flashing light13:18
greduan_or it's supposed to13:18
greduan_but since I don't have audio I don't have the beep to tell me what the problem is D:13:19
greduan_taking out that RAM stick fixed it13:23
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greduan_glad it's not something in the CPU13:23
greduan_hey kori13:23
greduan_all right, I'll be back13:23
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greduan_back :)13:26
jcalveummm... shutdown, halt, poweroff, reboot -> not found13:33
jcalvehow do I turn this off :C13:33
greduan_turn what off?13:33
jaegerjcalve: non-root users don't have /sbin in their path by default13:33
greduan_oh right13:33
jcalvejaeger: oh.13:34
jcalvewhy not?13:34
jaegerdon't know, honestly. I think it's been that way since crux started13:34
jaegeror at least longer than I've used crux which is quite some time now13:35
tilmanto clarify, this isn't really crux specific13:35
jaegerI edit my /etc/profile to remove that, though13:35
tilmanit's old school unix-ish behaviour13:35
tilmanor rather, "non-modern"? :)13:35
jaegertrue, I've seen it elsewhere13:35
jaegerI guess the idea was that "administrative" tools that shouldn't be accessible to non-root users went there13:37
greduan_though nowadays a user will almost never login to root because of security practices13:38
greduan_and will most likely just use sudo13:38
greduan_now I'm on 2GB of RAM, BTW13:43
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jcalveyou can run qemu with ncurses neat lol13:52
jaegeryeah. I like to run it with the ncurses frontend in tmux13:52
jcalveI'm doing it now, I don't know why the background is greyish13:52
greduan_where is CRUX based?13:54
greduan_is it Canada like OpenBSD or US or where?13:54 is hosted in sweden13:54
greduan_so if the NSA passes this new bill would CRUX be affected?13:54
onoderagreduan_: did you read about that new US law or something?13:54
greduan_for those unaware, NSA wants a bill that requires every OS to have a legal backdoor13:56
greduan_(every OS developed in USA)13:57
greduan_so OpenBSD wouldn't be affected cause it's Canada, for example13:57
onoderanot OS but encrypthing program/algorythm13:58
onoderaso even OSes not based in the US, but that use US devloped programs will be affected13:58
jcalve>Be NSA >Send pull request with backdoor to linux >Gets rejected >Ayy14:00
greduan_that pull request will be there14:01
korimore like14:01
greduan_though isn't Linux Finland-based?14:01
koriexactly as onodera posted14:01
onoderalinus lives in the US14:01
greduan_does he?14:01
tilmangreduan_: a) what does that even mean14:01
onoderaI don't know who actually "owns" linux though14:01
onoderahe is finnish tho iirc14:01
greduan_well Linux the trademark is owned by Linus14:02
greduan_also the copyright14:02
greduan_yeah he's Finnish14:02
onoderayeah but there is also the linux faundation14:02
tilmani think it's owned by linux international and/or maddog ;>14:02
onoderaand some other linux related faundations/websites14:02
onoderasecond language :^(14:03
greduan_das fine14:03
greduan_das how you learn14:03
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mernilioohh.. i thougt a troll needed an invite :-)19:20
mernilioBut thanks! :-)19:20
mernilioCan we have off-hour discussions here?19:21
mernilioI suppose not, but thanks for not having a stupid invite where a friend has to  .. you know19:22
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greduandunno what that was about19:27
tilmanfor one, he's confusing bans with invite-only channels19:27
greduanhe was banned?19:27
tilmanand i think that guy used to be banned or maybe still is19:27
tilmani see a bunch of bans in .se that might have targetted him ;p19:28
greduananyone have experience with a LAMP setup?19:28
retardextensive, sadly20:14
retardbut i'm recovering20:14
koriclassic retard20:14
greduanhey don't diss on retards like that20:15
korithat's his nickname, though20:17
greduanI know :)20:17
frinnstyeah I think he has some serious mental issues20:38
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retardyeah, definitely21:16 gets banned? I thought only .no was the bad northerner =)21:19
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retardjust say .no21:20
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tilmanjoacim: for #crux it seems it's the other way around21:31
tilmanjoacim: but i bet a bunch of those bans are just for that one person ;p21:32
jaegermost of them are if I recall correctly21:32
joacimit is for frinnst, right?21:33
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frinnstyeah its all the same person pretty much22:22
frinnstthose should probably have expired a long time ago22:24
joacimI've never really seen much ban-worthy during the time that I've been here22:55
joacimnothing that required multiple lines at least =)22:55
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