IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2015-04-15

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greduanRomster: you here?00:24
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greduanWorkster Romster: ping00:32
greduanyou use ccache right?00:32
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greduanhow did you solve the following error:00:35
greduanccache: error: Failed to create directory /var/cache/ccache/tmp: Permission denied00:35
greduanI know what's causing it, but I'm interested in the most elegant way to do it. :)00:36
greduanto solve it I mean00:36
Workstermkdir -p ..00:36
Worksteryou running ccache as root or some other user?00:36
greduannow it's talking about /var/cache/ccache/tmp/tmp.cpp_stderr.eduan-CRUX.9685.5VnU9800:37
Worksteryour meant to initalise ccache storage and set a size on it00:37
Worksteri don't use it with fakeroot.00:37
greduanI compile with fakeroot most of the time00:37
Worksterdo you have a pkgmk user/group ?00:37
Workstermake ccache run as that user? not sure how i'm at work on windows and i'm busy as anything00:38
greduansorry for bothering you :)00:39
Worksterthats ok but i can't do much right now until after work in ~6 hours time00:41
greduanI'll be asleep by then00:42
greduanbut I'll try to figure it out00:42
jaegergive your pkgmk group or user permissions to the cache dirs00:42
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greduanthat means I have to give him access to /var, /var/cache and /var/cache/ccache (recursive), right?00:46
jaegerprobably just /var/cache/ccache00:47
greduancan I just 777 /var/cache/ccache?00:48
greduanor is that too insecure?00:48
jaegerI use a pkgmk group so I'd try g+rw first00:49
greduanI use a user and group IIRC00:50
greduan/var/cache/ccache is currently drwxr-xr-x 3 root root  72 Apr 14 19:53 ./00:54
greduanI'll just use sudo I guess00:58
greduansu I mean00:59
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Worksterchmod -R 0775 /var/cache/ccache01:50
Worksterchown -R pkgmk:pkgmk /var/cache/ccache01:51
greduanthat worked01:53
greduanalso today I found out you're maintaining like 400 packages, Workster01:54
greduanyou're a beast! lol01:54
greduanoooh I get it. when at work, Workster, when at home, Romster01:54
Worksterand in compat-32 and xorg but idon't do a lot in xorg really, since the fork of xorg was merged back in that i did a long time ago.01:55
Workstertoo lazy to setup znc01:55
greduanbottom line, you're a beast at packages. lol02:00
greduanI guess all the core team is a beast at packages, since they maintain so many in total02:00
koriwe're going to beat you, Workster !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!02:03
korioh yeah02:09
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greduanthanks Workster for your help03:07
greduangood night guys :)03:07
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xeirrrhaven't seen diverse for a long time04:52
koriwonder where he's been04:53
korihis nick dropped04:53
koriconsidering freenode's nick policies, he unreg'd it04:53
koriso I think he's gone04:54
koriman I liked him04:54
xeirrrlike him too04:54
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prologichad a few personal issues though I think05:29
prologicperhaps he's taken some personal leave from the internet05:30
korithat could be the case. hopefully it is.05:30
prologicI'm quite positive it is :)05:30
prologicbut yeah he often had useful things to say in conversation05:30
prologicdiverse: you'll be missed ( you can read thi sonline) :)05:31
korihe was very hopeful about the future of our organization too, and that was always nice05:31
koriI've set a goal05:31
koriI won't be happy until we reach 1000 ports05:31
koribut by then we'd probably have to split them into categories haha05:31
prologicquality over quantity05:31
koriwith all the humbleness in the world I can tell you; our repo is the most shining repo05:32
koricarefully detailed standards which all the ports follow05:32
koriso what happens when we got quality and quantity?05:33
koriI'm gonna start a new movement05:33
koriport the world05:33
koriI may have to start using Romster's script05:34
korito notify me of updates05:34
korioh yeah05:40
koriprologic: is there anything you would change here?
prologiccouple of things I like05:42
prologic$name: (NEW): <message>05:43
prologicfor ports that are new to the tree05:43
prologicNew line above # Depends On:05:43
prologicDrop Packager05:43
prologicit's superfluous05:43
prologicno one really cares who originally packaged it as such05:44
prologicjust who maintains it "now"05:44
koriprologic: it's more of a courtesy thing if we get the package from someone else05:44
korifor example.05:44
koribut hrm, the message when adding ports is interesting05:45
korialright cool, thanks05:45
koriyo prologic, docker's service file uses source instead of . while using #!/bin/sh05:58
korisource is bash only05:58
korior rather05:58
koria bashism05:58
prologicbut most of our stuff is bash :)06:01
prologicuntil someone says we're moving to dash or similar06:01
koriwell I guess but it doesn't really hurt to change source to .06:02
korithe rest of the script is compatible :D06:02
korialso, checkbashisms reports this06:05
koripossible bashism in /etc/rc.d/docker line 24 ('$(< foo)' should be '$(cat foo)'):06:05
kori        kill $(< /var/run/
prologicbut again06:07
prologicwhat system doesn't have /bin/bash ?06:07
prologicnote the #!/bin/bash at the top?06:07
koriprologic: uh here it's #!/bin/sh06:07
korinot sure if you changed it while we were talking06:07
prologicmy mistake :)06:08
prologicit should be #!/bin/bash haha06:08
prologicbut on most CRUX systems /bin/sh is a sylink to /bin/bash06:08
prologicso all good06:08
prologicunless the user changes it ofc06:08
prologicbut we're nit picking here :)06:08
koriwell sure06:08
koribut weirdly enough it won't start either way06:08
korithe docker daemon06:08
prologicI'll fix it in the next release06:08
prologic1.6 is out soon06:08
korii'll just fix the service here then06:09
prologicwhat problems are you running in to?06:09
koriit won't start, fails silently06:09
prologicare you actually using a different default /bin/sh ?06:09
korithat's as much as I know right now06:09
koridash, yeah06:09
prologicahh i see06:09
prologicsimple fix for now06:09
prologicfix the #! shebang :)06:09
prologicI don't know how to write portable shell tbh06:10
korieven then, it won't star06:10
prologicmostly i've had no need to06:10
prologiccheck the logs at /var/log/docker.log06:10
korithere's a perl script called "checkbashisms" which really helps06:10
koriprologic: empty06:10
prologicand/or try from the shell06:10
prologicdocker -D06:10
koridocker -d works06:10
korion the shell06:11
korishould I try docker -Dd, then06:11
prologicare you sudo /etc/rc.d/docker start ?06:11
prologicyeah that's a knonw bug06:11
prologicI think I noted it in the README?06:11
prologicstart it from root proper06:11
prologicmaybe sudo -E works?06:11
prologicnot sure06:11
prologicsudo -i06:11
prologic /etc/rc.d/docker start06:12
korialright now it works06:12
prologicperhaps I should wrap this in the next relases with start-stop-daemon too06:12
prologicsince Go lang still has no proper daemon support06:12
korialright, time to pull the image and check for failure!06:12
koriI've been meaning to try docker06:13
prologicIt would be really nice if someone int he CRUX community also itnerested in Docker wrote a shell script to automatically go and enable all the required kernel options in a specificed config06:13
prologicto make adding Docker support to a CRUX host a lot easier06:13
koriever since I saw it was so easy to set up, I waited until kernel 4.0.0 to update the kernel config so I could use docker06:13
koriis crux falling in love with docker06:14
korican we expect to see more integration in the future or is that far fetched06:14
prologicthere are a few of us that use it quite a lot06:14
prologicdunno :)06:14
koriI need to use it06:14
prologichow much more integrated can one get?06:14
korito test every single port in our repo06:14
prologicI support and fully maintain official crux iamges in the docker hub06:15
koriprologic: I dunno maybe something with container'd services06:15
prologicdocke run -it crux /bin/bash06:15
kori┐('~'; )┌06:15
prologicI Dockerize everything now on CRUX hosts already06:15
prologicso we're already there :)06:15
koribut yeah I have to test all the ports in our repo, which amounts to 120 right now06:15
koriso that's fun06:15
koriwell I guess some 50 of those are dependencies06:16
koriso that makes things easier06:16
prologicI posted a script here a while ago that does exacrtly this06:19
prologicbut I can't find it atm06:19
korifun fun06:20
korialright cool06:24
koriwell I should sleep now06:24
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nwegood morning07:31
frinnstsleep is for the weak07:47
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Romsterits' not good to assume /bin/sh is /bin/bash08:28
Romsterassuming is bad08:28
nilpis there a way to make bash behave like sh? if there is /bin/sh should invoke that rather than symlinc to bash.08:36
frinnst--posix might help, but i bet you still get all the bash features08:39
frinnstif you just want to test something i'd suggest you install dash and use that for testing08:40
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: gtk3: updated to 3.16.210:14
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: [notify] chromium: updated to 42.0.2311.9011:09
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: [notify] maradns: update to 2.0.1111:48
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: deadwood: initial release11:48
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retardninjabox: personally i use better-initramfs11:55
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jawbomorning guys13:14
greduanmorning jawbo13:14
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greduanit's impressive to me how stable CRUX is, even though it's rolling (to the extent a human can keep up to compile it manually)14:31
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jawboit's impressive when you think about how many developers work everywhere around the world and it coalesces wonderfully14:33
jawboit "Just Works"14:33
frinnstyou should probably thank upstream more than us for crux being "stable" :)14:34
greduanbut like, even in Arch I often had to fix some stuff from time to time when updating14:35
greduanin CRUX not really14:35
greduanexcept needing to re-compile all the X packages when one of them changes, to make sure inputs work14:35
jaegeryou only need to recompile the input packages, not all X packages, for what that's worth14:36
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Guest49905If I have just installed stock CRUX with xorg, opt, and core, what things will I need to install or steps do I have to accomplish to do a sucessful prt-get upgrade?21:58
jaegerprt-get is in core, you will have it installed if you installed core. by "upgrade" do you mean "sysup"?22:00
Guest49905Oh yes, sysup22:00
jaegeryou should be able to run "prt-get sysup" as root immediately; if you want to run it as a non-root user you'd need to reconfigure a little22:00
Guest49905Okay thanks22:01
greduando remember to ports -u22:01
greduanoh welp22:01
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jake__But will some updates break?22:02
jaegerNot if things go properly. We don't release updates that break things intentionally22:03
jake__jaeger: Okay, thanks22:03
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jaegerwhat an odd question22:03
greduanWhat a strange person22:03
greduanReference to Monty Python's The Holy Grail22:05
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prologicwhat weird question?23:43
prologicthe how do I do a prt-get upgrade?23:43
prologickind of a superfluous question? :)23:44

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