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jaegerI was referring to the one about updates breaking00:01
prologicyeah well that's kind of like saying00:06
prologicif I download this file will it finish00:06
prologicmaybe not :)00:06
prologicyour DSL could drop out00:06
greduanwell it's like, an udpate in Debian will never break stuff00:06
greduanwhile an update in Arch maybe will00:06
prologicwell no that's not even true :)00:07
greduanis it not?00:07
prologicit's almost nigh impossible to test every combination of software with everything else00:07
prologicupdates in Debian *can* break things too00:08
greduanDebian sure tries though. lol00:08
prologicI've seen it :)00:08
prologicit's like Xorg00:08
greduanthe only install of Debian I had broke on me so I don't trust Debian. lol00:08
prologicevery time we see updates to Xorg00:08
prologicmy desktop breaks00:08
prologicevery single time :)00:08
jaegerobviously things CAN go wrong, but the question was "will anything go wrong?" which is very hard to answer00:11
prologicI think I've mentioned this before00:13
prologicbut a tool/daemon that watches for file system changes in /lib and /usr/lib for changes in libraries and potentially library breakages would be useful00:13
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greduanI'm still not quite sure how to put start-stop-daemon into my setup. Don't talk about new stuff. lol00:38
prologicyou just pass in the thing you want to run00:43
prologicset some options and you're done00:43
prologicman start-stop-daemon00:43
prologicit's basically like a stripped down version of something like supervisord00:43
greduanyeah but I haven't used that either, I don't think00:43
greduanthe question is, do I even need start-stop-daemon? nothing has broken down so far00:44
koriI want to start my own distro01:01
koriis it stupidly hard01:01
greduanhey there's a guy on nixers that is starting his own distro as well01:02
greduana GNU-less distro01:02
greduannew guys01:06
greduandcat invited him01:06
greduansorry I'm talking about another channel on #crux. lol01:06
korifrom #2f30 ok01:06
greduandunno about that01:07
greduanyou know what I just realized?01:09
greduanI'm an idiot01:09
greduanI didn't realize that01:10
korihow so01:10
greduanwhat I realized is that if you want binary packages on CRUX01:10
greduanyou just need to use Bedrock Linux01:10
greduanBedrock is a Linux distro so it's > than Docker01:11
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greduanso OK02:02
greduanI wanna make CRUX's init scripts POSIX compliant02:02
greduanand merge them into main CRUX at some point02:02
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Workster ... or just make Pkgfiles of it05:09
ninjaboxretard: I was looking at better-initramfs but I think I'm just gonna just build in what I need and go EFIstub anyway05:13
ninjaboxis bedrock linux actually usable?05:24
egrepninjabox: Apparently sort-of.06:24
egrepBut not really.06:24
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frinnstGNU Hurd 0.6 released08:03
Romstergreduan> I wanna make CRUX's init scripts POSIX compliant ,_ that is all fine and all.... but we can never move away from bash for GNU based programs?08:03
Romsterninjabox, no idea08:06
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juegreduan: don't expect that we will use that, /etc/rc and friends are intentionally bash scripts and there are no plans to change that08:51
juegreduan: the rc scripts from /etc/rc.d/* are mostly sh scripts already08:53
juebut we are talking about using dash as /bin/sh ;)08:53
Romsteryou didn't find a speed increase using bash instead of dash anyways?08:56
Romsterah other way around08:57
juesure, but only for a huge amount of sh calls, it's irrelevant for system start09:04
juesee here for some numbers ->
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: hpcups: update to 3.15.409:17
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rmullI wouldn't mind if the scripts were portable in case other distros wanted to use them, but I'd rather have one shell (bash) on my system instead of two.11:44
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hnodefrinnst: I wold love to learn hurd, but is so much stuff to learn12:20
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EmoSpice_Homemsg NickServ ghost EmoSpice X7wghj8e12:57
EmoSpice_HomeWelp, that password's changing12:57
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EmoSpicealso: Good morning, all.12:59
hnodeHi every one !!!13:00
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rmullEmoSpice: :\13:08
EmoSpiceIt's an old password anyway - already changed.13:08
rmullSomeone should write a bot that looks for fumbled auth messages and ransoms the account13:09
EmoSpiceheh. It'd be pretty simple.13:10
EmoSpiceI really should just setup znc on my vps so that I don't need to worry about that shit.13:10
EmoSpicebut for some reason the ssh startup script isn't "sticking" so I keep having to hook to the virtual i/lo to get in whenever it reboots13:12
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: mupdf: update to 1.714:06
greduanis the boot script just /etc/rc ?14:13
frinnstcheck inittab14:48
frinnstbut yeah, pretty much14:48
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hnodeI have a disk connected by usb, I need to install crux on him, then it will be installed as "internal" disk on computer.15:37
hnodeI was using parted, I have run mklabel gpt15:38
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hnodebefore, when I create partition in warns about align...15:38
hnodeI found a nice article on,15:39
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hnodebut optimal_io_size is 015:39
greduanso what in /etc/rc requires bash?15:41
greduanso far from what I can see it could booth with sh15:43
greduanthough I need to make sure15:43
hnodesorry I just read the article again and I found tip15:44
jueno, the array construct used in rc.multi is bash15:45
greduanthough /etc/rc looks fine15:45
greduanoh and rc.conf15:46
greduanthis could be fixed pretty easily it seems15:47
greduanthis actually looks like it'd be painless15:57
greduanone of these days when I reboot I'll have a chance to check if it works15:58
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: [notify] php: update to 5.5.2417:34
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: php-fcgi: upate to 5.5.2417:34
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: php-fpm: upate to 5.5.2417:34
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: php-mysql: upate to 5.5.2417:34
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: php-sqlite3: upate to 5.5.2417:34
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: mod_php: upate to 5.5.2417:34
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frinnststill have one of those :(19:38
frinnstthe other is dead19:39
jaeger50% is good, right? :D19:40
frinnstnot sure what date it was made.. says Date: 1246119:44
frinnstDate Code Year: 201219:45
frinnstDate Code Week: 4619:45
frinnstDate Code Day: 119:45
frinnstBuild Date: Saturday, May 12, 201219:45
frinnstWarranty Valid: Yes19:45
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jaegerthat's good, at least19:51
frinnstheh, ive already destroyed it :)19:52
frinnst(thats the disk thats dead)19:52
frinnsti'd feel uneasy about returning something that used to contain all my dark secrets and proof of government conspiracies!19:55
jaegerthat's what dban is for19:56
frinnstpysical violence is more fun19:57
rmullI love what backblaze is doing for quantifying real-world drive failure20:11
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hnodeI was not able to align partition,22:13
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z3brafound a good use to xmessage !22:28
nogagplzthat background hurts :P22:32
z3bramy stairs!22:35
hnodewow awesome stuff at !!!22:36
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z3brathanks ^^22:37
z3brathere are shitons of useless videos, if that's what you mean :P22:37
hnodeI jump to about us, reading blog,22:39
hnode"What do you expect?"22:47

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