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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.1]: xorg-server: update README to include details of new and removed dependencies00:09
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qwertyI've got it, sorry for the wait00:10
Guest48456It says that these files are already installed:00:10
Romsteryou forget to identify00:10
Guest48456Romster: Oh, sorry00:11
Guest48456I'll do that later00:11
Romsteryeah prt-get remove xorg-xf86-video-modesetting00:11
Guest48456Romster: Thanks, what was the issue?00:11
Romsteri just updated the xorg-server/README00:11
Romsterxorg-xf86-video-modesetting got merged into xorg-server 1.1700:11
Romsterif you were on our mailing lists of commit or looked at xorg.git on you may have spotted it.00:12
Guest48456Romster: Sorry, but that isn't installed on my system00:13
Guest48456I'm still getting the error00:13
Romsterthen you have left over files that are not tracked perhaps.00:13
Romstergo grab romster/pkg-not00:13
Romsterand do a pkg-not /usr/lib/xorg/modules/00:14
Romsterif it lists anything rm it manually00:14
Romsterit should not return any results.00:14
Romster$ pkg-not /usr/lib/xorg/modules/00:15
Romsternothing is returned.00:15
Romsterno untracked files from packages at that location00:15
Guest48456How do I add the romster repo?00:15
Romsterwell not from packages00:15
Romsterwget '' -O /etc/ports/romster.httpup00:16
Guest48456That;s what i thought00:16
Romsterthen add a line in /etc/prt-get.conf00:16
Romsterbelow contrib00:16
Romsteri have some handy stuff in there.00:16
Guest48456pkg-not didn't return any results00:21
Guest48456for me00:21
Guest48456>mfw z3bra is here00:21
Romsterthen that is weird...00:22
Romsteri'd pkgadd xorg-server with -u -f00:23
Romster-f to force it00:23
Guest48456It says to do that00:23
Guest48456I've done it before, it makes xorg break00:23
Guest48456I rebuilt all the modules/drivers and shit00:23
Guest48456And it still does00:23
Romsterso what is yoru prt-get diff so far?00:23
Guest48456prt-get diff? I need to rtfm00:24
Romsterprt-get diff00:24
Romsterjust type that and pastebin it00:24
Guest48456xorg-server installed: 1.15.2-1 availible: 1.17.1-100:24
Romsterok so no xorg-xf86-video-modesetting00:25
Romsterprt-get deptree xorg-server00:25
Guest48456pastebin it?00:25
Romsterlook for empty [ ] that have no [i] in it00:25
Romsterno need.00:25
Romsteranything missing prt-get depinst ..00:26
Guest48456No empty []00:26
Guest48456All [i].00:26
Guest48456So nothing to install with a depinst, I think00:26
Romsterwhich files are in conflict? with xorg-server exactly?00:27
Guest48456It says that these are already installed:00:27
Romster$ prt-get fsearch glamor.h00:28
RomsterFound in /usr/ports/xorg/xorg-server00:28
Romsterall them 3 come from xorg-xf86-video-modesetting00:28
Romsterpkgrm xorg-xf86-video-modesetting00:29
Guest48456Again, xorg-xf86-video-modesetting isn't installed00:29
Romsterprt-get update -fr xorg-server00:29
Guest48456I ran the pkgrm and it says so00:29
Romsterso run the second command.00:29
Guest48456Romster: Force it?00:29
Romsterprt-get update -fr xorg-server00:29
Romsterthat's force rebuild00:29
Guest48456Oh! That makes sense, why you would do that00:30
Romsterand it should install itself after.00:30
Romsterincase it's linked to something silly.00:30
Romsteroh the other thing todo is to check with revdep00:33
Romstersudo revdep00:33
Romsterif it lists anything it needs to be rebuilt00:33
Romsterprt-get update -fr `revdep` or manually do each to rebuild it.00:34
Guest48456Wait, prt-get revdep?00:35
Guest48456I see it00:35
Guest48456I'm running revdep00:37
Guest48456It just printed "syslinux"00:38
Romsteryeah that wont need a recompile00:38
Romsterso your good with ABI linking then.00:38
Guest48456Well then00:39
Romsteroften get broken library links on big sysup00:39
Guest48456Makes sense00:39
Romsterlike if it involves libpng 15 to 16 etc.00:39
Romsterso it's good to check with revdep regulary00:39
Romsterafter a sysup of anyhting deemed big.00:40
Guest48456xorg works now, thanks00:40
Romsterprobably just needed a recompile after.00:40
Guest48456O wait, nevermind00:40
Romsterbtw read the prt-get readme xorg-server00:41
Romsterit has important stuff on input/video drivers on a xorg-server update00:41
Romsterelse you wont have any keyboard or mouse or 3d acceleration00:41
Guest48456It gives me the error on sysup00:42
Guest48456prt-get diff says the new xorg wasn't installed00:42
Guest48456Even after prt-get update -fr00:43
Romsterand those 3 files are still in conflict?00:43
Guest48456Yes, nothing has changed00:43
Romsterthose 3 files don't exist on your system do they...00:44
Romsternor does the package xorg-xf86-video-modesetting00:44
Romsteri'm lost -_-00:44
Romsterat this point i'd force install xorg-server00:44
Romsterthen do the rebuild of input/video drivers mentioned in xorg-server/README00:45
Guest48456No, they do exist00:45
Romsterthen rm them.00:45
Romsterpkg-not should of listed them 3 files00:46
Romstersomething owns them that is not xorg-server00:46
Guest48456Is there a way to check who does?00:46
Guest48456Says the same thing at update -fr00:47
Romsterpkginfo --owner libglamoregl.la00:48
Guest48456Lemme see den00:48
Guest48456Well well well00:49
Guest48456Just remove dat00:49
Romster prt-get search xorg-glamor-egl00:49
RomsterNo matching packages found00:49
Romsteryeah pkgrm it00:49
Romsterno idea where you got that from.00:49
Guest48456Lemme see00:49
Guest48456Updated successfully00:50
Guest48456Must have been on the CD and was removed later00:50
Romsteri doubt it00:50
Guest48456Then where is it from?00:50
Guest48456Now X doesn't work00:51
Romsterxorg-glamor-egl: removed deprecated port00:51
Romsterah it used to be00:51
Guest48456Now xorg seems to not work00:51
Guest48456(EE) no screens found(EE)00:51
Romsteri told you read the readme file concerning input/video modules for xorg-server00:51
Guest48456Oh yeah, I'm stupid00:51
Romsterprt-get readme xorg-server00:51
Guest48456Yup, :)00:53
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.1]: xorg-server: update README to remove xorg-glamor-egl00:54
Guest48456cruxbot: thank you, bot00:56
Romsteri did that <_<00:57
Romstershould of been documented as not everyone tracks the mailing list or git commits.00:57
Guest48456Romster: I know the bot didn't, but I was too lazy to see00:58
Guest48456I assumed it was you00:58
Guest48456I know cruxbot is a bot00:58
Romsteri started that README actually because it got a few people on the modules on upgrading.00:59
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greduan1hey guys01:19
greduan1just wanted to let you guys know01:19
greduan1I am currently on OpenBSD so I may not be on #crux as often01:19
greduan1though I can tell you for sure CRUX is my favorite Linux distro. :)01:19
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Guest78795startx still says "no screens found", even after I rebuilt the modules01:29
Guest78795Romster: startx still says "no screens found", even after I rebuilt the modules01:31
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Romsterwhat video driver are you using Guest7879501:35
Guest78795Romster: Hmm? I know I have an intel integrated graphics01:36
Guest78795So xorg-xf86-video-intel or something like that01:36
Romsteryeah and did you recompile that...01:37
Guest78795Romster: Me thinks so01:37
Romsteryou know the line in the README says prt-get listinst | egrep '^xorg-xf86-(input|video)'01:38
Guest78795Oh yes01:38
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jake_Hrm, I updated xorg-xf86-video-intel, and the issue persists01:42
Romsteri'm not sure but maybe there is a new kernel option required perhaps?01:43
Romsterwhats the Xorg.log say01:43
jake_Oh shit Xorg.log01:43
jake_Failed to load fbdev01:44
Romsterthere we go.01:44
jake_Yes, of course01:45
Romsteryou are missing a kernel option01:45
jake_Seems so01:45
jake_Is this the part where I try to prove that I'm not THAT much of a newb?01:45
Romsterwouldn't be if you used the log sooner.01:46
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Romster maybe relevant as well01:47
RomsterThis driver requires KMS support in your kernel01:50
Romster  Device Drivers --->01:50
Romster    Graphics support --->01:50
Romster      Direct Rendering Manager (XFree86 4.1.0 and higher DRI support)  --->01:51
Romster      <*>   Intel 830M, 845G, 852GM, 855GM, 865G (i915 driver)  --->01:51
Romster       i915 driver01:51
Romster      [*]       Enable modesetting on intel by default01:51
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penguinmanI installed xorg-xf86-video-fbdev, and the logs show it can be loaded, but the issue persists02:04
penguinmanEverything seems to go well in the log until "No screens found"02:04
penguinmanRomster: Oh, sorry02:06
Romsterleft before i even got the chance02:07
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: stunnel: update to 5.1507:49
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: scite: update to 3.5.507:49
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: u-boot-tools: updated to 2015.0408:36
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.1]: xorg-server: README improve commands11:34
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.1]: xorg-server: README improve commands again13:38
hnodefrinnst: I have managed how to boot memtest13:53
hnodebut is so fast that I dont see nothing only 2 beeps13:54
hnodeIn my bios there is a way to check memory, I have done that, no problem reported13:54
hnodeI will try with diferent prt-get/pkgmk configuration13:55
hnodewith post/pre scripts on13:55
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frinnsthnode: whut?17:29
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frinnstI think you were speaking to someone else before :)17:30
jaegerMe, probably. I was guessing his segfaults might be RAM-related17:32
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z3brawhat's up?17:57
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frinnstnwe: you work at blocket, right?23:03
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