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nwefrinnst: yeah07:22
frinnst :)10:06
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cruxbot[core.git/3.1]: man-pages: updated to 3.8317:43
z3brahi everyone17:52
onoderahi z3bra17:55
z3braI have had this weird issue with my locale. Maybe someone can relate17:56
z3braI get a bad encoding in less, unless I unset $LANG17:57
z3bra(which is set to en_US.UTF-8)17:57
z3bramy locales are generated as specified, and utf-8 is default17:57
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jaegerz3bra: do you have LESSCHARSET or CHARSET defined?19:06
z3braI just figured it out19:08
z3brait's in the default /etc/profile19:08
jaeger;a=commitdiff;h=477de600a261ba5b9f0d0b79fb39ec8b6fba0e70 for reference19:08
z3bragood to know :)19:09
z3brait's been bothering me for monthes19:09
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