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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: docker: 1.5.0 -> 1.6.001:14
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: docker-machine: 0.1.0 -> 0.2.001:24
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zlinuzHello all. I want to install Crux on another (spare) partition on this harddrive where I have linux installed. Is there a way to do this from another linux? Similar to this :
prologicthe instructions would be pretty similar02:52
prologicinstall crux's rootfs on another block device02:52
prologicadd it to the first's boot manager02:52
zlinuz@prologic : any scripts to help me along?02:52
prologicoff the top of my head? no02:52
zlinuzprologic: Thanks I just wanted to know it is doable or not.02:52
prologicautomating this would eb nigh impossible02:53
prologicas every setup would be ever so slightly different02:53
prologichave you heard of Docker?02:53
prologicyou could do02:53
zlinuzprologic: Got it. Thanks for the tip.02:53
prologicdocker run -i -t crux /bin/bash02:53
zlinuzprologic: I don't know about docker. Will look it up.02:53
prologicYou can at least spin up a CRUX Docker Container and have  a play02:53
prologicsee if you even like CRUX before installing it :)02:54
zlinuz@prologic : I want to check it because I have heard good things.. besides AFAIK it is the perfect solution between going to gentoo/archlinux or Ubuntu02:55
zlinuzprologic: sorry to bother you again. Is there an alternative to docker that you know of? The place I am in it will take a long time to download something that big.03:01
prologicDocker is not big03:02
prologicneither is the Docker CRUX Image03:02
zlinuz@prologic: Thanks again.. Looks like I am getting Crux installed.03:04
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nwefrinnst: hehe :)06:04
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frinnst590 and counting07:45
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frinnstwindows error messages are so informative09:32
frinnst800B0001 <- oh that error09:34
onoderaThe new w8 bluescreen errors are the worst09:53
onoderaA giant :(09:53
onoderaall information removed09:54
onoderaand only a single sentence telling you to "search for {random error code} online"09:54
frinnstyou can click "get help with this error" usually in windows server. But when i click i get a "check your spelling" type error10:38
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frinnstOperating System: Linux OS Danger Rating: High13:27
frinnstDownload Latest Linux OS Update13:27
frinnstsounds legit13:27
frinnstClicking the link i get prompted to save "DriverDetect.exe"13:28
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jawboeasy - wine DriverDetect.exe13:30
jawbothat should clear up your linux os danger rating13:30
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rmullAnybody seeing X hangs, possibly with latest nvidia driver?13:52
rmullI haven't managed to correlate it, but my X has basically frozen twice in the past couple of days13:52
rmullSystem is still ssh-able13:52
jaegerNot so far here13:57
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frinnstso yeah. You spend 2 days installing wsus. then some error occurs and you search for resolutions14:15
jawboi've noticed with nvidia that compton can cause hangs when redrawing14:15
frinnstsuggested resolution: reinstall wsus14:15
frinnstf u c k microsoft14:15
teK_I have heard that suggestion many times :)14:25
teK_some views for certain subgroups (read: Windows >=7) won't work. "Solution" reinstall WSUS14:25
onoderajawbo: when I used compton switching tabs took like a second14:25
teK_how hard can it be to serve, track and sync .exe files via http(s)14:26
onoderanow I still use compton but with a different backend or whatever it's called14:26
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jawboyou use it with glx or xrendr?14:26
frinnstteK_: indeed. also just look at the cpu usage when running win updates14:27
jawboand I/O too14:27
frinnstbest is when everything take ages and you look for a bottleneck14:27
frinnstcpu usage: 5%, ram used: 40%, iowait: 0%14:28
teK_it's the software itself :}14:29
teK_someone inserted some wait()s, I'm sure14:29
frinnstor you open "resource monitor" to get a better idea what uses so much cpu. then realise the results are fucked because their fucking performance monitor uses 15% cpu constantly14:29
teK_I observed that thing eating 50% CPU14:29
teK_just last week. (server 2012)14:30
frinnsthow are all these windows admins still alive? I'd shot myself years ago if I had to admin it 24/714:30
frinnstim feeling a bit suicidal right now14:30
frinnsthaha its brilliant14:30
teK_sorry for insulting but: anybody could "administer" windows because of that awesome clicky GUI14:30
teK_many folks just don't get how shitty windows is14:31
teK_take my current place of work as an example14:31
onoderajawbo: --backend xr_glx_hybrid14:31
teK_we have had UNIX and since 2007 as a base for our ERP software14:31
jawbowhoa, didn't know about that14:31
onoderafor some reason it is not listed in the man/on github14:31
teK_these things never never crashed on us. literally.14:31
jawboonodera: did that fix the issues for you?14:31
jawbonice, thanks14:31
teK_now we switched to windows (because of the supplier's experience)14:31
frinnstwhat a great reason to switch14:32
teK_I can elaborate on that later14:32
teK_a) the thing just hung with all ports open but no tomcat, no iis etc. was responding, heck even RDP or console login stopped working14:32
teK_b) backup with symantec is a bad joke, full backup comes at 200MB/ _min_14:33
frinnstbackup exec ftw14:33
teK_storage is 16 15k SAS disks ass RAID1014:33
teK_it is getting better..14:33
teK_BE's best practice is to give the service DOMAIN ADMIN rights14:34
frinnstjust now: "Error: Connection Error" (its on localhost)14:34
frinnstit times otu14:34
teK_who has how long been shitting in your heads?14:34
teK_these are the guys selling security products14:34
teK_to be fair: it can do online backup of MSSQL which was the real reason for me to go for MS over Linux14:34
teK_we need 24/5 availability (*cough*)14:35
teK_but now for the best part..14:35
frinnstone of our customers is in the medical profession dealing with troubled kids. The journal supplier requires you to install ms office and then turn off all security features it provdes - allowing scripting in fucking word documents14:35
frinnstfor it to work14:35
teK_naturally I'm advocating Linux at any possible occasion :P14:35
teK_so there's our windows admin always praising Windows14:36
teK_Idid not hear a whisper when the main server went down as described under a)14:36
teK_also he did not fix things, or look through the awesome event viewer logs14:37
frinnstevent viewer likes to "stop responding"14:37
teK_it's a graphical mess.14:37
jawbo"Checking for a solution"14:37
teK_but server manager told us, there where 99 performance issues to reviwew :P14:37
jawbo"Was this helpful?"14:37
teK_And as a "thank you", MS announced it's first license audit for the firmwith a fixed date (personal reminder: have to tell them to go fuck themselves :))14:38
frinnstright, time to try to install the same security update for the 3rd time14:38
frinnsti have obviously rebooted between each attempt14:38
teK_just then the windows admin came crawling to me that he simply increased CAL numbers in 2009 without asking for permission14:39
frinnstCPU Usage: 100%14:39
frinnstCode 80092004: Windows Update encountered an unknown error.14:39
teK_I regret our ERP software stopped supporting MySQL :)14:39
frinnstnow im gonna click the "get help with this error"14:39
teK_unknown error is code for: the porgrammer is a lazy bum14:40
frinnstNope, no help with that error code14:40
teK_I have been Windows Driver development earlier this year :)14:41
frinnstYay found something! ... in french14:41
teK_it was fun, calling ndis routines peeking beyond package headers causing reproducable insta-BSOD14:41
frinnsttrying to manually download the patch:14:45
frinnst502 - Web server received an invalid response while acting as a gateway or proxy server.14:45
frinnst(from btw)14:45
teK_I had to mirror all  solutionsfor our erp software to a local http server because it wont work through a proxy14:53
teK_even then I had to configure lighttpd to make that crap work14:56
teK_downloading a file looks like this:14:56
teK_"HEAD /updates/B61_a9/ HTTP/1.1" 200 0 "-" "-"14:56
teK_"GET /updates/\\B61_a9\\1559666stnd.tar.gz HTTP/1.1" 301 0 "-" "-"  <- I had to treat that one special14:56
teK_"GET /updates/B61_a9/1559666stnd.tar.gz HTTP/1.1" 200 87905 "-" "-"14:56
teK_HTTP _is_ hard to get right14:57
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frinnstim not alone at least15:07
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cruxbot[core.git/3.1]: vim: update to 7.4.70315:58
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: gvim: update to 7.4.70315:58
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: stunnel: update to 5.1615:58
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: task: update to 2.4.315:58
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: darcs: update to 2.10.015:59
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jawboonodera: thanks for the tip, that works perfectly. how did you find out about that hybrid backend?16:45
onoderaI think by ctrl+f'ing through the source16:52
onoderaI can;t really remember16:53
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