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floralshoppewill crux become a meme distro any time soon?07:47
Romsterhow do i know? it'll keep going for however long here are people interested in it07:48
Romsterall i can say is we'll keep away from systemd for as long as practical if forever.07:50
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Romstereverything about systemd makes me mad -_-07:59
Romsterthere ends to be a site that indexes all these pages.08:11
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frinnstA process serving application pool 'WsusPool' suffered a fatal communication error with the Windows Process Activation Service. The process id was '3180'. The data field contains the error number.09:48
frinnstthe windows adventures continiues09:48
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Romsterit never ends09:55
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dxlr8rcrux needs to take a stand though on it's homepage. stick with bsd init, go for runit or other, or give up to the terrorists demands16:09
jaegerwhy do you say that? crux doesn't need to defend itself, it's just a choice16:23
teK_no politics, all heart16:25
dxlr8rwell, a clear statement about what init system that is shipped on the distro will send a signal to people who are considering the distro16:26
dxlr8rboth for the folks that like systemd, and those who doesn't16:26
dxlr8rsince the distro hasn't been updated in a while a random visitor won't what the next release will bring... and what the people behind the distro think's about a controversial subject16:27
dxlr8rwho for many is key to their choosing of a distro16:27
dxlr8rand who knows? the word "practical" comes up a lot, taking a "side", like using runit might show developers and the community as a whole that there are alternatives so that it will be possible to maintain a non systemd distro also in the future16:32
tilmanhow to debug where latency between a hardware interrupt and an associated threaded interrupt handler is coming from?16:48
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: [notify] firefox: updated to 37.0.217:03
frinnstwho knows what the future brings?17:04
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frinnsttaking a stand would just limit future choices17:05
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jawboi like the current crux stand "Use it if you want to"17:06
onoderaHi, I have a small question, I just noticed that the rsync package installs the rsync ports driver, the httpup package the httpup ports driver, etc.17:06
jawboand choosing a distro solely based on init is a silly thing17:06
onoderaI and some other people created a git driver and we have been using it for a few weeks now, could it be possible to add it to the git package?17:07
rmulltilman: Set a GPIO?17:22
tilmanrmull: i've got an arm9 talking to an mcp2515 (CAN chip). the mcp2515 raises an interrupt when new data is available -- and sometimes it takes ~30-40ms until my IST processes the interrupt. which is way too long and makes us lose data17:24
tilmanthis is with an 2.6.35 kernel (patched to hell for the hardware)17:25
tilmanrmull: and _now_ i understood your reply. this is in linux, so things aren't as simple :/17:28
teK_any ubuntu users present?17:47
teK_(dont lie!)17:47
hnodeIm full time studing and configuring "a crux box" :) only I have17:51
teK_you're excused :>17:52
tilmanteK_: i use ubuntu at work17:53
teK_I switched on dhcp and this damn thing takes _ages_ to boot17:53
teK_setting a _reachable_ ntp server does not seem to fix things17:53
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tilmandunno, i'm using a static ip17:53
tilmanubuntu is strange17:53
teK_it uses systemd :-)17:54
teK_for FASTER bootup17:54
teK_someone suggested reinstalling gdm17:54
joacimdoesnt ubuntu use its own thing?17:55
onoderanot anymore17:55
onoderabecause debian is switching to systemd ubuntu dropped their old init called upstart17:55
jawboteK_: dhclient is faster in my experience, and dhcpcd can be sped up with noarp in dhcpcd.conf18:01
teK_it's using dhclient18:01
teK_setting the NTP thingy seems to have helped18:01
jawboheh, welcome to ubuntu, where setting ntp thingies helps. maybe.18:02
jawbogood luck!18:03
teK_ready to release ubuntu to 40 production critical machines :))18:03
jawbohave your alcohol at the ready18:03
teK_cmon.. at least printing from Windows to these boxes worked almost flawlessly: )18:04
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teK_at least from one of the windows machines18:07
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lmarieHello.  Still working on debug of eudev3.0 with failure to create dev node.  Would like to compare build pkgfile between version 3.0 and 2.1.1-1.  Tried to find it at github.18:21
lmarieSince 2.1x works for me but not 3.0, so trying to find any difference between the two.18:22
tilmanhave you checked that your kernel has enabled all the features necessary?18:23
tilmangeneral suggestion. i don't know any specifics ;p18:24
lmariethis would be one:18:25
teK_tilman: _not_ compiling things on this machine18:26
lmariedowngrade to previous eudev works in that when I "sudo wvdial" these modules are created, and /dev/ppp dev node is created at boot.18:28
lmarieer...these modules: ppp_async               7010  118:28
lmarieppp_deflate             3842  118:28
lmariezlib_deflate           20476  1 ppp_deflate18:28
lmarieppp_generic            18036  6 ppp_async,ppp_deflate18:28
lmarieI could always go back and configure the kernel to have ppp_deflate and the others as "yes" instead of as modules.  Seems the wrong way to go about it.18:31
koriteK_: hey, can you install our git driver with the git package?18:35
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lmarieAs a side question, was readint this link:
lmariecomment 3 from blueness "3) Gentoo like most linux distros, has moved /var/run to /run and eudev expect this." Was wondering if crux will be doing this?18:39
lmarieSomething to think about... Later.18:47
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teK_kori: link?20:16
korialso, teK_20:20
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teK_ping me if there are notable updates on the script20:29
koriteK_: is it not good enough?20:33
koriit works perfectly20:33
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teK_I did not test it myself, I will not track updates to the script actively, remember that :)20:34
teK_if it was not good enough, I wouldnt add it.20:34
koriteK_: we've been trying to get it added  for a while now20:34
onoderaI've been using it for a few weeks and I made every single repo use the git driver20:35
onoderaI've not had any problems as of yet20:35
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: git: include new git ports driver20:46
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koriteK_: oh yeah, what about portdb? can our ports show up there now?20:52
teK_a link to a git "driver" file per repo?20:53
teK_I know portsdb..20:53
koriI mean20:53
koriyou have the list of repos there20:54
korican our repo show up even though it uses git?20:54
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hnodeI wast tryng to use gpt, but it turn out not to be as simple as configurinc MBR22:11
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