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frinnsthmm. why the fuck does debian insist on overriding /etc/hosts entried and using dns instead?07:43
frinnstoh nevermind. only the "host" command overrides /etc/hosts07:44
frinnstbah, exim also overrides /etc/hosts07:54
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hnodeHi crux'ers !!!12:23
hnodeI have send my first mail to crux lists ;)12:23
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: libebml: 1.3.0 -> 1.3.114:04
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: libmatroska: 1.4.1 -> 1.4.214:04
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: mkvtoolnix: 7.5.0 -> 7.8.014:04
cruxbot[core.git/3.1]: [notify] curl: update to 7.42.014:04
jschhi, i'm having trouble getting the tightvnc `vncserver` to run, it says the fixed font is missing (it's not, it shows up in xlsfonts). i've changed the font dirs inside the vncserver script itself to the paths crux uses but it doesn't seem to want to work14:16
frinnstiirc i also hit that when I quickly needed a vnc client. i installed tigervnc instead :)14:32
jaegerdoes xlsfonts use fontconfig or are mkfontdir/mkfontscale needed in that case?14:33
frinnstYou could open a bug regarding it if you cant get it to work14:33
onoderaI created a cool script:
onoderait is exacly like pkgmk but it installs all the dependencies of a port14:43
onoderait also doesn't use prt-get!14:43
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onoderait has a list option and some pkgmk options now15:32
cruxbot[core.git/3.1]: ca-certificates: updated to 2015042216:09
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rmullCan anyone point out a port of a python-based software so I can see how it's packaged? I'm not quite sure what to do with the mess of py files17:50
tilmanpython install --prefix=/usr --root=$PKG17:51
rmullThe project I'm looking at doesn't use a file, it uses virtualenv17:53
rmullbasically it creates a virtualenv and then uses pip to pull in a whole bunch of stuff17:53
tilmannever touched that kind of stuff, sorry17:53
rmullk, thanks anyway17:55
tilmanrmull: prologic may be able to help you out with virtualenv related porting17:56
rmullprologic: ping :)17:56
rmullHe doesn't appear to have the word "virtualenv" in any of his Pkgfiles17:58
tilmanye, but he might still know how to beat that stuff into submission17:58
rmullalrighty, thanks. Will wait and see.18:01
tilmanrmull: you could also spy on debian and see how they package this application18:01
tilmanor arch18:01
rmullI see some clues18:06
rmullfor ubuntu18:06
pitillormull: isn't a good practice to install and manage all things inside a virtualenv directly?18:15
rmullpitillo: Without using pkgutils?18:15
pitilloI mean, it's a "jail"... you create a virtualenv and you can use it, using pip to install/remove things inside18:15
pitillormull: yes18:15
rmullI don't know :D18:16
rmullIs that what crux recommends?18:16
pitillonot sure how can they be managed if it's not by their own18:16
rmullWhat about installing dependencies?18:16
pitillovirtualenv is ported, you can use it inside your home for example18:16
pitilloif you install something inside your virtualenv, they shold be installed inside that "jail"18:17
rmullThe softawre I'm looking at has some system-wide deps (presumably handled by a Pkgfile) and the rest is inside pip18:17
rmuller, s/pip/virtualenv18:17
pitilloI have two virtualenvs hosting django18:17
rmullDid they require any system deps before creating the virtualenv?18:18
pitilloI've installed all things inside virtualenv, trying to avoid mixing things (all deps were installed by pip inside virtualenv)18:18
pitillomay be prologic can give you more detailed information about virtualenv and the best way to manage your situation18:20
rmullSo then how do you launch the stuff inside the virtualenv? Do you add each env to your PATH?18:22
jaegeran activate script, usually18:24
rmullSo you would have an executable in your PATH that would call the activate script in its associated env?18:26
pitillolike jaeger told, there is a wrapper in virtualenv and good info about it overthere18:28
rmullOkay, thanks18:29
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jaegerrmull: has some info - not about packing with a package manager specifically but mentions the activate script, etc.19:09
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prologicrmull, pong20:50
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rmullprologic: Have you packaged anything built with python/virtualenv?21:23
onoderaHi, I'm trying out gcc 5.1 just for fun21:31
onoderabut I'm getting: /sbin/ldconfig: /usr/lib/ is not an ELF file - it has the wrong magic bytes at the start.21:32
onoderasome guy in the #crux logs had the same problem, does anyone know how 2 fix it:
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frinnstcheck the Pkgfile. You'll see we remove that file21:39
frinnstwith the new version the filename has changed. So modify the Pkgfile to remove it21:39
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frinnstrm -f $PKG/usr/lib{,32}/{libiberty.a,
onoderawoops, I read your name as finnst in the logs, I even searched for you in /names21:40
onoderathanks a lot!21:40
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onoderaI've always wondered, why do some pkgs (gcc, python) get compiled with -j121:49
teK_because they have a "shitty" makefile that will break if executed with more than one job21:53
teK_this should be caused by incomplete dependency tracking on the target level within the Makefiles21:53
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prologicrmull: for CRUX as a Pkgfile? Not specifically (if so); however I have a strategy for doing so easily and one that should work quite well IHMO22:19
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rmullprologic: Yes, crux Pkgfile - what's your suggestion? :D23:26
prologicUse virtualenv and pip as "build tools" in your Pkgfile and a wrapper script to run the Python thing you're packaging/porting :)23:30
prologicbasically bundling it up at a packager level if upstream dont' provide bundles already via pyinstaller or similar23:30
rmullOkay, that makes sense - I'm going to need to dump all the py scripts somewhere - where in the filesystem is appropriate for that?23:32
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prologicI'd go with /usr/lib/<app>23:33
prologicmake it as normalish as possible I guess23:33
prologicdo something like23:33
prologicvirtualenv $PKG/usr/lib/<app>23:33
prologicand your wrapper script just needs to23:33
prologic. /usr/lib/<app>/bin/activate23:33
prologicI'm happy to write up a sample when I get home from work :)23:34
rmullNo need, unless you're bored. I think that all makes sense. Thanks for the suggestions.23:37
prologicyeah yeah nps at all23:38
prologicit's a nicer way to do it I think23:38
prologicrather than litter the system with dependneices other things may never use23:38
prologicthe plus side to doing this is if you have different python apps that may use different versions of some libraries for example23:39
prologicbundling in this way avoids collisions23:39
rmullIn the end, though, there must be a ton of duplication as the number of virtualenv'd packages on a system increases23:40

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