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prologicthere are pros and cons00:07
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: boost: 1.57.0 -> 1.58.010:31
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: mkvtoolnix: patch for boost 1.5810:31
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: mkvtoolnix: patch for boost 1.58 fix for last commit11:05
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: cppunit: Fixed build in systems without bash as /bin/sh11:59
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dxlr8rdon't know if this has been discussed before. but it would be great if the packages Description would be shown in portdb12:44
dxlr8roften there are several version of a program, would be nice to know if the package maintainer had some words why he made it12:44
Romsterhave you looked at
dxlr8rnope, I use the one on the homepage :)12:45
onoderaRomster: didn;t know about that, cool12:45
Romsterit's linked on crux.ster.zone12:45
Romsterthat is nrxtx site.12:45
dxlr8rthat one doesn't show desc either12:45
Romsterhmm poke nrxtx need a new feature descriptions12:46
onoderaRomster: the git ports driver got merged with the git package yesterday12:47
onoderawould it be possible to add git repositories to that site or the official portdb?12:47
Romsteri saw that i never looked at it yet12:47
Romsterwell that be nrxtx and teK_ respectively.12:47
dxlr8rnrxtx: need feature descriptions :P12:48
dxlr8rdone :P12:48
Romsterlater being more the crux dev team in general.12:48
onoderaok thanks12:49
onoderaone more question, what do the icons here mean:
Romsterhover over the icons.12:50
onoderaah I see, thanks12:50
onoderathat's pretty cool12:50
Romsterort-verify stuff12:50
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dxlr8ris there a blog or anything about the future of crux? I would like to read the maintainers thought about the feature.13:24
Romstermailing list here and #crux-devel really.13:24
dxlr8rsybscribing to mail list13:26
dxlr8rirc isn't really a good place to read news13:26
dxlr8ryeah, typo13:26
Romsterah yu near13:27
frinnstfuture? Who knows.. Are you wondering about anything specific?13:48
dxlr8rI read a thread about start-stop-daemon etc. on the mailing list, runit, systemd. I think that is a interesting subject. and so on. I like to read news :)13:51
frinnststart-stop-daemon is awesome13:51
frinnstno plans on changing init as of this day13:51
dxlr8rok, crux 3.0 to 3.1 had changes, would like to know what they plan in 3.2...13:52
dxlr8ror just thoughts they have13:52
dxlr8rcertainly 3.1 won't be current forever :)13:52
frinnstnothing interesting yet :)13:53
dxlr8rok :)13:53
dxlr8rI already have one machine with crux. I am deciding on installing it on my laptop13:54
frinnstJust make sure you have the power adaptor connected when you do a sysup13:55
dxlr8rhaha :P13:55
dxlr8ryeah, have in on a server. the whole xorg port is disabled :P13:55
frinnstI run crux on.. hmm13:56
dxlr8rlooking to do some integration with luks to13:56
dxlr8rbeen looking on mkinitramfs-ll13:56
dxlr8retc. trying to cook something up13:56
frinnst3 raspberry pi, 3 hp microservers, 2 workstations13:56
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frinnstI run debian on my ancient asus eeepc from 200913:57
dxlr8rI have one running on virtualbox on my main machine currently on windows 8.1 :(13:57
dxlr8rfor gaming :P13:57
dxlr8ryeah, have a debian too. pre systemd. if something breaks on it I'll install crux on it. for now it works13:57
dxlr8rso I won't allocate time to that13:58
rmullI have a debian eeepc too :D13:58
frinnstatom power!13:59
jaegerdxlr8r: you might look at as well13:59
cruxbot[xfce.git/3.1]: xfce4-notes-plugin: updated to 1.8.013:59
cruxbot[xfce.git/3.1]: [notify] thunar: updated to 1.6.713:59
rmullI don't think mine is atom... it might be older than that. I have the 701 with 4G soldered SSD13:59
dxlr8rnice jaeger14:00
frinnstoh nice, as much storage as my first pc!14:01
dxlr8rIntel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 1.80GHz14:01
dxlr8rmy debian :P14:01
jaegerI believe those were celeron M14:01
jaegerthe first eeepcs, I mean14:01
rmullYeah, that sounds familiar14:01
rmullI still use it on bus rides14:01
dxlr8rto bad crux ppc has shut down xorg support. would be cool to have on my revision A iMac :P14:01
dxlr8ror powermac 960014:02
dxlr8rhad debian on it before :P14:02
dxlr8rhad gentoo on the imac... poor thing :P took forever to compile14:03
dxlr8r233mhz g314:03
dxlr8rgcc took like a day :P14:03
rmullMy most "exotic" machine was openbsd on an SGI O214:05
rmullBut it wasn't practical for doing anything at all14:05
rmullShould have made a flower pot out of it14:05
frinnstyeah they were pretty14:06
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dxlr8rbtw, on the subject of luks. what do you think? encrypt the root? or just parts? like /var swap /home and /tmp?14:20
frinnsteverything or nothing (except /boot perhaps)14:20
frinnstunless you have some very specific usercases14:21
dxlr8rI have a ssd. so thought of just encrypting parts and have rest unencrypted and with trim turned on14:21
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dxlr8ris it possible to install software from the crux installation?14:52
dxlr8rI need lvm214:52
onoderadownload the iso, cd into it14:54
onoderacd into something/opt/lvm2 or wherever lvm2 is14:55
onoderause pkgadd14:55
onoderaif that's what you mean14:56
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dxlr8rcan't get the crux iso to boot on my computer. is it possible to install crux from another boot cd?15:55
jaegersure, should be easy to do that. With that said, what happens when you try to boot it?15:58
dxlr8rlilo won't show15:59
dxlr8rtrying another mirror now15:59
jaegerthe CD doesn't use lilo15:59
dxlr8rok, the boot loader won't show then15:59
jaegerin BIOS mode it uses syslinux (isolinux), UEFI mode is grub215:59
jaegerdid you check the md5 of the download and the written media?15:59
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dxlr8rtrying a secondary iso now15:59
dxlr8rusing rufus16:00
dxlr8rto get it on a usb stick16:00
jaegerrufus will probably not work properly since it wants to create its own boot setup, right?16:00
dxlr8rdunno, always worked before16:00
jaegerthe ISO is already hybrid, using win32diskimager or physdiskwrite might be better16:00
jaegerwell, worth a try, I guess. I've never used rufus for linux ISOs, myself, only windows or DOS boots16:01
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dxlr8rthat worked jaeger :) even without refind16:08
jaegerIf you're on a mac you could also use dd in OSX for what that's worth16:11
dxlr8rhmmm, yeah. to late now :P did it on my windows16:12
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dxlr8rthere is no net in /etc/rc.d16:13
dxlr8rfrom the crux iso installation :/16:14
jaegeryou can set it up manually, though. or just run dhcpcd16:14
dxlr8rtried dhcpcd with -4 lan16:16
dxlr8r-4 enp0s1016:16
dxlr8rthat is16:16
dxlr8rsorry, working now. me stupid :P cable not plugged in16:17
dxlr8rcryptsetup should be included in the iso :/ guess I'll have to make a pkg at my already installed crux16:21
retardcryptsetup also builds a static binary, /sbin/cryptsetup.static16:31
retardi tend to use that16:32
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: libmng: updated to 2.0.316:40
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: libmng: use xz tarball instead16:40
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: nss: updated to 3.18.116:40
dxlr8rretard: thx, didn't know16:45
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rmullSort of interesting article and comments:
rmullSpeaks to the "containerization" of software nowadays18:22
dxlr8rI like containers because I handle with a lot of crappy software18:44
dxlr8rwhere stuff just breaks for no reason. so the ability to go back to a previous snapshot i golden18:44
dxlr8rif you meant containers as vm's18:44
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tilman> »Docker is the new 'curl | sudo bash'«19:09
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frinnstappliances are a major issue19:39
frinnstwe have a bunch of vmware appliances deployed. all based on suse from 2011 or something19:39
frinnstgood luck keeping that up to date. you cant even login to a proper shell19:40
frinnstand fuck "devops"19:40
frinnstgently, with a chainsaw19:41
retardi concur19:56
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teK_docker is code for: app devs and lib devs are too stupid^Wlazy to use stable interfaces and a limited set of libraries, right?20:12
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hnodehumm :))21:49
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hnodecan I have /boot partition inside LVM ?22:12
hnodeI'm not using initrd22:12
hnodeI made a partition for grub, start 0 2M22:13
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jaegergrub2 should be able to boot from lvm without initrd, I believe23:31
jschcompilin' feels23:37
retardgive grub its bios boot partition for gpt and it'll boot from most anything23:39
retardgrub2: it only does everything23:46

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