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jschthere's a small mismatch in egl, caught it when recompiling everything for gcc 5.1:
jschi meant gimp, sorry00:38
dxlr8rgot crux working with luks lvm on root :)00:50
hnodedxlr8r: :D00:57
hnodeis possible to have root without initrd and initrd ?00:57
hnodesorry encrypt00:58
hnodewhat I mean is, I boot from grub, but first time fail, now I will pass root=lvm/namevg-namelv00:59
dxlr8rI have written it all down. but very late, so won't finish. haven't looked upon suspending nor swap either01:19
dxlr8rcan't encrypt root without an initrd hnode01:20
dxlr8rnot that I have seen no matter what distro01:20
dxlr8rdunno about grub. it sucks :P I use lilo01:20
dxlr8rwon't finish as in today :) 03:21 here :P01:21
dxlr8rso bedtime!01:21
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xeirrrwhile ever, diverse rewrote prt-get in rust, but I can't find that repo on github now.02:38
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: sc: update to debian patchlevel 408:38
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: libpcap: update to 1.7.308:38
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: tcpdump: update to 4.7.408:38
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: aspell-en: update to 2015.04.2408:38
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frinnstouch, buuuurn!
jueyeah, just read that as well10:04
jueunfortunately the patch cannot apply to 2.19 without code modifications10:05
jueoh, sorry, you're talking about a different thing, I meant
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frinnstYeah i glanced over that report too11:35
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hnodedxlr8r: sorry my english, last late night I was able to boot kernel inside lvm, grub can "read" lvm13:26
hnodebut then kernel fails to mount root fs, problem can be bad root=lvm/namevg-rootlv or not all needed modules compiled in13:27
hnodetoday I will "try" to follow the instructions in crux wiki to have encripted root, for this I will need initrd,13:28
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onoderawhat is the simplest way of reinstalling crux that does not involve a usb or dvd?17:11
jaegerrebuilding all packages, probably. or reinstalling them from the ISO17:15
frinnstmount -o loop is your friend, or17:45
frinnstprt-get update -fr $(prt-get listinst)17:45
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hnodehi !17:57
hnodeplease can some one help me on getting kernel mount root fs on lvm ?17:58
hnodewithout initrd ?17:58
dxlr8r I was recommended this initrd hnode17:59
dxlr8reasy to integrate into crux17:59
dxlr8rneed to compile all needed drivers into the kernel though, doesn't support loading modules17:59
hnodedxlr8r: sorry to take your time,18:04
hnodebut if grub is able to load kernel inside lvm why is not the kernel able to mount root fs18:05
hnodewhen I boot I see sdb, but no PARTUUID/UUID reference18:05
hnodemay be missing something in kernel config18:06
dxlr8rdon't think I'm the guy to ask. not that pro :) but no lacking of will :P18:07
dxlr8rhnode: could it be the lack of drivers to load the rootfs?18:08
dxlr8rthe rootfs is ext4?18:08
dxlr8rif so compile it built-in to the kernel18:08
dxlr8rif it ain't18:08
hnodekernel boot in a system without lvm18:08
dxlr8rlvm needs to be built into kernel as well18:09
hnodeor, mount fs without lvm18:09
dxlr8rkernel is on boot partition?18:09
hnodeyes /boot partition18:09
dxlr8rand /boot is?18:09
dxlr8rand is boot inside lvm?18:10
hnodeext4, grub loads kernel, yes inside lvm18:10
hnodeI think is a grub.cfc18:10
hnodefstab empty, :)18:10
hnodeonly passing root= as grub config done18:11
hnodeexpenting error later as fstab is empty18:11
dxlr8rhmmm, true18:11
hnodewhen booting it gives a backtrace so big18:11
hnodethat I cant see begining18:12
hnodehow can I see this ? easy way :D18:12
dxlr8rsame problem yesterday... I filmed it with a smartphone18:12
dxlr8ror you could try the config inside a vm18:12
dxlr8rand screen record18:12
hnodeI have qemu, but have no Idea how to use output18:13
hnodeI useit with -curses18:13
hnodebut is so slow that I prefer to reboot18:13
hnodealso added rootdelay=15 so I have time to read some log and to externel usb apear18:13
dxlr8rno experience with qemu. normally use virtualbox18:14
hnodedo you publish the way you make to have cryptsetup ?18:14
dxlr8rwhat about a smartphone?18:14
dxlr8rdo you use luks?18:14
hnodeI dont own one !18:14
hnodeI want to try18:15
hnodeI saw crux wiki but again initrd18:15
dxlr8rwell, then fuck that you are doing :P don't need grub then18:15
dxlr8rgrub doesn't support luks18:15
dxlr8rso need initrd anyway18:15
hnodeI dont have yet implemented crypt18:15
hnodedo you publish the way you achive so I can follow ?18:16
dxlr8rnot done. but you can get what I got. trying to find an easy way to publish18:16
dxlr8rit's rtf :P18:16
dxlr8ror else I could use pastebin18:16
hnode:) yes, how can I add you to
hnodeif you want18:17
hnodeis not updated with my latest findings18:18
hnodelike having a small partition of 2M for grub18:18
hnodewill update with some stuff18:18
dxlr8rnot even halfway done... haven't included the part about initfs :P18:20
hnodeI have pushed some changes to git rep ;)18:21
hnodelet me now when you have a final link so I can mention18:22
dxlr8rwill do. on the subject on trying swsusp now18:23
dxlr8rand see how it works with luks, lvm and swap18:23
hnodeyes !!! you mention kernel config18:23
hnodeI think I have all as *(built in)18:24
dxlr8rimportant with the initrd I use18:24
dxlr8rthat initrd even have a rescue enviroment with ssh :P18:24
hnodehave you done a Pkgfile ?18:24
dxlr8rfor what?18:24
dxlr8rI have done several, but not for this18:25
dxlr8rno, you don't need one18:25
dxlr8rjust use the binary one18:25
hnodeI will read with more caution, just asking18:25
dxlr8rI haven't written about that yet :P18:25
hnodebinary ?18:25
dxlr8rand it was more a memo for myself in the future :P18:25
dxlr8r"Use binary packages"18:26
dxlr8rworked great18:26
dxlr8rno compiling, building, etc needed18:26
dxlr8runless you use crux ppc or arm it should work great18:27
dxlr8rthe biggest problem was that the crux live cd isn't really suited for that kinda work. so it was a shore to setup the rescue enviroment before it all worked together18:28
dxlr8rdoesn't have cryptsetup, lilo, nothing :P18:29
retardi built it from git inside the chroot18:30
retardthat was fine too18:30
onoderadoes anyone know the difference between mkfs.ext4 and mkfs.ext4dev?18:47
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dxlr8rif I had to guess, and that is best since searching and finding it out are for little girls, I would say that dev version is a developer version. richer on feeatures/speed, but poorer on stability/security18:54
onoderadid you just tell me to rtfm?18:55
onoderaanyways, google didn't really explain it :p18:55
dxlr8r:P dunno, just being funny :P18:55
joacim(root@siegfried) # ls -l `which mkfs.ext4dev`                               (~)18:56
joacimlrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 6 Dec 29 05:38 /sbin/mkfs.ext4dev -> mke2fs*18:56
jaegerext4dev was dev code that went into the kernel in like 2.6.2818:56
jaegernow they're the same18:56
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monadicpis crux a source-based distro?19:11
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jschhi, there seems to be a problem with core/tcp_wrappers:
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monadicpdistrowatch must fix its categorization then...19:54
dxlr8rany reason for why standby is missing from /sys/power/state on my machine? anybody has any clue? and also, documentation says that "Suspend-to-RAM" or "mem" needs boilercode to wakeup, that is not present/not working in crux. any ideas? :)20:01
dxlr8rfreeze and disk works GREAT though :)20:02
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rmullIs contrib/tor different from tor browser from
rmullokay, thanks21:03
rmullI guess I'll just follow the instructions on their site21:04
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