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retardafraid so00:13
retardwhat are you going to use an initrd for? :)00:13
teK_it's a good starting point for implementing your custom initrd00:28
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hnodehow do you build initrd ?01:02
hnodeis really initrd necessary if you have root fs in lvm ?01:03
hnodeI found some tools on Romster ports,01:03
hnodebut at the moment I'm instaling without initrd..01:04
hnodefound lastfm group, join in to join out !!! :D01:12
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EmoSpiceGood morning. Another odd question. Is there a technical reason that the version of kmod's port in core is built without compressed module support (--with-xz --with-zlib)?14:07
jaegerprobably not14:18
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EmoSpiceIf an answer for my earlier question came in, I obviously didn't see it. I really ought to set up a bouncer...14:29
frinnst16:18 <@jaeger> probably not14:36
frinnstiirc it's a pretty new kernel feature, no?14:37
EmoSpiceit's reasonably new14:39
EmoSpiceI've seen posts back to 2011 regarding the functionality though14:39
EmoSpiceah. The functionality was introduced in the kernel in 3.1814:44
EmoSpicebut I believe that kmod's supported it longer than that14:44
frinnstadded it to the todo-list for crux 3.215:15
onoderais that todo-list public?15:21
frinnstyeah, its on the wiki15:22
onoderacool, ty15:24
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EmoSpicefrinnst: thanks!15:59
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jueEmoSpice: why do you need that? IMO it's not very useful for a distro like CRUX where the users have to build their own kernels with, normaly, only a small number of modules17:20
jueas a general rule we try to keep the dependencies of basic stuff like kmod minimal17:21
juebut if there's a good reason I don't see a problem to add xz and zlib support to kmod17:22
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: pmwiki: update to 2.2.7517:29
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frinnstwow; everest basecamp avalance:
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: micropython (NEW): Python3 for microcontrollers, unix version.21:58
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: micropython: Added pip-micropython from tools22:30
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