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hnodeis ok to configure pkgmk to use /usr/src/(distfiles,packages,work) ?00:29
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Romsterhnode, i use /var/ports/...02:44
Romsteruse what ever you like02:44
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frinnstawesome. Things run slow on a windows server - I open up resource monitor07:54
frinnstresource monitor uses 50% cpu07:54
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itPuffinBhm, what happened to diverse? seems like he's been gone for a while and I can't find his github anymore o_O13:31
frinnstno clue13:32
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.1]: xorg-libxext: clean up depends on13:40
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.1]: xorg-libxxf86vm: clean up depends on13:40
Romsterhe had another argument with someone else and just vanished as a result...13:41
itPuffinBRomster: in this channel?13:52
frinnsthow is it possible for microsoft to make windows updates suck so hard?13:52
RomsteritPuffinB, i don't know where.13:53
Romstermicrosoft makes lots of things suck.13:53
itPuffinBRomster: ah, I wonder how you knew he had an argument then. Regardless, usually you leave the channel it happened in but I don't see him in #rust either so hmm13:54
itPuffinBI guess it would make sense for him to delete the prt-get in rust repo if either people in #rust pissed him off or people from here13:54
Romsteri am pretty sure i know the person he argued with13:54
Romsterbut i don't know the reasons.13:54
Romsterdunno... sad state.13:55
Romsteri helped him with understanding prtutils13:56
frinnstNot me I hope13:58
frinnstI have become a bitter old git in recent times13:59
frinnst(sorry about that, folks)13:59
frinnstI blame it all on our windows servers13:59
Romsternah but i think he did block you and someone else here.14:01
Romstereh even frinnst and i have had tiffs.14:01
frinnstWhen was this?14:01
frinnstOh come on. we love each other!14:01
Romsteri don't remember he went on about it though.14:01
frinnstconstructive agruments are a good thing14:02
itPuffinBwe've certainly had destructive arguments :P14:02
itPuffinBbut hmm I guess one could search the logs to find out what happened to diverse14:02
Romsteri don't always have the best ideas.14:02
Romsterbut really we are a small community we need to get along.14:06
Romsteri think everyone is past the junk stuff.14:07
Romsteras for windows servers i hate it with a passion.14:07
itPuffinBI am blissfully ignorant to the terrors of windows servers14:07
Romsterkeep it that way and you'll keep your hair.14:08
itPuffinBI do have a lot of hair14:08
itPuffinBit's almost 1m now14:08
itPuffinBwell I guess it would be more if it wasn't tightly knotted to ropes14:08
Romsterare you a guy or a woman?14:08
itPuffinBbut hair also has a maximum length14:08
itPuffinBRomster: male14:09
Romsteryeah i think i've hit my limit on hair length and i'm a male too it's over 35 or so centimeters.14:09
itPuffinBbut when you have dreads the hair stays even when it falls off :P14:10
Romsternever done that and i doubt i want too...14:10
Romsterand i never thought of that aspect lol14:10
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Romsternatural hair extensions14:11
itPuffinBwell it happens on its own if you leave it alone14:11
itPuffinBwell I don't mean don't wash it14:11
itPuffinBobviously do14:11
Romsteri like my silky hair un-knotted.14:11
itPuffinBThat's fair enough :)14:11
itPuffinBit certainly has advantages too14:12
Romsterbut the matted up dreadlocks do suit some people.14:12
itPuffinBespecially ergonomic ones14:12
itPuffinBmine aren't quite matted14:12
itPuffinBI guess I do pull them apart a bit to prevent it turning in to a rug14:12
itPuffinBit's a bit tedious14:13
itPuffinBbut you don't need to do it much14:13
itPuffinBI think keeping long hair in good condition is probably more work14:13
Romsterit is14:13
itPuffinBdepends on if you have curly hair or super straight though14:13
Romstersuper straight here. but mornings combing it every day14:14
Romstertends to keep it untangled and good hair conditioner14:14
itPuffinBmine is kind of naturally curly, but it's definitely not an afro14:14
Romsterah it would suit dreadlocks14:18
itPuffinBanyway, I've kind of been window shopping for other distros, mainly because I want something that prefers static linking and tries to avoid GNU. Morpheus is one that actually got implemented but it seems kind of dead. I suppose also having arguments here also fuels such a decision (esp if it's with maintainers with a project) but I think especially on my server it would be difficult to switch because I run my email there14:18
itPuffinBRomster: yeah, they made themselves so :P14:18
dxlr8rany documentation on how to install xorg with fonts in crux? I have never fully understood fonts in Xorg, seems like a mess to me. "fc-list" for example shows all fonts, but xfontsel finds none etc.14:24
dxlr8rhaven't been using linux for gui in over 10 years or so, and then I always used a guide14:25
itPuffinBbelieve it's just a matter of putting things in the right directory14:25
dxlr8rinstalled deju fonts14:25
itPuffinBthey don't show up?14:25
dxlr8rbut i3, and xfontsel etc. don't fint it14:26
dxlr8ri3 is without fonts14:26
itPuffinBI've used i3 on crux but I can't recall having to do anything super crazy to get dejavu working14:26
itPuffinBwell I think I used it on crux anyway haha14:26
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.1]: xorg-libxvmc: clean up depends on14:26
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.1]: xorg-libxv: clean up depends on14:26
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.1]: xorg-libxfixes: clean up depends on14:26
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.1]: xorg-libxdamage: clean up depends on14:26
dxlr8rhehe. last try with linux and gui was arch linux14:27
dxlr8rI am a refuge14:27
dxlr8ras I am sure there are many off14:27
itPuffinBwoe is systemd14:27
itPuffinBdxlr8r: I'm just guessing but did you have font things on your system before compiling xorg?14:28
dxlr8rI actually started by installing i314:28
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.1]: [notify] mesa3d: cleaned up dependencies14:28
dxlr8rthought it would select everything it needed14:28
dxlr8rbut noooo14:29
dxlr8rso then I installed xorg14:29
itPuffinBMaybe it's something like xorg not having a default font system (though I believe it does) and then you installed that afterwards so xorg wasn't compiled with support for fonts14:29
dxlr8rthen video support14:29
dxlr8ra mess :P no guide14:29
dxlr8rjust trial and error14:29
itPuffinBxorg is a mess :P14:29
itPuffinBis there a reason not to use wayland? Or has that progressed at all?14:29
itPuffinBI haven't really kept up the last months14:29
dxlr8rno software?14:30
dxlr8rhow is wayland support for crux?14:30
dxlr8rheard stuff about i3 for wayland14:30
Romsteri seen it ina  personal repo but we don't have it in our main14:30
dxlr8rbut still need a pdf viewer, a good terminal, firefox, etc.14:30
Romsteri was goingot add it then it was all ugh revert. can't remember the reason last time.14:31
Romstersakura for a terminal14:31
Romsterepdfview for pdf though you can use firefox to read PDF14:32
dxlr8ris firefox for wayland?14:32
Romsteri have no idea.14:32
itPuffinByou can have x11 clients in wayland though14:33
dxlr8rwell, that doesn't help :P14:33
RomsteritPuffinB, statically linking everything is just ugh14:33
itPuffinBit helps with a lot of things :P but maybe not your problem14:33
itPuffinBRomster: why?14:33
Romsterits usual for some embedded stuff though but imagine Xorg firefox other big things all static.14:34
Romsterevery program that sues libpng static...14:34
Romsterway more memory consumption14:34
itPuffinBsome things you might not want14:34
dxlr8rhey, I'm all for wayland. but I feel such a big project and integration needs more than a user port collection14:35
Romsterfidn a bug in foo library recompile everything affected than one library.14:35
itPuffinBcompletely depends on the app14:35
dxlr8rwould be great if crux supported it from core14:35
itPuffinBsay you have a monolithic Qt dll14:35
itPuffinBand someone wrote a small application that uses a small part of Qt14:35
itPuffinBif (s)he would statically link they'd get a small portion of Qt that was loaded in to memory14:35
itPuffinBbut if you dynamically link then that entire .so has to be loaded14:36
itPuffinBwhich is way more memory usage14:36
Romstercrux ha sa policty to not remove static libs out of ports. so you should be able to statically link your program.14:36
itPuffinBso it's pretty situational14:36
Romsterdxlr8r, its a while yet before it's more widely used.14:36
itPuffinBAnyway I didn't say I want a distro that pedantically does nothing but static linking anyway, just one that prefers it14:36
Romsteri guess if you only use a small part of a library.14:37
itPuffinBwhich most programs do I think14:37
itPuffinBand it also depends on how bloated the library is14:37
itPuffinBlike some libraries are small enough that it doesn't really matter that they're duplicated all over the place14:38
itPuffinBit's also nice that you don't need to worry as much about versions, since it makes it easier to mix14:39
itPuffinBbut on the contrary when you have a security flaw you have to recompile everything :P14:40
itPuffinBso it's a tradeoff14:40
itPuffinBanyways I think static libraries are nicer in most ways, doesn't mean you have to pedantically enforce nothing but static libs because that's a bit silly14:40
dxlr8rrebuilding xorg-server now14:41
Romsterreally for systems with heaps of ram you wouldn't even notice it.14:41
Romsterhope you read the README14:41
itPuffinBRomster: well I think in most cases you don't notice it14:42
itPuffinBI think it's a bit entertaining that apple forgot that static libs exists and decided that .app bundles should contain dynamic libsarysieishei14:43
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dxlr8rthat actually worked :) font's working14:44
itPuffinBdxlr8r: cool!14:44
itPuffinBwhen in doubt recompile everything14:45
dxlr8rshould be a small wiki about xorg on crux14:45
Romsterrevdep is handy14:45
itPuffinBdxlr8r: you can write it if you want14:45
dxlr8rdunno what I have done :P have to redo it14:45
itPuffinBtrue for most of us I think14:46
Romsteri've done the rebuild everything in the past to fix a strange issue.14:46
dxlr8rfor one, I get it crux is lightweight. but not requiring font support in the Pkgfile? :P a little to light?14:47
Romsterwhile others go and format i go and look for untracked files with pkg-not and check with revdep14:47
Romsterand recompile everything if that doesn't fix it. and look though rejmerge.14:47
dxlr8rshould depend on that14:47
Romsterwhat font support?14:47
dxlr8rwell, I installed something after xorg-server that made font's work when I recompiled xorg-server14:48
dxlr8rdunno, maybe fontconfig? xorg-font-util?14:48
dxlr8rno idea :P14:48
itPuffinBmaybe it was something like xorg-font-util depends on xorg-server so it would compile xorg-server first and it would say hey there aren't any font stuff installed on the system so I'll compile without support for it14:49
dxlr8rhehe :P14:50
dxlr8rcatch 2214:51
Romsterall the fonts pull in xorg-font-util14:52
Romsterand its utils not a library...14:52
Romsteri don't know what you have done but fonts work after you depinst a program.14:53
dxlr8rme neither. would have to setup crux in a wm and grep prt-get install from my bash history14:53
dxlr8rseems like a lot of work :P14:53
itPuffinBdxlr8r: use prt-get depinst instead of prt-get install14:54
dxlr8rI do14:54
dxlr8rI forget --install-scripts sometimes tough14:55
dxlr8rin a vm14:57
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hnodethanks Romster, nice tip to have stuff in /var/ports15:19
hnodesince var also olds data from other apps, and var mean variable I think15:20
hnodebut having distfiles at /usr/src/distfiles sounds ok, becouse of usr src15:21
Romsteronly thing i got in /usr/src/ is the kernel15:32
hnodeextracted ? and you build it there ?15:32
hnodeI build it there in the moment of install15:32
hnodeand I let it there, but every where I read they say is bad Idea15:33
hnodebetter to have at /home and "make it" with a "user"15:33
hnodewill change all pkgmk stuff to /var/ports,15:34
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