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dlcRomster: Thanks, I'll make that change.00:16
hnodecd /usr/ports/contrib tab tab00:33
hnodeDisplay all 666 possibilities? (y or n)00:34
prologicnice haha00:41
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: nettle: updated to 3.1.108:40
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: gnutls: updated to 3.4.008:40
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frinnstjust a bit of a warking: gnutls is not abi compatible. so a rebuild of linked ports is required11:26
frinnstrevdep is your friend11:26
frinnstwarning asdf11:26
onoderaI only needed tp rebuild ffmpeg11:29
frinnstmplayer, glib-networking and qemu here11:38
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vyIt is not really a distribution related thingy but here my question comes: Does anybody use CRUX on Apple Macbook Pro 11?12:20
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joacimjaeger: New graphics card17:52
joacimbad angle tho. almost twice as big as my old one17:52
jaegerinteresting; that link didn't work in chrome but did in firefox18:15
jaegerwhat kind of card is it?18:15
hnodehi crux'ers !!!18:18
hnodeabove I read that is needed to recompile some ports after upgrade gnutls,18:20
hnodebut how do I know wich ones ?18:20
jaegeruse revdep18:20
hnodedependent ones ?18:20
hnodesorry, searching on google what is revdep :)18:22
hnodelot of gentoo stuff showing18:23
onoderahnode: revdep is a tool part of prt-utils18:24
hnodethanks, depinst now ;)18:27
hnodeI confess I`m near having mutt "working" with two accounts,18:30
hnodeexim/mutt are a bit of complex for me ...18:32
hnodemaybe they are to much powerfull for me :D18:33
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joacimjaeger: r9 29019:01
joacimspecifically this one19:02
jaegersurprised you went with something so modern :D19:04
joacimit is more than a year old19:04
joacimgood enough for me =)19:04
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joacimgot it on sale, so it was much cheaper than a GTX 97019:05
jaegerNo worries, though, you'll use enough power with it to make up that gap quickly :D19:05
joacimfirst time i've seen the psu fan spin up19:06
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joacimnot sure if it is just me or the card, but dark souls seems really dark after switching to this new card19:09
joacimcant see much at all in blighttown19:09
jaegerperhaps you had gamma elevated in the previous GPU's settings?19:10
joacimi kept such things disabled19:11
joacimother games looks normal19:11
jaegerwell, blighttown is supposed to be pretty dark, for what that's worth :)19:11
jaegerDo things look normal elsewhere in the game or is everything darker?19:11
frinnstjoacim: what a strange voodoo 2 card!19:14
joacimi'll find out once i get out of blighttown19:16
joacimif i can find my way19:16
joacimstarting to like this case. its been 9 months and it is practically dust free19:30
jaegervery nice19:30
joacimpositive pressure and a dust filter helps a lot19:30
jaegermore than anything else, probably19:30
joacimmy old case with multiple exhausts and a single intake was a pain in the ass19:30
jaegeryeah, exact opposite of what you want19:30
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jake_Does anyone here use KDE?21:31
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