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skrzypWhere I can found that semi-official CRUX .iso images?00:11
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jaegerskrzyp: if you mean the updated ISO, try
skrzypExactly that.00:28
skrzypThanks a lot.00:28
jaegerwelcome :)00:28
jaegerI should probably build a new one, that's from april 1400:29
skrzypIs that one much outdated from current state of CRUX?00:29
jaegerthere have been quite a few updates lately, though many of them are not part of the ISO00:29
jaegerit wouldn't be terrible00:29
jaegerI've started the build so I'll have a new one late tonight or tomorrow morning, for what that's worth00:32
jaegerprobably morning00:32
skrzypOK, so I'll fetch that new one \o/00:33
jaegerup to you :)00:33
jaegerteK_: I've got an odroid-c1 as well. Neat machine, though I haven't worked out the mali X config in crux yet00:35
teK_I'd have loved to put CRUX on it00:36
jaegerIt's a little too early for crux on it, I'd say :)00:36
teK_sepen shall work his magic00:37
teK_or whoever does our ARM stuff00:38
jaegerin this case it'll probably be me. I don't think he has a c1 yet. I've been talking with pitillo about it00:38
jaegerThere's already a rootfs/kernel but no X config yet00:38
teK_my comany bought 40 pieces00:39
teK_maybe I can spare one *g*00:39
jaegerWhat's the use case for them?00:40
teK_we're introducing a new ERP system00:41
teK_~200 Users in administration and production00:41
teK_-> 40 production order terminals00:41
jaegerah, neat00:41
teK_i.e. the folks doing the real work entering their progress per routing operation00:42
teK_until now we had nothing but a sales order with a wall of text telling them what to do00:42
teK_instead of buying 40x windows...00:42
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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.1]: libdrm-32: 2.4.60 -> 2.4.6102:45
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frinnstteK_: but does your erp clients need direct network access to the sql server?!08:01
frinnsthah! our customers ERP system is worse than yours!08:01
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teK_lol frinnst11:39
teK_no it needs to connect to.. gasp.. TOMCAT11:39
teK_I saw you paraising that one, too11:40
teK_no tomcat was for the automotive part of it (yeah,,... add another webserver, it comes for free)11:40
teK_the ERP interface is "served" by IIS11:40
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skrzypjaeger: What happened with that current updated-iso?14:05
retard you mean?14:06
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skrzypyes, but jaeger has tried to build current image yesterday14:10
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jaegerskrzyp: I'm fixing up the kernel config now, should be ready somewhat soon14:16
jaegerI had to sleep :)14:16
skrzypjaeger: it's not a problem, I'm not in a hurry14:16
skrzypI've just getting curious14:16
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.1]: xorg-xf86-video-savage: update to 2.3.815:43
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.1]: xorg-xf86-video-neomagic: update to 1.2.915:43
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jaegerskrzyp: having some module problems with the newer kernel but have a meeting to go to now. I'll fix it when I get back16:14
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skrzypOK, no problem.16:15
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dxlr8rhow do I set "EXTENDED_KEYMAPS" i crux?17:56
dxlr8rdoes rc.conf recognize it?17:57
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jaegerdxlr8r: you could add it to rc.conf if you wanted but what apps/programs look for it?19:34
jaegerfinally home now and looking at the ISO kernel weirdness. I think the crc32c module got renamed to crc32c_generic19:35
dxlr8rthe console19:37
dxlr8rtty that is19:37
dxlr8rfor the tty to recognize the numpad on my alu apple keyboard19:38
jaegertry it and see, I guess19:38
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jaegerskrzyp: the new ISO is uploading now20:53
jaegershould be done in about a minute20:56
teK_.wav? Windows 98 wants back its shitty sounds21:00
skrzypOK, so .AIFF would be more comfortable as short waveform storage.21:00
teK_what's the hottest shit in the audio hood?21:01
teK_ogg was old and busted21:01
teK_ogg opus!21:01
skrzypcurrently I'm using Opus on mobile as lossy audio.21:01
joacimgive me sound in a human readable plain text format21:01
skrzypBut on desktop, I'm still using FLAC21:01
teK_there you are :)21:02
joacimthank you21:03
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