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cinoltHi, this isn't a question directly related to CRUX but I was hoping someone could give me a hint. I have a minimal Linux based system going, thats pretty much only a Linux kernel with BusyBox. This is installed on a VMware machine. On the same VMware machine I have another partition with CRUX installed into it, and networking works fine e.g. "ping" works fine. On the BusyBox system, I run "udhcpc -s simple.script", where "05:24
cinoltscript file from the BusyBox source05:24
cinoltNow on that BusyBox system I am able to do "ping" but "ping" comes up with "bad address"05:25
cinoltNetworking works fine except for the hostname resolution05:25
cinoltFor example I can use "ftpget" fine to download files perfectly, its just I need to enter th IP manually instead of a hostname05:25
cinoltIs there some config file I'm missing?05:26
cinoltThe udhcpc command creates /etc/resolv.conf automatically05:26
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Romstercinolt, ping IIRC uses ICMP and that doesn't always work in VM's.05:42
cinoltwell no, ping works perfectly fine in CRUX05:42
cinoltits just in my BusyBox setup it doesnt work.05:42
Romsterso your saying you can't resolve DNS records despite having nameservers in /etc/resolve.conf05:42
Romsterwhat ips are in there? your ISP or some other host?05:43
Romstertry adding for googles name server?05:43
Romstercrux uses dhcpd not sure how busybox deals with this.05:44
cinoltcontents of /etc/resolv.conf as written by udhcpc ->
cinoltso i can just replace the IP in /etc/resolv.conf?05:47
cinoltyeah that doesnt work either05:50
cinoltwhat does CRUX do to get DNS resolutions working?05:50
cinolti mean CRUX works out of the box05:50
Romsteri don't know what search localdomain is for06:19
Romsteri'd remove all the entries and add "nameserver"06:20
Romsterbear in mind dhcp probably overwrites that file06:20
Romsterdoes resolve to anywhere?06:20
Romsteris that part of the VM IP itself?06:21
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cinoltAH finally I got it06:48
cinoltI forgot to include some glibc .so files06:48
cinoltinto the busybox system06:48
cinoltthats why glibc function calls failed relating to dns06:49
cinoltWas a relatively simple issue but I feel like a boss for having figured that shit out myself06:49
cinoltused strace and everything06:49
cinoltIm a fuckin boss06:49
cinoltIf you agree with me that I'm a fucking boss, then don't say anything.06:50
cinoltI'm glad you all agree.06:50
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Romsterrevdep would of helped there.06:59
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onoderaz3bra: could you please update your cwm port from 5.5 to 5.6?14:07
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dxlr8rany reason for /etc/rc.d/net stop, is not stopping wpa_supplicant?20:39
dxlr8ras far as I can see wpa_supplicant is started på dhcpcd, which is started by "net"20:39
dxlr8rso makes sence for it to stop it as well20:40
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dxlr8rI found the whole thing a little messy. it should have it's own rc script incase you want to have static IP for example20:54
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