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Romsterdxlr8r, how are you starting it? wpa_supplicant -B -Dwext -iwlan0 -c/etc/wpa.conf03:03
Romsteri was thinking of extending /etc/rc.d/net to have support for TYPE="wifi"03:05
Romsterdxlr8r, are you doing wifi static and not wifi dynamic?03:05
Romsterand pretty sure this could be converted to start-stop-daemon too.03:07
Romsterfor dhcpd and wpa_supplicant03:07
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Romsterdxlr8r, do you mind testing this and report back any issues?
Romsterto anyone using dhcp static and wifi can test this please and let me know of any fixes. this is /etc/rc.d/net modified to use start-stop-daemon and includes wpa_supplicant support.07:22
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: move source url from distfiles to downloads08:31
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: move source url from distfiles to downloads08:33
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z3braonodera, cwm port updated. Thanks for the notice11:31
onoderaz3bra: ty :)11:34
onoderahas anyone tried using crux with musl instead of glibc?11:57
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frinnstnot that I know14:05
frinnstwhy would you?14:05
frinnstwould be interesting to see how many ports would fail to compile though14:06
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onoderaI'll just look through the void linux "pkgfiles" and see what kind of fixes they use14:11
onoderawhen I stop being less lazy :p14:11
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frinnsthaha its raining so hard the neighbours car alarm went off15:09
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teK_we have had that  just yersterday when I was driving a friend's Audi S4. 25 metres sight at the Autobahn suck for using >270kW power :\16:30
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saptechhello all17:25
saptechi just installed Crux and have Openbox installed to start17:26
joacim hey there17:26
saptechwhat do you all run as DE/WM? just curious17:26
saptechI want to install Mate for the family to use, eventually17:27
joacimI usually use openbox17:30
joacimi hate those xml files, but it works and doesnt take long to get used to17:30
onoderasaptech: I use fvwm17:30
joacimthat doesn't look like windows 95...17:39
saptechonodera, that is nice looking. is it fvwm?17:40
saptechok, I see you said it is17:40
asie4.0.0-ck1? isn't that a tad unstable?18:03
teK_ck != rc18:03
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onoderaI haven't had any problems so far18:07
onoderaI always use the newest kernel with the ck patchset and never had any problems in fact18:07
frinnstLinux nibbler 4.1.0-rc2 :-)19:28
teK_i have to visit that one19:28
teK_badly :>19:28
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frinnstteK_: for me it's more like "one more ticket or game of thrones?"19:42
teK_I sensed pseudo feminist bs in the episode two weeks ago19:43
teK_me no gusta :p19:43
teK_+ the project is nearing its deadline so I'm basically lagging a week behind19:43
frinnstthen you can binge when you have time over19:44
teK_I'm going to bingeplay some awesome third person game with a hopefully awesome story19:45
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saptechwhen I type lsmod, I'm not seeing any sound drivers listed. How can I check if they are built into the kernel?22:40
saptechthis is a fresh install of Crux22:40
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