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rmullsaptech: gunzip -c /proc/config.gz has your current kernel config02:09
saptechrmull, thanks02:12
saptechI should unzip it and then recompile the kernel02:12
saptechI need to look to see what's included and what's not02:14
rmullYou can use /proc/config.gz as a starting point, if that's what you mean...02:20
saptechok, thanks again02:27
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saptechhello all06:37
saptechI compiled a new kernel v3.18.7 or whichever. everything went fine until I rebooted and log in the system but doesn't have any modules. Any idea what may have went wrong?06:38
nogagplzdid you remember to run make modules_install06:52
saptechyes I followed the instructions from the handbook07:05
saptechit mention to copy the vmlinuz file to /boot and when I did it, I named it vmlinuz-3.18.7 instead of the vmlinuz07:08
frinnstand did you point the bootloader  to that file?07:08
saptechI can boot into the system, i just dont have any modules07:09
frinnstdo the modules *exist* on the filesystem?07:09
saptechgood question07:09
frinnstif not you failed to make modules_install07:09
saptechi have the modules07:13
saptechls -l /mnt/lin/lib/modules/3.19.7, files are in there07:14
saptechthanks for the help. i'll work on it tomorrow, if not I'll reinstall, makes good practice07:16
saptechI usually make a complete partition backup but not this time07:17
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pitillosaptech: if you don't have autoload modules in kernel config you need to moddprobe/insmod them directly from /etc/rc.modules07:42
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.1]: xorg-xf86-video-siliconmotion: update to 1.7.811:01
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: sqlite3: update to
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: task: update to 2.4.411:01
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rmullMy firefox suddenly appears all wacky11:52
rmullIs there some upgrade that may have affected this?11:53
rmullThe tab bar is transparent and the tabs look different11:53
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onoderasqlite3 maybe?12:02
onoderait just got an update12:02
onoderanope I just updated and everything just werka12:04
rmullIt happened before the sqlite update12:14
rmullI also can't click on a tab unless I click on the tab text itself12:14
rmullWill try rebuilding firefox12:14
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rmullSwitching back to the default theme makes it look right...12:17
rmullI previously used the 'littlefox' theme12:17
rmullInstalled 'microfox' and it works fine12:18
rmullmaybe that theme is just out of date12:18
rmullalso, groan, I think I just locked myself out of ssh of a remote system with iptables12:18
rmullamateur hour12:18
frinnstheh isnt it awesome?12:51
frinnstive never done that (promise!!)12:51
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saptechpitillo, autoload modules? Is this something new? I haven't compiled a kernel in ages15:48
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dxlr8rRomster: I am doing dhcp, not static, and have not modified anything related to wpa or /etc/rc.d/net16:49
dxlr8rit works out of the box if I use dhcp, but "restart" won't restart the wpa16:50
dxlr8ryour new version, is it included in the ports? or testing?16:50
dxlr8rfor now I added "killall -q wpa_supplicant" to the line after "/sbin/dhcpcd -x" in /etc/rc.d/net16:51
dxlr8rbut yeah, split it up or include it fully into the rc like your updated version does16:52
dxlr8rlooks very nice16:52
dxlr8ronly thing that looked wierd is the "wext" sectio (line 18). wext shouldn't be default16:53
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: gradm: 201408301734 -> 20150321132020:31
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: xlockmore: 5.32 -> 5.4620:40
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saptechhello all22:05
saptechI've decided to reinstall Crux and start over. My question, during installation, the Handbook mention to compile the stock kernel. Is it okay to install a newer kernel instead of the stock kernel?22:06
saptechwill I need to do anything special to the newer kernel or follow the handbook?22:09
saptechYesterday I installed a new kernel and now I do not have any modules22:10
jaegerudev should handle automatically loading modules wherever it can22:12
jaegerwhen you say you don't have any modules do you mean none are loaded or they weren't built/installed?22:12
saptechsomeone mention autoloading in the kernel or something like that. I haven't compiled kernels in a long time22:12
saptechthey are not loading22:13
jaegercan you load them manually with insmod and modprobe?22:13
saptechI did see them in /etc/modules or whatever the location22:13
saptechwhat is an example of loading one manually?22:14
saptechmy internet stop working after this also, what is the module to load ethernet?22:14
jaeger"modprobe whatever" where whatever is a module name22:14
jaegerwhat kind of NIC do you have?22:15
jaegermore specific. what manufacturer and model?22:15
saptechlet me check22:15
jaegerwhat does "lspci | grep -i ether" say?22:15
jaegerIf it's a recent intel gigabit NIC then it's probably e1000e or if it's older, e100022:16
saptechEthernet controller: Intel Corporation 82567LM-3 Gigabit Network Connection (rev 02)22:16
jaegertry "modprobe e1000e"22:18
saptechok, sure. Thanks22:19
saptechright now I'm using a different distro22:20
saptechthat's what I see loaded, e1000e22:21
jaegerwith that said, if modules aren't getting loaded by udev, maybe something is wrong with udev itself22:21
jaegermake sure you have the devtmpfs and devtmpfs automount options enabled in the kernel22:21
saptechi'll check to see if udev is loaded22:21
jaegerthey're in the device drivers -> generic driver options section22:21
saptechi appreciate the help22:22
jaegerwelcome, good luck22:22
saptechthnx, I can get the network going, I'll be in good shape, i hope22:23
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