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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.1]: mesa3d-32: updated to version 10.5.513:08
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onoderais there any place where I can find the default crux fstab file?15:19
onoderaawesome, thanks15:22
onoderaare there any recommended options for /tmp, / and my pkgmk tmp workdir?15:23
jaegernot by default. /tmp can be left alone unless you need/want special options for it, same with pkgmk workdir, up to you15:25
jaegeroptions for / depend on your filesystem, if it's on an SSD, etc.15:25
onodera The problem is that compiling big programs (ff, webkit) fail EVERY single time with a segmentation error15:29
onoderaso I was wondering if my pkgmk work dir was missing some flags or something15:29
onoderaI have 16 gb ram so it should be enough I think15:29
jaegerhave you run memtest on your machine?15:30
jaegerwhat CFLAGS do you use in pkgmk.conf?15:30
onoderaMy ram is prety new, I bought it last year, I also don;t have any issues besides segfaults with big programs so I think my ram is still okay15:31
onoderaexport CFLAGS="-O2 -march=native"15:32
jaegerI recommend you test it anyway if you're getting segfaults. also you might try using the standard CFLAGS depending on which CPU you have15:32
jaegerone would hope by now that -march=native is stable but there's some chance you're running into a quirk there15:33
jaegerI use /dev/shm/ports-work-$name for my pkgmk work dir with the standard /dev/shm mount options15:36
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onoderathe mount options of /tmp and /dev/shm are exactly the same (defaults)15:39
onoderais there any difference between the two?15:39
jaegernone that's important or required15:41
jaegerI don't even use the /tmp line15:41
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gb00si'm new ti CRUX, but I'm wondering CFLAGS="-march=native" is really recommended ? is there any other more precise flag like Corei7 or something like that recommended or necessary ?16:16
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onoderanative just detects your cpu and sets it to ivybridge or k10 or whatever you are using16:21
onoderaI use it for the placebo16:21
onoderaI don't really notice any difference I think16:21
gb00sonodera: ty ... just asking, because coming from gentoo/funtoo we do not recommend native ... but many thx16:24
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onoderagentoo actually "recommends" native in the wiki16:25
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ocmylife_Hi guys. I`m new to crux and I`m wasn`t able to find a good tiling messenger port like awesome, herbstluftwm or qtile? Has anybody make a port of these until now?17:20
ocmylife_I`m on dwm until now, but it sucks, cause when I modify the config.h to my needs I get a md5mismatch17:22
onoderathat's why suckless sucks17:24
onoderaconfig.h configs are literally retarded17:24
tilmanonodera: i guess you meant window manager instead of messenger? i like spectrwm :)17:24
tilmanerr, that was meant for ocmylife_17:25
onoderaocmylife_: btw there is a dwm port in contrib17:25
ocmylife_Yeah of course I ment window manager. Sry about that17:25
ocmylife_I`m on this port from contrib17:26
onodera6c37 has a bspwm port:
ocmylife_But you`ll have to modify the config.h to modify the keybindings17:26
onoderaI can't find any awesome/hebrtslufwm/qtile ports so you probably need to create one yourself17:27
onoderathe z3bra repo also has some interesting wms like 2bwm, wmutils17:27
z3braoh, that's you17:28
ocmylife_bspwm is a good one too, but so far I wasn`t able to setup the panel on other distros like Gentoo, Funtoo and Arch17:28
ocmylife_The Fifo variable drives me crazy :D17:28
ocmylife_And thx for your help guys!17:28
onoderayou sound disappointed z3bra ;_;17:28
z3brait's easier than what it looks like17:29
z3braecho "your informations" | lemonbar17:29
z3brathat's it17:29
z3branow you write a script that fetches informations of your system, and output them in a line17:29
ocmylife_No edit from /etc/profile neccessary?17:29
onoderayeah once you get your mind around it it's easy17:29
ocmylife_Then I will try it once again :-)17:30
onoderaocmylife_: check out
onoderaby z3bra :^)17:30
z3brawhile true; do17:30
z3bra    your_script_here17:30
z3bra    sleep 117:30
z3bradone | lemonbar17:30
z3brayeah, there is that too...17:30
onodera this is my lemonbar17:31
ocmylife_I will write back when I`m ready or need help with the setup. :-)17:34
onoderawhat's the default march= cflag?17:38
onoderafor crux17:38
ocmylife_I think -march=native17:38
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ocmylife_@onodera echo $(gcc -v -march=native -x c /dev/null 2>&1 | grep /dev/null | egrep -o -- '-+(m|param )\S+')17:42
ocmylife_That`s a command I`ve found in the Gentoo-forum, cause I wanted to know what -march=native does on my Laptop17:48
jaegeronodera: x86-64 is the default17:49
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ocmylife_ERROR: Downloading '' failed.18:00
ocmylife_The bspwm port seems outdated18:01
onoderawhere did you get the port?18:02
asieonodera: that file... uh18:03
onoderaI'm even getting segfaults when not compiling in ram....18:08
jaegerarg, wrong focus :D18:09
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ocmylife_@asie: Why do you save the tarfile on your lokal server instead of using the source from baskerville?18:09
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onoderamaybe back in the day there was no baskervile source...18:12
onoderaI'm not sure though18:12
asieocmylife_: i wanted to make sure it's the exact same revision18:12
asiealso, do packages even support git sources?18:12
asiealso iirc back then the release was highly outdated18:12
asielet me fix that18:13
ocmylife_That would be awesome asie :-)18:13
onoderaasie: bspwm has actual releases
onoderaalso you can do git packages like this
asieocmylife_: try now18:14
asieonodera: thanks18:14
asiethough i don't like hacks like this18:14
asiebut i guess that's the best way18:14
onoderame2, but I like to use some git packages18:14
onoderafor example comptons lates release is in mid 2013, yet the git has been updated 25 days ago18:15
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ocmylife_@asie The installation was successfull ;-)18:28
ocmylife_Big thx18:28
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avaruuskadettiIs there any advantages / disadvantages in running CRUX instead of raspbian on my raspberry pi b+? I use it as ftp server.18:34
jawbohuge disadvantage is CRUX doesn't support ARM architecture18:35
jawboso you'd have to do all that yourself18:35
avaruuskadettibut on the distrowatch it says ARM & x86_6418:39
jaegerfor an ftp server it probably will make very little difference which distro you use18:39
onoderacrux had the advantage of easy to create ports imo18:43
frinnstI run crux on both rpi 1 and 218:50
frinnstbut to be honest, its more for fun18:50
onoderawhat do you do with your pi?18:50
frinnstworks ok on rpi2, not so much on rpi1 :)18:50
onoderamine has been gathering dust lately18:50
frinnstcurrently nothing.. and I have 3 of them :p18:50
jaegernothing is all that impressive on the rpi1 :)18:50
onoderaso the same as everyone with a pi18:50
frinnstI ran an old rpi1 as a dns server when I had two ISPs at home18:51
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onoderaI used mine as a seedbox for a while18:51
onoderaI actually got some good ratio from it. I also tried to use it as a mpd music stream thingy18:52
jaegerI use one of my for crux poking and one for openelec18:52
onoderaI might use mine to play around with plan918:54
jawbojaeger: wow didn't know about that18:55
jaegerthere's also a #crux-arm channel here, for reference18:55
jawbovery cool18:56
jawboi recognize some of those contributors18:56
onoderathat gif makes me gag19:26
onoderathe left girl is smart19:27
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onoderashe closes here teeth19:27
teK_who is getting systemd first? :>19:31
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jaegerhasn't that ship sailed?19:37
koriwhat's crux doing about systemd?19:38
onodera>not having a qr code scanner in your init19:39
onoderawhat is this, 1990?19:39
onoderaoh wait it is actually a qr code generator19:40
korisame thing19:40
koriin the end19:40
koriexactly the same amount of doesn't belong here19:40
kori1dbh, precisely19:40
ocmylife_@asie bspwm is up and running :-) No problems until now19:44
ocmylife_So what to do next to get the panel up and running? Install bar from the z3bra repository?19:46
onoderaand create some scripts19:46
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avaruuskadettihow about running web server, is there certain disadvances compared to raspbian, security-wise?19:49
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ocmylife_@z3bra pkgadd: could not open bar#git-a9f285f-2.pkg.tar.gz: No such file or directory20:09
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ocmylife_@z3bra I know where the error is located: The PKGFILE searches for barxxx.tar.gz, but the file is named lemonbarxxx.zar.gz20:14
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ocmylife_THX onodera :-) I will save the link and look at it tomorrow. Good night at all ;-)20:31
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rmullAnybody have any experience with C static anasylis?21:13
rmullI want to try it out, looking for tool recommendations21:18
jaegerNot I21:18
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