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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: gtk3: fixed deps00:35
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: dbus: updated to 1.8.1800:35
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: firefox: updated to 38.0.100:35
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asiei have a prolbem with xorg i've never had before04:17
asievesa works fine, intel segfaults04:17
asieoh. fixed. had to set UXA because my graphics card is pre-SNA04:22
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asieRomster: rust depends on ccache07:58
Romsterthat is dumb... hard dep or optional?08:34
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nwehello, has someone got this error.. ERROR    list index out of range ? when I using virt-install + kvm15:26
rmullnwe: Yep, known issue16:10
rmullOh wait, wrong channel16:11
rmullsorry, I don't know16:11
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: thunderbird: updated to 31.7.017:04
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rmullShould I bother enabling any of the in-kernel crypto algorithms? Is this only useful for ipsec, which I don't use?17:09
tilmandm-crypt uses them too17:11
rmullIf I enable something that uses them, will it automatically enable them for me?17:11
tilmannot sure17:11
rmullI'm going to remove all of them and see what happens17:11
tilmanconfig DM_CRYPT ... select CRYPO ... select CRYPTO_CBC17:12
tilmanlooks like it doesn't force you to enable any specific algorithms17:13
rmullYeah, some of them are hard-selected and shows some relevant stuff in SELECTED BY17:13
rmullI'll probably enable the optimized version of the stuff that gets auto-selected but otherwise disable everything17:13
rmullThanks tilman17:14
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tilmananyone have a port for gcc 5.1? preferably to install in parallel with core/gcc?17:20
rmullMaybe you could check the logs in crux-devel17:33
frinnstI have a replacement port17:46
tilmanfrinnst: giff url? :)17:47
koritilman: 6c3717:47
tilmanah, nice17:48
koria lot of things break, though17:48
koriit doesn't install in parallel17:48
koriso be advised17:48
tilmanye, i see17:48
onoderatilman: 6c37 gas it17:50
onoderawith a patches python too17:50
tilmani heard 6c37 has it17:50
frinnstdidnt break *that* many things17:59
onoderafor me only python failed to compile17:59
onoderaoh and ncurses and anohter program needed a -P somewherein the makefile18:00
frinnsthm, python built for me18:00
frinnstyeah ncurses rings a bell18:00
frinnstalso thunderbird 31.x18:00
frinnstrebuilding python just to make sure18:01
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frinnst=======> Building '/usr/ports/pkg/python#2.7.9-1.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded.18:10
onoderaoh sorry mixed something up18:11
onoderaI also installed libresll, python needed to be patched for libresll not gcc 5.118:11
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: docker: 1.6.1 -> 1.6.220:57
saptechhi all21:06
saptechrecently I've been getting this message when trying to install something21:06
saptech# prt-get depinst brasero [Config error: can't access /usr/ports/compat-32] The package 'brasero' could not be found:21:07
crash_sudo prt-get depinst brasero?21:07
nwesaptech: yout must edit your prt-get.conf21:07
saptechI'm logged in as root21:07
nweand remove the # before prtdir /usr/ports/compat-3221:08
saptechI believe I have edit it. what do you mean edit21:08
saptechyes I have removed the #21:08
saptechlet check to be certain21:08
frinnstyou actually need to change /etc/ports/compat-32.rsync.inactive to compat-32.rsync21:09
frinnstand do a ports -u21:09
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frinnstits inactive by default21:09
frinnstchange = remove21:09
crash_will it be default with crux 3.2?21:10
frinnstwe have no plans to make compat-32 active by default in crux 3.221:11
crash_ok i can understand that, 64 bit is the way to go? :)21:12
crash_what about a kernel binary that is installed when you are installing the packages? and if the user want he/she can compile it own afterwards? :)21:13
saptechfrinnst, that was my problem21:14
saptechI thought I had moved the file but I didn't21:14
frinnstcrash_: no plans, no21:14
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crash_okay :)21:14
saptechis there a way to find out when you compile a big program, such as DE Mate, it fails, how to find where it failed?21:16
saptechI'm using xterm and it's a bomber trying to scroll up21:17
frinnstyou can enable logging in prt-get.conf21:19
frinnstor manually pipe it to a file obviously21:20
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saptechWhile trying to install Mate DE, I get this message with others ERROR: Building '/usr/ports/opt/ntdb/ntdb#1.0-2.pkg.tar.gz' failed.22:20
saptechNote: Writing ntdb.3 [41/44] Generating man/ntdbtool.822:21
saptechI/O error : Attempt to load network entity
saptech../man/ntdbtool.8.xml:2: warning: failed to load external entity ""22:21
saptechcould someone point me in the direction to fixing this?22:22
rmullDo you have dockbook-xml installed? not sure if related, but worth asking22:29
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saptechrmull, no its not installed22:31
rmullyou could try installing it and try again22:31
saptechI'm not finding dockbook-xml22:35
saptechlet me read up on Mate and see what I may find22:46
frinnstits docbook-xml22:49
frinnstdont think the docbook stuff is related to ntdb failing though22:50
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saptechspelling is crucial with computers, thanks frinnst22:53
saptechi'm not sure if docbook-xml has anything either with ntdb, but that showed up. I reinstalled docbook-xml and it was successful. so let me run mate again22:55
rmulloops, yeah, sorry for spelling it wrong22:59
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frinnstdocbook-* is mostly for generating manpages22:59
rmullYeah, don't know anything about whether or not it's related to the error other than that it has the word docbook in it <_<23:01
saptechthis kind of sticks out to me23:03
saptechman/ntdbtool.8.xml:2: warning: failed to load external entity ""23:03
frinnstntdb probably detected some tool during configure and tried to build the manpages but failed because docbook-xml was not installed23:05
frinnstopt/ntdb does not build any manpages by default23:05
frinnsti'd bet on a broken dependency chain somewhere23:05
saptechthis is the page I'm following to install Mate23:09
frinnstIt should be that simple, yes. but seems like there are some issues23:11
frinnst(I hope none of my ports are causing it :p)23:11
saptechdid you write this?23:12
frinnstnever tried mate23:12
frinnstbut seems like a good source to find bugs with23:13
saptechI've ran Crux for some years off & on but gave up after awhile. I'm determine to get it to work for me this go round23:13
frinnstim gonna try a build in a fresh vm23:13
saptechgreat, more testing the better23:13
saptechI was a big gnome 2 user, tried kde, which is good but too bloated. xfce4 is good but not really my style. when mate came out, gnome 2 with a new name23:16
saptechpersonally I run Openbox, which I'm using now but I need something else for the family23:16
frinnstfluxbox here23:17
saptechflux is one of my favorites also23:18
saptechso far Mate going longer then it have before23:18
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saptechdo you all have printers working?23:22
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frinnstat work, yes23:27
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saptechERROR: Building '/usr/ports/opt/samba/samba#4.2.1-4.pkg.tar.gz' failed. prt-get: error while install -- Packages where install failed samba23:33
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