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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: midori: 0.5.9 -> 0.5.10 new dependency gcr03:27
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: gcr: initial import03:27
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: libtasn1: initial import03:27
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: p11-kit: initial import03:27
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[Steven_M]is crux a source or binary distro?08:46
nweit?s a source distro08:47
[Steven_M]okay thanks :)08:50
nwenp :)09:13
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cruxbot[core.git/3.1]: inetutils: update to 1.9.312:46
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z3brahello everyone!13:33
ocmylifeHi z3bra13:40
ocmylifeHow is it going? ;-)13:44
asiephp-gd does not compile13:47
asiecomplaining about missing freetype.h13:47
z3brafine thanks :)13:48
z3braI'm searching for fredrik13:48
z3bra(maintainer of rxvt-unicode)13:48
asielet's see ifupdating it from php 5.5.6 to 5.5.25 helps13:48
asiethat is gd13:51
z3braah, thanks13:54
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nwehmm I have decision anxiety... I can choose between using my intel nuc as FW with vlan tagging, or use my filserver as FW/fileserver/ etc..14:08
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asieall contrib/php-gd needs to work is a bump from 5.5.6 to 5.5.2514:54
onoderaDoes anyone here use a cli editor that is not vim or emacs?14:58
onoderaor nano14:58
asienot me15:00
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frinnstonodera: try joe15:29
frinnstz3bra: thats me15:30
frinnstwhats wrong with rxvt-unicode ?15:30
z3branothing is wrong15:32
z3braI just miss one flag to the ./configure line15:32
frinnstunicode3 ?15:32
z3brathe --enable-unicode315:32
z3brayou already received a request about it?15:32
frinnstyeah i looked into enabling that. problem is according to the author(s) it slows things down15:32
z3braah, I see15:32
onoderawhat does unicod3 add?15:33
z3brasupport for utf-3215:33
z3brainstead of utf-1615:33
frinnstz3bra: what do you need it for?15:33
z3braI use a font to display icons in my terminal15:34
z3braI just use it for "fancier" scripts15:34
z3braso it's not a big deal15:34
z3braI just wanted to ask you about this, to know you opinion mostly15:34
z3bradidn't know it was slowering things down15:34
frinnstI'll take a look and see if it really slows it down and by how much15:35
z3brathanks a lot for the consideration!15:35
frinnstno problems. I dont use urxvt for many fancy things, so i'm not really that much up to speed regarding those things15:35
frinnstsuggestions are always welcome ;)15:36
z3brai don't know which one of unicode3 or xft would slow it most :P15:36
frinnstyeah thats true15:36
tilmanpretty sure you don't want to avoid xft these days15:36
z3brawell, in urxvt I do15:37
z3braI only use a bitmap font15:37
tilman!xft implies software-rendering iirc15:37
z3brabitmap fonts are really faast to render15:37
z3braand as they look sharper (because no aliasing) I find them easier to read15:38
frinnstz3bra: mind posting your config?15:39
z3bramy Xresource you mean?15:39
frinnstI use terminus with xft because thats the only useable config i've come across15:39
z3braterminus doesn't need xft afaik15:40
frinnstfonts are a pain in the ass15:40
z3brafor bitmap fonts, you have two options15:40
frinnsturxvt*font: xft:Terminus:style=Medium:size=815:40
z3braor checking the fonts.dir file directly15:40
z3brain /usr/share/fonts/*15:40
z3brain /usr/share/fonts/*/fonts.dir15:41
frinnstwhere can I find those fonts (and better yet, post a screenshot) :)15:41
z3brawell, the creep font is pretty tiny15:41
z3bra(i'm searching an alternative right now)15:41
z3braotherwise, the font is on github15:42
onoderaI mean15:42
onoderathat browser with a similar name15:42
z3brayes :)15:43
z3braIt's supposed to be dead15:43
z3brabut it still works great15:43
onoderaHave you tried surf?15:43
z3braI don't like it15:43
z3brabecause not tabs mostly15:43
onoderaIt's pretty scriptable I thin, you can set the url with xprop15:43
z3braI like to keep tabs openned for "temporary bookmarks15:44
onoderathere is also qutebrowser which is similar to dwb15:44
onoderait's qt though15:44
z3brayeah... Qt15:45
z3brawe all know what it means :P15:45
onoderaI'll stick with firefox for now15:47
onoderaI might try servo with servo-shell ( in the future, the interface is really customizable with css/js15:47
tilmanyou make it sound like that's an universally great thing ;))15:48
onoderaThe problem is that browsers like dwb ALWAYS use vi like keybindings15:49
tilmanyou make it sound like that's a bad thing15:49
onoderafor me it is :p15:49
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saptechhello all16:23
saptechI'm ready to start working on getting my AIO Brother MFC printer installed. But Brother doesn't seem to have the source code for the drivers. They offer .deb & .rpm drivers. With distros that doesn't use them, I was able to convert the rpms into .tgz format. Would I be able to use the tgz format to install in Crux?16:25
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onoderasaptech: I think there is a tool called alian that extracts debs/rpms16:57
onoderaalso the steam port I use uses the comman "ar p foo.deb foo.tar.gz" to presumably convert to tar gz16:58
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jaegerar works for deb files but rpms need something like rpm2targz or rpm2cpio18:59
saptechonodera & jaeger, thanks for the suggestions. I'll get the drivers converted and see what happens.21:20
saptechwhich one you guys think would work best, converting the .rpms or .debs?21:23
onoderadebs with ar is the easiest imo21:29
onoderabecause ar is part of binutils I think21:29
onodera(so it's already installed)21:30
saptechI just checked, ar is installed. My first time hearing of ar21:40
onoderaI also just learned about it yetsterday21:42
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