IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2015-05-19

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Romsterkori, on my lunch break whats up?02:30
koriRomster: can you compile a package for me?02:30
Romsterpossibly what one?02:31
koriI'm getting a compile error every time and I'd like to know if it's due to limited resources02:31
Romsterif it's already in core/opt whatever then yes02:31
koriRomster: nope, this is a new one02:31
Romstercontrib/opt i mean02:31
koriis it not possible?02:31
Romsterwhere is it?02:31
koriabout to tar and send it to you02:31
Romsterhow many extra depsendencies...02:31
korisame deps as firefox02:31
Romsternot on a httpup/rsync repo?02:32
koriit's GNU icecat02:32
korinope, not yet02:32
koriI'm trying to compile this02:32
koribefore I upload it to 6c3702:32
Romsteremail it to me then or stick it on your host even just the Pkgfile on pastebin is good enough02:32
Romsterif no patches are needed02:32
korineeds some patches02:33
korithat's the tarball02:33
Romsterjsut a word it should be named .txz or .tar.xz for future reference. .xz be for a single file.02:35
koriRomster: it was named icecat.tar.xz before I uploaded it02:36
koriteknik has that problem where it only gets what's after the last dot02:36
koriit's been reported already :D02:36
koribut hrmmm yeah txz is a good idea02:36
RomsterRedundant deps for icecat are: python02:36
RomsterRight is: # Depends on: alsa-lib gtk libidl mesa3d nss yasm02:36
Romstertxz would solve that then02:37
koriRomster: well, the dep headers weren't changed from firefox02:37
koriso firefox has that problem too :D02:37
Romsteroh will poke about that02:37
Romsteralso lose the dreaded commas, it's a personal preference but i hate them02:37
Romstereverything i do is just spaces.02:38
koriin the deps header, you mean? or where?02:38
Romsterit's also to easy to hit a period than a comma too.02:38
Romsterin the deps header02:38
koriunchanged from firefox too02:38
koriI repeat: nothing was changed02:38
koriI don't use commas02:38
Romsteryeah can't do much about a small cosmetic change for other ports except ones i work on.02:38
Romsterdoesn't mean you can't change it <_<02:39
koriI was going to try building it for my machine first, then in a docker jail02:39
Romsterthis is in a clean docker image so it has to build every dep but it's cached in ccache.02:39
koriso then I'd fix all the style things02:39
Romsteri dunno i also hate spaces and prefer tabs, a lot around here seem to like spaces more *shrugs* each to there own as long as it works.02:43
koriyeah we have a very detailed style guide02:43
korifor ports02:43
kori@ 6c3702:43
koritabs, aligned headers, order of headers, yadda yadda yadda02:44
Romsteri have my own mentally like that too02:44
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Romsterso how many contributors are there in your group?02:45
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kori6, but only 3 are active02:45
koriwe lost a lot of steam after we ported everything we use02:45
koriso now we just maintain02:45
Romsterso any one touches anything or they are assigned to what they made?02:46
Romsteryeah version bumping isn't so much effort.02:46
korionce the port enters the repo, it's being maintained by the 6c37 team02:46
korinot who ported it02:46
Romsterso group02:46
koriaka, everyone is maintaining everything all the time02:47
Romsteri like that method more but any major changes should go though a review process?02:47
korithe major review process is asking on IRC: "hey, do you think x should be changed for y?"02:47
koriso the change is either greenlit or ain't, and that's that02:48
koriwe dislike red tape02:48
korieverything needs to be fast02:48
koriif it gets to the "review" stage, we get bored and leave it aside until we aren't02:48
Romstercommitting changes i like the name: oldversion -> newversion additional_details"02:48
Romsterwell you have to look at impact vs benefit02:49
koriwe forget to release bump a lot02:49
Romsterand any possible negative effects02:49
koriI'd say the 6c37 team is very... chaotic02:50
koriwhen it comes to wanting progress02:50
Romsterrelease should be updated for rebuilds like patch adding etc.02:50
korired tape slows that down02:50
Romsterwithout order it'll be chaos02:50
koriit took CRUX a couple months to accept the git driver, whilst we were testing it daily, testing things like libressl02:50
Romsterand then what happens when a conflict happens02:50
koribreaking our systems and such02:50
koriit's fun02:50
koribut we understand as to why CRUX may be more conservative02:51
korito accepting changes02:51
Romsteri've alraey broke my system a few times using runit optimised binutils etc...02:51
Romsternot sure what the gold linker is at now.02:51
koriI've probably 200 packages that I don't need in my system02:52
koriand since I'm doing OSdev research, I'm going to backup, wipe my drive clean, and make two partitions02:52
korione for nixos, and another for CRUX02:52
koriI won't like, I've had my doubts after getting pretty much ignored in regards to questions/bug reports etc.02:53
koribut it's such a stable and simple system02:53
koriso yeha02:53
jaegerwhy not run it in a VM instead? save some effort02:53
Romsterignored by whom?02:54
korijaeger: run what? nix?02:54
koriRomster: *02:54
Romsteri read reports, i don't know about the rest.02:54
jaegerany distro or OS, really, if you want to try it out but don't want to partitiona and reinstall02:54
Romsteror setup lvm and use a LV for each root.02:55
Romsterbetter than a virtual disk image on top of a existing filesystem02:55
korisomeone should just take a day off, go over all the bug reports and fix some02:55
koriI should do the same02:55
korithere's 2 issues on 6c3702:55
Romsteri've reported like 10 or so the past few days kori02:55
korithat I haven't checked out yet02:55
Romsterand i know of a few of the ones i maintain to fix02:56
korijaeger: well yeah that's a good idea02:56
Romsterand to top it off i have spent time cleaning up xorg dependencies02:56
koribut I don't think using an OS in a VM reflects the experience of using it on bare metal02:57
Romsterreporting bugs for xfce kde any brokenness i find02:57
Romsterdual boot02:57
koriI mean, I love CRUX02:57
koriit's probably my favorite distro of all the distros I've tried so far02:57
koriand I understand the reasons, but DAMN, it sure moves slow sometimes02:58
korifor my standards, at least02:58
korishould probably point that out02:58
koribut there's one thing02:58
korithe way CRUX does ports is the best I've ever seen02:59
Romstereh there aren't many of us in the crux team.02:59
korisimple, fast to make, etc.02:59
Romsteri mean really what 5 main people are active02:59
jaegernot only that but as a distro maintainer you want things to be pretty stable and work for everyone02:59
Romsterjaeger, jue, teK_ me and frinnst02:59
koriwell yeah03:00
Romsterjue is missing too.03:00
korithose are the reasons I'm talking about03:00
koriyou just can't go and do huge breaking changes03:00
Romsterwell sepen is about but less active. alan is active somewhat too.03:00
korithat will affect a ton of users03:00
Romsterhave to remember crux is used by probably a few hundred people.03:01
Romsterat least03:01
koriI think it'd be interesting if CRUX accepted some sort of "test" team03:01
korito experiment with new things that would be interesting for the distro03:01
koribreak things, put things apart, and then together03:01
korithat kind of stuff03:01
korithose are my two cents, I've been using CRUX for a couple months now03:01
koriI don't know enough about distro dev as you all do03:02
Romsterwe do that in our own test systems03:02
Romsterlike testing dash to replace bash03:02
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koriyeah, I have that03:02
koriand I'm also running libressl :D03:02
Romsterbut keeping bash for users shell jsut not for the scripts03:02
koriand the git driver for all the ports...03:03
koriwe have some scripts that wrap pkgmk too03:03
Romsterheading back to work, i'll have to check up on this later.03:03
koriRomster: oh yeah, how's icecat doing?03:03
korior by "this" you mean icecat03:03
Workstericecast i can monitor it at work.03:15
Worksteri see its compiling mesa3d now03:15
koriWorkster: ah I see03:15
Worksterdocker attach icecat03:16
Worksterdownloading icecat now03:24
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Worksterlibevent missing03:33
koriit's in opt and I have it installed03:34
kori...I don't remember installing it, though03:34
Worksternot on depends on line though03:35
Worksterhunspell missing03:46
Worksterdbus missing03:55
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koriWorkster: if this is of any relevance, you'll probably need these too:03:56
korisqlite, cairo, pixman, gstreamer03:56
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koriicu, libvpx, png, bz2, jpeg, nspr, nss, etc...03:57
korithat's what listed in mozconfig03:57
Worksterdid you ever look at my romster/firefox-gst and/or firefox-pgo03:58
koriI have firefox-gst installed I believe03:58
Worksterthe -pgo is jsut the -gst with the PGO optimisations on03:59
Worksterinstall all the things04:09
Worksterat this rate i should of just used the firefox container04:10
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frinnstuseless isp06:40
Worksterkori, i can't get past this
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koriWorkster: grrr I get stuck somewhere else07:26
korithanks, though!07:26
Worksteri did it twice07:26
koriI get through everything07:27
Worksteri'll be home shortly i'll look in that file07:27
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koriand then when I go to link libxul, compilation fails07:27
koriundefined reference to something07:27
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Romstermaybe its a race08:25
cruxbot[xfce.git/3.1]: xfwm4: updated to 4.12.308:35
cruxbot[xfce.git/3.1]: xfdesktop: updated to 4.12.208:35
cruxbot[xfce.git/3.1]: thunar: updated to 1.6.908:35
cruxbot[xfce.git/3.1]: libburn: updated to 1.4.008:35
cruxbot[xfce.git/3.1]: libisofs: updated to 1.4.008:35
cruxbot[xfce.git/3.1]: xfburn: updated to 0.5.408:35
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koriRomster: oh no it's not10:29
koriinstall -m644 "$SRC/gnu_headshadow.png" browser/base/content/abouthome10:32
koriwhere gnu_headshadow.png is
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RomsterBuilding '/var/ports/packages/icecat#31.6.0-1.pkg.tar.xz' succeeded.11:55
Romsterthat fixed it ko11:55
Romsterah kori...11:55
Romster# Depends on: alsa-lib dbus-glib gtk hunspell icu libevent libvpx nss util-linux xorg-libxdamage xorg-libxt11:59
onoderais icecat/firefox really different?12:01
onoderaor is it just firefox without some stuff the fsf doesn;t like?12:01
Romsteri dunno i haven't ran it.12:02
Romsteri only just built it for kori12:02
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Romsteri guess it just removes the DRM12:02
frinnstthere is no drm shipped with the firefox sources12:09
frinnstand iirc the only thing they have changed with icecat is to remove any trademarks and logos12:09
Romsterit only works in windows from some adobe module?12:10
onoderafrinnst: that's iceweasel by debian12:16
onoderathe ff without logos12:16
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rmullfrom wikipedia: The GNU Project keeps IceCat in synchronization with upstream development of Firefox while removing all trademarked artwork. It also maintains a large list of free software plugins. In addition, it features a few security features not found in the mainline Firefox browser.12:32
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frinnsthm, i'd be interested in knowing what those security features are13:03
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asiehaving an issue with trying to get graphicsmagick to work14:55
asie"/usr/bin/ld: /usr/lib/libGraphicsMagick.a(magick_libGraphicsMagick_la-analyze.o): relocation R_X86_64_32 against `.gomp_critical_user_GM_GetImageDepthCallBack' can not be used when making a shared object; recompile with -fPIC14:55
Romsterexport CFLAGS+=' -fPIC'14:56
Romsterin the Pkgfile14:56
asieRomster: wait14:57
asiedo i need to recompile libgomp?14:58
asiethat's in gcc... not going to be easy14:58
Romsteryou're trying to compuile the static library it needs -fPIC for libGraphicsMagick.a14:58
asiei added CFLAGS+=' -fPIC'14:59
Romsterah yes gcc needs that fix.14:59
asiedidn't help14:59
Romster i believe i did this with -fPIC14:59
Romsterif not i do have one here15:00
asieeh, i'm recompiling GCC right now anyway15:00
asiewon't take long15:00
asiemaybe 5 minutes15:00
Romsterthat should be something for crux 3.2 actually.15:00
Romsterunless you do --disable-static on GraphicsMagick15:01
rmullI had a graphicsmagick port15:02
rmullbut there wasn't anything special to it15:02
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asiermull: yours doesn't do .so15:11
asietorch needs .so15:11
asieand when i --enable-shared the .a file starts breaking15:11
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cruxbot[core.git/3.1]: dhcpcd: update to 6.9.015:18
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asiehm, i think i know15:21
asiegot it15:22
asieit was the installed copy of graphicsmagick being used by libtool15:22
Romsterlibtool owns your arse15:23
Romsterdamn thing.15:23
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: whois: update to 5.2.815:31
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Worksterkori, look up in the channel log i got icecat to compile23:26
Worksterit must also dynload gst-plugins-base 1.x branch as it does notshow up in finddeps23:30
koriWorkster: alright thanks23:35
Worksterit only needed that missing png23:35
Worksterbut i did paste the dependencies minus the optional gstreamer ones23:36
koriWorkster: I don't know why but I get an error regarding to some missing font thing23:39

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