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korialright I got it again00:26
kori undefined reference to `FT_Get_X11_Font_Format'00:26
korifull err.00:26
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koriwhat is the easiest way to remove all my packages and reinstall everything from chroot?00:43
korias in, I want to wipe my system clean and only have the packages in core, and then reinstall as I go00:44
koriwell, I don't want to wipe my system clean...00:44
koriI'm about to recompile my system00:57
koriI figured out a way00:57
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koriRomster/Workster: can you upload your icecat package04:08
koriI can't get it to compile here04:08
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Worksterkori, uploading to give it a few minutes04:20
koriWorkster: thanks!04:21
koridid you have problems with something like this?
Worksternope but perhaps it's finding system firefox* libs of that. i built in a clean docker container.04:22
koriWorkster: I was compiling icecat after wiping my system clean04:22
Worksterperhaps setting library path  to look in SRC first04:24
Worksterlike LD_LIBRARY_PATH="$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:$PWD/lib" make04:24
Worksteror something.04:24
koriehhh if only compiling didn't take so long04:24
Worksterccache distcc fast boxes04:58
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nwegood morning06:04
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frinnstim not sure if i've posted this before but here goes:
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Romsteryeah you posted that a few days to a week or two ago09:58
frinnstworth repeating09:59
frinnstI use it frequently09:59
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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.1]: sqlite3-32: added -j1 build workaround12:46
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rmullvim macros are the best thing ever17:18
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: nvidia: updated to version 346.7217:54
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.1]: nvidia-32: updated to version 346.7217:55
Waspwas already wailing a few times ago, but I think I really need some kind of tutorial about screen resoltuion concening grub-2 + console + xorg18:13
Waspthe console is on 1280x1024 and I am fine with it mostly (even if I think it is the wrong way to set the resolution if you in fact wanna have a font size) but anyway18:15
Waspnow xorg/xrandr thinks 1280x1024 is the highest solution I can get and grub itself (is in the wrong resolution) for some reason18:15
Waspto be honest, grub2 and console and not so important but on the other hand, when I have to do everything by hand I like to have it confgiured "perfectly"18:16
Waspso anybody can help, at least with a hint for a (more detailed) how-to? I don't wanna configure archlinux nor ubuntu nor I wanna have the console unreadable because I screen has a very high DPI18:18
jaegergrub will only support the vesa or uefi modes that your bios/uefi support, you can see what's available with the 'vbeinfo' command in the grub shell18:19
Wasp(ok forget about "very high" but still a bit small for comfortable neck while sitting ;) )18:19
jaegeras for xorg, depends on the driver. which driver are you using?18:19
Waspshould be intel, but atm I dont know where to check18:20
jaegeryou can read /var/log/Xorg.0.log and see what it lists for drivers there. Make sure that xorg-xf86-video-intel is installed18:20
jaegerif xrandr thinks the console res is the max, you're probably using the vesa driver18:21
Waspokay seems to be VESA but for curriosity Modeline for 1400x1050 is listed in Xorg-log but not on xrandr18:21
jaegerI've got to go to a meeting; AFK for now18:24
Waspokay thank you any way18:25
Waspand have fun ;)18:25
Waspas expected, video-intel is already installed18:25
Waspbut Xorg ignores it18:26
tilmandoes the log say why?18:34
Waspmaybe Warning: "Unable to estimate virtual size"18:36
Waspah wait, for some reason it looks VESA up twice18:37
Wasp"searching for matching VESA mode(s):" .... <allot modes here>18:38
tilmansudo pkgrm xorg-xf86-video-vesa18:38
Waspand after the modes it decides "Virtual size is 1280x1024 (pitch 1280)18:39
tilmandid you write your own xorg.conf?18:40
tilmanor are you running with the default (ie, no xorg.conf)18:40
Wasppartial18:40 pls18:40
Waspbecause it was wrong on the first try I was just copying over what I had before on archlinux18:40
tilmanpaste it18:41
Waspbut its only relating mouse stuff (which is still not working) but didn't investigated a lot18:41
Waspin /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d18:43
Wasp10-evdev.conf, 10-monitor.conf, 10-quirks.conf, 20-keyboard.conf, 20-thinkpad.conf, 50-wacom.conf18:43
tilmancd /etc/X1118:44
tilmangrep -ri virtual .18:44
Wasp10-monitor only sets DFI to 146x14618:44
Waspalready checked for configuration for video18:44
Waspbut did grep -iR virtual too but nonthing18:45
Waspin fact I'm not sure whether or not the conf is respect at all, because trackpoin nor wacom works18:46
tilmani'm kinda preoccupied right now; maybe i'll have some other ideas later18:48
Waspokay removed vesa no, but as expected it still ignores intel so there is no driver at all anymore (by the view of xorg)18:49
tilmanpaste your Xorg.0.log18:52
tilmanat or wherever18:52
rmullInteresting: I am bothered occasionally by my USB DAC audio dropping out when I make an electrical event like turning on my soldering iron or my bench power supply. The error I get when trying to use audio (mpv) after that is that the file descriptor is in a bad state. I have discovered that if I kill firefox, the file descriptor (/dev/snd/pcmC0D0p) becomes reavailable.18:52
tilmanmaybe you have 2+ hardware contexts?18:54
tilmanand killing firefox merely frees up one?18:54
Waspgrrr f****** router, set option to keep IP for deviced but just ignores that from time to time18:54
rmulltilman: Anyway I can visualize that? lsusb?18:54
tilmanrmull: hum, no idea off the top of my head ;]18:55
rmullI'm just glad to know how to recover it now - before I would just wait indefinitely without correlating firefox to the issue.18:55
tilmanyeah :)18:55
Waspunable to copy -.-18:58
tilmanit should be world-readable19:01
Waspno, was an issue with vim and probably mouse buffer19:01
Waspand ssh19:01
tilman[ 16007.548] intel: waited 2020 ms for i915.ko driver to load19:05
tilman[ 16007.550] (EE) No devices detected.19:05
Waspups sorry19:05
Waspwrong anyway ^^19:05
tilmanyou should figure that one out19:06
tilmanit will work after you fix it ;p19:06
Waspya probably ;)19:07
Waspokay nice, had it on archlinux (kept the directories just in case), but not $here19:08
frinnstis i915.ko really the right driver? isnt that some ancient pci chip19:34
frinnstoh wait, that 7xx something19:34
frinnstyou are probably missing something in your kernel19:35
Waspcheck dmesg and couldn't find "intel" (for graphics)19:36
Waspalready checked it, to be honest, (a) i'm not used linux kernel (b) it's totaly confusing and unreadabel19:37
Waspany tip?19:37
jaegertry searching for i915 in menuconfig19:38
Waspoh there is realy a search function :o19:38
jaegerit'll be in device drives -> graphics somewhere19:38
jaegeryeah, hit / and type19:38
Waspeven that output is shitty ^^ sorry :D19:39
jaegerIt's not worded to be an easy read but it does give you all the necessary info19:39
jaegerwhere to find i915, what options it requires, etc.19:39
Waspwas already in that menu tree but didn't saw it19:40
Waspokay recheck19:40
WaspAm I blind? Search result states that there is a menu-item/option in "Device Drivers -> Graphics support -> Intel 8xx/9xx...." but don't see it19:42
jaegerDepends on: HAS_IOMEM [=y] && DRM [=m] && X86 [=y] && PCI [=y] && (AGP [=n] || AGP [=n]=n)19:42
jaegerone of those things is disabled, then19:43
jaegerlike AGP in my case19:43
Waspholy shit, but thats no reason to remove it from menu19:43
jaegerbug the kernel devs about that, then :D19:43
Waspmaybe it has more power if a group of distro-devs complain about it19:45
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Wasplol that fu**** menu finds me no *everything* with drm19:53
Waspwhere can I enable that shit without that stupid menu?!19:54
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jaegeryou could edit .config directly19:55
tilmanit's not the fucking menu19:55
tilmanchill the fuck down and try again19:55
Waspah right, was already directly looking into that .config file, but it's totally un-documentated19:56
tilmanthe docs live in the Kconfig files...19:57
Waspya, thats great -.-19:58
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