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timcowchipgood morning!07:26
timcowchipI get the Xorg error when "startx"ing07:27
teK__the_ error?07:28
teK_just apply _the_ fix :o07:28
timcowchipok tnx07:29
timcowchipis it useradd or adduser?07:30
timcowchipbrb I hope07:31
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timcowchipsmae error for root and user "xauth: file /root/.Xauthority does not exist"07:38
timcowchipor "xauth: file /chris/.Xauthority does not exist"07:38
timcowchipwhen startx07:38
timcowchipbut there is a file /home/chris/.Xauthority07:42
timcowchipand then it sucked07:44
frinnstyou probably have earlier errors in your xorg log07:45
frinnstXauth is a red herring (my bet atleast)07:46
frinnstyou do have xorg-xauth installed, right?07:46
timcowchipis it part of the default install?07:47
frinnstit should be, yes07:47
timcowchipthen yes07:47
frinnstbut double-check - pkginfo -i |grep xorg-xauth07:48
timcowchipcp /etc/skel/.xinitrc ~/.xinitrc?07:48
frinnstno, there is no /etc/skel/.xinitrc in crux07:48
frinnstunless you create it yourself07:48
timcowchipI don't seem to have .xinitrc in ~/07:49
frinnstno, you need to create it07:49
frinnstexec <my windows manager>07:49
frinnstis all thats needed to get started07:49
timcowchipis openbox part of default install?07:50
frinnstnot sure07:50
frinnst..i should probably know this :D07:51
timcowchipok brb07:52
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teK_iirc it is09:51
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timcowchipI re-installed everything10:43
timcowchipnow it boots up to the usb part and stops there10:43
timcowchipmust be coffee break time11:04
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frinnstwhy are you starting from scratch?13:08
frinnstthis is not fucking windows13:09
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tired890hey guys is there a winamp/xmms (original) like player in the ports? ie light and small interface..14:35
tired890mainly for streaming radio14:35
tired890I used to use audacious but dont want to download/compile stuff myself14:35
tired890alternatives/suggestions appreciated14:35
frinnstwithout downloading / compiling anything?14:37
tired890lol frinnst14:37
tired890I meant manually14:37
tired890without manually downloading and compiling14:38
tired890ie something already in ports.. just apt-get depinst <your suggestion here>14:38
frinnstI have non-polished ports for audacious14:38
frinnstyou can also use mplayer for mp3 and pls too i think14:38
tired890yes I was doing that14:40
tired890but it seems after a few hours of playback cpu util jumps14:40
tired890whereas with audacious before I used to have it stream for hours without cpu spikes14:41
frinnstor use mpup to just sync audacious and audacious-plugins14:43
tired890thanks mate14:44
frinnstopt/mpup that is14:44
tired890"unpolished"  in what way?14:45
frinnstprobably broken deps, footprint fuckups etc14:45
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tired890hi onodera15:04
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: wireshark: 1.12.4 -> 1.12.516:48
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zack256hello everyone17:45
timcowchipI started from scratch because I thought files were missing (not installed?)17:46
timcowchip"/var/log/boot no such file or directory"17:46
timcowchipline 108 in /etc/rc17:47
timcowchipin fact the /var directory is empty17:48
timcowchipI see what I did now, nvm:P17:50
timcowchiplooks like I'm re-re-installing17:51
jaegerWhat did you do?17:51
timcowchipI mounted /mnt./var during the install17:51
zack256Arch user here. I'm about to install Crux for the first time, And I was wondering if you guys had any advice for a Crux noob?17:52
jaegertimcowchip: forgot to mount it after installation?17:52
timcowchipread the fine print17:52
timcowchipno I mounted it during the install17:52
jaegerzack256: I'm not an arch user but I'd suggest reading the handbook to get a feel for the general distribution17:53
timcowchipbut was on the same partiton as /mnt17:53
timcowchipit was late at night17:53
jaegeroops, heh17:53
timcowchipI printed the page 4,5 and 6 of the handbook17:54
jaegerthere's a copy of the handbook on the install media, too17:54
timcowchipgood idea17:54
korizack256: if you've ever dealt with PKGBUILDS, you'll feel somewhat at home17:55
timcowchipI'll bet its easier to read17:55
korimoving from arch to crux is like spending time at your grandparents' home17:55
zack256jaeger: yeah I've read up a little bit and messed around with it in a vm. it doesn't seem too far off from arch17:55
koriit's more comfortable, but you'll miss some stuff17:55
jaegerzack256: no systemd is one difference, another is that packages are compiled most of the time17:55
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koristuff that you'll learn not to miss after a while...17:55
jaegeryou can install binary packages but the default (after the installation, at least) is to build and install17:56
jaegerzack256: in some ways it's probably similar but the best way to find out is to play with it for a while :) If you've already got it in a VM, though, I guess you have to some extent17:56
onoderakori: I don't17:56
onoderaI don't think I could go back17:57
jaegerthe userbase and dev team are both much smaller than arch17:57
onoderaI'll miss the compille time customizations17:57
korihowever, unlike arch, crux has an unofficial team working to push boundaries17:57
zack256Yes, I have some. It seems to be just what I'm looking for in a distro.17:57
onoderazack256: yeah that's true, prepare to write some ports yourself17:58
korijaeger: how are these ports synced?[17:58
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jaegervia a daily cron job, I believe18:00
korijaeger: I meant it in a way like18:00
korican you just stick a driver there and sync git ports too?18:00
koriI'd really like our ports to show up there, but they're git18:01
jaegerNot sure on that, I haven't really looked closely at the script18:01
koricould you?18:02
koriI mean, I'm not sure there's any other way to get this done18:02
korifilling a bug would mean it'd sit there for a while...18:03
jaegerI'm about to leave to run some errands but I can take a look at it later18:03
koriRomster: are you around?18:05
zack256Well I'm about to boot into the usb. Thanks for the advice everyone.18:09
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jaegerkori: the script only understands httpup and rsync20:25
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korijaeger: can't it be hacked to accept git?21:04
onoderajaeger: is the script available somewhere/21:10
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jaegernot publicly, it's got some info in it that users probably wouldn't want posted21:35
jaegerit would be pretty easy to hack in git support, I imagine21:35
timcowchipjaeger, are still here?22:19
timcowchipare YOU still here?22:19
timcowchipI can't seem to find the setting to turn on i915 modesetting in the menuconfig deally22:20
jaegerhave you used the search function?22:20
timcowchipyes it said drivers-graphics22:21
jaegerit should also tell you the requirements; if something is missing there the option may not show22:21
timcowchipit looked like the requirements wre already met22:22
timcowchipcan I just edit the .config remotely then boot the installation media and re-make?22:23
frinnstyes but if the option is not displayed I am *sure* you are missing some dep that you need to enable first22:25
timcowchipyou're right no i915 in .config22:25
timcowchipI'll try again, thanks :)22:26
frinnst|   Depends on: HAS_IOMEM [=y] && DRM [=y] && X86 [=y] && PCI [=y] && (AGP [=n] || AGP [=n]=n)                                              |   |   Selects: INTEL_GTT [=n] && AGP_INTEL [=n] && INTERVAL_TREE [=y] && SHMEM [=y] && TMPFS [=y] && DRM_KMS_HELPER [=y] && DRM_PANEL [=n] && |22:26
frinnst | DRM_MIPI_DSI [=n] && BACKLGHT_LCD_SUPPORT [=y] && BACKLIGHT_CLASS_DEVICE [=y] && INPUT [=y] && ACPI_VIDEO [=n][ && ACPI_BUTTON [=m]22:26
timcowchipok I'll write this down first then try again22:28
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zack256hey, guys. just finished installing crux, but i'm having issues with xorg. neither my mouse or my keyboard are working after upgrading the server... does anyone have any idea what it could be?23:22
jaegerafter updating xorg-server you should rebuild xorg-xf86-(input|video)-*23:26
onoderazack256: congrats, I needed to install xkeyboard-config and recompile xorg-xf86-input-evdev23:30
onoderain order to make my stuff work23:30
zack256onodera: thanks, recompiling evdev worked.23:33
onoderasome big packages like xorg-sever have READMEs btw23:34
onoderaI think the xorg-server README actually mentions evdev23:35
zack256ah ok. i guess i'll be sure to rtfm next time :p23:40
onoderayou can also use prt-get readme <pkg>23:41
zack256yes i see where it says to rebuild now... i'm not sure how i missed that earlier...23:43
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tired890hey guys23:57
tired890revdep shows thunderbird23:58
tired890I did a -fr but it still shows it.. how do I find out more info and/or fix this? could it be a false positive cos thunderbird works fine..23:58
jaegerthunderbird is a false positive. jre, syslinux as well23:59
jaegerlibreoffice, jdk23:59
tired890noted thanks mate23:59

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