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timcowchipnew version of gpodder 3.8.401:30
timcowchiptoo bad I can't find the i915 module01:31
timcowchipfrom /usr/src/linux-3.12.24/.config01:33
timcowchipsupwize supwize a woozah........Kripke01:41
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tilmanfwiw, Xorg.log will hint at the need to rebuild the drivers07:10
tilmansomething like "cannot load, ABI version mismatch"07:10
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SiFuh_A pizza surrounded by meat pies hmm09:19
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tilmanRomster: contrib/ghc is quite out of date10:45
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asieanyone know how to contact Sergei from ?11:05
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nwehello :)12:29
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: nss: updated to 3.19.112:57
frinnstasie: his email address?12:58
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asiefrinnst: not necessary anymore12:58
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Feigrfrinnst: it's alive!17:26
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frinnstny kondensator bara?17:40
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onoderawhat is the default pkgmk destfiles dir?21:02
tilmanonodera: do you mean $PKGMK_WORK_DIR/pkg ?21:59
tilmanthat variable is in /etc/pkgmk.conf21:59
onoderathank i a;ready found out22:00
onoderathe default is just $PWD22:00
tilmandid you mean _distfiles_?22:00
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onoderayeah I did22:04
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tired890hi guys23:35
tired890I recall having a conversation about itx systems but dont recall if it was here.. anyways here goes23:35
tired890any suggestions for mini itx boxes with dual lan ? I see the market is flooded with intel but no amd.. someone here before recommended a nice box with dual lan (based on low power amd apu).. I no longer have that bookmarked and forgot the brand name of the product23:37
tired890cant find it in google..23:37
jaegeramd low power? hehe23:40
tired890yes those with low power consumption I mean.. this is for a use as a router23:42
frinnstgeode or something?23:55
frinnsta lot of "modern" cisco hardware still use geode23:56
frinnstand charges a fuckton for them23:56
jaegerlike an ALIX or something23:56
jaegerI'd recommend just buying a NUC if you want to spend a lot on it. Otherwise look for some SoC, perhaps23:56
jaegeror buy some older machine from ebay and add a NIC, even23:58
tired890not geode, plain x8623:58
jaegergeode is x8623:58
tired890jaeger, currently I have exactly that.. running on an old athlon23:58
tired890yea I mean "mass market common off the shelf x86"23:59
tired890not those for "embedded" market23:59

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