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tired890you'll be amazed how fast an old desktop class cpu can route00:00
tired890issue is power consumption00:00
tired890hence why I was looking for those nice tiny mini itx boxes with  dual lan ports00:00
tired890many designs I've seen are infact fanless00:00
jaegerare you dead set on x86? might want to look at something like even00:00
frinnst ?00:01
frinnstcareful with ubiquity though.. they dont play nice with the GPL00:01
jaeger <-- I have one of these sitting in a closet, heh00:01
jaegerused to use it as my router, now it's virtual00:01
frinnsti have edgerouter-poe thingy at home currently00:01
tired890yes. reason I'm only x86 is to avoid vendor lockin/blackmail and obviously for very easy upgrade path00:02
frinnstwe ran 3 clients behind it in a site to site vpn thingy.. it used to freeze up every other week or so00:02
tired890frinnst, thanks for the tip.. even more reason to stay away from ubiqwhat .. sad fact about gpl.. seeing this company was founded using oss00:07
tired890jaeger, pcengines is what I was looking for00:07
tired890this specifically:
tired890so generally how is the build quality? any particular reason u went virtual?00:08
frinnstConnectivity: 3 Gigabit Ethernet (Realtek RTL8111E) :/00:14
tired890frinnst, whats wrong with that? I have that and it works nicely00:14
tired890blobs perhaps? many complained about realteks in the past but personally its been quite stable for me (note tho my experience with them is in recent products)00:18
frinnstit depends on your usecase perhaps, not something i'd like to support for a customer00:19
tired890support how? I mean with linux based systems whats the problem? pls elaborate.. this is my work (living).. if there are issues with them I'd like to know if you dont mind00:20
frinnstnothing concrete. just that i'd like to use something that doesnt have a reputation of being "cheap" when dealing with customers00:21
tired890i see00:22
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jaegertired890: I went virtual just to cut down on the number of physical machines I have running; I run a lot of VMs anyway so making the firewall/router one wasn't a big stretch01:32
jaegerthe build quality is fine on the older ALIX and WRAP machines, I have no experience with newer stuff. I don't think I'd buy an AMD CPU for anything currently, though01:32
tired890jaeger, I see. impressions on the pc engines kit? good build ?01:32
tired890I see. thanks01:33
jaegerunless the price is just that good, I guess :)01:33
tired890I hope things change with zen.01:35
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genericnicknamehI'm attempting to install CRUX on a virtual machine. For the most part, its working, except that when I boot I get a kernel panic because I misconfigured Linux. I'm finding the Linux configuration very confusing, since I've never done it before. Can someone give me some pointers on how to best configure Linux?04:27
jaegergenericnicknameh: is it a vfs/block device error?04:29
jaegerok, you probably need to make sure that the driver for your disk controller and the filesystem you want are builtin <*> rather than module <M> in the kernel config04:30
jaegeralso SCSI disk support04:30
genericnicknamehAlright, thank you. I'll try that.04:30
jaegerIf you're not sure which ones to enable, check with "lspci -k" and it'll tell you which modules are in use04:31
jaegerdepending on which VM platform you use it could be a few different things04:31
jaegeralso with that in mind, the default kernel config that the setup program installs has most of them enabled by default, did you use that?04:31
genericnicknamehI tried using the default config a few times, with not much luck04:32
jaegerMight be that the disk controller you're using is one of the ones not included. Which one are you using?04:33
genericnicknamehNot sure, how do I check that? I am using VirtualBox for the VM, by the way.04:33
jaegerin the settings for the VM, under storage, what does the controller line say?04:34
jaegerSATA, SAS, IDE, etc.04:34
jaegerok, then in type, is it PIIX4?04:34
jaegerthat's default, I think04:35
genericnicknamehPIIX4 indeed04:35
jaegerok, then look for ata_piix in the kernel config04:35
genericnicknamehSCSI support and piix stuff appears to have always been enabled for me04:42
genericnicknamehAre there a few other related options I might need?04:42
genericnicknamehActually, I think I may know what I'm doing wrong04:44
genericnicknamehCONFIG_ATA_PIIX is under the SATA controllers section, and I'm using IDE.04:44
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jaegerIDE is handled by the libata (SATA) layer in the kernel04:45
jaegerthat is expected04:45
genericnicknamehOh :P04:45
jaegermake sure that in addition to the ATA_PIIX driver you also make your filesystem builtin04:45
genericnicknamehATA_PIIX and EXT4 should be builtin. I tried starting the VM again, and it sorta looks like we've been trying to solve the wrong error. Oops.04:50
genericnicknamehActually, I take that back.04:51
genericnicknamehI'm not quite sure whats wrong anymore.04:51
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genericnicknamehAre there any other options relavent to PIIX and SCSI?04:52
jaegerSCSI support and SCSI disk support should be sufficient, plus PIIX and EXT404:53
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genericnicknamehI'm going to try compiling Linux again to see if that makes a difference, since all the options I should need are enabled05:01
jaegerone other thing, are you using lilo?05:01
genericnicknamehYeah, why?05:02
genericnicknamehIs there a reason not to use it?05:02
jaegerno, it's fine, but are you running lilo after you build a new kernel?05:02
jaegerok, good05:02
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genericnicknamehWell, I tried again with the default config. I made sure everything I needed was enabled as well, still running into the same issue. I'm going to take a break05:34
asieapparently virtualbox not compiling is because of GCC 4.805:48
asievirtualbox 4.3.26 needs GCC 4.9+05:48
asietrying 4.3.2805:49
asienope. but there's a patch for GCC 4.805:49
asie from gentoo05:50
asiethis is required to make vbox compile right05:50
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Romsterfrinnst> careful with ubiquity though.. they don't play nice with the GPL <- got a url describing this we use tons of ubiquity radio links.07:23
Romsterah nevermind i found the link
Romsterasie, could get away with clang on vbox perhaps?07:27
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asieRomster: maybe07:48
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: sharutils: updated to 4.15.209:14
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tired890Romster, thanks but I cant buy intel for moral reasons11:26
tired890asie, yes wont compile here eitherr11:26
tired890I have the older version tho11:26
Romsterwhat moral reasons?11:26
tired890everytime I do sysup I get a virtualbox update failure but figured since already installed version is working will wait it out :)11:27
Romsteri'm rebuilding here see how it goes11:28
tired890Romster, rigged intel compiler to favor intel cpus, paying vendors not to use amd chips (intel paid 1billion+ in a lawsuit amd won) its not like amd are angels but surely its "policy" in intel to behave that way not some random acts of independent employees. hugely documented case pls search (intel vs amd antitrust, intel rigged compiler, intel bribe..etc)11:32
Romsterwhat compiler is doing that?11:32
asieRomster: intel c compiler11:32
asiethat's documented11:32
asiethe intel compiler optimizes code for various iterations of intel CPUs and does it best11:32
Romsterso why does that matter when you're using gcc?11:32
asiehowever if a non-Intel CPU is detected, it will use generic code11:33
asieRomster: he said moral reasons11:33
asienot technical reasons11:33
Romsterpretty dumb for /your/ use case.11:33
asieyou're still assuming technical11:33
asiemoral doesn't necessarily mean affecting me11:33
asieit means something i feel is wrong11:33
Romsteri'm using amd but there cpus lately are crap compared to intel. they have fallen behind.11:34
asiethat's true11:34
Romsterwrong can be on many different levels. not like tired890 is forced to load a binary firmware blob?11:35
Romstercompanies can do what ever they can get away with sadly.11:36
Romsterif amd were beating the pants off intel i'd say go with amd... but intel hardware is far superior for most workloads. but i decided i can live with a little less bogomips for less power consumed and 1/3rd the price.11:37
tired890and apparently its not only on a commercial level, I heard form someone there is some sort of "ex-amd club" or something where all former engineers gather yearly and such, they all keep associating with the company long after they part.. for intel no such thing (employee hating club it seems) shows you what kind of culture thrives inside each. Heck I saw Jim keller in a recent interview and from how he talks you'll know he likes it there.11:39
tired890yea the power things is over-hyped.. hold on let me show u a vid on this11:39
tired890Romster, pls see this:
tired890yes intel is faster.. but like I said all of this is irrelevant.11:40
Romsteronly have amd and intel really?11:41
Romsterwho else makes cpus11:41
tired890like u want to rent a fancy apartment.. and the realtor tells you how nice it is inside and all.. when u go there u see its next to a sewage recycling facility and it smells like it all around.. will u bother go inside the apartment to see ?11:41
tired890I wouldn't. No thanks and walk11:41
Romsternope i'd say pass on that11:42
Romsterwould cost too much to have carbon air filtration11:42
Romstercarbon filter*11:42
Romsterpower use is pretty moot now with better technology but back earlier there was a huge difference11:46
Romstermoot point*11:47
DaViruzRomster: cyrix!11:47
Romsteryeah where do you get that now and wont run linux ?11:47
DaViruzi have a few i'd be willing to part with!11:48
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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.1]: gtk-32: 2.24.27 -> 2.24.2811:52
Romstersure slef promoted plug to sell cyrix11:54
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joacimi was thinking about amd for my current build, but there were no recent am3 matx boards available12:38
joacimdont really care too much about performance. any quad core would be fine for me12:39
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Romstervirtualbox#4.3.26-1.pkg.tar.xz' succeeded13:15
asieRomster: huh.13:41
asiewhat gcc version?13:41
Romsterit built for me.13:41
Romsterone in crux13:41
asiethat's odd13:41
asierefused to work for me on two crux installations13:41
asiedue to a documented issue with GCC 4.8 with gentoo patches with a fix13:41
Romsteri built it in a docker container. you cna recrate it easily but i am uploading it now13:42
asieeh, i already have vbox13:42
Romster along with enw chromium and wine versions that are slowly uploading now.13:42
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: wine: 1.7.43 -> 1.7.4413:46
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: mysql: update to 5.6.2515:19
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: squid: update to 3.5.515:19
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: tcsh: update to 6.19.0015:19
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.1]: xkeyboard-config: update to 2.1515:26
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rmullThe post-install for opt/wireshark fails:
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cezarhi guys I have installed libreoffice but now it does not When I click on the icon and starts for a split second then nothing. also it does not open any files. the version is the 4.4.3 I checked the post install file but it seem not to have helped I have installed jre too but it did change17:20
tired890cezar: prt-get depends libreoffice17:21
tired890any stuff in the list without i ?17:22
cezarany tired89017:22
tired890you mean none? all dependencies installed ?17:23
cezaryes, tired890, none, all dependencies installed. I am running kernel 4.0.3 but I think it does not make any difference17:23
tired890cezar: revdep17:24
cezarreturns command not found17:28
tired890execute as su17:28
cezarcommand not found too17:29
tired890are you using sudo ?17:30
cezarI tried as user and as root17:30
tired890revdep should be part of the default install17:31
tired890sorry out of my scope there cezar17:31
tired890hope one of the oldtimers chimes in17:31
cezarno problem tired890 I thank you a lot for the attention.17:32
tired890good luck :)17:32
jaegerlibreoffice is a false positive for revdep, it's a binary port with weird stuff in it17:33
jaegercezar: run it from a terminal, see if it throws any errors there17:33
cezarno error jaeger the output is also command not find17:34
jaegerI mean libreoffice, not revdep17:35
cezaryes libreoffice either as user or as root17:35
jaegersbase, scalc, etc?17:36
cezarnone of them17:36
jaegersounds like it isn't actually installed17:36
cezarI will remove and reinstall and will provide a pastebin just a moment17:37
Romsterrevdep is in prt-utils17:39
Romsterit is not in core.17:39
jaegerand will not help with libreoffice17:39
Romsteralso that17:39
tired890i see17:39
jaegerwell, it might help with some deps but libreoffice will always show up in the list17:41
jaegerin this case, though, the problem seems to be one of not actually having it installed, or a broken path perhaps17:41
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cezarhi this is the pastebin with the installation and the dependencies result17:50
cezarafter reinstalling the situation is the same17:51
jaegerwhat do you get when you run "which sbase" ?17:56
jaegerand when you run "sbase" ?17:59
cezarjaeger that is it ...18:00
jaegerlooks like /usr/lib/libreoffice/program isn't in the footprint, that's pretty odd too18:00
cezar/usr/lib/libreoffice/program/soffice.bin: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory18:01
jaegerok, well that should give you a place to start18:01
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onoderaxkeyboard-config is giving me an md4sum mismatch sinse it's update19:21
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: lxc: 1.0.6 -> 1.1.220:37
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teK_are you using a mirror, onodera?21:06
teK_the original file from ist working for me21:07
onoderaI don't think i am21:11
onodera=======> ERROR: Md5sum mismatch found:21:11
onoderaMISSING   4af1deeb7c5f4cad62e65957d98d6758  xkeyboard-config-2.15.tar.bz221:11
onoderaNEW       9eaca35a7286354d7637f130af608bf4  xkeyboard-config-2.15.tar.bz221:11
onoderaI'll try redownloading it21:12
onoderastill a mismatch21:13
teK_maybe your line is screwed21:15
teK_I'm experiencing >20% loss on the first hop after my home router :-)21:16
teK_porudly sponsored by Kabel Deutschland, a subsidiary of Vodafone21:17
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