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vmansup gentlemen07:06
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: cmake: updated to 3.2.310:49
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: firefox: updated to 38.0.515:41
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frinnstThe SSDs were having extended garbage collection periods, exacerbated by a smaller amount of SSDs with higher IO, in RAID6. This caused the controller to kick the drive out of the array... and unfortunately due to the write levelling across the drives, at least two of them were garbage collecting at the same time, destroying the array integrity.19:04
teK_ I’m pleased to announce that the PowerShell team will support and contribute to the OpenSSH community19:57
teK_some days ago I saw a MS kernel dev mocking the linux folks for their use of systemd19:57
teK_and now this.. destroying the enemy from within D:19:58
jaegerkeep your friends close? :)19:58
teK_the comments :D20:05
teK_A: looking forward to the native version.20:05
teK_B: Bhwa ha ha - yea, keep looking 'forward' noobs, because if you looked BACK you'd see that Unix had SSH 20 years ago!20:05
teK_:D :D :D20:05
Feigrnow that MS is supporting it, this ssh thing might catch on!20:22
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hhhhhhhhiptables is a pain in the ass :d21:33
hhhhhhhhi want to be able to write "curl --interface vpn" on my pc and have the request appear to originate from a different machine21:33
hhhhhhhhwhich i guess means i need to configure nat21:33
hhhhhhhhwhich is 2 lines on openbsd21:33
hhhhhhhhand apparently hard enough to do on linux that you need 400 blog posts that still dont tell you how21:34
jaegercould you not use a far simpler ssh port forward socks proxy instead?21:43
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hhhhhhhhmy end goal is to route programs that won't let me use a socks proxy through my vps22:17
frinnsthm, is it really that hard?22:23
jaegeranother option might be tsocks if the program can be preloaded22:24
frinnstgranted if you need to set your ip with dhcp it might be a bit more tricky. otherwise it's just to set a lower metric for tun0 ?22:24
frinnstmetric would work fine for dhcp, with static you should use route22:25
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hhhhhhhhtsocks is almost there22:26
hhhhhhhhi want to tunnel udp too22:26
hhhhhhhhtrying to play games internationally22:27
hhhhhhhhhey socks does support udp if you don't use ssh22:29
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hhhhhhhhhey tsocks + dante seems to be working23:04
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